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Mr. and Mrs. LeslieBANFIELD - 50th
Mr. and Mrs. George CARLISLE - 50th
Mr. and Mrs. Russell COBB - 25th
Mr. and Mrs. Myron CORNELIUS - 50th
Mr. and Mrs. Myron CORNELIUS - 60th
Mr. and Mrs. David H. CORNELIUS - 60th
Mr. and Mrs. Ellsworth J. CRISPELL - 50th
Mr. and Mrs. George ENGLISH - 60th
Mr. and Mrs. William GENUNG - 50th
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur GENUNG - 50th
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse HOVER - 60th
Mr. and Mrs. Dwight E. JENKS - 60th
Mr. and Mrs. Ira W. REED - 50th
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer VAN PELT - 50th

Mr. and Mrs. Leslie BANFIELD of 812 Dryden Rd., Varna, will observe their 50th wedding anniversary with an open house Wednesday, June 6. Mrs. BANFIELD is the former Eva Mary GRIFFIN of Ellis.

Open house from 6 to 9 pm. Wednesday for relatives and friends.

Mrs. BANFIELD, the former Eva Mary GRIFFIN was born in Ellis Oct. 2, 1886, daughter of Mary CORNELIUS and Clark GRIFFIN. Her mother died at the time she was born and she lived with her grandparents, Leonard and Emily GRIFFIN in Ellis Hollow until her marriage. Her Grandfather, Leonard served in the Civil War. He was born in Roxbury, Delaware County and his wife was born in New Milford, Conn. Her people came here in a covered wagon.

Two years later Mrs. BANFIELD’S mother died, her father married Jennie TEETER of Lansing. They had three children, Mrs. Mable STEVENS of Ithaca, Mrs. Ira REED and Harry GRIFFIN, both of Varna.

Mr. BANFIELD was born, Dec. 16, 1882, near Hibbards Corners, Town of Dryden, son of Eda LOOMIS BANFIELD, who was born in Lyle in 1856, and Eugene BANFIELD of Snyder Hill, born in 1848. His great great grandfather, James BANFIELD Jr. was born in London, England. He came to this country in 1747, and served seven years in the Revolutionary War. His great-grandfather, grandfather, and father all lived in the BANFIELD Homestead on Snyder Hill.

His parents, Eda LOOMIS and Eugene BANFIELD were married July 17, 1873 in Lyle and lived on Snyder Hill, moving to Ellis in 1883. Mr. BANFIELD was a blacksmith for 35 years. In 1905 they bought what was known as the Peleg ELLIS place in Ellis.

At the time of his marriage to Eva GRIFFIN, Leslie BANFIELD was a farmer. Later he worked at Cornell University for 31 years in the Buildings and Grounds Department. Mrs. BANFIELD retired after being employed at the College of Home Economics at Cornell for 30 years.

They had no children but raised the niece of Mr. BANFIELD’S sister, the late Mrs. Cora TEETS. Eleanor TEETS made her home with the BANFIELDS until her marriage. Now Mrs. Eleanor CAGE, she lives with her son, William in Florida.

Mrs. BANFIELD is a member of the Women’s Society of Christian Service in Varna and the Ellis M. E. Church. Her husband, a member of Ithaca Lodge 71, Independent Order of Odd Fellows for the last 33 years is a past grand of that order and also a past chief patriarch of Iroquois Encampment; a member of the Ag Jolly Club and the Ellis M. E. Church.


Residents of Tompkins County for the last 31 years, Mr. and Mrs. George CARLISLE, who reside with their daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Carl F. CROFT of 216 E. Lincoln St., will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary Friday. Guests will be entertained, however, Sunday Jan. 2, 1944, from 2 to 5 p.m.

Married Dec. 31, 1893, at Brighton, Ohio the couple spent the early years of their wedded life in that state, coming east in the fall of 1912 to settle down on a farm near Etna, in the Town of Dryden, where they sought a living until five years ago when they sold the farm and came to Ithaca to reside.

The bridegroom was born October 25, Married Dec. 31, 1893 at Brightest and last survivor of six boys born to Wilson and Susan CAVE CARLISLE, while the bride was born Mar. 19, 1870, at Brighton, a daughter of Thomas and Susan KAYLOR RATHBUN. She was one of seven children, having two sisters still living in Ohio. They are Mrs. Soloman HARDEN and Mrs. Ica CARTMEL.

Mr. and Mrs. CARLISLE had 11 children, having lost three sons. Five other sons are Thomas CARLISLE of Rochester, Homer CARLISLE of Buffalo, Floyd CARLISLE o Newfield, and Glenn and Albert CARLISLE of Ithaca. Their three daughters are Mrs. CROFT, Mrs. Myrtle DEMOND of Groton, and Miss May CARLISLE of Ithaca.

