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The David BROWN Jr. Family Letters
Brown Family Bible Records

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The David BROWN Jr. Family letters

David BROWN Jr. is the eldest son of David and Catherine (AVERY) BROWN Sr. He was born July 14, 1775 in Groton, Connecticut. As a young child he moved with his family to Massachusetts, settling in Colerain. There he married first, Susanna DELRIMPLE* and had a daughter, Prudence, born in 1800. Within the year, they moved to Whitingham, Vermont where they had a second daughter, Polly, born in 1801. Susanna died in 1803. Polly followed her mother to the grave in 1804. David remarried a second time to Lydia BROWN and had six children. The first five, Emeline, Asa Avery, Susan, a son who died within the month, and William Harrison were all born in Vermont. The youngest, Renel L., was born in Pennsylvania in 1817. His mother died the day after his birth. David remarried a third time to Eleanor FERRY, December 22, 1817. They had 11 children, Harvey, twins who were still born, Joseph, Benjamin Franklin, Philander, Lydia Ellen, John Porter, Margaret Ferry, Betsey Maria and David H. all born in Bradford County, Pennsylvania. Sometime after the birth of David H, the family removed to Groton, NY. There, David BROWN Jr. resided until his death in 1858. He is buried in the Groton Rural Cemetery along with many other members of the Brown Family.
The following letters are written by his wife Eleanor FERRY, daughters Lydia Ellen BROWN and Betsey Maria BROWN, and other family members to a third daughter Margaret Ferry BROWN. Margaret married Luther ORMSBY and with his family moved west, first to Vinton, Iowa, then to Bedford, Iowa and after the death of Luther, to Edgeley, South Dakota with her son Lucian ORMSBY where she died June 15, 1908. These letters chronicle their lives along with many others who lived in Groton.
*This is the family's spelling of the name. It has also been spelled DALRYMPLE.

Brown Family Bible

The following list was found the the Brown Family Bible on a separate sheet of paper.
It was written by either Betsey M. Brown or Lydia E. Brown.


David Brown b: July 14th 1775 d: Apr 23rd 1858
Susannah Delrimple b: Oct 9th 1780 d: Oct 9th 1803
(1st w/o David Brown)
Prudence Brown b: Jan 17th 1800
Polly Brown b: Sept 3rd 1801 d: June 1804
Lydia Brown b: Apr 13th 1784 d: Feb 10th 1817
(2nd w/o David Brown)
Emeline Brown b: Apr 5th 1806
Asa Brown b: Mar 20th 1808
Susan Brown b: July 7th 1810
Son b: Sep 16th 1812 d: Oct 1st 1812
William H Brown b: Apr 11th 1814 d: Oct 1857
Renel L Brown b: Feb 9th 1817
Eleanor Ferry b: Dec 25th 1794 m: Dec 22nd 1817
(3rd w/o David Brown)
Harvey Brown b: Dec 25th 1818 d: Feb 2nd 1819
Twins b: Oct 18th 1819 d: Oct 18th 1819
Joseph Brown b: Aug 30th 1821
B Franklin Brown b: Oct 30th 1822 d: Jan 28th 1845
Philander W Brown b: Jan 21st 1825 d: Oct 20th 1858
Lydia E Brown b: Aug 6th 1826
L Porter Brown b: Oct 21st 1828 d: Aug 29th 1844
Margaret F Brown b: Sept 30th 1831
Betsey M Brown b: Jun 30th 1834
David H Brown b: Jun 15th 1836

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Transcribed by Sharon Jones
Thank you Sharon for sharing these letters and transcribing them for the Tompkins County NYGenWeb Site.

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