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Asahel Lovell Harvey's diaries

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Jan 19 - married Elizabeth Wallenbeck
March 9 - Wells Fish married Margaret Theall (sister to Asahel's brother, Robert's wife, Mary Jane)
April 16 - James's little girl died (Flora M. Harvey, Asahel's niece) (there is a measle outbreak and maybe that was the cause)
April 22 - George King
(June 7th, is interesting as he writes that the Gypsey's camped down on the corner (Mecklenburg and Sheffield Rds) and the next day he orders them away. They went west. Went looking for cows, they got none.)
Aug 7 - Uncle David Purdy died (several others sick) (not sure how he is "Uncle")
Oct 5 - Michael (Welch) buried one of his children. (works for Asahel and is a near neighbor)
Oct 17 - Father died (Joseph Harvey), he is buried in Harvey cem. on 19th.
Nov 8 - voted for Abraham Lincoln, who is reelected President.


Jan 9 - John Henry Howland died in Washington, (had consumption, in Civil War, buried Hayts cem.) (Asahel goes to town and gets his body off train on the 12th, funeral was on the 14th
Jan 21 – Mrs. Lanning died (Nancy H. Smith, Mrs Elias) (she had had a "shock of palsy on the 14th) (Elias's father, Benjamin Lanning, who came up from NJ abt same time as the Harveys)
Feb 9 - (snowed so hard and blew that the Stage (Catskill to Bath) came up as far as his farm twice and had to turn around. "Roads blocked up bad, northwest wind"
Feb 16 - his horse, Charley so sick that he had to get Mr. Collin's to doctor him. Here is the recipe for Kidney Affiction - 4qts wheat brand, teaspoon of saltpetre, tablespoon of Sulphur and tablespoon of raisins. Application on his loin - Wormwood, vinegar and whiskey". Paid $1.45 for whiskey, petre and raisins.
Feb 17- flooding in town. Water very high in Inlet.
April 9 - His brother, Moses and his wife Ellen (Van Marter) "got" baby, Cora.
April 15 - he heard Lincoln had been shot and Seward stabbed. Went to town on foot to hear all the news.
August 27 - funeral of Gerald Lanning.
August, during this time there is herds of cows, being put into Asahel's pastures at night. Some as large as 240, which Asahel is paid rent for. Also they offer rooms to these drivers, for abt $1.25 a night. Sometimes Asahel helps them drive them through Ithaca, which he is also paid for.
August 29 - goes to Frank Saylor's funeral (Sarephla, son of Samuel and Lydia Woolley Paine Saylor. Lydia is dau of Ira and Hannah Harvey Paine) (he was 23 & is buried in Mecklenburg cem.)
Dec 3 - went to Deacon Hayts funeral. (Charles Hayt?)
Dec 21 - Titus and Bostwick fountry burned last night.
Dec 25 - drove hog to woods (for the winter)


Jan 7 - 9 very cold, temp 14 degrees below. Asahel has some sheep die.
Feb 16 - sold a farm to Titus and Bostwick (not sure whose, but may be his father's, for $3, 538.13. He put most of money in Tompkins Co. bank. Then draws it out and divides the Estate money between his 7 siblings, each getting $424.09
Feb 27 - his sister, Hannah's husband Myron Sexton sells his farm to John Van Dorn on Mecklenburg Rd and moves down across the road from Asahel.
March 12 - Asahel and his siblings divide up the division of household stuff of his mother's.
March 24 - Benjamin Hungerford buys his sheep for .99c a lb., pd $493.00.
April 7 - Went to Newfield to Gadley's mill. Bought 2 "thousandful" of Hemlock to be delivered.
April 10 - he helps his brother, Robert move from Enfield down to Ithaca to run a meat market.
May 18 - he is buying 365 ft of oak lumber from Grey's mill, borrows 344 ft of pine from John Van Dorn to put up a fence with rails along his property and around his garden. Some of it you can see today as you drive by.
June 4 - Asahel's brother, Moses "raises" his house.
June 6 - Deacon Genung died at 8 p.m. Funeral on the 8th at 10 a.m. Buried Hayts cem.
July 7 - Dennis McNair commenced laying a stone wall. He is paying him $20. a month
Dec 25 - went to town in evening to Dutch church to see Chistmas tree. (his grandparents were Quakers)
Dec 31 - Joseph Rolfe died at 11p.m. last night.


Jan 16-22 Big snow storm. Roads all filled up. No travel. Biggest snow drifts ever. Shoveled out road.
Feb 2 - Went to Mr. Brugaro's funeral
Feb 6 - went through the Clock factory (Ithaca?)
Feb 8 - took Mrs. Larrison to Enfield to bury her.
Feb 24 - Squire John Fish buried today. (this is the Squire John Fish that is giving me such fits, as I find a John R. Fish still alive on the 1870 census. My John R. Fish is married to Charlotte Harvey and she is buried in Harvey cem. )
March 3 - Mrs. Daniel Thatcher buried today. (Mrs. David, who settled Kennedy's Corners) She and her husband are buried in Rolfe cem. Eunice died on Feb 28th.
May 5 - (heavy wind come up from the south and rained all day 6 -9th. There was terrible flooding in town. Water 2 feet deep west side of inlet. Continued to rain the rest of the month)
June - they are still plowing. Just starting to plant garden.
June 17 - they laid wall in front of house.
June 24 - Horace Miller from Mecklenburg started painting his house and blinds. (for the 1st time?) Got the paint from Treman Bros.
Nov 19 - Asahel's daughter, Hannah was married at home at 8 pm. 36 attened the wedding. She married Andrew J. Howland, neighbor and son of Stephen and Sally (Korts) Howland.
Dec 15 - Heard Frank Rolfe was dead. Andrew and Hannah went up. (son of Chester and Matilda (Kirkendall) Rolfe)


Jan 1, Fire in town. Taylor and Heath's store, at 2 a.m.
Jan 2 - Went to Enfield with sleigh. Sleighs fly along.
Jan 6 - Heard J. B. Korts is dead. (Jonathan B. His wife, Mary is sister to Stephen B. Howland (who is also married to a Korts (Sarah Ann). They live just up the Mecklenburg Rd from Asahel.
Jan 8 - Heard Jeminea Van Black is dead
Feb 9-18 - big snow storm, no travel. Shoveled out road each day
Feb 25 - still snowing bad. Stage went up the road a ways, but came back down.
Feb 27-29 - still snowing, wind out of the south. Piled up roads bad. Roads all blowed full. Not one team past our house today.
March 1 - Blizzard!
March 2-3 - no travel on roads. Only 2 sleighs went by.
(snowed almost every day in March, only sleighs going by)
March 30,31 - laid flagstone in cellar.
April 6 - water limed cellar bottom.
April 18 - his neice, Lina Sexton is sick with diptheria.
June 3 - Bill VamDorn starts building Asahel a smoke house.
June 16 - Very heavy thunder storm. Lightning struck John Vann's house.
August 17 - Asahel's birthday. He and Andrew stake out foundation for a barn.
August 25 - got a load of lumber from Bostwick and Titus.
Sept 11 - Heard Aunt Hetty (Griffin) Lovell (Mrs Aaron) was dead. Also Mrs. Daniel Bailey and Mr. Sears.
Sept 12 - Went to Aunt Hetty's funeral to Baptist church in Center.
Sept 13 - Went to Mariah's (Mrs Daniel Bailey) funeral at 2:15 in Enfield.
Oct 1-9 - built a hog pen with his brother, Silas and Andrew Howland. Will Van Dorn also helped.
Oct 23 - went to town to a mass meeting. Big crowd.
Nov 2 - was subpena to be witness for William Martin in Trumansburg. Went on the 6th.
Nov 19 - finishing  putting on roof of smoke house. Will Van Dorn helped with the cornice.
Nov 25 -Dec 2 - Asahel and Jane go to Perry by train to visit family that live there.(his Aunt Betsy,who is sister to his father. She married Thomas A. Toan and they live in Perry, NY.
Dec 3-7 - They go to Lockport to visit Jane's brothers, Erastus Spaulding and Holmes Hutchinson Mack and their family. Also Asahel's Uncle Moses Lovell and his family.
Dec 22 - Stephen Kort is married in evening to Catherine Baker. He is son of Jonathan and Mary (Howland) Korts.


Jan 8 - Mary "Maty" Slauson died. Jane, Asahel's wife, had gone down to ithaca to "sit up" with her on the 6th. Her funeral was on the 10th at the Baptist church in town. Asahel's father's sister, Mary, married John Slauson. Can't find their graves to verify.
Jan 16 - went to Enfield to Beardsley's singing school.
March 30 - John W. Korts dies. Funeral in Town on April 1st. (He is brother to Stephen B. Howland's wife, Sally.)
August 11 - Went to Mr. Stout's funeral forenoon, 10 o'clock. This would be Joseph, who died on the 10th, he was 37yrs. Son of Joseph and Mariah P. (Kelly) Stout of Jacksonville, NY. Not married.
August 18 - Asahel has a hired man working for him all summer; John Plunket. His wife comes looking for him. Asahel finally pays her John's wages at her "order".
Sept 11 - thru end of Sept. different drovers put sheep and cattle in his pasture for the night. (83 head cattle, 77 sheep, 130 cattle, 107 cattle, 112 cattle, etc ) Asahel gets some much money a head. He also provides room and board for the drovers.
Nov 29 - Eber Lovell dies in Trumansburg. He was married to Elizabeth McLallen, sister to Henry McLallen.
Dec 18 - Ann Lanning dies. She was dau of Elias and Nancy (Smith) Lanning.
Dec 18 - Frank Harvey dies. She is dau of Reuben and Mary Ann (Wager) Harvey. She was Frances Olivia Harvey, 22ys and buried in Ithaca City cem.


Jan 2 - Uncle John Slauson here for visit. (I think his wife is Mary "Polly" Harvey, sister to Asahel's father, Joseph.) She may be the Mary that died last year, Jam 8, 1869.
March 1 - Mr King died last night. Funeral for Mr. King was on the 3rd in Enfield. (not sure who this is, maybe John? as there is a John King living near Asahel)
March 1 - Heard John Tallett was dead. (Tallot?)
March 8 - Mrs Ives funeral at 10:30 (not sure if this is Charlie Ives mother or wife)
March 13 - 17 - heavy "snook" storm, 3-4 ft deep. Isaac Ballard got into snow banks and left his sleigh.
March 31 - They brought Daniel Thatcher's body home from Canada. Buried Rolfe cem. (he is known by David in one census and Daniel in another.) His funeral on the 2nd of April.
May 14 - heard John Elmer dead, went to his funeral on 15th.
May 20 - Uncle Joel died. Funeral on the 20th and buried Harvey cem. in Enfield. (he is Asahel's father's brother. His wife, Olive Rose.)
July 24 - Heard John Hart was dead. Buried today. (probably died on the 22nd
Oct 20 -" had shock of an earthquake in Town or something like that."
Nov 16 - Went to Lydia Howland's wedding (Andrew's sister), at her home at 4 p.m. (She married John C. Lytle, who lived near them on Mecklenburg Rd.)
Dec 24 - Asahel and Jane Harvey celebrate their 25th Wedding anniversary with relatives at their home.
Dec 28 - heard George McClintock's wife is dead
Dec 29 - went to Mrs.McClintock's funeral. Heard Elder Wade was dead. Also Mr. Wilbur.(Jeremiah, who painted house for Asahel)


