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Leading Occurrences of 1897

The Journal’s Record for the City of Ithaca and County of Tompkins.


History for the Present and for Future Reference.

A Chronicle of Leading Occurrences—Deaths, Fires, Accidents, Court Matters, etc.
THE ITHACA DAILY JOURNAL, Monday, January 3, 1898

1—A heavy white frost in the morning; a beautiful day.
3—Death of Mrs. John Dilts and Mrs. William Murray, of Ithaca.
4—Death of Benjamin F. Milks, of Ithaca, and Wm. Dupee, of Dryden.
6—Death of Comfort Hanshaw, of Ithaca.
7—Serious accident to Master Clinton Roe, of Freeville.
8—Death of Bailey Evans, of Slaterville.
9—Narrow escape from drowning of Miss Hall and Mr. Kinne; death of John Oarberry, of Trumansburg.
10—Death of Johnson Quick, of Brookton, and Polly Hadley, of Trumansburg.
12—Death of Gilbert Saxton, of Ithaca; serious accident to Benjamin Allen.
14—Fatal accident to Wilgus Linderman, of Ithaca, while hunting.
15—Death of Mrs. Hannah Brown, of Varna, and the infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur DeGraw, of Newfield.
18—County court convenes; serious accident to John Gendernel.
19—Death of Miss Margaret Miller, of Ithaca; zero at 8:30 P. M.; alarm of fire from box 53 about 11 P. M.; painful accident to Jas. Tuberty.
20—Death of Mrs. Willis L.Hall and Mrs. Catherine T. Cook, of Ithaca, and John Hunter, of Dryden.
21—Death of Seth Thompson, of Ithaca.
22—Painful accident to Charles Clarke and I. E. Wilcox; death of Chas. E. Wright, of Ithaca, Elihu English of Hibbard’s Corners and John Schutt, of Caroline.
23—Death of Mrs. Elizabeth Dryner, of Caroline; serious accident to A. G. Classey of Trumansburg.
25—Death of Mrs. Geo. Bell and Jas. H. Tichenor, of Ithaca; five below zero at daybreak; alarm of fire from box 27 at 7 P. M.
26—Death of Mrs. Lydia Stockwell, of Ithaca, and Mrs. Israel Robinson, of Groton.
27—Serious accident to James Darling, of Canastota, at the E. C. & N., yards on East Hill.
28—Quite a fall of snow: first sleighing of the season; death of Mrs. Oliver Cady, of Freeville, and John Terrell, of Ithaca; incipient fire at Slocum’s clothing store.
29—Painful accident to William H. Williams; death of Mrs. Abbie Davis, of Ludlowville, and Mrs. Levi Snyder, of Ithaca.
30—Death of Mrs. Charles Chapman, of Trumansburg.

1—Death of the infant son of Eloise H. Frost, of Ithaca; attempted suicide of Elijah Aldrich, of Ithaca.
[2?—Missing from copy, ends with "Smith, of Dryden."]
3—Death of Mrs. Richard Nash and Mrs. Emma Truedell, of Ithaca.
4—Death of Bridget Hennessy, of Ithaca.
5—Death of David M. Ervy and Amaziah Blakeslee, of Ithaca, and Wm. Cuatt, of Danby; painful accident to Mrs. Howland, of South Danby.
7—Death of Silas Sevan and Mrs. Esther E. Jackson, of Ithaca.
8—Death of the infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Bert Miller, of Ithaca.
9—Town meetings held throughout the county; serious accident to Frank Rockwell; death of Daniel Bailor, of Caroline.
10—Death of the infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Martin, of Caroline.
11—Alarm of fire a bout 3 A. M. from box 23; serious accident to Richard Angell; Geo. Wolverton, of Trumansburg, suffers a stroke of paralysis; death of Mrs. Harlen Mabee, of Ithaca.
12—Death of Mrs. Burdett N. Howe, of Ithaca; quite a heavy fall of snow.
13—Death of Mrs. John Van Riper, of Newfield.
14—Death of Elijah C. Aldrich, of Ithaca, and Mrs. Eugene Baker, of Lansing; serious accident to F. E. Bowman, of Etna.
16—Painful accident ot J. Knickerbocker; death of Benjamin Campbell, of Lansing; Mrs. Wm. O. Palmer, of Newfield, and Thomas Fletcher, of McLean.
17—A warm springlike day; death of Mrs. Nancy Kinney, of McLean.
18—Death of Geo. W. Budd, of Enfield, and Samuel Colgrove of Ulysses; painful accident to Frank VanOrder.
19—Serious accident to R. D. Brinsmaid; death of Mrs. Van Dusen, of Etna.
20—The house owned by Holden Brown, of Newfield, burned; serious accident to John Ault, of Brookton.
21—Triplets born to Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Saunders, of Ithaca.
22—Washington’s birthday; death of [Isalan?] Mayer, of Ithaca, and Mrs. Lucinda Sullivan, of Caroline; serious accident to Frank Myers, of West Dryden.
23—Death of T. Addison Johnson, of Ithaca.
24—A high wind prevailed in the early morning hours; death of S. C. Reynolds, of Groton; William Smith, of Caroline, commits suicide.
25—Death of Mrs. Fred E. Burling, of Ithaca.
26—Death of Mrs. Sarah A. Atwater and Charles W. Evans, of Ithaca; painful accident to Howard McDaniels, of Newfield.
27—Death of Mrs. Leonard Hall, of Danby.
28—Death of Mrs. Sarah M. Foote, of Ithaca, and Mrs. Frank Miller, of Newfield.

