Living in Enfield New York

50 Years Ago Enfield Falls

About 60 attended the annual Home Bureau-Community holiday party at the Community House on Wednesday evening. A picnic supper was served and gifts were exchanged. Fifty-five attended the annual school Christmas exercises and tree at the Woodward School House in District 7 on Friday evening, Dec. 23. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Bryce and daughters, Marlene and Sharon spent last week with Mr. and Mrs. R.G. Fowler. Mr. and Mr. Robert Bock entertained Mr. and Mrs. John Hill and his mother from Ithaca and Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bock of this place for Christmas. Mr. and Mrs. Francis McFall spent Christmas with Mr. and Mrs. William Rockwell in Ithaca. Mrs. Nellie Meyer is in Memorial Hospital where she underwent a major operation on Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. John Ruliffson entertained his sister from Rochester for Christmas. Jan. 5, 1950 - Ithaca Journal - Ithaca, NY.


100 Years Ago Enfield Center

Mrs. Wm. Rockwell has been seriously ill. Geo Wilson, of Athens, PA is visiting at this place. Geo. Wilson has sold his house and lot to Wm. Bullard. J.H. Tehall is still improving and his friends are pleased. Photographer William Hall will remain one more week. O.J. Harvey and wife, and H.B. Lohr and wife, visited at Chas. Miller's last Sunday. F.S. Stevenson has purchased the old Rumsey farm. Much valuable timber is located there. Remember the Christian Endeavor will celebrate its annual anniversary at the Baptist church, Sunday, Feb. 4. A fine program has been prepared. Fremont Wilson had a painful accident last week. While going from the house to the barn, he fell and broke his wrist. He is improving under the care of Dr. Knight. - Jan. 18, 1900 - Ithaca Daily Journal - Ithaca, NY


Wortman Hall and Enfield Falls Hotel

We notice by the attractive sign on the "Brees Building" Enfield Center, that Messrs. Knight and Stringer have opened a cabinet shop. A new firm, Pritchard & Munson, blacksmiths, Mr. Munson formerly resided at Hayt's Corners, Seneca Co. Dr. E.M. Strader our popular physician is gaining an extensive practice. Rev. Searles of New Jersey has been settled as the pastor of the Christian Church for the year. J.G. Wortman having purchased one of the corner lots at Enfield Center, will place thereon his store and half building, and with the addition which he proposes to make we hope to see as fine a hall as other of our country towns posses. The Longstreet family held their annual picnic (the first of the season) at the old homestead now the residence of S.H. Longstreet. About sixty were present. Geo. H. Fowler of Ulysses was in town last week showing to farmers and taking orders for his "Hay and Grain Elevator and Carrier" recently patented. Several of the farmers who have given orders have taken the old fashioned "slide" out of their barns to make room for this machine. Mr. Fowler has great reason to be proud of his invention, for from what we have seen of the workings of this car, it certainly is a great labor saving device. S.V. Graham is still supplying farmers with plows, "The Syracuse Chilled," of which he is agent. The Enfield Falls Hotel and grounds probably never presented a neater and more picturesque appearance than at present under the management of Mr. Van Nortwick the proprietor. New and safe walks have been built to the falls, the ground refitted, and from what we gather, will be liberally patronized and made on e of the first of summer resorts to picnickers and excursionists. Mr. Chas. Budd still retains the agency of the Buckeye Reapers and Mowers for this section. A large number of our citizens gathered at the Baptist Church on Sunday evening last to witness the marriage of Emma A Pollay, granddaughter of Reuben Rolfe, and Fred L. Aiken which was performed by the Pastor Rev. A.D. Abbott. This is the first time a marriage ceremony was ever performed in this church which was literally crowded, and we do not think a bride more lovely or a groom more manly could have been found to dedicate the church to this service. We predict that those walls will witness frequent occurrences of these gatherings from the close attention and interest manifested by those who are yet lingering in the state of "single blessedness". Z. Enfield, June 10, 1879. Ithaca Daily Journal.

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