Jan 1 - Went to Mrs. Chase's funeral in Enfield. (Julia Curry, 76, who is married to Rev. Ezra Chase. She is buried in Enfield Center cem.)
Jan 6 - Laura Mack died, infant dau. of Joseph L. Mack who is Jane's 1/2 brother. He lived in Watkins and was principal of the Masonic School, later Watkins Academy in Havana.
Jan 12 - Heard Ruloff was sentenced to be hung.
Jan 16 - Heard Charles English was dead. (he died Jan 14, 42yrs. was married to Julia Gardner, lived Enfield area.)
Jan 19, Mrs. Joel Carll (Esther H. Mack, d/o Nathaniel Mack & Nancy Wager of Mack Town, Town of Ulysses) died in Ogle Co., IL, 44yrs old. (she was cousin to Asahel's wife.)
Jan 21 - Heard young Kirby (Colon)'s son was dead. Colon married to Helen Teeter and it was their dau. Minnie, b. 1868, who died. Their son, George died later in Sept.
Jan 27 - Got letter from Joel Earle. His wife had died the 16th.
March 5 - Went to A. B. C. Dickerson's funeral.( Asa is son of Derick and Susan Bennett Dickerson,he died 25 Feb, aged 23 and is buried in Hayts cem.)
March 9 - Heard William Gibb's wife dead. (Mary A. 30yrs, buried Gibbs cem., Bostwick Rd., Ithaca.
March 14 - Big parety at Frank Nelson's. 35-40 people there. His wife Elizabeth Selover and they lived Mecklenburg Rd.
March 19 - Dogs into Deacon's sheep.
March 20 - Dogs got into Asahel's sheep and bit 9. Northrup and Colegrove come up to see sheep bit by dogs? The next few days he has lambs born dead.
June 15 - Hear Mrs King died. (I think this is Irene, Mrs. John King.)
June 16 - Ruloff Fureson hung today.
June 18 - Went to Mrs. King's funeral at 2 pm.
July 14 - Heard Uncle Willets dead. (John Willetts, lived Jacksonville, married Elizabeth Horton.) Buried Jacksonville cem.
July 21 - David Colegrove's barn struck by lightning.
August - Asahel starts having his milk picked up by Oren, who must have some kind of milk route, as he takes several quarts each day. (Abt 40 qts ea time)
Sept 10 - went to funeral of Colon Kirby's child. Infant, George Kirby who died on 8th)


Jan 20 - "Mr. Struble called here. He is such an old sticktight" (I thought that was a funny saying)
Feb 8 - Maria Chase very poorly (Jane's sister, Obediah's wife. Live Searsburg.)
Feb 18 -Heard Mr. Kelly dead. (Freeman, s/o John Godfrey Kelly of Ithaca.)
April 15 - Got telegram that Elizabeth Sanders of Lockport, NY was dead. She is wife of Wm Sanders & d/o Erastus Spaulding Mack, who is brother to Jane Harvey. She was 38yrs. Jane takes "cars" to go to Lockport.
May- They are digging a cellar for Andrew Howland's house, which I think is connected to Asahel's. Also a cistern for him, which takes several days. Jane drawed money, $600., from Halsey and Gillett and 2 men start work on house.
May 23 - They travel by "cars' to Perry, NY to see his Aunt Elizabeth (Harvey) Toan, who is very ill. She is sister to his father. They go to Elmira and stay over night with Uncle Byron Lovell, then breakfast at Hornellville and onto Perry, getting there at 11 a.m. on the 24th. Visited there with his Aunt Elizabeth (her husband Thomas Toan, whom she met in Scipio when the families all came up from NJ, died in 1862.)also with relatives; Wm Palmer's, Austin's and Lydia Toan, where they stay. On 28th start for home and stay in Elmira with Harrison Harvey, s/o Joel B. Harvey (Asahel's uncle.) Back home on the 29th.
June 2 - Jane "set up" with Mrs. Kennedy (Lucretia?) She neighbor up on Mecklenburg Rd.
June 4 - raised barn up at Andrew Howland's. (He lives either with his father or across the road.)
June 6 - heard Mrs. Elizabeth (Deacon Ezra) Genung was dead.
June 8 - went to Mrs Genung's funeral in afternoon.
June 14 - Bill VanKleet building chimneys for house. They also finish wall on Andrew's barn.
June 26 - they cut window in bedroom
July 2 - 2 painters painting house, Pease and Terry.
July 5 - they put conductors on house.
August - Some time this month there is a grat fire in Ithaca that burned the Ithaca hotel and the entire block where it stood on State St. the fire crossed Tioga St. to the west and licked up the tannery of Mr Edward S. Esty and many houses on the north side of Green and on Tioga several more that belonged to Henry L. Wilgas.
August 3 - heard Ella or Etta Clark was dead.
August 4 - went to Ella or Etta Clark's funeral at 2 pm. (died in childbirth? see next.)
August 12 - Mary Rhodes died, buried Gibbs cem.
Sept 1 - went to Melissa Clark's funeral.
Sept 7 - Asahel and Wm Martin goes to price Rhodes property. ("Old maids" live there; Elizabeth, Margaret, Jennie and Sarah.) Both parents dead.
Nov 12 - Bad lightning storm. Heard Barton burnt. (the hotel?)
Nov 26 - Jane goes over to the "old ladies" (Rhodes)
Dec 2 - heard John P. Broas, (Deacon) was dead. Buried Christian ch. cem.


Jan 14 Martha Mack died, 21yrs. (she is Jane's step-sister and Mariah (Lambert) Hildreth was her mother who married John Mack as his 2nd wife. Tamer (Lamberft) Gannoung (Mr. Wm) was sister to Mariah.
Jan 16 - Robert Kennedy died
Jan 17 - Went to Martha Mack's funeral in Jacksonville, buried in Hayts cem. (all on the same stone is Martha A Mack, Tamer Gannoung, Henry Lambert, Hiram L. Lambert and Maria L. Hildreth)
Apr 5 - Heavy thunderstorm, Mr. Tilton had a horse and 2 cows killed by lightning.
May 17 - Got Erastus (Jane's brother) and his wife and they went up to the "University".
May 27 - Lena Thatcher died, went to her funeral on the 29th. She was 5, & is d/o Wm and Almina Thatcher.
June 2 - Asahel and Jane go on a long trip to Lockport to see Lovell and Mack relatives and then on 11th to Cleveland, Toledo, Detroit and finally to Grand Blanc, Mich. where they visit with Ed Harvey & Dan Gilletts (his wife Electa Mack) and their families. On 19th, go to Chicago where they see George Halsey and Charles Millers(his wife Eliz Harvey, Asahel's niece, d/o Moses Harvey). Then on to Polo on the 21st where they visit with Joel & Esther (Mack) Carll. They next go on the 22nd to Winebago where they visit with some Mack relatives, Wells Fish (wife Margaret Theall) Aunt Amy Theall, Ed Hillick (wife Clarinda Saylor). Start for home on the 30th. Get to Rochester when the Onondaga train came and ran into our train. Stove up both trains, so had to go back to Rochester. "It was an awful crash, so frightened. Got to Ithaca at night."
Oct 14 - Soloman Wallenbeck died, his funeral on the 16th in Enfield. (his wife Jan Austin and their dau., Abigail was Joel Bassett Harvey's 2nd wife. His 1st wife was Susan Fish, who is sister to Wells Fish.
Nov 28 - heard Ally Mack had died. Went to Lockport for her funeral. (she is Frances A., d/o Holmes Hutchinson Mack. She was 25.


Feb 7 - heard J. Lyon was dead.
Feb 14 - received telegram from Watkins, that Joseph L. Mack was failing very fast". He is Jane's 1/2 brother
Feb 15 - They went to Watkins, got there at 11 a.m. and found Joseph dead. He died at 3 a.m. Jane stayed for the funeral and came home by train on the 18th.
Feb 21 - Mr. Sprague's barn burned last night at 8 p.m. Lost 4 horses and all his carriages and harness.
Feb 24 - Got letter from Lockport, Erastus Mack doing poorly.
March 6 - received telegram that Erastus was dead.
March 7 - went to Lockport
March 8 - Attended Erastus's funeral. Large crowd attending.
March 9 - heard will read.
March 11 - came home by train.
March 24 - "Elmira on fire."
March 30 - Took Holmes Mack to hear Martha Mack's estate settled up. Did not get settled.
April 29 - Harrison Harvey' s wife died this morn. She is Kate Holly. She is his 2nd wife. Abigail Travis was his 1st. They live on Mecklenburg Rd.
May 1 - Went to Mrs. Harrison Harvey's funeral at Enfield church. Not sure if she is buried in Harvey cem., where her husband is.
May 2 - heard Mrs. Johnson Fish was dead. She was Sally, wife of Joseph Johnson Fish. Her funeral forenoon on the 3rd is buried Enfield Christian cem. Was 71yrs.
June 19 - Went to Cheshire to conference in Canadaqua. Went to church all day on 20th and 21st.
June 22 - started for home. Stopped in Auburn and went through the prison
July 7 - Andrew shot 5 skunks in one shot.
July 25 - Went to Mrs. Parvis Chase's funeral at 2 o'clock. Jane died on 23rd.
Aug 4 - Went to Searsburg. John S. Smith hurt pretty bad. (he is married to Thenia Maria Chase d/o Obadiah and Sarah Mack Chase. (Sarah sister to Jane.)
Sept 3 - Went to rope walk?
Sept 14 - Went to Mrs. Jonathan Rolfe's funeral at 3p.m.. (Mariah A. Bailey, 62yrs. 1875 census states she died of cronic illness on the 12th.
Sept 18 - Went to see James's little baby, Ledra J. (James is Asahel's brother.) Ledra James Harvey, b. 11 Sept. to James wife, Harriet A. Ford.)
Sept 30 - Firemen's parade in Ithaca.
Oct 1 - Went to Miss Jewitt's wedding (unknown who this is.)
Oct 10 - again saw man walk rope.
Oct 21 - Went to Varick to see Lovell relatives; Leander Covert and Cassius Burrough. Leander is s/o Peter J. Covert and Elizabeth Lovell (d/o Asahel Lovell and Hannah Byram) Cassius is Leander's dau. Elizabeth's husband.
Oct 22 - Cassius takes them to Ovid to Asylum to see Marinda Cooper, who is d/o Asahel's Aunt Harriet Harvey Cooper ( Mrs.John T.)
Oct 23 - come home.
Dec 9 - Heard Ezra Cornell was dead.