1—Death of Mrs. Edwin S. Atwood and Mrs. Judy Jackson, of Ithaca; Mrs. Lena Fairbrother of Newfield, and Mrs. Wagner, of Trumansburg.
2—City election held; painful accident of John McMahon.
3—Death of Edward Reed and Wm. G. Johnson, of Ithaca.
4—Serious accident to Jerry Cooper.
5—Death of Edward Sisson of Trumansburg.
8—Death of Mrs. J. R. Lang and Matthew F. Hines, of Ithaca; the infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Victor Sherman, of Freeville; Mrs. Henry Smith, of Lansing, and Mrs. J. Almira Personeous, of Caroline.
9—Painful accident to Robert A. Kilstrom and Jerome Towner; death of Mrs. Eliza Rolfe, of Ithaca, and Herschel Halstead, of Caroline.
10—Death of Mrs. David Baker, of Newfield.
11—Death of Daniel J. Wakeman and Mrs. G. A. Finch, of Ithaca; Levi Protts, of Newfield, and Miss Carrie Williams, of Waterburg.
12—Death of Michael Thomas, of Dryden.
13—Death of Luther Clark, of Newfield; painful accident to Rollo Smith.
14—Alarm of fire from box 26 at 8:30 A. M. and another from the same box at 6 A. M.; a fire discovered just before 1 A. M. but no alarm given; death of Mrs. Daniel Bartholomew, of Dryden.
15—Supreme court convenes; death of Mrs. Sarah A. Halsey, of Ithaca.
16—Alarm of fire at 7:30 A. M. from box 26; burglary at Dryden.
17—Fire on Cranes Hill in the town of Danby; death of Mrs. Thomas Sloat, of Jacksonville.
18—Death of Amasa A. Hungerford and Mrs. Sears, of Ithaca, and Halsey Mack, of Dryden; Geo. Landon arrested charge with arson.
19—Death of Mrs. E. E. Robinson, of Ithaca, and Mrs. Walter Swartwood, of Danby.
20—First thunder shower of the season; death of Mrs. Cornelia Bradley, of Trumansburg.
21—Death of Miss Maria Howard, of Dryden.
22—Heavy thunder shower occurred; alarm of fire from box 37 at 3:30 P. M.; lightning struck a building near the clock factory; death of Wm. J. Sutfin, of Dryden.
23—Painful accident to Wm. Miller, of Green street; death of Geo. W. Talmadge, of Ithaca, and Mrs. Marie Snyder, of Varna; fire at Trumansburg.
24—Death of Mrs. Jacob Royce, of Newfield.
26—Jay Bowers, of Ludlowville accidentally killed while out [gunning?]; death of the infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Smith, of Ulysses; painful accident to Mrs. Flora S. Gillette; burglary at Brookton.
27—Death of the infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Alva B. Kennedy, of Ithaca; painful accident to W. L. Jenks and to Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Dorn living on the Coddington road.
28—Death of Levi Leonard, of Ithaca, [sic]
29—Death of Mrs. A. W. Force, of Ithaca, and Mrs. Frank Crawford, of Newfield.
31—Death of Sarah M. Vining, of Ithaca; painful accident to T. F. Morris.

