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Dusenberry Fire

Dusenberry Homestead Destroyed by Fire


Located in the Town of Dryden, Tompkins Co. NY
County Landmark, Built About 1800, hit by Lightning - Valuable Antiques among Furnishings Destroyed - Owner Escapes

The DUSENBERRY homestead in DUSENBERRY HOLLOW between Slaterville and Dryden, was struck by lightning and burned early Wednesday. It was one of Tompkins County's oldest landmarks.

The fire was discovered by Zina DUSENBERRY, grandson of Henry L. DUSENBERRY, who built the homestead more than 135 years ago. He occupied the house with a sister-in-law, Miss Jennie BANFIELD.

An alarm was spread throughout the neighborhood and volunteers succeeded in saving a few bits of furniture, but most of the household furnishings were destroyed. The majority of these were valuable antiques.

Mr. DUSENBERRY, who has been confined to his room for some time, escaped with the assistance of his sister-in-law. He was taken to a neighbor's home He suffered no ill effects.

The DUSENBERRY homestead was built about 1800 by Henry L. DUSENBERRY, one of the early pioneers after whom the valley between Slaterville and Dryden was named. The pioneer's first home was a log cabin across the road from the homestead.

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