Jan 21 - went to Poultry show in Ithaca. Nice show.
Jan 22 - Fox ran through yard, dogs after him. Paid for Express. 3 half dollors and 1 25 cent piece.
Feb 6 - Saw Seth to town. He said Moses's dau, Lisa, Joel's dau, Minnie and all James's children have the measles.
Feb 9 - 15 very cold, 28 below zero on 13th.
Feb 13 - Heard Herman Russell dead. (lived Enfield, his wife, Mariah Sherwood)
Feb 13 - Heard Mr. Purdy and Uncle Joe Smith was dead. (An obituary in the Ithaca Daily Journal, Sat. Feb 13, 1875, p. 4, has "Mr. Lewis Purdy, father of S. D. Purdy, aged upward of 85yrs..."
Feb 14 - Heard Mr. Brewer was dead. (this is Col. Henry Brewer)
Feb 16 - Went to Mr. Brewer's funeral. Heard Uncle Joe Smith's wife is dead. They both going to be buried in grave today. (This would be Joseph Smith and Abigail Carpenter. Joseph is father to Hugh Hulse Smith who is married to Asahel's Aunt Marinda Harvey.)
Feb 16 - "The cars ran over Mr. Hill and cut him all to pieces and killed him." (not sure who this is.)
Feb 16 - Heard Oscar Hoyt was dead. (Died on 15th and is buried Gibbs cem. His wife, Susan Korts. He was 42.)
March 1 - Got a telegram that Kate Mack was dead in Lockport. (she is Jane's neice and d/o Erastus Spalding Mack and Eunice Jones Flagler. She was 23.)
March 3 - Heard Mrs. Van Marter was dead (this is bro Moses's wife, Ellen's mother; Elizabeth Luther, who is married to Aaron Van Marter, She was 73.)
March 5 - Went to Mrs Van Marter's funeral in Enfield, buried there.
March 10 - Heard Jule Bagley was dead. (George Julian Bagley, s/o Wm Bagley and Phebe Ann Chase. Phebe is d/o Rev. Ezra Chase.)
March 19 - Got letter that Alton Palmer had died on the 14th in Perry, NY. He was 12 and g.son of Asahel's Aunt Elizabeth Harvey.)
March 20 - Heard Miss Lears? was dead.
March 21 - Went to Miss Lear's funeral.
April 7 - Went to Mr. Crager's funeral.
April 11 - Heard Mrs. Ephraim Rolfe was dead. (She is Elizabeth Rockwell and is buried in Rolfe cem. Census has her as invalid.)
April 11 - Heard Seal Updike was dead.(he was married to Calphurnia Williams, d/o Asahel's Aunt Zilpha Harvey and s/o of Abraham Updike and Anna Wortman.)
April 15 - Heard Stephen Coy was dead. (Died on the 14th, is connected to the Willetts and the Daggetts.)
April 19 - Heard Henry Moore died. (He is Henry Holmes Moore and his dau, Martha is married to Pitt Beers, whom Asahel is trying to get back his loaned money. His funeral on 22nd in Ithaca. Jane is somehow related through the Willetts.)
April 21 - Asahel's brother, Joel, came down from Enfield to tell them that bro James's baby is dead (Ledra) 1yr. (On his g.s. is written "Our little Ledra, We loved him but lost, Could not save him." He is buried on 22nd at 2 p.m. in Enfield cem.
April 26 - Heard Uncle Nickelson was dead. They went to his funeral up to church at 2 p.m. (not sure who this is.)
May 10 - Heard Mr. (John) Gauntlett was dead. (He has a business in Ithaca where Asahel goes to get his paint supplies.)
May 18 - Heard Wheeler Smith's wife is dead. (This is Francesca Williams, she was 34 and died because of diabetes, she buried Trumbulls Corners cem. Wheeler is s/o Hugh Huls Smith and Marinda Harvey.)
May 28 - Heard Uncle Silas was dead. Died last night. (He is brother to Asahel's father and they lived across the road from each other on Harvey Hill Rd.)
May 30 - Went up to Uncle Silas's funeral at 11 o'clock. Good many folks out. (he is buried in Harvey cem.)
June 16 - Heard Stephen Kort's wife is dead. (this is Catherine Baker, she was 31. I think either in childbirth or just after as her dau. Cassie was born in June per census )
June 17 - They went to dedication of Sage College in afternoon.
June 29 - Census man here.
July 16 - Great time in town. A Regatta.
July 20 - Went to Mrs. Schuler's funeral with Neil Mack. (not sure who either is.)
Aug 17 - Heard Mrs. Corbin's mother is dead.
Sept 6 - They went to Lockport to see Mack and Lovell relatives and then to Perry to see more Harvey relatives and then got back on 22nd to Uncle Japhet Byram Lovell's where they went to Eldridge Park and saw "Young Wonder Speed" on the trotting ground. (A horse?)
Sept 28 - Heard Harrison Rumsey was dead. Died on the 26 and is buried Laurel Hills cem. (He is Herman Harrison Rumsey, s/o Franklin and Elizabeth (Sherwood) Rumsey. He was 32.
Oct 7 - Heard Mrs. Searles is dead. (I think this is Mrs. Elias Searles as they live not far from them)
Oct 7 - Heard Mrs. Dewitt Harvey was dead. (Sarah Ann Tucker, d/o Ezra Doby and Caroline (Lanning) Tucker. She had just had a baby in Sept.)
Oct 8 - John Kennedy died last night. (He is just up the road from Asahel on the Mecklenburg Rd. The neighnors have been helping him for some time now, getting his crops in.)
Oct 10 - Went to John Kennedy's funeral. A good many out. (he leaves a widow, Lovina M. and a dau., Mary C., 14. Clarence L. Smith as next of kin, is apointed guardian.Not sure the connection.)
Nov 6 - Heard Reuben Rockwell shot himself.
Nov 7 - Went to Carman's and then to burying ground to see Reuben Rockwell buried. (I can not find his grave in any of the cemeteries.)(according to the Seneca Co. Coroners report he committed suicide with a pictol in Ovid. He was bedridden, having been lame. His mother was in the room when he shot himself. His wife had died 2 yrs ago and he had no ch.)
Nov 9 - John Wilgas came up and said Mr. Korts was dead. (this is Jacob Korts, b. 1806. His wife Mary. They lived across the road from Gibbs cem. where they are buried.)


Jan 6 - Jane went up to Myron (Rhodes) to sit with him. He is very sick. (this is son of William Frederick Rhodes, their next door neighbor. Myron is 12.) Also sick is Asahel's mother and Andrew Howland's father, Stephen.
Jan 19 - Myron Rhodes died this morning. Jane and Asahel went up to help lay him out.
Jan 21 - Went to Myron's funeral.
Jan 28 - Stephen Howland died at 1 p.m.
Jan 29 - Asahel goes up to see about digging Stephen Howland's grave (Hayts cem.). Also went to greenhouse for flowers.
Jan 30 - Went to Howland to help the with huneral. Funeral at 2 p.m. Large turnout.
Feb 3 - Jane was called to (Gideon) Lannings this morning at 1 a.m. Julia got a 9 pound girl (Nellie M.) (This is Elias Lanning's granddaughter, near neighbors of Asahel and Jane.)
Feb 12 - Heard George Bagley was dead (he is son of Wm Bagley and Phebe Ann Chase (d/o Rev Ezra Chase) George was 32.
Feb 13 - went to George Bagley's funeral at 1 p.m. Rev. Tapping preached
Feb 22 - heard Caleb Purdy was dead.( he lived Enfield was 78 and is buried in Enfield cem)
Feb 25 - heard John Nelson was dead. (he is married to Elizabeth D. Updike and they live in T of Enfield.)
Feb 27 - go to John Nelson's funeral at 2 o'clock. (he is buried in Hayts cem.)
Feb 28 - big fire in Ithaca.
March 6 - John Lytle, a neighbor, cut his foot real bad and the neighbors help him out with his chores for several days.
March 16 - Asahel's brother James, has a little girl (Delia)
March 18 - Hemingway (Howland)'s little girl died. Went to her funeral on the 21st. Hemingway himself is pretty sick.
March 23 - "Stopped to see Hemingway, he was dead." He was 31.
March 24 - Andrew and Hannah go down to help Mrs. Howland pack up her things.
March 25 - go to Hemingway's funeral at 12 o'clock.
March 29 - heard Joel Harvey was dead (Seneca Harvey's son) He was 32 and is buried in Jacksonville cem.
April 17 - heard Amos Curry dead. (Amelis Babcock his wife. He was 74 and blind when he died per 1875 census.)
April 22 - went to Miss Murray's funeral. (This is Anna J. d/o Leonard and Amelia Flavious (Curry) Murray. g.dau of Amos Curry. He was living with them at this time so maybe it was same sickness) She was 15.
April 25 - Andrew and Hannah went to Mary Kort's wedding. (she is d/o Jacob and Mary Korts and she married Jesse M. Baker.)
April 28 - Went Enfield to see mother. She died 10 p.m. She was 83yrs.
April 29 - Went to John Wortman to see about making a casket. Hannah, his sister and Asahel went to town to get a cap for Mother.
April 30 - Went to his mother's funeral. Very unpleasant? Home at 6 p.m.
May - They are painting Andrew's side of house and shingling the roof and painting the stoop. Asahel is still working on putting a board fence around his fields.
May 27 - Myron (Asahel's bro in law) sent up to get Asahel to come help him bury his horse. They heard Mrs. Harvey had strayed. (she is widow of John Harvey. She is Harriet Amelia Sexton, Myron's sister) Her husband was s/o Asher and Mary (Wager) Harvey.) They go down to Ithaca to look for her. Can not find her.
May 28 - Asahel went to look for her.
June 4 - Clinton ? found Mrs. Harvey up in the ravine above Johnson's greenhouse at 1 pm.
June 5 - Joe Sexton (Myron's son) and I went to Able Fisher to have her grave dug.
June 7 - Went down to Mrs. Harvey's funeral in morn Hannah (his sister) and I went over to her burial on the flats. (Inlet Valley cem.? I can not find her grave.)
June 9 - All of Asahel's brother and his sister go up to Enfield and divide up their Mother's affairs. "We had $78.19 a piece and some other things. Hannah got Mother's clothes and her bed."
June 13 - John VanDorn had old Dan shot. (Asahel's dog. In sheep?)
July 4 - Heard young J. Esty was dead.(Joseph, s/o Joseph and Mary (Selover) Esty. He was 41
[ note: there is no mention in his diary of any 4th of July celebration, even when it it's 100th year.]
July 20 - Asahel takes Sarah Jane, his brother, Silas's dau. up to the "institute".? Sage College?
July 28 - Heard Spencer was dead.???
July 29 - Asahel takes Jane down to ithaca to go to his funeral. Asahel went to horse trot.?
August 3 - Asahel and Jane go to the Baptist church picnic to Aurora at Sheldrake. (do they take the boat across to Aurora?)
August 29 - Harvey picnicl at Enfield Falls.
Sept 14 - Andrew Howland and Asahel go to Ovid and Andrew bids on farm, $7100. (He later on Oct 18, sold this farm to Chester Luce.)
Sept 26 - Andrew and Hannah start for Centenial with Frank Nelson and wife.
Sept 28 - Asahel and Jane go to town and see General Grant.
Oct 24 - Asahel and Jane start for the Centenial in Philadelphia. Went to fair, Zoological Gardens, saw lots of animals and monkeys. Went and saw Delaware River, where Wm Penn lived, Old Independance Hall, the old Bell that rang in the freedowm and saw where General Jackso took what Dick Biddle left? They came home the next day by train through Bethlehem, Sayre and into Ithaca.
Nov 8 - Went to Trumansburg and paid for 6 views of the house.
Nov 20 - Got called to Jury duty. Abduction. Had several suits until 28th when he was finally done with jury duty.
Dec 11 - Again got called for Jury duty until 16th.
At end of this diary he has written in the back page a quote from Abraham Lincoln - "With malice towards none. With charity towards all. With firmness in the right, as God gives us to see the right. Let us finish the work we are in."