1—John Poole killed by the cars near Dryden.
2—Alarm of fire from box 27 at 5:30 A.M.; death of Wm. T. Graham, of Ithaca; burglary at Varna.
3—Death of Mrs. Peter Clark, of Ithaca.
4—Painful accident to Dr. B. L. Robinson, of McLean.
5—Charles Grant and daughter Anna, of Trumansburg, injured in a runaway accident; painful accident to C. H. Brooks; death of Terrence Cummings, of Ithaca; J. Bruyn Bogardus, of Lansing; S. P. Sherwood, of Trumansburg; Mrs. Andrew Hiles, of Dryden, and Mrs. James. F. Crager, of Danby.
6—Painful accident to Charles Wolverton, of Trumansburg; death of Mrs. Betsy Rockwell, of Newfield.
7—Death of Mrs. R. W. Parr, of Ithaca; painful accident to the little son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Kenyon and to Mrs. Sarah Bailey.
8—Serious accident to A. R. Wandling.
10—Death of Mrs. S. B. Fletcher and the infant child of Mr. and Mrs. L. S. Harrington, of Forest Home.
13—Painful accident to John Nixon and Fred Dauncey; attempted suicide of Austin Bagley; death of Charles Marsh, of Danby; Mrs. Maria Green, of Caroline, and Chester L. Vorhis, of Danby.
14—Death of Mrs. J. Norton, of Lansing, and Mrs. Edward Green of Slaterville.
16—Painful accident to Mrs. Bidwell.
17—Death of Daniel O. Manning, of Varna, and Elizabeth Hasbrouck, of Slaterville.
18—Easter Sunday; a pleasant day.
19—Painful accident to Barney Hurlbut; Frank Gunderman, of Danby, stricken with paralysis.
20—Special term of the supreme court convenes; the ground covered with snow; 20 degrees above zero at daylight; death of Benjamin Sheldon, of Dryden, and Mrs. A. J. Howland, of Ithaca.
21 Severe frost in the morning; death of Susan B. Bessac, of Ithaca, and Irving Meremer, of Ulysses; two burglaries on State street.
22—Incipient fire at Wilbur F. Bates’ residence; death of Levi Hawkins, of Slaterville, and James Brennan of Trumansburg; painful accident ot Alderman George.
23—Death of Myron Manning, of Brookton; painful accident to Charles Tupper.
24—Death of Mrs. So[phronia? copy is illegible] Sweazy, of West Groton; Edward Chapman, of Freeville; Wm. S. Baker, of Lansingville; David Crawford, of Newfield, and Mrs. Geo. W. Wilkin, of Ithaca; painful accident to Prof. Schmidt.
25—Death of Mrs. Rhoda A. Cannavan, of Lansing, and John Smook, of Trumansburg.
26—S. Livingston's store burglarized; death of Arthur Burch, of Ithaca, at the asylum.
27—Painful accident to Frank Van Order.
28—Death of Abram Carley, of Ulysses, and the infant son of Mr. and MRs. Ernest Quick, of Varna.
30—Incipient fire at Hook & Seaman's establishment; painful accident to Chas. H. Wilcox; death of Mrs. Abbie Thompkins, of Enfield.

