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1877 Cornell Commencement Program

The following images are from the program of the 1877 Commencement at Cornell.
Click on any of the images for a larger photo.

A list of graduates is below.

1877 Cornell Commencement p. 1 1877 Cornell Commencement p. 2 1877 Cornell Commencement p. 3 1877 Cornell Commencement p. 4


Bachelors of Arts
Bruce, Ida
Foster, H. W.
Grove, B. H.
Sellew, E. J.
Thomas, M. C.
Bachelors of Literature
Dobbyn, W. R.
Van Dusen, E. M.
Bachelors of Philosophy
Clark, P. D.
Gillett, G. W.
Lucas, W. E.
O'Neil, E.
Patrick, F.
Smith, S. M'K.
Stevenson, J. C. H.
Wilson, C. F.
Bachelors of Science
Beaty, J. B.
Carman, A. S.
Cobb, C. S.
Cooper, C. M.
Crim, F. D.
Dennis, W. E.
Gentleman, W.
Gifford, W. S.
Haviland, M. E.
Milford, J. S.
Myers, I. H.
Palmer, E. H.
Sanford, F. V. D.
Sherman, E. D.
Sinton, M. J.
Tyndale, H. H.
Van Vleet, D. F.
White, H. S.
In Natural History
Gage, S. H.
Hine, F. B.
Weeks, F. P.
Bachelors of Agriculture
Bean, C. M.
Pennock, F. M.
Bachelors of Architecture
Balch, A. F.
Deming, W. L.
King, D. W.
Mould, C. T.
Peck, T. B.
Russel, H. (A.B.)
Volkman, A. L. K.
Bachelors of Civil Engineering
Ames, W. C.
Aylen, J.
Bramhall, W. E.
Frota, A. E.
Macpherson, D. J.
Mann, L. M.
Mead, T. L.
Moraes, D. C.
Ostrom, J. N.
Sherman, W. J.
Smith, E. R.
Thomas, H.
Throop, W. B.
Tibbets, A. S.
Veigas-Munis, J.
Bachelors of Mechanical Engineering
Coon, J. S.
Eidlitz, L.
Lape, W. E.
M'Nairy, A. B.
Outersidge, F.
Ware, L. E.
Waterman, J. S.
Master of Arts
Frayer, E., A.B.
Stanton, T., A.B.
Doctor of Philosophy
Foote, C. W., M.A.
Masters of Science
Horton, D. R., B.S.
Willmarth, C. W., B.Agr.
Perkins, P. H., B.C.E.
Civil Engineers
Falkeneau, L., B.C.E.
Foster, R. B., B.C.E.

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