Jan 6 & 7 heavy body of snow. No travel on road.
Jan 8 - Snowed all night. Heaviest in 5 years. Snowed and blowed all day. Banks on roads bad.
Jan 9 - all got out and shoveled snow. Stage came up at 11 a.m.
March 6 - Susan Harvey died. (she is Asahel's brother,Joel's wife, Susan Ann Fish, d/o Joseph and Sarah Fish. She was 48yrs.
March 8 - Went to Susan's funeral at 11 a.m. Good many there.
March 28 - Heavy storm again. Some had to stay all nite at Asahel's.
March 30 - Had to travel across the fields, as roads are full of snow.
April 1 - They are still getting snow and having to shovel out roads.
April 5 - Elbridge Lovell called and said Elizabeth Harvey had died.(she is wife of Samuel Harvey, s/o Asahel's Uncle Silas and Aunt Abigail Lovell Harvey. She is d/o Aaron Lovell and Hetta Griffin. Elbridge is her bro.)
April 7 - Went to Enfield to Elizabeth Harvey's funeral at the Enfield Baptist ch.
May 4 - Jane and Asahel go to Jacksonville to Mrs. Amelia Genung and then to graveyard there. Called at Dr. Chase's (Jane's cousin, through the Lambert's and Ganoungs)
May 4 - Mr. John McGraw died this morning.
May 10 - Heard Mr. Bellah was dead in Lockport.?
May 12 - helped with Robert Whippe's barn raising
May 15 - Went to Miss Bundy's barn raising. Susan Bundy, who farms on her own on Bundy Rd.(with the help of Adelbert Krum, whose dau married my g.uncle Leon Westevelt.)
May 22 - Went up to Mr. Bowen to see about raising the wagon house. Cleaned out under the wagon house.
May 24 - started digging cellar for wagon house.
May 26 - got 5 screws from Mr. Bowen to raise wagon house
May 29 - Mr. Bowen raised wagon house and moved it.
May 31 - Michael Welch commenced building wall.
June 7 - Mr. Newman come and got Bowen's moving apparatus. Worked under wagon house and leveled for planking.
June 12 - heard Willie Van Order is dead.
June 13 - went to Jacksonville to see Willie. (his parents Palmer Van Order and Catherine Gray. They ran Hotel in Jacksonville where gas station is now.)
June 14 - went to Willie's funeral.
June 20 - pd $7.00 for boots from Brad Almy. Got track for doors on wagon house.
June 24 - heard Uncle Moses Lovell was dead at 90. (he is s/o Asahel Lovell and Hannah Byram, & married Susanna Baker d/o Judah & Lydia Chase Baker. Was in the War of 1812 under Capt. Richard Ely and marched to Blackrock on the Niagara River. He was discharged in Williamsville and returned home. Applied for mileage because it was more than 100 miles. He moved to Lockport in 1853.
July 7 - heard Aunt Amy Theall was dead. (her dau., Mary Jane is married to Robert, Asahel's bro. Amy is married to Eleazer Theall & lives next door to Seneca Harvey.
July 8 - went to Aunt Amy's funeral in Enfield. Elder Wade preached. Buried in Grove cem.
July 19 - Will Van Dorn hung the doors to wagon house. Harris got wagon house painted.
July 22 - went to Temperance meeting in park.
July 28 - heard Nap (Isaac Knapp) Rumsey was dead. Died last Wednesday. (Was 73, buried Trumbull's Crns cem.)
Aug 9 - wemt to stone quarry and got stone to put on well. Paid $2.88.
Sept 1 - took Eunice and Jennie to Universities. (Eunice Flagler, w/o Erastus Spalding Mack of Lockport and Jennie is dau.)
Nov 5 - Hannah's sick in morn. Went after Doctor at 6 a.m. She got through at 4 p.m. (she is Asahel's dau & just had a baby son, Clinton.) [note: funny way to tell it all, Never a mention she was having a baby.]
Dec 30 - heard Lydia Harvey was dead. (she is d/o Asahel's Uncle Joel B. Harvey and his wife Olive Rose. She was 39yrs and is buried in Harvey cem.)
Dec 31 - went to Lydia Harvey's funeral. Very rough going.


Jan 27 - Asahel and Jane go down to sit with Maggie Welch. She died at 10 a,n, 29 (She is d/o Michael and Mary Welch who lives on Sheffield Rd.,just down from Asahel's) She is Margaret and was 21.
Jan 29 - Went to Maggie Welch's funeral.
Feb 6 - heard Joel Harvey was married. (This is Asahel's bro., whose wife, Susan Fish,died last year. His has now married Abigail Wallenbeck, school teacher and d/o Solomon and Jane (Austin) Wallenbeck 36. They adopt 2 daus, Velma and Hannah.)
Feb 15 - heard Sam Newman's boy was killed riding down hill at town last night. (this was Gideon B. Newman, 17.
Feb 17 - Andrew and Hannah go to boy Newman's funeral.
March 2 - Heard Austin Williams killed himself at Harry Cowan's this morning at 6 a.m. (he is Parvis Austin Williams, Jr., son of Dr. Parvis Austin and his wife, Lorinda (Smith) Williams. Austin was married to Martha A. Kitchen and had a daughter, Emma, b. 1862.)
March 4 - Went to Austin's funeral over at the Center. (he is buried Grove cem.,next to his sister, Nancy)
March 14 - heard Lydia A. Farrington had died yesterday, morning. Jane and Asahel go to Searsburg to John S. Smith's. (Lydia is d/o Obadiah Chase and Sarah "Maria" Mack (Jane's sister) She w/o John Rudy Farrington, and was 48yrs.
March 15 - went to Lydia's funeral to Chase's. Stay the night at John Farrington's. (Lydia is buried Jones cem.)
March 16 - heard Webb baby died on 12th in Lockport. (this would be Erastus S. Mack's g.son. His dau. Jenny's baby; Arthur Webb.)
March 21 - Jonathan Miller poorly. (he lives Enfield, is married to Cyrene P. Gould, d/o Bethuel V. Gould and Deborah Allen) (New Jersey folks)
April 23 - Lydia Lytle got baby boy (Harry) this morning (Lydia is Andrew Howland's sister and is married to John Lytle, Asahel neighbor just up the road.
May 25 - 31 Asahel and Jane got to Lockport and see the Mack relatives and go to the cemetery there.
June 14 - Go to Searsburg to church conference where they heard several ministers for 3 days.
June 18 - Heard Mr. (J. Foster) Hixon was dead. Died early this morning (his farm was on the corner of Bundy & Trumansburg Rd. Where Alterra is now. He was 69, buried Hayts cem.)
June 20 - Went to Dedication of the Enfield center.
June 21 - Went to Mr. Hixon's funeral.
August 28 - Went to Garrett's Point to Grange picnic. (Where is Garrett's Point?)
Sept 5 - Asahel is sick with the Ague and Burt Rice is sick with Poison Ivy. Both go to Dr. Goryell for medicine.
Sept 12 - They go to State Fair in Elmira.
Sept 26 - They go to Trumansburg fair for 2 days.
Sept 30 - Asahel is sick with the Ague again
Oct 7 -18 - Has court duty and gets paid $22.40.
Nov 20 - Uncle Jeptha Bryam here (from Ohio) with his folks.
Dec 1 - Heard Mr. Sprague was dead. he died in Denver, Colorado.
Dec 7 - Jane went to Mr. Sprague's funeral (don't know who this is.)
Dec 11 - Heard Aunt Polly was dead. (have no idea who this is)


Jan 1 - Everts and Ensign brought me the History of the Countys of Tioga, Chemung, Tompkins and Schuyler.  Paid me? $10.00
Jan 12 - Heard Benjamin Lanning was dead.  (he died from swallowing a bone which caught in his throat.)
Jan 14 - Went to Mr. Lanning's funeral.  Good many there.
Jan 15 - Went over to Elder Tapping's Donation in eve.  Gave him $2.00.
Feb is bad weather wise and they shovel snow out of road almost every day.
Feb 4 - Went to town to the dedication of new Methodist church
Feb 11 - Uncle Huls and Aunt Marinda here. ( Huls Smith and Marinda Harvey. She his father's sister and youngest of all 13 of them. Only 10yrs yrs older than Asahel.)
March 2 - Went to new church.  Heard Mr. Noble preach.
March 5 - Beggar come along and I gave him bag of buckwheat.
March 16 - Andrew and Hannah went down to hear the woman preach to new church.
March 18 - Jane went to hear the woman preach (Asahel finally goes to hear her.  Mrs. Van Cott.)
March 24 - Heard Mary Welch is dead. (Michael's wife and neighbors on Sheffield Rd.  They have gone several times to see her while she was sick.)
March 27 - Heard Maria Chase was dead. (Jane's sister, wife of  Obadiah) Died this morning at 9:15.
March 28 - He and Jane go to Searsburg in morning. Stay overnite with John Farringtons.(He is married to Lydia Ann Chase, Obadiah and Maria's dau.)
March 29 - funeral for Maria Chase was at 1o'clock. Went to John S. Smith's to stay overnite. (He is married to another dau., Thenia "Hena" Chase.)
April 5 - went to Farmer's Club.
April 17 - Andrew and I put up partition in bedroom.
April 21 - Will VanDorn (he's a carpenter, and s/o John VanDorn, who lives next by on Mecklenburg rd.) come in afternoon and helped tear off wall and took down to fix clothes press.
April 21 - Heard Harry Mott died.  (He was 61 and is buried in Hayts cem.)
April 22 - Sisson put on some lath and plaster.
April 23 - Went to Harry Mott's funeral.
May 9 - Heard Seneca Harvey was dead.(s/o Reuben Harvey and Lydia Bennett. He married Mary Ann Fish, d/o Charles and Marinda Fish)
May 11 - Went to Trumbull's corners to funeral at 11 o'clock.
June 7 - Went to Trumbull's corners to conference.  Heard Alderman and Newell in daytime and Frank Wade in eve.  Went to George Rumsey's to stay all night.
June 8 - Went to church and heard Mills preach and in afternoon E. R. Wade. (Asahel is having ague off and on all this month.)
July 12- Went to Theodore Larkin's funeral at Samuel Rolfe's. (Samuel Rolfe is married to Amelia Kennedy d/o John & Lucretia Kenned. Don't know the connection.)
July 22 - John Farrington's wife and Elmer came for visit.  (This would be Elizabeth, widow of Elmer Chase, bro to John's 1st wife. She has now married her sis in law's husband,)
July 27 - Obediah Chase remarries Deborah Burlew. (She is d/o Peter Van Dorn and Mary Irwin and widow of Samuel Burlew. He is 78 and she is 66)
Aug 15 - Heard Mrs. Henderson was dead. (Asahel is sick with the Ague again, so can't go to her funeral in Podunk on the 17th…his birthday.) (She braids rugs as a business)
Sept 4 - Asahel gives his sister, Hannah Sexton $75. to send to her son, Joseph. (I don't know where he is, but I think he comes home with something that kills them all in 1880.)
Oct 2 - Burt (Rice) went out and whipped Chestnut tree. They picked up enough for 12 quarts. (must have been before the Chestnut tree decline)
Oct 11 - got 1 bushel nuts (either Chestnut or Hickory.  He mentions both.)
Oct 14 - Heard John Martin was dead. (he was 34yrs and s/o William Martin, who lives just up the Mecklenburg rd next door to Andrew's parents farm.
Oct 15 - called to Mr. Martin's in eve.
Oct 16 - go to John Martin's funeral in afternoon.
Nov 3 - Heard John Korts was dead. (43yrs) ( He is s/o Jacob and Mary Korts, his wife is Eliza Ann Rolfe, d/o Chester & Matilda (Kirkendall) Rolfe.)
Nov 17 - "Hannah Sexton pays me $75. she borrowed of me the first of September to sent to Joseph to come home with."
Dec 13 & 15 - Went down to Myron's (Sexton). He is sick (this is the first of what I think killed his family)
Dec 20 - Went down to see how Myron was.
Dec 21 - Went down to see how Myron's folks was.
Dec 22 - Went down to see Myron's folks.
Dec 30 - Heard Uncle Byram (Lovell) was dead. (Elmira) (He is Japhet Byram Lovell, m. to Elizabeth Beardsley and s/o Asahel Lovell and Hannah Byram.) Went to funeral in Elmira @ 2p.m.


[note: you will now see why everyone is sick at Asahel's sister's house, which is just down and across from his. According to the Mortality list for 1880, they all died of Malaria.  There is a beautiful black stone monument in Ithaca City cem. shaped like an upside down U, that Myron Sexton put there for his family.]