1—Death of the infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Olaf Braunerr, of Ithaca, and Mrs. Chas. W. Purdy, of Trumbulls Corners.
2—Death of Mrs. W. D. Halsey, of Trumansburg.
3—Death of Mrs. P. Rascover and Mrs. Patrick Diffin, of Ithaca; Orsemus Wortman, of Enfield, and Mrs. Jane Bates, of McLean; painful accident to George E. Tailby.
4—R. G. Tucker stricken with paralysis; death of Rev. J. W. Terry, of Dryden; alarm of fire at 9 P. M., from box 25; incipient fire at D. B. Stewart's residence.
5—Henry L. Stewart's residence visited by burglars.
7—Heavy frost at morning; ice formed.
9—Death of Mrs. Wm. Kelly and Mrs. Roswell Bozzard of Newfield, and Michael Lynch, of Ithaca; painful accident; painful accident to Edward Rumsey and Henry L. Stewart.
10—Alarm of fire from box 47 at 10:45 A. M.; death of Mrs. Sophia G. Goodman, of Ithaca.
11—Painful accident to Miss Nellie Watkins; death of John L. Thompson, of Danby.
12—Suicide of John Strait, of Caroline.
15—Death of John Connors, of Trumansburg; Mrs. Joseph Knight, of Ithaca, and Mrs. Abel Joy, of Ellis; the Cornell crew wins at Annapolis.
16—Death of Charles Harty, of Ithaca; Stephens & Welch's abattoir destroyed by fire.
17—Death of Miss Malissa Stamp and the child of Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Dunham, of Newfield.
19—Death of Mrs. Leonard Treman, of Ithaca; painful accident to Bert Wheaton.
20—Death of Mary Louise Kelly and the infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Cleary, of Ithaca.
21—Death of Mr. Nelson Gillett, of Newfield; serious accident to C. C. Compton, of Newfield.
22—Serious accident to Miss Addie Lobdell; death of Wm. Field, of Lansing; quite a frost in the morning.
23—Benjamin Davis, of Caroline, suffers a stroke of paralysis.
24—County court convenes; death of Miss Hulda Phillips, of Caroline, and a child of Stephen Dunham, of Newfield.
26—A fire occurs near Trumansburg.
27—A light frost in the morning; painful accident to Fred Brookins and James Loveless; Charles V. Wanzer drowned in the lake; Mrs. Davis Baldwin, of Caroline, stricken with paralysis; death of Charles Bush, of Newfield.
29—Death of Mrs. Carlk, of Slaterville.
30—Death of Laverne Manning, of Ithaca; Mrs. Addie Teeter, of Peruvill, and Alvah Gifford, of McLean.
31—Death of Mrs. Adeline E. McCormick, of Ithaca.

3—Death of the infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Reeves, of Ithaca.
4—Death of Hudson J. Wilson, of Ithaca, Dr. Kirkendell's residence burglarized; painful accident to D. F. Van Vleet and John Granville.
5—Death of Mrs. Chas. VanZoil and Beers Fowler, of Ithaca; attempted robbery of Sawyer & Glenzer's store.
6—Painful accident to T. O. Hassenjager.
7—Alarm of fire from box 46 at 2:30 P. M.
8—Death of Miss Sadie Welson, of Trumansburg.
9—Painful accident to Carl Grimm and to Mrs. Keeler; death of Geo. H. Williams; John Pringle suffers a stroke of paralysis.
10—Death of Geo. H. Mineah, of McLean.
12—Death of Geo. W. Holly, of Ithaca; attempted "hold up" on West Seneca street; attempted burglary at Halseyville; painful accident to ex-Alderman Sullivan.
13—Death of Mrs. Elizabeth Giles, of Trumansburg.
14—Painful accident to Geo. Nourse, and to Mrs. Mary L. McChain.
15—Painful accident to Clifford Jenks and Geo. Carter; death of Duncan McKellar, of Dryden, and David Hovencamp, of Enfield.
16—Death of Rebecca Rittenhouse, of Ithaca; painful accident to Miss Edna Newell, of Trumansburg.
17—Death of Mrs. Nannie A. Shirley and Oscar B. Johnson, of Ithaca, and Miss Anna Bailey, of Newfield; serious accident to Mrs. Eliza Fish; post office at Speedsville burglarized; closing day at University.
18—Serious accident to Seymour Deveraux, of Trumansburg and to Mrs. Besemer, of Besemer.
19—Death of Ellen Gertrude Burns, of Ithaca; a lad named Kennedy badly injured at Fall Creek.
20—Death of Fred LaBarr, of Ithaca, and Eli Vleet, of Trumansburg.
21—Death of Bertha Bower, of Waterburg.
22—Closing day at the High School; painful accident to Heustis Hill.
23—Burglary at C. E. Robinson's store; the burglar caught; Cornell-Yale-Harvard freshman race; Yale wins; painful accident to Frank Johnson; death of Mrs. Jane Shurter, of Brookton.
24—Painful accident to E. J. Fuertes; death of Hiram B. Perry, and Anthony Payne, of Ithaca, and Harvey Barnes, of Newfield.
25—Cornell-Harvard-Yale 'Varsity race; Cornell wins.
26—Death of Miss Lucy Gardner, of Dryden.
28—Death of Mrs. Martin Mabee and Mrs. Oscar Rust, of Ithaca; painful accident to James Loveless
29—Fire at Trumansburg; painful accident to Peter Houghton; death of C. A. King, of Lansing, nad Jacob Sincebaugh, of Danby.
30—Cornell—Columbia—Pennsylvania freshman race; Cornell wins; painful accident ot Chas. Smith and to little Jesse Hubbard; death of Geo. Van Honter, of Ithaca, and Mrs. Hiram Herrick, of Lansing.

