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Name of newspaper not indicated but handwritten date on clipping: 7/15/26 (1926)

The reunion of Harris EATON family was held at the home of his son, Philip EATON, on Cayuga heights, at Ithaca, July 5, 1926. Those present were: Mr. and Mrs. Harris EATON, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest EATON and son, Mr. and Mrs. Ward EATON and daughters, Misses Isabella and Lura EATON of Ludlowville, Mrs. Arthur ARMSTRONG of Alpine, Mr. and Mrs. Albert CARLISLE and 3 children of Etna; Mr. and Mrs. Reuben WILSON, Misses Gladys and Arline WILSON of Cazenovia; Miss Myrtle WILSON of Syracuse; James COLLINS, Mr. and Mrs. Ransom RYANT, Mr. and Mrs. James RYANT, Mr. and Mrs. Philip EATON and 3 sons, Misses Dora and Gertrude EATON of Ithaca; Mr. and Mrs. Lewis SWARTOUT, Miss Edna and Inez and Mr. Glenn (NICK)LES, Mr. and Mrs. James FAULKNER and two daughters of North Spencer.

Thank you Eileen Arndt for sharing this information

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