Jan. 2 - paid for diary - $2.00.  Robert and Mary Jane here. (Asahel's brother and wife.) Jane went down
Jan 3 - went down to Myron's.  Very sick there.
Jan 4 - Went down to Myron's.  Joel and Silas called.(Asahel's bros) Joseph Sexton died at 5:30 p.m.
Jan 5 - Went to Myron's. James came (Asahel's bro)
Jan 6 - Weent to Myron's
Jan 7 - Went to Myron's.  They put Joseph in vault in Ithaca.
Jan 8-15 - They go to Myron's every day.  Mrs Kirby comes to Myron's to take care of Hannah.
Jan 16- 29 - they go down to Myron's every day.
Jan 30 - Lina (Sexton) Keator died this morning at 1:30 a.m. (she is dau and is married to Noah Keator)  I went to town with Noah.  Went to cemetery and to Mr. Carpenter (to make caskets).
Feb 1 -  Went to Lina's funeral at Baptist church in town at 2 p.m.  
Feb 2 & 3 - went to Myron's
Feb 4 - Went to Myron's.  Louie (Evelina) Keator died this morning @3 a.m. (She was 10)
Feb 5 - Jane  and Andrew's folks all went to Louie's funeral. I stayed with Clintie (his grandson)
Feb 6 - Let Myron have $50.
Feb 7 - Went to Myron's.  Hannah Sexton died this morning at 10 a.m.  Jane and I went to town to see about casket for Hannah Sexton.
Feb 9 - Went to Hannah's funeral at 11 o'clock. (this left only Myron and Noah Keator in the household)
Feb 19 - Went to Myron's.  Judge Ellsworth there to do some writing for him.
Feb 24 - Went to town. Settled with Mr. Carpenter for Myron.  Paid him $145.50 for caskets.
Feb 27 - heard Henry Brewer was dead.( This is Col. Henry whose farm was on a famous deer lick and so was called Buck Hill.)
Feb 29 - started to go to Mr. Brewer funeral but was so muddy, we had to turn back.
March 1 - Went to Old Maid Rhodes's funeral to Henry Rhodes. (this would be Margaret Rhodes, d/o John and Mary Rhodes)  (She died on the 28th and is buried in Gibbs cem.)
March 9 - Heard Mrs. Reuben Rolfe was dead. (Hannah Queal, d/o Michael and Jane Queal.  She was 82 and is buried Rolfe cem.)
March 10 - Went to Mrs. Rolfe's funeral.
March 22 - Heard Herm Barnes's wife was dead. (Martha J. Leonard d/o James & Hannah (Rumsey) Leonard. She was 24.) (Hermon is s/o R. N. Barnes and Susan Ann Fish. Susan was 1st wife of Joel Harvey, Asahel's bro.)
March 22 - We went to Mrs Barnes's funeral to Enfield Center,
March 30 - Jane and I go over to Mrs Benj Lanning's (Caroline B. Atwater d/o Elijah Atwater & Sally Hitchcock of Jacksonville)
April 28 - Heard Zim Korts was dead. (this is Zimri s/o Jacob and Mary Korts. He was unmarried and 46. Buried in Gibbs cem.)
April 29 - Heard Howland White was dead.  (This is Peleg Howland White, buried in W. Genoa cem., somehow connected to the Howland family. He was 75.)
May 1 - They have just finished painting and wallpapering Hannah and Andrew's part of the house.  Mr. Carman did the work.
May 26 - Heard Ledra Sexton drowned in the little lake. (he is Myron Sexton's brother and married to Deborah ___.  He was 44. 1880 mortality list says he drowned by accident)
July 2 - George Ink called and I gave him $1.00 to fix  graveyard on Townline.(Harvey cem.)
Aug 1 - Heard Mr, (Noah) Keator was sick. (he's the widower of Lina Sexton who died in Jan.)
Aug 3 - We went down to Mr, Keator's (he's living with Myron Sexton)  He died at 5:35 p.m.
Aug 4 - Ed Corbon went up to his Father's trial with Fred Korts.
Aug 5 - We all went to Mr. Keator's funeral to Baptist church in town.
Aug 17 - I am 61 years old today.
Aug 18 - Andrew's folks went to Grange picic to Atwater's landing (Goodman's Point?)
Aug 26 - Heard Charley Baker was dead. (he is 23 and s/o John Marvin Baker and Sarah Rose Russell)
Aug 27 - Went to Charley Baker's funeral.
Sept 2 - Went to Lytle's picnic to falls on south side.  Went over to other side to Rumsey picnic. 
Sept 4 - Andrew's folks went to Rolfe picnic to Glenwood in afternoon.
Oct 12 - Andrew's folks went to Howard Kort's wedding in eve. (he is s/o Seymour & Sarah E. Korts, Enfield.)
Nov 9 - Heard Doc Chase was dead. (Dr. Henry B. Chase who lives in Jacksonville) (died of apoplexy on the 8th.  Married to Tamer Ann Ganoung & s/o Abram and Fannie (Davis) Chase.)
Nov 10 - Went to Doc Chase's funeral in afternoon.
Nov 29 - Went over to Seth's to Variatie's (looks like) wedding at Seth's.  120 attended. (Seth and Ellen's only child is Carrie and I have her marrying Frank Stevenson, Nov 30, 1886)
Nov 29 - Heard William Newman's wife was dead.(this is Hannah M. Rolfe, d/o Chester and Matilda (Kirkendall) Rolfe.  She was 49.)
Nov 30 - Saw Poal's house burn, south hill. (not sure who this is)
Dec 12 - Sunday - Go to Enfield to church to hear Mr. Lewis in morn and Mr. Searles in afternoon. (they go to church all the time now. Sometimes in Enfield, Kennedy's Crns, or Ithaca.
Dec 20 - Go to Moses's 25th wedding anniversary.  They had a large company.  Got $55.00 in presents.
Dec 25 - They had (besides Andrew, Hannah and "Clintie"), Mrs. Howland, John Lytle & wife & children, Myron, Moses and El (Ellen) for dinner.
Dec 26 - Go down to town to church to hear Mr. Hamlin.
Dec 31 - Heard Chester Rolfe was dead. (he was 77.)


[Could not find a 1881 diary, but here is a deed that I found at the Tompkins Co. Court House, book 5, pgs 264-5, dated March 21, 1881.]


William W. Esty, grantee, to Asahel Harvey, grantor, a Freehoulder's deed.  Realistate of Benjamin Lanning - for payment of debts and funeral costs, sold at public vendue for $9.430.00.  State's military hundred Lot #22, situated in Town of Ulysses.  Asahel bought this and moved there and then in 1882, sold it to Elias J. Easling whose son, George married Benjamin Lanning's daughter, Emily.  He then moved back to his house and farm on the Mecklenburg rd.  Because the diary is missing, so much is unknown. (I think he is living in Benj Lanning's house in the begining  of this diary as most of it pretains to "Jacktown" and Trumansburg. Andrew & Hannah now have the Mecklenburg Rd farm to themselves.

Jan 1 - Went to Jacktown (Jacksonville) to church to hear Mr. Hunt.
Jan 8 - Jane went to church on foot.
Jan 9 - Eugene Hulburt called here this evening (he is school teacher and married to Ruth Ann Rolfe.)
Jan 12 - Mrs Cooper and Mrs. Skilton call in afternoon. ( I think Mrs. Cooper is Jeremiah Cooper's wife, Lydia, who has the lovely white house on Rte 96 across from Swamp College Rd.) Lent John Kirst my gun? (he lives Halseyville.)
Jan 14 - Jane and he go to Trumansburg to Mr. Pease to dinner. (not sure which Mr. Pease)
Jan 15 - Went to Jacktown to church.  Heard one of Bill Mott's children was dead. (lives Krum's Corners) (Nellie, 8yrs, buried Hayts cem.) They go down to see them toward night.
Jan 16 - Went to Mott's child's funeral down to chaple in afternoon. (Hayts chapel?)
Jan 28 - Heard Mrs Sullivan was dead.(Susan Matilda Bennett, m. Eli Star Ketcham Sullivan.  She was 66yrs, buried Hayts cem.) (she was m. 1st to Derick Dickerson of Ulysses.)
Jan 29 - Went to Mrs. Sullivan's funeral down to chaple at 1 p.m.
Jan 30 - Looks like  all this month he is moving all of his farm equipment and hay and grain etc. back to his home on Mecklenburg Rd. Also doing a lot of banking,etc.
Feb 15 - Had lots of company.  Mr Hixon and wife, Mrs. Loois, Mr & Mrs. Woodworth, Mr. and Mrs. Wager and Miss LaBar here to dinner.
Feb 17 - Mr. Mekeel's people here for dinner.
Feb 20 - Took load of things over to old place in afternoon.  Mr. Easling also brought load of stuff.
Feb 22 - Mr. Easling brought a load of stuff and put here in house.
Feb 23  - Mr. Easling again brought a load of stuff and Matty Updike here with him. (and again on the 24th)
Feb 24 - Heard old Mrs Gibbs was dead.(Elizabeth Danley, w/o John Wesley Gibbs, buried Gibbs cem.  She was 81.)
Feb 25 - Went to Jacktown, heard L. H. Owen was dead. (this is Levi Headley Owen, merchant in Trumansburg, buried in Grove cem., 65yrs) 
              Heard Seymore Korts was dead. (s/o John & Dorothy Korts, m. to Sarah R. Perry. He was 59, buried Gibbs cem.)
Feb 26 - Jane went to church a foot. Quartly meeting. 
March 1 - went to Jacktown to elections
March 14 - "moved back to the old place."  Mr. Easling's folks moved in when we left.  Heard Mr. Lanning was dead. (Elias, s/o Benjamin and Martha Lanning & married to Nancy H. Smith, d/o Annanias Smith)
March 16 - Went to Uncle Ellias Lanning's funeral as bearer @ 11 o'clock. (he is buried Grove cem., was 88.
March 19 - Heard Roger Howland was dead.(s/o Jabez Howland and Mahitable White, married to Mary Eliza Pell & Uncle to Andrew Howland, he was 72)
March 20 - Andrew and his mother went to Roger Howland's funeral.  
March 20 - Heard John Rumsey was dead. (He was 61, s/o James Rumsey, Jr. & Polly Burd.)
March 30 - Heard T. C. Van Devere was dead. (I think he lives in Jacksonville area, as Jane goes to his funeral.)
April 3 - Asahel signs over the Benj Lanning farm to Elias Easling. Elias pays me $1500. in cash and gave Asahel a mortgage on farm for $5500. and gave me a deed for house and lot in Ithaca for the same.  He got $1500. from Andrew, then took up a Savings Bank mortgage for $2266.00. Paid Burrett $1.50 for papers, paid for recording deed and mortgage $2.00, insurance, $4.12.
April 4 -  Andrew helps Addison Harvey move (I think on Mecklenburg Rd. This is Samuel Addison Harvey, s/o Joel B. Harvey & Olive Rose & married to Catherine McCoy d/o Wm McCoy & Mary Burlew)
April 23 - Went to William Darragh's funeral @ Baptist church. (He is a mason and has worked for Asahel, he was 77.)
April 28 - Mr. Charles Van Order moved into my house in town
April 29 - Heard Old Aunty Talmage was dead. (This is Rachel, w/o Henry Talmadge, she was 92.  Not sure how she is connected.)
April 30 - Jane and I went to Aunty Talmage's funeral at 2 o'clock.
May 2 - Heard Mr. Warner was dead. (I think this is Joseph Warner, 71, who is married to Sarah E. Paddock, d/o Ephraim Paddock & Annie Mandeville, Enfield.  They lived in Winnebago, IL.)
May 5 - Heard Mrs. Barker was dead.
May 15 - start building onto barn.  Jim Griffin to do it. (he is s/o Stephen Griffin, a house painter-carpenter in Enfield, as is Jim.)  A Kresge is his helper and the Fish men come to work on wall, this could be Charles Eugene Fish and maybe some of his brother's sons.  All masons.)  They finish wall on 26th and raise barn on 27th.
June 1 - Go to woods and draw down some sleepers.(British term for a heavy beam used for support.)  Griffin works on barn and finally on the 14th finishes the barn.  Asahel settles with Griffin, paying him $40.17. (Pretty cheap labor!) Then next few days they moved a shed and paint and shingle everything.
July 27 - Went to Trumansburg to the Fire Parade.
August - goes to Park church.  Hear Mr. Striker.
August 17 - They go to camp meeting in Willow Creek. (in Jane's handwriting, "Mr. Hughston preached his text, Call unto me and I will answer thee.  I was excellent!"  They go to camp meeting for several more days.
August 28 - Andrew's Aunt in Elmira is dead ? He brings her back to Seymore's for the funeral.
August 31 - Go to Ithaca to Show parade in morning.
Sept 29 - Go to J. S. Smith's silver wedding in eve.(this is John S. Smith who is married toThenia "Hena" Maria Chase, d/o Jane's sister, Sarah Maria Mack & her husband, Obadiah Chase.
Oct 26 - Heard Willie Howland was dead. (s/o of Hemingway Howland & Helen Emley.  He was 13.
Oct 27 - Went to Willie's funeral.
Oct 28 - Heard Mulford Baker was dead. (This is Jeremiah M. Baker, Enfield, who is married to Mary Jane Helms.  He was 72.)
Oct 29 - Went to Mr. Baker's funeral.
Nov 12 - Heard Charlie Jackson was dead.
Nov 20 - Heard Old Mrs. Emley was dead. (she is Margaret, w/o Charles Emley of Enfield.  She was 81.)
Nov 21 - Went to Mrs. Emley's funeral in Enfield.
Dec 12 - John S. Smith's mother died last night. (this is Meribah B. Jones, who married Christopher S. Smith in Hector.  She was 71yrs.)
Dec 21 - Joel and Abibie here. (Abigail Wallenbeck, who he m. 6 Feb 1878) (d/o Solomon Wallenbeck and Jane Austin)