1—Death of John Granville, jr., of Ithaca, and Geo. Ostrander, of Danby.
2—Cornell—Columbia—Pennsylvania freshman race; Cornell wins; death of Mrs. Susan Puff, of Newfield.
3—Death of Joseph A. Jarvis, of Ithaca.
4—A hot day.
5—Alarm fire at 1:30 P. M. from box 25; another scorcher; the 4th of July celebrated; painful accident to Leo Couch, Chas Clapp, Miss Matie Eshbach and to Master Watkins; Daniel Lane's house in Lansing destroyed by fire.
6—Painful accident to Benj. Middaugh, Peter Clark and little Miss Besemer; another hot day; death of J. A. Tichenor, of Ithaca.
7—Death of Mrs. Octavia Terry, of Ithaca; fire at Ludlowville.
9—Fred Thatcher has a sunstroke; death of Mrs. Wilbur, of Enfield.
10—Dryden's centennial takes place; a passenger train derailed at the inlet; Chas. Jordan slightly injured; another scorcher; death of John C. Bovier, of Ithaca, and Leonard Kresga, of Trumbulls Corners, drowned.
11-Death of Henry Krum, of Caroline.
12—Death of Mrs. Franklin Hall, of Trumansburg.
14—Heavy shower at noon; death of Jacob Harty, of Ithaca.
15—Painful accident to Henry Van Order and Harry Norton.
19—Death of Mrs. Win. T. Billings, of Ithaca; painful accident to Ernest Collier.
20—Death of A. B. Carr, of Ithaca; painful accident to Mrs. S. D. Halliday and E. D. Evans.
21—Death of Eleanora Y. Elliott, of Ithaca.
22—Death of Mrs. B. J. Carr, of Freeville.
24—Death of little Anna Fisher and Mrs. Caroline Shaw, of Ithaca, and Mrs. Wm. Lumbard, of Peruville; serious accident to Mrs. Devlin; attempted suicide of Michael Maloney.
25—Serious accident ot Martin Hollenbeck and John King; death of  little Johnny Sheehy, of Ithaca.
26—Painful accident to Wm. McGiven, of Newfield.
27—Death of Mrs. Mariah H. Beers, of Danby; serious accident to Howard Orton, of Slaterville; incipient fire at Wm. Rittenhouse's on West Hill.
28—Death of Mrs. Mathew Cleary, of Ithaca.
29—Death of Rev. B. R. Wade, of McLean.
30—Death of Mrs. Anna Price, of Ithaca, and Francis Barrett, of Freeville.
31—Death of Mrs. Eugene Baker, the infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Ellsworth Lyon, and Mrs. Geo. Van Droof, of Ithaca.

1—Death of Mrs. James Kelly, of Ithaca.
2—Serious accident to Don Hopkins, Fred Brookins, and Thomas Griffins; assignment of Geo. Tailby.
3—Death of Mrs. Chas. H. Fish, of Trumansburg.
6—Serious row at the inlet; death of Mrs. F. Northrup, of McLean.
7—R. W. Sheffer's house burglarized; death of Mrs. Ira W. Snyder, of Dryden.
8—Suicide of Nicholas C. Rundle, of Ithaca, and Wm. Meacham, of Slaterville; serious accident to the child of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Banfield; death of Harry Bolton, of Trumansburg.
9—Death of the infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Sander, of Ithaca; burglary at Freeville.
11—Death of Mrs. W. O. Gallagher, of Freeville.
12—Painful accident to C. H. Slocum; death of Mrs. Lydia Brearly, of Caroline.
13—Death of Edward Plough, of Jacksonville, and Miss Attosa Holmes, of Dryden.
14—Death of Mrs. Amy Dickinson, of Ithaca.
15—Burglary at Groton; death of Mrs. Ellen Kennedy, of Trumansburg.
16—Death of Mrs. Herman Camp, of Trumansburg, and Mrs. John L. Mandeville, of Brookton.
18—Serious accident to John McDonald, of Varna.
19—Death of V. B. Gross, of McLean; freight wreck on the D. L. & W., at Caroline Junction.
20—Death of Miss Bush, of Dryden, and Mrs. Eli Boles, of Lansing; painful accident to John R. Race.
21—Serious accident to John R. Cooper, of Caroline.
22—Painful accident to Mrs. Edward Butler, of Forest Home; death of Edgar J. Harker, of Newfield, and James Lormore, of Dryden.
23—Painful accident to Rev. Sidney Fisher and Schuyler Grant; death of Mrs. Eliza Fish of Ithaca, and Mrs. Milo Goodrich, of Dryden.
24—Death of Mrs. Stiles B. Ayres, of Ithaca; painful accident to Eugene Corbin.
26—Death of Richard King, of Ulysses; Miss Florence Brink, of Varna; Wm. E. Reeves, and Mrs. Lydia Wright, of Ithaca; painful accident to little Laura Poole.
27—An alarm of fire from box 47 at 2:30 P. M., and also from box 35; painful accident to Geo. Bell, of Kennedy's Corners.
28—Terrible accident near Stratton's station on the Lehigh Valley road; Ida and Harry Page killed and Maggie Page terribly injured by the cars; painful accident to little John Humphrey.
31—Opening of the county fair; painful accident to Harry [Marah?] and to Frank McAllister, jr., of Ithaca, and to L. F. Palmer, of Newfield; death of Miss Anna Arden, of Trumansburg.

