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West Slaterville School

Town of Caroline, Tompkins County, New York

class photo in front of school

Old photo of the School House in West Slaterville.  Located on Slaterville Road, Rt 79 in Town of Caroline.

You can see the Dutch Cemetery in the back ground on the left.

This cemetery today is known as the Garrett Mandeville Dutch Reformed Cemetery.

Standing in front of the school house are: Teacher Julia Van Dusen, children are Myra and Mora Krum, Margaret Krum, Mabelle Tryon ( grandmother to Marianne Martin), Beatrice Tryon (Marianne Martin's  grandmother's sister), Elosia Lyme,  Ernest Lyme, Anna Lyme, William Lyme, *El--- (can't decide what the letters are) Sloughter, Seba Sloughter. Fourth person in from left in the front row a grand aunt Beatrice Tryon to Marianne Martin.. The two children on her left and right, would be Mora and Myra Krum (twin sisters) The other pinafored young lady in front next to the second twin is a grandmother to Marianne Martin, Mabelle Tryon. It would be thought that the  teacher, Julia Van Dusen is in back, second person in from the left. The rest Marianne is not sure of,  but know's  Margaret was the twins' older sister, so she might be the first one left back row. The picture has all the names on the back, but not in order.

Note: Elywn Sloughter was a brother to Seba Sloughter, this is most likely who El--- would be.

Photograh donated by Marianne Martin. Thank you, Marianne!

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