Feb 20 - Heard Mr. Clark was dead. (Chauncy?)
Feb 21 - Went to Mr. Clark's funeral
Feb 23 - Heard Old Aunty Nickleson was dead. (This is Elizabeth ,who lives with her step-son, Wm Martin and his wife, just up the Mechlenburg Rd.  They are all b. in England, so I don't think they are anyway related. Just Asahel's way of calling old people?)
Feb 24 - Went up to Mrs. Nicholson's funeral at church. (written in diary is, "This is five funerals within a few weeks!".)
March 11 - Went down to Aurora Street to church. Stranger preached.
April 8 - Went to Mr. Mead's funeral. (Silas, s/o Edward and Esther Mead?)
April 14 - Heard Mr. Howe was dead. (Henry H. Howe) (found his will on-line)
May 22 - Heard Mr. Gibbs was dead. (this is John Wesley Gibbs, d. May 19. I have looked all through the cemeteries and can not find where he is buried, but he is in the Tomp. Co. Newspapers under Lansing Journal, but not in Gibbs cem. there in Lansing. I think he is s/o John Wesley Gibbs, Sr, and Elizabeth Danley  of Enfield, both buried in Gibbs cem. I have found him in Boulder, CO, lvg with his brother, George W and his wife, May, in 1880)
May 26 - Heard John Berry was dead.?
June 13 - Heard Amanda Moore was dead.  (This is w/o Henry Moore, who was a cigar box maker in Ithaca.) (Both are buried in Ithaca cem.)
June 15 - He goes to visit his Aunt Elizabeth Harvey who is married to Thomas Toan. They live in Perry, NY.  One of their 4 ch. is married to Charles Saylor of Hector.
June 27 - Heard Mrs. Martin was dead. (This is Frances Martin, w/o William. They lived just up the Mecklenburg Rd near Rhodes. Their son, John, d. 14 Oct 1879, mentioned in diary.  She was 59, all buried Hayts cem.)
June 28 - Went to Mrs. Martin's funeral up to church (Kennedy Corners church?) 
July 2 - Terrible wind. Turned barn 4 inches.  Broke down trees.  Made bad work.
July 2 - Had to fix wagon house roof.
Aug 18 - Andrew's folks went to town to see circus parade.
Aug 29 - Heard Mrs. Mulford Baker was dead. (This is Mary Jane Helms, who is w/o Jeremiah Mulford Baker of Enfield. He died last year in Oct. Their dau., Orianna is a school teacher there.)
Aug 31 - Went to Mrs. Baker's funeral.
Sept 1 - Took down to town 66 lbs of pork to get 25 lbs of sugar on it ( He is trading at Sawyer's store)
Sept 3 - Went down to Fireman's parade. Heard William Miller was dead.( He lives Enfield, married to Sarah L. Atwater, d/o Elijah Atwater and Sally Hithcock.  He was 76yrs.)
Sept 5 - Went over to William Miller's funeral at 1 o'clock.
Sept 11 - Went up to Peach Festival at church in eve.
Sept 15 - Went to Garange picnic at Glenwood.
Sept 16 - Mrs. Ella Willis died today at 3 o'clock. (She is d/o Stephen & Angeline Kennedy. Her full name is Helen L. Kennedy and she married Morris S. Willis.  She was 32.  They were married 12 Dec 1877.)
Sept 18 - Matie Kennedy called to get flowers in morn, then in afternoon they go to Mr. Kennedy's. (neighbors)
Sept 19 - All go to Ella Willis's funeral at 11 o'clock, then onto cemetery.
Sept 28 - Heard J. B. Williams was dead. (Josiah B., his wife Mary Hardy. Their dau., Jane m. Jared Treman Newman) (he was 73, lvd Ithaca.)
Oct 6 - dug potatoes and put them in holes dug in orchard. Put some in cellar and picked apples and took them to "dry house" and also put some in cellar. Gale Cooper came & bought 16 barrels apples, $3.00 ea
Oct  22 - Cooper and Stout came and put up 14 more barrels of apples
Oct 30 -  Jane and Asahel go to NYC by train, via Owego, Scanton and NYC where they stay at the St. Stephens
Nov 1 - Go to park and then to see Dr. Bishop (an old Doc in Ithaca)
Nov 2 - They go to Macy's where they buy a dress for Jane and a gun for Clinton (the g.son)
Nov 3 - Pay hotel bill $8.90 and take train back to Ithaca.
Nov 6 - Heard Winnie Willett was dead. (This is Winifred H. d/o John H. Willetts and Mary H. Jennings. Her g.parents are Henry Willetts and Jane Hooper of Jacksonville. She is 9yrs, buried Danby Rural cem.)
Nov 8 - Heard Lewis Cowan was dead.(he is s/o Lewis Cowen and Esther Carman, lvd Enfield, 77yrs)
Nov 10 - Myron Sexton, here with his new wife, Jenny. (Asahel's sister's husband)
Nov 19 - heard Mrs. Boyer's child was dead. (Mrs. Don)
Nov 20 - Jane went up to Mrs. Boyer's child's funeral.
Dec 12 - Heard Parm Van Order's wife was dead. (Catherine "Kate" Gray, 51,w/o Palmer Van Order & d/o Drury Gray & Anna Protte of Enfield. They run hotel in Jacksonville. Kate's bro, Drury, married Sarah Jane Harvey, d/o Silas Harvey(Asahel's bro.) and Martha Rumsey.)
Dec 13 - Went to Palmer's towards night.
Dec 14 - Asahel and Andrew go to funeral of Mrs. Van Order.
Dec 20 - Go to Minnie Pangburn's wedding at 8 a.m. (this Mernetta Louise d/o Newell and Mary Pangburn. She married Obediah Chase Farrington,s/o John Rudy Farrington and Lydia Ann Chase, Searsburg.)
Dec 26 - go to his bro, Moses Harvey & Ellen Van Marter's dau., Lizzie's wedding to Charles B. Miller, s/o Wm Miller & Sarah Atwater, of Enfield.


Jan 1 -  All went over to Joel's (Asahel's bro.) to Harvey gathering.  Good sleighing.
Jan 8 - Went to Jacksonville to Mr. Hixon's and gave Mr. Farrington money for the Farm Journal.
Jan 26 - Heard Emeline Korts was dead. (She is widow of John W. Korts, and d/o Rev. Jonathan and Elizabeth Heustis.)
Jan 27 - Went down to  State street church.
Jan 28 - Folks went to Mrs. Korts's funeral at 10 o'clock
Jan 30 - Blew the road full.  Not one team past here today.
Jan 31 - Shoveled the roads out.
Feb 1 - Heard Mr. Clark was dead. 
Feb 3 - Went to Mrs? Clark's funeral.
Feb 11 - Heard Aunt Marinda was dead. (she is sister to Asahel's father and widow of Hugh Hulse Smith.  She was 75 and is buried in Trumbulls Crns cem.) (he wrote nothing abt her funeral)
Feb 24 - Heard John Elston was dead.( he lived Enfield)
May 7 - Heard one of David Gray's girls was dead. (Carrie, 16, d/o David Gray and Mary Caroline Doty. Buried Gibbs cem.)
May 15 - Went to Cornell to get bull.
June 1 - Jane went to University to hear Beecher (Harriet Ward?)
July 13 - Harry got kicked by a horse (he's 6 and s/o John Lytle and Lydia Howland, who live just up Mecklenburg Rd. Lydia has been sick for almost all of 1884)
July 26 - Andrew takes Clinton and Harry (Lytle) to town to see circus parade.
July 29 - Lydia died this forenoon. (Jane has been going up there almost every day, as has the rest of the family. Asahel went to town for John (Lytle) on some errands for him)
July 30 - Went over to get grave dug for Lydia (at Hayts cem.)
July 31- Went to Lydia's funeral in afternoon.
Aug 3 - Heard John O. Marsh was dead.  Died in Arizona
Aug 6 - Heard Joseph Genung was dead.( He was 86, married to Amelia Savage and s/o Jason and Judith "Juda" Ganoung. They are buried Jacksonville Quaker cem., not sure where he is buried. His sister, Tamer was married to Henry B. Chase, MD.)
Aug 7 - They have thrasher to do wheat, so Jane and Mrs. Casterline go to Mr. Genung's funeral.
Aug 16 - Went to town with Clinton.  Heard Tom Earl was dead. (John Thomas Earle, 54, s/o John Earle and Mehitable "Hetty" Ganoung, Jacksonville.  His wife is Susan Margaret Taylor d/o Charles Taylor and Mary Howe., Trumansburg.
Aug 17 - Asahel says he is 65 yrs old today. (same day as mine!)
Aug 18 - John Van Dorn's horses run away.
Aug 21 - Go to Camp meeting.
Aug 28 - Go to Varick, stop at asylum (Willard) to see Marinda Cooper (his Aunt Harriet's dau.) and then onto Leander Covert's (his mother is sister to Asahel's mother.)
Aug 30 - start for home at 1:30, got to Trumansburg at 5:30. Stayed all night at (Amos) Curry's. (he's married to Lydia Harvey, d/o Silas & Abigail Lovell Harvey.
Sept 8 - Andrew's folks go to State Fair in Elmira.
Sept 11 - Myron's wife, (Jennie) brought her sister (Mrs Todd) for visit.  (Myron was widower of Asahel's sister, Hannah.  He has remarried.) (Jennie was widow of Henry H. Slauson, Lt., who died 1870.)
Sept 17 - Heard Mr. Turner was dead. (not sure who this is)
Sept 26 - Heard Ally Ward was dead. (nor this person)
Sept 29 - Went to Mr. Ward's funeral in afternoon.
Oct - They have been picking apples all month. Last was the Northern Spys, which they got 9 bushel of.  Took 3 cider barrels to Hook's cider mill and got cider made with apples they took down before.
Nov 15 - Heard David Colegrove was dead. (he is widower to Elizabeth Lanning, who died in 1873.)  (He is 76 and both are buried Hayts cem.)
Nov 17 - Went to David Colegrove funeral.
Nov 30 - Omar Robinson's house burnt last night at 5 o'clock.  Burnt up most of McDaniel's stuff.
Dec 11 - Asahel went over to Myron's farm (across the road) to help Mr. Reynold see farm. (Myron Sexton is selling farm. They now live in Ithaca.)