1—Painful accident to John Petimore, of Dryden.
2—Death of Michael Fitzgerald, of Ithaca; serious accident to Mr.s Geo. F. Drake, of South Lansing.
3—Death of Mrs. S. G. Williams, of Ithaca, and Thos. McCarger, of Groton.
4—Painful accident to Katherine Hawkins.
5—Death of Mrs. Oliver Stewart, of Freeville.
6—Labor Day observed; painful accident to ex-Sheriff C. S. Seaman.
7—Fire in Dryden village; painful accident to Master Leo Eagan and to Wm. Boyle, of Trumansburg.
8—Painful accident to Chas. F. Rappleye, also to Riley Smith and Ned Bush, of Newfield.
9—Death of Daniel S. Reeves, of Ithaca; Jacob Puderbaugh, of Freeville, and Harry Haskins, of Lansingville.
10—Death of the infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Smith, of Ithaca.
11—Wm. Duncan stricken with paralysis; death of Mrs. Julia D. Thompson, of Ithaca; serious accident to A. F. Winner and to Martin Pekargik.
12—Painful accident to a young lad named Illston.
13—Death of Wm. Duncan, of Ithaca, and Rev. Wm. A. Niles, of Trumansburg.
14—Death of the infant son of Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Durkin.
15—Wm. Kittrick  stricken with paralysis; Mrs. John Howance, of Newfield, fatally burned.
16—Death of Mrs. Dearman, of Varna; Mrs. Jessie Whitlock, of Ithaca, and Miss Phebe Dusenbury, of Slaterville.
17—Death of Hon. Henry W. Sage and the infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Marsh, of Ithaca.
18—Death of James H. Bloom, of Dryden; the infant son ofMr. And Mrs. Emanuel Smith, of Ithaca, and Mrs. Cole of McLean; Chas. V. Christiance has a stroke of paralysis; painful accident to I. C. Shaver, of Freeville.
19—Death of Miss Mary Sheehe, of Ithaca.
20—Death of Miss Grace Roche, of Ithaca; painful accident to Henry Phillips.
21—Fatal accident to Stephen Kennedy, of Ithaca; death of Almon Harris, of Ithaca.
22—Death of Abigail E. Hawkins, of Ithaca; burglary at Freeville.
23—Death of Mrs. Elisha T. Bentley, and Miss Mary Donahue, of Ithaca, and Mrs. Mary English of Speedsville; painful accident to little Johnny Griffis.
24—Death of John Petersen, of Ithaca; incipient fire at the West End hotel; serious accident to Mrs. Alex Smith.
25—Death of Matthew Bull, of Slaterville; Republican county convention held; serious accident to James Silke.
26—Death of Grace Bunn, of Danby, and Barna Cole, of Caroline.
27—Serious accident to Charles Bennett.
28—Serious accident to Joseph Post, of Ithaca, and Richard Abel, of Trumansburg; death of Betsy Davenport, of Groton, and Mrs. Betsey Norton, of Danby.
29—Painful accident to Michael Purcell.
30—Painful accident to A. J. Decker and Peter Houghton, sr.