They have 21 grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren.

Ellis Hollow Couple Marks 25 Years
Mr. and Mrs. Russell COBB

Mr. and Mrs. Russell COBB of Ellis Hollow Road celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary Sunday with an open house from 3 to 6 pm for friends and relatives at their home.

Mrs. COBB is the daughter of Mrs. Edith OGDEN and the late Horton OGDEN. Mr. COBB is the son of the late Mrs. Fred FOOTE of Ithaca.

A floral bouquet of yellow and bronze pompons decorated the living room and lavender and white pompons were used in the dining room. A three tiered cake trimmed in white and silver was the centerpiece.

Miss Gladys LOCKE of Etna was hostess assisted by Mrs Madeline REED, Mrs. Harvey KROUSE and Mrs. Iva VAN PELT, all of Ithaca, RD 2. At the table and Mr. and Mrs. Paul DRAKE of Brooktondale with coffee and punch.

After the open house a buffet luncheon was served by the guests of honor and their assistants in honor of Mrs. ODGEN’S 87th birthday which was also Oct. 1. She received many gifts and a birthday cake from Mr. and Mrs. Drake. Pictures were taken of the occasion by Dana VAN PELT of Ithaca, RD2.

Ellis Hollow Couple to Mark 50th Wedding Anniversary
Mr. and Mrs. Myron CORNELIUS

Mr. and Mrs. Myron CORNELIUS of Ellis Hollow, Ithaca RD 2, will have an open house celebration on Sunday of their golden wedding anniversary in the house in Varna where they were married on Oct. 15, 1901, by the Rev. M. F. LEET, Varna Methodist minister. This home is now occupied by their son Archie CORNELIUS, and his family.

Mrs. Cornelius, the former Lena Hazen, is the daughter of the late Frank and Rhoda (CORNELIUS) HAZEN and was born in Freeville. Her family moved to Varna when she was about 4 years old.

Mr. CORNELIUS, the son of the late David and Louisa (GENUNG) CORNELIUS, was born in Ellis Hollow, where his father operated a large farm. Two years after his marriage he bought his fathers farm and operated it for 48 years. Gradually in recent years letting up in his activities so that he and Mrs. CORNELIUS could spend winters in Florida where they have a trailer home in Orlando. He comes form a long-lived family, as both his parents and grandparents celebrated their golden anniversary.

The couple has three sons and a daughter; Archie CORNELIUS of Varna, Lloyd CORNELIUS, who now makes his home in a house built on his fathers homestead farm there. Mrs. Dana Van PELT, their daughter, also lives in the house built for them by Mr. CORNELIUS’s father at the time of their marriage. This house is one of the three on the homestead farm. There are seven grandchildren and five great grandchildren.

Open house will be from 2 to 4 pm, Sunday, Oct. 14, for relatives, friends and neighbors. In the evening there will be family celebration both for the golden anniversary and also for the eighth anniversary of the marriage of their son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Leland CORNELUS.

Mr. and Mrs. CORNELIUS To Mark 60th Anniversary

Mr. and Mrs. Myron CORNELIUS of 118 Ringwood Road will observe their 60th wedding anniversary Sunday. No celebration is planned because of a current illness of Mr. CORNELIUS.

Myron CORNELIUS and Lena HAZEN were married Oct. 15, 1901, at the home of the bride's parents in Varna. The Rev. M. S. LEETE officiated.

Both originally from the Town of Dryden, Mrs. CORNELIUS’ parents were the late Mr. and Mrs. Frank HAZEN . Mr. CORNELIUS were the late Mr. and Mrs. David CORNELIUS.

Mr. and Mrs. CORNELIUS are members of the Ellis Hollow Church. Mr. CORNELIUS has been a life-long member and has been active in its financial support since it was built when he was a small boy. The CORNELIUS family has carried on a farming tradition that began with Mr. CORNELIUS’ father. Until his retirement, Mr. CORNELIUS farmed the homestead built by his father. A daughter, Mrs. Iva VAN PELT, lives in Ellis Hollow at Mr. CORNELIUS’ birthplace. A son, Archie CORNELIUS, lives at Mrs. CORNELIUS’ parents home in Varna.

Two other children, both living in Ellis Hollow, are Lloyd CORNELIUS and Leland CORNELIUS.

There are seven grandchildren; Myron Van Pelt, of Dryden, Mrs. Esther Van Pelt Mix of Ellis Hollow, Bonnie, Janice and Bernie Cornelius of Ellis Hollow, Sandra and Gary Cornelius of Varna. There are also eight great-grandchildren.