Jan 1 - Went to Seth's (in Enfield) to the Harvey gathering.  All there except Robert's folks and Sarah Harvey.  Very bad going.
Jan 13 - (thought you might be interested what taxes were)  Paid Co tax, $101.38, $78.50, farm and $22.88 on house and lot in town. (He gets $15.00 a month rent on house. Which Charles Van Order lives in.)
Jan 15 -  Heard Jim Morgan's horse ran away with him last night.  Hurt him some.  Also heard Menken? got away last night.
Jan 21 - Went to town with Clinton & Jane to the #3 Fair.
Jan 26 - Heard Mr. Wright's child is dead. (Charles Wright, merchant in Enfield Center.)
Feb 3 - Andrew's folks went to Nellie's birthday party (this would be her 9th, she is d/o Gideon & Julia C. Lanning)
Feb 5 - Heard Mrs. Seymour Korts was dead. ( Sarah Renoud Perry, widow, she was 56, and is buried in Gibbs cem.) 
Feb 7 - Sam Purdy called to tell Asahel his brother, Seth B., had died that morning  (he is married to Emma Teeter, d/o Andrew Teeter & Sally Ann Tichenor)  (He was 49 and had been sick for a long while.) Jane and I went up and stayed all night with Em.  Seth had died at Wortman's.  They took him home at 4 o'clock. (their only child is Carrie, who is 16)
Feb 8 - Jane and I came home forenoon. Went to town to telegraph Myron (Sexton).  Andrew's folks went to Mrs. Korts funeral.
Feb 9 - They all go to Seth's funeral. Good many there.  Terrible day to be out.  We had a bad time coming home through the snow banks.
Feb 17 - Albert Jenner came to see about working my place next year.
Feb 20 - Mr. Trembley came to inquire about Title to Lanning farm.
Feb 24 - Took Andrew's folks to "cars" on the hill.  They started for Washington.
Feb 28 - Gave the stage driver a basket of apples. (Stage goes by his house)
March 5 - Charley Georgia brought his mother (Mary Lovell,whose father, Aaron, was bro to Asahel's mother) (she is married to Cyrenius Stilson Georgia)
March 16 - Andrew and Hannah are moving to Trumansburg (I think into the house on the corner of Main & Lake St.)
March 21 - Cory Harvey (James's son) horse ran off the bank down towards town and broe his leg.  Heard Dan Boyer was dead.(He was 74, married to Jane Wilkins.  He is buried Hayts cem.)
March 23 - Heard Taylor was dead in Town. ??  Butcher??
March 24 - Bought a horse from Addison Harvey, pd $155.20.
March 29 - (Albert) Jenner come to work for me.  Brought his trunk, come to stay.
April 10 - Andrew and Hannah gone for good, so they put up bed for Jenner in that part of house.
May 20 - Heard Mrs Ally Davenport was dead.  (Mrs. William? of Enfield)
June 20 - Paid Ellen Harvey, (Moses's wife) $25.00 on church.
June 25 - Asahel and Jane go to Enfield church dedication.  Good many there.
June 26 - He does chair work. (He gets rushes down in "flats" and canes chairs.  I have 2 of his caned chairs)
Aug 8 - Heard Isaac Bullard was dead.(he ran a hotel in Jacksonville, abt 62)
Aug 20 - Heard Ed Apgar was dead. (He was 43yrs and died in Albany.  He was Deputy State Treasurer and close friend of Grover Cleveland.  Never married)
Sept 16 - Charlie Van Dorn died this afternoon (he's 27 and s/o John Van Dorn and Julia P. L. Burton, and married Stella Stevens and had a son, Donald C. Van Dorn, who was 2 when his father died. Stella later married Charles Colgrove, who lived right down the road.) (They live across the road from Asahel)
Sept 18 - Went tto Charlie's funeral and grave.
Oct 16 - Heard Mr. Hogencamp's girl is dead.(not sure who this is) Also heard Mr. Cook was dead.(again don't know who this is.)
Oct 18 - Went to Mr. Hogencamp's girl's funeral.
Oct 31 - Heard Willa Van Gorder was dead. (I think this is Willard, s/o Alvah VanGorder and Sarah Howland.  He was 14)
Nov 2 - Went to Willa's funeral (he is buried Hayts cem,)
Nov 7 - "Jane's looking glass fell while we were eating dinner and broke all to pieces". (Jane dies about 7 years from now??)
Dec 14 - Jenner has settled with Asahel and Andrew on what they owe him for working the farm.  He takes his trunk and leave.


Jan 1 - Went to Moses's for the Harvey gathering.
Jan 5 - The road is washed very badly.  John Van Dorn, Mr. North and the Robinson men all helped to clean out all ditches and drawed stone and fixe the road where it was washed.  Very muddy work.
Jan 6 - No travel on road hardly.  Heard Jack Sheppard had shot himself to Gideon Lanning's.  I went up to there just at eve and found he had.
Jan 8 - Went up to Gid Lannings to Jack Sheppard's funeral.  Very few there. (can find nothing on this man.)
Feb 3 - Heard John Van Dorn had traded farm with Frank Nelson (I think Frank Nelson's farm was one road over(Van Dorn? towards Trumansburg.)
Feb 8 - Went to see  Mike Welch.  He is very sick.
Feb 10 - Heard Mike Welch was dead. ( He lives near Asahel on the Sheffield Rd,  He is 61. His business is a market gardener)
Feb 12 - High water in Town.
Feb 25 - Went to John Lytle's reception.  He got married again. (Stella Narigan)  They had quite a company.
Mar 5 - hired Ed Wood to work for him.  $16.00 per month.
March, the roads are bad all of Feb and now into March.  Heavy snow and the rain.  Roads all washed out.
March 30 - Charles Titus's house and hen house burned this morning at 3 or 4 o'clock.
March 30 - Heard old Mrs. Thatcher was dead. (Sally, w/o Enoch Thatcher, she was 98.)
April 8 - Went to town to see Mrs. Conklin to sell my house and lot.  She said she would take it.  We to make writings next tuesday
April 13 - Heard Bill Bagley was dead. (This is William G. Bagley, lawyer in Enfield, married to Phebe Ann Chase, d/o Rev. Ezra Chase & Julia Curry.  He is s/o James & Elsie Bagley, Enf. He was 69.)
April 19 - sold to Mrs. Conklin my house and lot in town (I think on Lake St.) She paid me $1200, plus a mortgage of $1000. due in 6 months.  Took $150. of money and bought horse from Elias Auble.
April 21 - Went to Mrs. Genung's funeral in Jacksonville at 2 o'clock (she is Amelia Savage, widow of Joseph. She was 85.
May - Interesting thing is that it seems that folks went around the banks and took mortgages from each other.  For instant; Jane has several mortgages she holds, even one on her husband. Instead of putting their money in the banks, they loaned them out with interest to each other.
May 18 - Peck, the Maple sugar man, came and wanted to spend the night (which he did)
Another thing that I don't understand is that they work on the road for a day and call it "made 5 days" Is it something they can take off their taxes?
June 5 - Heard Obediah Chase was dead. (he has been sick for some time now.)
June 6 - Went to Searsburg to Obedaih Chase's funeral. (he was 85 and is buried Jones cem.
June 7 - "Traction engine went by here this afternoon"
June 21 - Went to Frank Nelson's to Alice's birthday party. (she was 9.  She married Charles Elbert Hill and they went to live in CA.)
July 18 - Heavy rain and hard Thunder storm.  Heard lightning, it struck Alva Van Gorder's barn.  Heard it struck Edgar Brewer's and burned it down.
July 21 - Harry Lytle came down (8yrs old) and drawed in 1 load of wheat for us.
Aug 20 - Heard Charlie Gress was dead. (he is buried in Rolfe cem.  He came & helped Asahel in 1880 & 1883, thrash. In 1867 City Directory he is listed as a boat builder living with his widowed mother, Sarah, 103 State St.)
Oct 26 - "Mr. Wood come here and forbid me paying Ed any more on his wages and Ed quit work and Ed and I settled up.  I owed him $23.31 cents.  I paid Mr. Wood $5.00 on his wages.
Nov 3 - I paid Mr. Wood $18.31 due on Ed's wages to Oct 25.  Settled and balanced accounts with Mr. Wood.
Nov 4 -  Ed Wood continues to work for Asahel until Nov 8 and then they settle up.
Nov 17 - Heard S. H. Willetts was dead. (Samuel H., s/o John Willetts and Elizabeth Horton of Jacksonville.  He was 70 and married to Mary C. Purdy. They lived Ithaca.)
Nov 26 - Snowed for 2 days. 6-8 inches deep. "Some people goes by with wagons and some with sleighs."


January 1 - Silas, Joel,  Em (Emma Teeter, widow of Seth), Hat ( Harriet Ford, widow of James)Moses, and Charley Miller(married to Moses's daughter) Andrew and all their folks here for a Harvey gathering and dinner.
Jan 6 -  Heard W. W. Esty was dead. (William W. s/o Joseph Esty and Mary Selover.  He was 54.)
Jan 9 - Deborah (Van Dorn) Chase come here (Obediah's second wife)
Jan 10 - Take her up to Enfield Center to see her sister, Mary's husband, Oliver Williams, who is very sick.  Heard Jacob Bates was dead.(He lives Ithaca s/o Selleck & Sarah Bates of Danby)
Jan 21 - Ed Wood called and Asahel hires him for next season at same price as last year.
Jan 23 - Water run down the road.  We had to shovel through the bank.
Jan 24 - Blizzard!
Jan 29 - Heard Oliver Williams was dead. (he was 70, lived Van Dorn Corners, s/o  Dr. Parvis Austin Williams and Lorinda Smith.  Buried Enfield Center cem.)
Feb 20 - Heard Mrs. Perry was dead.( Deborah Ann Heustis, w/o John Perry. She was 79.  They lived Enfield.)
Feb 21 - Went to Mrs Perry's funeral up to the church.
March 4 - Heard Amos Lancaster was dead.  Died in woods.( He was 67 and married to a Eliza…no ch.)(He was a carpenter in Enfield)
March 5 - Went to Amos Lancaster funeral to church.
March 12 - Heard Harry Cowen was dead.(He is s/o Lewis Cowen and Esther Carman, married to Sarah Elizabeth Williams, d/o Dr. Parvis Austin Williams & Lorinda Smith..)
March 13 - Went to Harry Cowen's funeral up to church.  (He is buried in Enfield cem.)
April 6 - Lots of wild geese on my corn this morning.
May & June- They are tearing down part of the old wagon house and building a new one with trees they cut in their woods.  Also lumber from Rockwell's, and shingles from Mr. Woodward in Enfield. Got "tin valleys" (eve throughs) from Burr in Ithaca.
June 6 - Heard Mr. (Alanson Lansing) Lytle's dead. (he is father to John Lytle, who  is widower to Andrew's sister, Lydia Howland)
June 8 - Went to Mr. Lytle's funeral at 10:30.
June 20 - Heard Deborah Chase was dead. (Obediah's second wife.  She was 75.)
June 21 - They went over to her funeral at 1:30.  She is buried Enfield Christian cem. & not next to her 1st husband (Samuel Burlew, who is buried next to his 1st wife, Betsy Ann, in Grove cem. Deborah was odd man out)
Aug 16 - Jane went to town and heard Henry Halsey was dead. (was 65, s/o Nicoll Halsey & Euphine McDowell, his wife was Mary Ann Batty. Was a Miller in Halseyville) 
              Also heard Mr. Schuyler was dead.(This is Henry Ten Broeck Schuyler, 83, who was a farmer in Town of Ithaca.  He is buried Ithaca City cem.)
Aug 24 - "I started on visit".  He went to see Myron Sexton in Albion, but wasn't home, so went on to his cousins in Perry, NY.  Their mother, Elizabeth, was sister to his father.) (Also his other Aunt, Mary Slauson, is very "poorly") (Came home on the 31st)
Oct 6 - Heard Mr. Corbin was dead. (Tallman, who is a farmer T. of Ithaca, married to Jane E. Mott of Krum's corner. His son, Eugene works for Asahel now and then.  He was 66, buried Hayts cem.)
    Also heard that George Ink's widow, Mary was dead. (She is Mary Emory and was 89. Not sure she is buried in Harvey cem., where her husband is. No g.s.)
Oct 9 - Myron Sexton's folks and Jane go up to Mr. Corbin's funeral.
Nov 30 - Went to Carrie Harvey's wedding.  About 75 there (she married Frank Stevenson, s/o Sidney Stevenson & Nancy Mary Smith.)
Dec 3 - Elder Putnam and wife come here afternoon and I gave him $10.00 towards church sheds at Enfield.
Dec 6 - Six men came across my fields from the north surveying for a railroad, and went on south.(I think it was for the Sodus Bay RR, which also came across my parents farm on Swamp College Rd.  Never was built, but you could see the earthwork for the rails.)
Dec 17 - Heard Eliza Gennings was dead (This is Elizabeth Mack, d/o Nathaniel Mack & Nancy Wager. Jane's father, John is brother to Nathaniel.  Eliza died in Mich.  She had married 1st John Van Order, who died 1844 & then she married 19 Feb 1869, MI, William H. Jennings.  He died 1880 in Kansas.
Dec 31 - Went to Harriet's (Ford, widow of James Harvey) to Harvey gathering.