1—The house of Isaac Hunt of Caroline, destroyed by fire; death of a daughter of George Rodee, of Dryden.
2—Democratic county convention held; painful accident to Joseph Hanson; Elizabeth Whipple, an inmate of the county house, has a stroke of paralysis; death of H. D. Spencer of Groton; serious accident to R. C. Clark, of Caroline Centre.
3—Painful accident to Dr. J. W. Judd.
4—Major Sellen, an inmate of the county house, attempts suicide; painful accident to Miss Cecil Walker.
5—Death of Miss Mary Winters, of Ithaca.
6—Death of little Gladys Bower, of Waterburg, and Mrs. Fanny Metzgar, of Peruville.
7—Painful accident to E. T. Gardner; death of Oliver Cady, of Freeville; fire at the Groton Bridge Company's works.
9—Death of Miss Emma Quinn; serious accident to Master Vernon Benjamin; incipient fire at W. A. Baker's residence; painful accident to Mrs. Mary Swartout, of Jacksonville.
10—Death of William Beers and C. M. Bliven, of Ithaca.
11—Disastrous fire at McLean; serious accident to Master Louis Austin; attempted suicide of Mrs. Eugene Miller, of Ithaca; death of Miss Mary H. Thompson, of Trumansburg.
12—Death of Miss Sarah [Vernooy?], of Ithaca, and Mrs. Minnie S. Myers, of Lansing.
13—Death of F. A. Warner, of Ithaca.
15—Serious accident to Irving Hulslander, of Caroline.
16—Grant Westcott instantly killed at Newfield; incipient fire at 32 South Cayuga street and one at 62 Linn street; serious accident to Paul Shuder.
18—Supreme court convenes; death of the infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Thatcher, of West Danby, and Harvey Ballou, of Newfield.
19—Serious accident to little Jennie Pritchard.
20—Death of Patrick Lucas, of Ithaca; serious accident to Mrs. Mary Reeves; painful accident to Curtis Drake.
22—Death of Mrs. Robinson, of Groton, and Mrs. Hannah Slaght, of Trumansburg.
23—The great Cornell-Princeton football game played here; incipient fire at 90 North Aurora street; death of Everett Smiley, of Groton.
24—Death of Mrs. Christina Bloom, of Lansing.
25—Attempted suicide of Lizzie Quinn; painful accident to Leon Smith, of Groton City.
27—Death of John Hennessy, of Ithaca, and E. S. Pratt, of Trumansburg.
28—Death of the infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Hendrick Waldron and the infant child of Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Brink, of Ithaca; heavy thunder storm occurs.
29—Death of William Shirley and Miss Margaret Nevins, of Ithaca.
30—First snow flurry of the season; serious accident to Frederick Bishp; death of Mrs. Emma Spicer, of Trumansburg.
31—Death of Catherine Raycraft, of Ithaca; Miss Lizzie Darry, of Groton, killed by the cars; serious accident to Fred E. Starkins.

