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Birthday Book

dated 1922
This book belonged to Mrs Hellen Florence Mackey Stanton of 619 Utica Street, Ithaca, NY.
Sent in by Terri Crockford

Name Birth Date Notes
Lucy Taggert Mackey
Jan 1 ( No birth year)
Buried Woodlawn Cem., Newfield, NY
b. Jan. 1, 1869 d. June 4, 1944
Eva Mary Stanton
Jan 8th 1923

Maude E. Alters
Jan 15 1892

Jeane Stanton
Jan 25 1919
Buried at Hayts Cemetery - Ithaca, NY
died Mar. 5,1932
LuLu Woolsey Stanton
Feb 3rd 1898

Harold James
Feb 3rd 1936

Perry M Stanton
Feb 16th 1898
Married Carrie Myers 
Clayton L Stanton
Feb 16th 1899
Married Lola Carville 
Pearl Jenkins
Feb 16th 1901

Lawrence Stanton
Feb 21st 1893

Minnie Letts Stanton
Feb 27th (No birth year)

John Gilbert Mackey
March 5th 1873

Lillian Wittaker
March 9th 1930

Lola Virginia Stanton
March 10 1920

Gordon Williamson
March 31 1912

Carrie Owen
April 3rd (No birth year)

Etta Bishop
April 10th (No birth year)

Mrs. Frank Jones
April 13th (No birth year)

Clayton L Stanton
April 18th 1860

Mrs Della Tree
April 19th 1871

Nellie Dates
April 19th (No birth year)

Mrs. Helen Godley
April 19th 1897

Wayne Jenkins
April 23rd 1922

Mrs. Eva Ballard
May 5th 1863

Grace Osborn Mackey
May 5th (No birth year)

Irene James Stanton
May 8th (No birth year)

Charles Walter
May 13th 1925

Dutton Peterson Jr.
May 13 1926

Frank Tree
May 22nd 1868

Mabel Little
May 27th (No birth year)

Mrs Elizabeth Brewer
May 28th 1889

Mollie June
June 3rd 1869

Leland Godley
June 7th 1896

Mary Eleanor Mackey Stephens

Mrs. Bessie Townley
June 16 (No birth year)

Mimmie Gray
June 17 1868

Mrs. Lizzie Lindaberry
June 19th (No birth year)

Lyda Teeters
June 19th (No birth year)

Frank Stanton
June 20th (No birth year)

Mrs. Frad Clark
June 20th (No birth year)

Charles Olin Stanton
June 25th 1897

Hellen Viola Stanton
June 30th 1911

Emma Godley Hoster
July 1st 1918

Lola Carville Stanton
July 13 1901
m. Clayton L.Stanton
Lawerance Stanton Jr
July 13 1926

Doris Wheeler
July 14 (No birth year)

Lottie A Pittenger
July 24 (No birth year)

Olin Buttler
July 27 1914

Mary Stanton
August 10 1914

Paul Whittaker
August 13 1916

Mrs. Julia A. Abel
August 18 (No birth year)

Mrs Bessie Van Dyne
August 21st 1889

Alice M Little
August 22 1860

Bert Godley jr
August 23rd 1871

Alberta Hogland Deal
August 23rd 1906

Joyce Fitzpatrick
August 28th 1934

Charles A Mackey
Sept 20th 1878

Mrs Lulu Hamilton
Sept 21st 1876

Wakerman English
Sept 30th (No birth year)

Casper Lyndaberry
Sept 30th(No birth year)

William Tree
Sept 30th (No birth year)

Elizabeth VanDyne
Oct 4th 1870

Ruth Winthrope Urgerhart Godley
Oct 7th (No birth year)

Robert Ray German
Oct 13 (No birth year)

Mrs. Mildred Knapp
Oct 16 (No birth year)

Kenneth Hoster
Oct 21st 1931

Florence Stanton
Oct 25 1916

Ruth Woolsey Knapp
Oct 27th 1905

George Little jr
Nov 2 1901

Mrs Fred Wells
Nov 11 1873

Walter Chapman Jr
Nov 11 1919

Bud Darharsh
Nov 12 1886

Herbert Curry
Nov 13

Dr. Minen McDaniels
Nov 13

Kate Barnacle
Nov 14 1886

Anna Jones
Dec Nov 16 1867

Gail Marie Stanton
Nov 19 1926

Joesphine Banfield
Nov 25 1893

John Godley
Dec 18 1920

Herbert Bailey
Dec 24 1868

Lillian Godley
Dec 31 1876

Mrs. Hellen Florence Mackey was born April 21, 1869 in Cayutaville, NY.
She married Clayton Layfette Stanton
This birthday Book belonged to her.

Transcribed by Janet M. Nash  ~  Thank you Terri Crockford for donating this record to the Tompkins Co. site!

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