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They say, "there is a place for everything." Well that may be, but we have several items that are worth mentioning but which do not seem to have a 'home'. Hence, the development of this page. A lot of our ancestors were true collectors of "news", and kept up with who was doing what and when, etc. They may have saved these snippets of interest in a shoebox, an old tin box, in diaries, in a trunk, or made a scrapbook. These little gold mines, the jewels of information about our ancestors lives are precious, they are priceless.

Tompkins County Families
Newspaper Articles and Snippets
Other Scrapbook Goodies


Birthday Book of Mrs Hellen Florence Mackey Stanton

Come celebrate Tompkins County residents' many Anniversaries

Journal of Tompkins & Tioga Counties 1887-1899
Roe Descendants
4 Generations of Sullivan's - including photo
Hart Family Photo - 1927
Hopkins Family Record
Juanita Breckenridge Bates photo


Banfield Birthday & Reunion
Cooper Reunion in 1930
Curry Family Reunion
Earl Family Reunion
Eaton Reunion
English Family Reunion
Genung Family Reunions
Knapp Family Reunion
Mitchell Reunion

Bower to Bower
Brown Family
Emery - Schooley
Schooley to Emery
Schooley to Schooley
Townley - Ward
Halsey to Gosman
Elizabeth Hull Henderson Diaries and Letters
Asahel L. Harvey Diaries

Newspaper articles, from various sources
Various Vital Records, 1870 and 1884
Various Obituaries
Sheriff's Sale, July 21, 1870
Local Events of the Past Year (1887)
Ithaca Daily Journal, July 23, 1891, p. 3
Ithaca Daily Journal, June 16, 1909, p. 9
Local Events of the Past Year (1897) - Ithaca Daily Journal
Local Events of the Past Year (1908) - Ithaca Journal
Local Events of the Past Year (1909) - Ithaca Journal
Motts's Corners - a newpaper article 1840
Various Newspapers - 1922
Candor Courier 1903
Ithaca Daily Journal
Ithaca Journal Obituaries (1904-1921)
Newfield Tribune Snippets - January 11, 1890
Newfield Obituaries, 1964 and 1981
Tompkins County (First Set)
Tompkins County (Second Set)
Tompkins County (Third Set)
Union Valley -- 1892
Ithaca Journal, March 16, 1956
Ithaca Journal, January 06, 1967 (Obituaries)
Ithaca Journal, March 15, 1969, p. 3
"I Remember When" -- articles about the Lower Fairfield School
The Weekly Ithacan -- Thursday, December 28, 1899 issue
Newspaper Notices -- Marriages and Deaths From index cards at Olin Library - Cornell University
Newspaper items from various sources - 1882-1900
Obituaries from various sources
Dreadful Accident in Ithaca - 15 July 1845
Tompkins County Volunteer - 19 December 1863 issue
Francis Smoke Obituary

Ithaca City Directories (Snippets)
In Memory of James M. Mulks
Death of Mrs. David Backus
Death of Mrs. Charles Marble
Mrs. Amelia SNYDER REED And her Family
Coddington Road
Agricultural Committee
Stedman-Darby Manuscript
Excerpt from ca. 1875 diary
Ellis Hollow Cheese Factory
Remembrances of Groton Trip
Recollections of Caroline Depot Road
Where is Pewtown?
United States Presidents Visit Tompkins County
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Work of Dryden's Forefathers Exposed, by Lawrence "Beachy" Beach
Magnetic Waters of Slaterville Springs, NY
Kennedy's Corners Ladies Aid Quilt
Newfield Undertaker's Book
Tompkins County Bee-Keeper's Convention at Greenfield, N. Y.
Obituaries from Joyce Cutter Maki's Scrapbook
Tioga Marriages of Tompkins County Residents, 1847-49
Clippings from Mrs. John L. Puff's Scrapbook (1880-1919)
Clippings from Kathryn Cutter Maki's Scrapbook (1980-1995)
Willow Creek Home Bureau, 1930s



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