1—Death of Dr. C. M. Sharp.
2—State election took place; heavy rain storm occurs; death of the infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. H. Wheaton, of Ithaca; incipient fire at the News office; painful accient [sic] to C. M. Eshelman and Genevieve VanDine; death of Miss Lenora Cole, of Freeville.
4—Painful accident to Miss Laura Holman.
8—Death of Mrs. Wilkins Fuller and Patrick Sullivan, of Ithaca.
9—Painful accident to Warren Kenyon and serious accident to Perry C. Hinckley; death of Hermon Russell, of Enfield.
10—Death of Mrs. Henry Turpening, of McLean.
11—Death of the infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Homer Liddington, of Speedsville; fire at Groton City.
12—Mrs. J. F. Lewis assaulted by a tramp; death of Wm. A. Barnum, of Jacksonville.
14—Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Besemer painfully bruised in a runaway.
15—Death of David Milks, of Ithaca.
16—Death of Mrs. E. G. Crittenden, of Etna, and David Kelly, of Ithaca.
17—Painful accident to J. H. Mathers and serious accident to Adelbert Berger, of Ludlowville.
18—Painful accident to Mortimore Dunham; fatal accident to Wallace Brown, of Groton.
19—Death of Wm. M. Welch, of Danby; James H. Cole, of Dryden, Charles G. Day, of Ithaca, and Mrs. Archibald Leonard, of Enfield.
21—Death of Miss Carrie Hunt, of Lansing, and Mrs. Frank Durling, of Trumansburg.
22—The steam yachts of Buela and Nellie Bly burned; death of Mrs. Henry Pinckney, of Ulysses; James Kelly, of Ithaca; Mrs. Wm. Owen, of Newfield; Jesse Bailey, of Dryden, and "Aunt Polly" Karskaden, of Trumansburg.
23—County court convenes without a jury; serious accident to Fred Cosgriff; attempted suicide of Mrs. Genett P. King, of Willow Creek.
24—Painful accident to H. E. Snyder, of Trumansburg.
25—Death of Lewis P. Legge, of Speedsville, and Ellis Sweetlove, of West Danby.
26—Death of Miss Mary Gregg, of Ithaca, and Mrs. Sarah Vreeland at the county house.
27—Death of Mrs. Sarah A. Gra[ace?], of Danby.
28—Alarm of fire from box 25 at 2:30 A. M.; death of Mrs. Edna Meeks, of Speedsville, and Dr. Diana Briggs, of Dryden.
29—Incipient fire at the Y. M. C. A. building about 8 P. M.; alarm from box 47; death of John Ault, of Brookton, and Mrs. Mary Banfield, of Snyder Hill.
30—Serious accident to John Bolger, jr.; death of the infant daughter of Neal Sebring, of Trumbulls Corners.

1—Painful accident to Mrs. C. C. Platte; assignment of Wilsie W. Adams, of Dryden.
2—Death of Ephraim Shutt, of Caroline, and Mrs. Charles Freeland, of Speedsville; serious accident to Mrs. John Lynch.
3—Death of the infant child of Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Marion, of Ithaca; serious accident to George Sincepaugh, of Ithaca, and Mrs. J. T. Morgan, of Trumansburg.
7—Death of John Lynch, of Ithaca; special session of the supreme court convenes.
8—Serious accident to Aaron Jackson and Mrs. H. B. Perry.
9—Death of Louis Wait, of Dryden, and Bertha Stubbs, of Danby; painful accident to little Louise Storms.
10—Painful accident to Hon. Henry B. Lord.
11—Death of Mrs. Edward Miles, of Ithaca.
13—Death of Chester Prime, of Ithaca, and Mrs. Horatio Buck, of Groton.
14—Death of Gershom Hanford, of Ithaca; Mrs. Harrison Pumsey, of Newfield, and Daniel Eighmey, of Speedsville.
15—Artemas L. Smiley, of Dryden makes an assignment; J. Nilson, of Ithaca, confesses judgement.
16—Terrible accident to Charles and Peter Hunt by the breaking of a scaffold.
18—Death of Charles Hunt and Mrs. Emeline Graves, of Ithaca, and Peter Tabor, of Newfield; Frank White held up by footpads.
20—Death of Ellen Breen, of Ithaca; Campbell & Wood make an assignment.
21—Death of Mrs. Harriet N. Hayes of Ithaca; a trolley car dashes down East Hill : no one hurt; serious accident to A. H. Golden and Stephen Snyder, also to Alex Neff, of Dryden.
22—The residence of H. M. Givens, of Dryden, burned; death of Sarah Meacham, of Ithaca; Mrs. Anna Northrup, of Etna; Benjamin L. Griffin, of Enfield, and Alfred [Moot?], of Newfield.
23—Death of Almon Gray, of Ithaca.
24—Mercury from 4 to 8 above zero at daylight; painful accident to Ben F. George; death of Sherwood Slater, of Danby; serious accident to Richard Sloughter, of Brookton.
25—Death of Mrs. Eliza [Glanister?], of Lansing.
26—Daniel Nelligan stricken with paralysis; death of Mrs. Geo. Whipple, of Ithaca; serious accident to Mrs. N. E. Lyon, of Ludlowville.
27—Painful accident to Geo. Thatcher; death of Mrs. Margaret Rogers, of Ithaca.
29—Fire department elects officers, fire at Newfield.
30—Alarm of fire from box 26 at 1 A. M.; death of Mrs. Adelia Church and John H. Wilkens, of Ithaca, and M. Bristol, of Ludlowville.
31—Heavy snow storm prevailed; death of the infant child of Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Phillips, of Ithaca; the school house at Caroline burned.




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