60th Wedding Anniversary to be Celebrated Saturday by:
Mr. and Mrs. D. H. CORNELIUS

Mr. and Mrs. David H. CORNELIUS; An unusual event will occur in Ithaca on Saturday, March 12, when Mr. and Mrs. David Herman CORNELIUS of 115 Cobb Street will celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary.  Married at the ages of 25 and 19, respectively, they have spent most of their happy wedded life in this city.

Both have always resided in Tompkins County.  They were born at Snyder Hill.  Mrs. CORNELIUS was born on June 29, 1848, a daughter of Jacob Peter GENUNG and Angeline PEW GENUNG.  Mr. CORNELIUS was born on January 21, 1842, the son of James and Eliza SMITH CORNELIUS.

Mr. and Mrs. CORNELIUS enjoy good health.  A family dinner will be given in their honor tomorrow.  An open house and reception for friends will also be held at the CORNELIUS home from 2 o'clock until 9 o'clock tomorrow.

Mr. CORNELIUS combined farming and teamster work during the early part of his life.  he has been an ardent Christian, having served for many years as deacon of the Free Will Baptist Church of Snyder Hill.  Mrs. CORNELIUS was a member of the same church.

Mr. and Mrs. CORNELIUS have one particular record which is creditable, in that out of seven children born to them, five are living.  They have 13 grandchildren and eight great grandchildren.  The five children living are Mrs. [Jennie] Clarence ROHRER  of 112 West Jay Street, Mrs. [Clara] George MOTT of 816 North Tioga Street, Mrs. [Agnes] Almon MILLER of 502 North Tioga Street, Myron CORNELIUS of 120 Sears Street, and Dana CORNELIUS of 113 Cobb Street.  The six child was the late Mrs. [Edith] Homer LIDDINGTON.  The seventh child died in infancy.

Have 13 Grandchildren;

The 13 grandchildren are Archie, Lloyd and Leland CORNELIUS and Iva VAN PELT, children of Mr. and Mrs. Myron CORNELIUS; Evelyn MOTT, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George MOTT; Pauline and George MILLER, children of Mr. and Mrs. Almon MILLER; Mrs. Edna EMERY, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Homer LIDDINGTON; Clarence and Herbert PREDMORE and Ellen PAETOW, children of Mrs. and Clarence ROHRER; Robert and Llewellyn CORNELIUS children of Mr. and Mrs Dana CORNELIUS.

The great grandchildren, Raymond PAETOW, son of Ellen PREDMORE, Genevive and Irvin PREDMORE, children of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence PREDMORE of Groton;  Myron and Esther VAN PELT, children of Mr. and Mrs. Iva CORNELIUS VAN PELT; and three children of Mr. and Mrs. Frank EMERY of Danby.

Area Couple to Celebrate 50th Wedding Anniversay
Mr. and Mrs. Ellsworth J. CRISPELL

Slaterville Springs - Mr. and Mrs. Ellsworth J. CRISPELL will celebrate their golden wedding anniversary on Sunday, Jan. 31.  An open house from 2 to 5 p.m. at the Slaterville Fire House will mark the occasion.

The couple was married on Jan. 31, 1910 in Brooktondale by Rev.  D. W. GUTHORIE.  They were attended by the bride's parents.

Mrs. CRISPELL, the former Laura ARMSTRONG, is the daughter of the late Edward and Mary COOPER ARMSTRONG.  She was born on June 30, 1894 on Blackman Hill, Caroline.

Mr. CRISPELL is the son of the late William and Carrie JOHNSON CRISPELL.  He was born on June 4, 1883 in Slaterville Springs.

The CRISPELLS  have five daughters, Mrs. [Mary] Dennis RYAN of Slaterville; Mrs. [Mildred] George KLAVER of Marion; Mrs. [Carol] Joseph WHITE  and Mrs. [Clara] James BROWN of Brooktondale;  Mrs [Elaine] Wilbur GENUNG of Ellis Creek Road., and one son Lawrence CRISPELL of Brooktondale.  They had one son who died in infancy.  They also have 25 grandchildren and nine great grandchildren.

All relatives and friends are cordially invited to attend the open house.

60th Wedding Anniversary

Mr. and Mrs. George W. ENGLISH of the Slaterville Road celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary at the home of their daughter, Mrs. Lee DANN, on Sunday Sept. 25.  There were 29 guests present.

The elderly couple are life-long residents of Tompkins County, Mr. ENGLISH having been born in Ellis Hollow in 1852 and Mrs. ENGLISH was born in the Snyder Hill section of the county in 1853.

