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Ithaca High School Class of 1926

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Margaret Juliette Albright
Albert Gerald Allen
Anna Rachel Ashdown
Anna Charolotte Asmus
John Paul Backner
Warren Stanley Barlow
Wilhelmina Barton
Leigh J. Batterson
Dale Robinson Beattie
Grace Pauline Beard
Emily Bostwick
Dora Frederica Brotherton
Jeannetta Elena Brown
Laurence Caley
Harold Chapin Clark
Rogher Emmons Coles
William Francis Corgel
Dorothea Davis
Clair Oliver Clark
W. Eugene Dennis
Neva Dickens
Florence Marie Donohue
Robert Patrick Driscoll
Theodore Hildreth Eaton
Edith Eugenia Egbert
Myra Emerson
Benjamin Thorpe Field
Norman Fitzgerald
Margaret G. Fowler
Marjorie Grant
Edward Watterson Gutherie
Ann Sargent Hamilton
Mildred Irene Harris
Mildred Belle Hausner
Thelma Cecil Havens
Marion Julia Herson
Herbert John Hinners
Bertha Hitching
Pauline B. Hoisington
Bernice May Howland
Grace Virginia Howser
Elnora Bertha Hungerford

Derwin Martin Hyde
Eleanor Irvin
Eloise Carolyn Jenkins
Howard Kontz Jennings
George S. Jones
Howard Elsworth Jones
William Elvin Keene
William George Keller
James Stephen Knapp
Helen Kremper
Cecilla Lewis
Manuel Chesnel Llop
Richard Chesnel Llop
John Louis lounsberry
Robert Emerson Love
Eloise Lueder
Earl Clair Mahanna
Catherine Mahoney
Helen Mahoney
Anna Amanda Makarainen
Victoria Malone
Brink Garrett Mapes
Carrie Marion
Warren Fredrick Marshall
Anna Leone Matteson
Helen Catherine McFall
Donald McPherson
Charles P. Mead
Dorothy Mead
Edwin Elroy Miller
Phillip Allen Miller
Charles Raymond Miller
Isabella Stewart Mitchell
Margaret Mary Mone
Arlene Lucille Nuttall
Howard Gardner O’Daniel
Marjorie Edith Palmer
Floyd Martelle Parke
Janice Parker
Ralph Edwin Perry
Alice Marian Patterson
Mary Ella Peterson

David B. Pierce
Robert Leon Quick
Helen Harriet Rice
Edward Allen Richardson
John Sitts Ridley
Robert Donald Rightmyer
Leona May Rodgers
Robert Ingersoll Roth
Margaret Allis Saxe
Herbert Temple Scofield
Florence Scott
Ralph Clyde Seely
Edith Jeanne Sharpe
Edna Grace Smith
John William Shoemaker
Elsie Louise Smith
Francis L. Smith
Jane Cynthia Smith
Dorothy Wood Smith
William Bliss Stockling
Alfred Daniel Sullivan
Margaret Hoyt Sullivan
Kenelm Winslow Taylor
Alfred Bates Tinker
Charles Edward Treman Jr.
Mary Catherine Udall
Selma marian Urband
Levina Hermiena Van Dyke
Marie Jane Van Dyke
Paul Augustus Vann
Francis Rita Van Order
Herbert Landon Van Ostand
Eleanor Franes Wasser
Robert Linsley Webster
Pearle Ian Westervelt
Leona Elenor White
William Clark Whitwell
Wayne Ernest Willis
Barbara Francis Wyckoff
Helen Yenei

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