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Marriages in the 1865 Newfield Census

Contributed by Cathy Knauff
Newfield Township Coordinator

Stephen DASSANCE 26y, single Sarah Ann BEACH 20y, single Married: April 27 in Ithaca by Baptist Clergy
Henry TEETER 20y, single Harriet S. STEVENS 21y, single Married: Jan 13 in Vanetten by Methodist Clergy
Robert ALEXANDER 26y, single Nancy BROWN 21y, single Married: no date in Newfield by Presb Clergy
William BAILEY 22y, single Amanda J. DAVIS 18y, single Married: Oct 23 in Jacksonville by Methodist Clergy
George MEAD 28y, single Sabra L. FAIRBROTHER 27y, _____ Married: March 8 in Newfield by Baptist Clergy
Peter HOWELL 33y, single Olive LAUGHLIN 26y, single Married: Dec 20 in Newfield by Methodist Clergy
Lewis PURDY 25y, single Olive SHOLES 25y, single Married: Feb 5 in Enfield by Christian Clergy
James W. RUMSEY 27y, single Mary J. STARKS 17y, single Married: Oct 30 in Newfield by Christian Clergy
David BROOKS 29y, single Mary M. ? 21y, single Married: Nov 5 in Newfield by Baptist Clergy
Francis HOLMES 22y, single Emma J. HILL 19y, single Married: Jan 25 in Enfield by Methodist Clergy
John BREEN? 19y, single Susannah AUSTIN 29y, widow Married: May in Ithaca by JP
Orrin NORTH 66y, widow Esther C. TANNER 17y, single Married: May 19 in Newfield by Christian Clergy
Nelson CUTTER 32y, single Kate HORTON - Married Oct 3 in Newfield by Methodist Clergy
Loren LEONARD 21y, single Lodesca RUMSEY 21y, single Married Sept 21 in Watkins Glens by Presb Clergy
Thomas HAZARD 57y, widow Sarah SAVACOOL 17y, single Married Feb 14 in Dundee by Baptist clergy
Thaddeus DUELL 30y, single Eveline OZMUN 24y, single Married Jan 29 in Newfield by Baptist Clergy
Alonzo SAVERCOOL 20y, single Elizabeth E. COOK 17y, ____ Married: Oct in Havanna by Methodist Clergy
Thomas MCDANIEL 42y, married Jane MCELROY 26y, single Married: Dec 18 in Veteran by Methodist Clergy
Noble CARPENTER 58y, widower Nancy STARKS 45y widow Married: Dec 26 in Newfield by JP
Theodore BROWN 27y, single Rebecca A. CARPENTER 26y, married Married: Mar 4 in Ithaca by JP
Henry O. NIGHTINGALE 22y, single Judith UNDERDOWN 19y, single Married July 6 in Odessa by Baptist Clergy

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