The ENGLISH family originally came from New Jersey and during the early days made several trips here and back on foot.

Mr. ENGLISH had been an active farmer until four years ago when he sold his farm at Richford and built a new home on the Slaterville Road, three miles east of this city, where he and Mrs. ENGLISH reside alone.

Both are active in their work, considering their ages.  Mrs. ENGLISH accomplishes her house work daily, including baking and sewing.  She accomplishes this with-out glasses and even reads with-out them.

Mr. ENGLISH  is now reaping the harvest from a large garden which he has taken care of by himself this summer and in which, in addition to other produce, he raised 20 bushels of corn.

Mr. and Mrs. ENGLISH have one particular record which is unusual.  Of eight children, six are still living and they have 18 grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.

[NOTE: Mrs. English was Viola WILLIAMS daughter of Edward and Melissa (Reynolds) WILLIAMS.  George W. ENGLISH was the son of Elihu and Mary (OVERACKER) ENGLISH.

In an obit. of  Mrs. George W. English it states the following: Mrs. Viola E. ENGLISH, 84 died Sunday night, March 29, 1936, at her home on the Slaterville Road.  She is survived by five sons, Peter of Brooktondale, Elihu of Breesport, George of Ithaca, Earl of Dundee and DeForest English of Groton; a daughter, Mrs. Emma Dann of Ithaca.  16 grandchildren, and five great grandchildren.  The funeral will be held at the Snyder Hill Church at 2 pm Wednesday.

Another daughter Maude E. who had already died by then married Charles L. Head.

Ithaca Couple to Observe 50th Wedding Anniversary
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W. GENUNG

A family observance with a dinner at Sunnyside tonight marks the observance of the 50th wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W. GENUNG of 635 Elm St. [They lived most of their lives in Ellis Hollow, Town of Dryden, NY]

Mrs. GENUNG is the former Edna S. MCGILLIVARY, daughter of Leroy and Catherine (OVERACKER) MCGILLIVARY. She was born in the Town of Dryden on May 18, 1886.

Her Husband is the son of the late Wilber A. and Jennie (BARRETT) GENUNG and was born March 9, 1885, in the Town of Dryden. They were married on March 8, 1905 by the Rev. Wallace E. BROWN pastor of the first Methodist Episcopal Church of Ithaca.

Mr. Genung operated the dairy farm on which he was born until 1948 when they moved to Ithaca, where he was employed the Ithaca Fuel Supply Co., until he retired.

They have a daughter, Mrs. Ethel FARRELL and two grandsons, Donald M. PARKER and Richard H. PARKER of 315 E. State St.

Both Mr. and Mrs. GENUNG are members of Edison Tent Hive 938 of the Maccabees.

Mr. and Mrs. William GENUNG to Mark 50th Anniversay

Mr. and Mrs. William J. GENUNG of 416 Geneva St. will celebrate their golden wedding anniversary Sunday. An open house for friends and relatives will be held from 2 to 5 pm, at the Womens Community Building.

Mr. and Mrs. GENUNG were married Jan. 29, 1911 at the home of the bride’s sister in Ithaca. The Rev. B. Frank TOBEY officiated. Before moving to Ithaca, the GENUNGS lived in Ellis Hollow.

Mrs. GENUNG is the daughter of the late Fred and Abagail (CORTRIGHT) BAKER. She was born in 1888 in Lisle.

Mr. GENUNG is the son of the late Wilber A. and Jennie (BARRETT) GENUNG. He was born in 1888 on the GENUNG farm in Ellis Hollow and retired from the National Cash Register Co. Mr. GENUNG is also retired member of No. 2 Fire Co., with which he served for 33 years.

HOVERS Observe 60th Wedding Anniversary

Mr. and Mrs. Jesse HOVER quietly celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary at home on Sunday, June 7.

Hester LYNCH and Jesse HOVER were united in marriage on June 7, 1899.  Now in their eighties, the HOVERS are still alert and display a lively sense of humor.  Mr. HOVER is 87 and Mrs. HOVER is 82.

Mr. and Mrs. Dwight E. JENKS
Married for Six Decades
Mr.. and Mrs.. Dwight E. JENKS
Both Trace Ancestries to Colonial Days

ITHACA - Mrs. And Mrs. Dwight E. JENKS of 924 cliff street, residents of this city for the past quarter century, celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary Sunday, November 8, at the home of their son, Clayton L. JENKS, in Worcester, Mass.

Mr. JENKS, 84, and Mrs. JENKS, 70, were married at the ages of 24 and 19 respectively.   They are the parents of 10 children and have 30 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

Both are descended from a pure line of English and New England ancestry, although they have always lived in New York State.  The family moved here from Oneida County in 1908.   Mr. JENKS traces his family back to the tribal kings of early Wales, and thru Joseph JENKS, first governor of Rhode Island, and his grandfather, Joseph, founder of the family in America in 1642.

This latter pioneer built the first iron works in America near Lynn, and there made the dies for the pine tree shilling and Boston's first fire engine.   The couple likes to relate that the first patent in America was granted to him in 1646  "for an engine that goes by water."   Mr. Jenks' mother was a CUSHMAN, descended from Thomas CUSHMAN, whose fiancée, Mary ALLERTON, came over on the Mayflower.   Thomas started on another boat at the same time but his boat had to turn back for repairs.

The couple says they enjoy nothing more than an automobile journeys, destination unknown at the outset. One of Mr. JENKS' interests is in memorizing the populations and area of cities, counties and state of American cities.

Of the couple's 10 children, Leo lives in New York, Glen and Clayton in Massachusetts, Mrs. Thomas AUSTEN, Mrs. Merwyn SCHROEDER, Mrs. Albert SCHROEDER, Mrs. Judson N. TODD, Harold and Victor in or around Ithaca, and Mrs. Frank TAPPEN in Norman, Okla.

Mr. and Mrs. Ira W. REED Observe 50th Anniversary

Fifty years ago Tuesday, August 24, 1915, Elizabeth GRIFFEN, the youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clark H. GRIFFEN was married to Ira W. REED, son  of Mr. and Mrs. A. I. REED, under the evergreens at Evergreen Farm, 92 Turkey Hill Road.

Sunday they celebrated their golden wedding anniversary with an open house under those same trees.

At the time, Mrs. REED'S parents lived there and operated the farm for Mr. PEARSON.  Now her son, Ira REED Jr., operates the farm for Cornell University.  It is now called the Cornell Turkey Research Farm.  REED, Jr. and his wife held the open house for his parents.

Alfred E. TAYLOR, former pastor of the Varna church performed the 1915 ceremony but was not able to attend the open house.  Ten of 11 members of the wedding party are still living and several were present Sunday.

Mr. REED is also closely associated with the farm.  In 1858 his grandparents were married there.  The place was owned at that time by his great-grandfather, Ira SNYDER, for whom Mr. REED is named.

The couple has lived in Varna most of their lives.

Mrs. REED taught school for many years in nearby communities.

Mr. REED was employed by Cornell University for more than 38 years, 30 of which were spent in the Floriculture Department.

Dryden Couple to Observe Their Golden Wedding Day

Mr. and Mrs. Elmer VAN PELT

Mr. and Mrs. Elmer VAN PELT of Dryden will celebrate their golden wedding anniversary at the home of their son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Frank VAN PELT, on the Ithaca-Dryden highway near that village on Sunday, Nov. 18, where members of the immediate family will gather.

Mr. and Mrs. VAN PELT are life-long residents of Tompkins County, and were married in the Town of Caroline by the Rev. Elder WOODRUFF, former pastor of the Brooktondale Church.  Of the small group that witnessed the wedding only one survives.

The bride was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Warren STEVENS where the wedding took place at their home in Slaterville, and the bridegroom was the son of Hiram VAN PELT and Rebecca DAVENPORT VAN PELT. of the Irish Settlement Road, between Dryden and Slaterville.

Had 155-Acre Farm

Mrs. VAN PELT was born at Brooktondale on March 7, 1866 and her husband was born July 16, 1865.  For a short time after their marriage, the couple resided at the VAN PELT homestead, when they purchased a 155 - acre farm in the Irish Settlement section of the county near the homestead.

Although they exchanged properties on three occasions, the couple resided in the Irish Settlement section for 33 years and during the last four years there, Mr. VAN PELT was foreman on the town roads.

Moved to Dryden in 1917

In the fall of 1917, the couple moved to Dryden and for six more years Mr. VAN PELT continued his foremanship under Jack MUNSEY, who was then town superintendent.  Until a few years ago when he retired from active work, Mr. VAN PELT was a teamster.

Mr. and Mrs. Elmer VAN PELT had four sons, twin boys, Frank and Fred of Dryden, Dana VAN PELT of Ithaca, and Archie VAN PELT who died during the winter of 1919, leaving his widow, who is now Mrs. D. B. BULL of Besemer, and a son James VAN PELT, now in Wheaton University.  There are 11 grandchildren in the family.

Mr. VAN PELT has been a member of the Masonic Lodge for the past 35 years, having joined the Slaterville Lodge of Masons originally and was later transferred to the Dryden Lodge, Mrs. VAN PELT is a member of the Dryden Lodge Order of Eastern Star.

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