Jan 8 - Heard Tim Crass was dead. (he was 66, blacksmith in Enfield.  He was married to Ann Eliza Updike, d/o James & Betsy Updike)
Jan 10 - Heard Alfred Jenner was married to Lotty Snook. (Lotty is Charlotte Snook, d/o Edward & Polly Snook. Alfred lived next door to her brother, Moses Snook on Hayts Rd. She is 47)
        Also heard that Mrs. Lanning was dead at Jacksonville (This is Caroline Atwater, 72, widow of Benjamin Lanning & d/o Elijah Atwater & Sally Hitchcock.)
        Also heard that Mrs. Mana was dead (Her husband is John and she has worked for Jane for several years as has her husband and sons. I think they live in Jacksonville.)
Jan 21 - (has been heavy snow and snow drifts in road for a couple of days.) "It was so boisterous one of the old stage[couch] horses got down out here on road and they had to leave him at Frank's" (Nelson).
Jan 27 - Blizzard all day.  Will Van Dorn went down across the fields.
Jan 28 - No travel.  Some men went down across the fields a foot.
Jan 30 - We all shoveled snow out of the road.  Got almost up to Rhodes's big banks.  There was several teams that went down through the fields any where to get through.
Feb 6 - Heard Mr. Partenheimer  Died at noon. (he was Philip Joseph Partenheimer, cashier at Tompkins Co. Nat. bank.  He was 73 and is buried Ithaca City cem.
Feb 7 - Heard Joshua Barnium was dead. (He was married to Maryette Thorpe, and operated a Tavern in Jacksonville.  He was 69 and is buried in Hayts cem.)
Feb 16 - Heard Aunty Nelson was dead. (She is widow of John Nelson & mother to Frank Nelson. Also d/o Lawrence Updike & Elizabeth Lavina Smith. She was 88yrs & buried in Hayts cem.)
Feb 21 - Went to town a foot.  Went back to Inlet on street car.
Feb 22 - "Two men come here in evening.  Wanted to stay all night.  They had loads of movables going to Allegany. Had 3 horses."
Feb 23 - "The 2 men, Reed and Barker, that stayed all night, paid me $1.00 and went on."
Feb 26 - Myron wrote to tell him Aunty Slauson was very poorly.(this is his Aunt Mary "Polly" Harvey, sister to his father.  She is almost 99.)
Feb 29 - Myron wrote that she had died. (She was widow of 2 husbands; Nathan W. Allen and John Slauson. She died in Batavia, NY.)
Mar 3 -  Saw fire in town at 7:30 at night.
Mar 6 - 3 railroad men was getting the grade of the road. The surveyed last fall across my place toward the south.
Mar 7 - railroad men looking for railroad again to day
Mar 8 - Got a road work rent from Town Clerk (I think this is for his work on the road in front of his house.)
Mar 10 - Heard Lockwood Colegrove's horse ran away with him.  Hurt him badly. (this could be Gideon L., s/o Silas)
Mar 13 - Blizzard!
Mar 16 - (From here to Mar 25 is all in Jane's handwriting. Asahel is very sick.  Has Doc Morgan several times. Alec Bell does the chores with some help from Andrew)
Mar 26 - Alec Bell commenced to work for him at $18.50 per month. (He is s/o George & Betsy Bell of Waterburg.
Mar 30 - Heard Cort Smith was dead. (this is Cortlandt C. Smith of Jacksonville.  He is widower of Rhoda Beardsley.  He was 70)
Mar 31 - Got a note from Andrew.  They are moving to Jones's house.?
May 3 - Wilson and Wright is painting his house.
May 7 - Heard Mrs. Miller was dead. (Sarah I Atwater, widow of William Miller and d/o of Elias Atwater & Sally Hitchcock. She was 65.)
May 10 - Had a severe hail storm at 1/2 past 2.  Broke out 17 glasses in our house.  Hail broke out 65 lights in Frank (Nelson's) house.
July 10 - Heard Mrs. Hildreth was dead. (She is Maria Lambert, who married Jane's father; John Mack and after he died she married William Hildreth.  She was 78yrs, buried Hayts cem.)
July 11 - Jane went to Mrs. Hildreth's funeral.
Aug 28 - Heard Mrs. Green was dead. (Electa, Mrs William)
Aug 29 - Went to Mrs. Green funeral at 10 o'clock.
Sept 10 - Mr. Hasbrook here to look at farm.  Wants to buy one.
Sept 19 - Jane went to town to give Woodruff have mortgage, she had of Mack estate.  Got money on it to pay off heirs. (Probably after the death of her step-mother who had just died in July)
        Heard Oren Heller was dead.(He was 70 and is buried Gibbs cem.)
Sept 22 - Heard Mrs. Drummond was dead. ?
Sept 23 - We went to Mrs. Drummond's funeral with Mrs. Updike.
Nov 19 - Heard Elbert Purdy was dead.(he is s/o Samuel David Purdy & Samantha Ingersoll.  He was 43, buried Enfield Village cem.  His wife is Elizabeth Williams, d/o Oliver Williams & Mary Van Dorn.)
Dec 14 - Snowed & blowed all day.  No body on the road, hardly.
Dec 16 - Commenced to rain.
Dec 18 - "Had heavy rain last night.  It turned to snow. Fell 8-10 inches. Rough Day.  Stage got up as far as here and had to go back down for the banks was very bad.
Dec 20 - Went to Andrews (Trumansburg) The wind shifted soon after we started for home.  Had a full blizzard til long into the night.  Doc White, wife and boy got up as far as here about 6:30. Had to stay the night.
Dec 21 - Doc White helped shovel the road some and then started for home.


January 1 - Went to Silas's.  The Harvey's were all there to dinner.  All 24 of us in all.
Jan 3 - Paid my County tax, $90.00
Jan 8 - Gave Jane $1.00 towards getting present for Cora Harvey's wedding. (Corey, s/o James & Harriet's son.)
Jan 16 - Cora Harvey was married today to Miss Lanning (Martha A. Lanning, d/o James Monroe Lanning & Almina Gould) (Corey was Enfield Town clerk in 1893) (he is the only boy born to all of the 8 Harvey sons of Joseph & Hannah Harvey)
Jan 21 - Regular blizzard all day.  Snow banked up badly.
Jan 22 - Some go by in sleighs and some with wagons.
Jan 23 - John Van Dorn drove in here and said they had got track of those burglars that got into Lanning's house.
Jan 31 - (Jane goes to Lockport by "cars", to see her very sick, Eunice, w/o her brother Erastus Spaulding Mack.  She came back home on Feb 4.)
Feb 7 - Snowed all night & day, drifting badly. No travel on road.
Feb 8 - The Bell men and I opened the road this morn. (Alexander "Alex" & his father, George.)
Feb 26-27 - Blizzard, blowed the roads full.  The men turned out and we opened the road in forenoon.  The stage went back.
Feb 28 - Several men come to hire, even one from Pennsylvania! (Frank Bell is one who has to stay all night, and pays for his room & board by helping Asahel load hay from barn.)
March 2 - One of Asahel's milk cows die and Mr. Bell comes up with his old horses and they drag her out in field and bury her. 
March 4 - Frank Bell hires out to Mr. Crandle and Asahel hires a Tom Brown from Ulysses.
March 23 - Heard one of Pinkney's boys barn burned up.  Lost 10 cows and 10 hogs.  (which one of Henry's boys?)
May 1 - Heard Dell Bagley was killed and one of his horses.  They fell through a bridge. (I can not find out who this is)
May 18 - Heard Mrs. Watkins was dead.(This is Eunice, w/o Edund H. Watkins who runs the Stage couch line from Ithaca over to Bath.  Hiram Roberts was the driver and they had a stop at Asahel's farm on the Mecklenburg Rd. Mrs. Watkins was 89 & is buried Ithaca City cem.)
May 30 - Six students stopped her for coffee. 4 girls and 2 boys. Said they were going to Watkins a foot.
June 1 - Heard Ward Gregory was dead. (he lived in Ithaca and his wife was Louise Medora.  He was 45 and is buried in Ithaca City cem.)
June 10 - Went looking for Old Emma (horse) and found her dead way up by line fence.  Tom (Brown) and I buried her.
June 15 - Heard Charley Georgia's wife is dead. (Cena Lydia Brink, d/o Samuel & Charlotte Brink. Charley Georgia is s/o Cyrenius Stilson "Stils" Georgia and Mary A. Lovell. She was 40, buried Woodlawn cem., Newfield.)
July 13 - Heard that Harriet (widow of James) was knocked down by lightning.
July 23 - Heard that Mrs. Tommy Hopkins was dead. (She is Caroline Greene Thorpe, 79, buried Hayts cem. Her husband had died in March.They lived on Hayts Rd.)
Aug 31 - Went to Grange picnic at Glenwood.
Nov 19 - Mr. (William) Hasbrook called here. Told some of his war stories.  I churned.
Nov 21 - Went up to University and saw Jessie and Maud (Harvey. He is s/o Reuben Harvey & Mary Ann Wager.)
Nov 23 - Asahel is juryman on law suit between Joe LaPoint (blacksmith) and John Lanning.
Dec 7 - Went down to Mr. (Lawrence) Updike's in eve.  Quite a number there. (Lawrence & his wife, Mary Wheeler live where Myron Sexton and Hannah Harvey use to live.)
Dec 17 - 
Dec 19-21 - Killed pigs on 19th and on 21st let the stage couch driver have the pigs heads and bones.
Dec 24 - A man drawed a dead horse up into my field.  He died down in the road below the corner (Mecklenbure Rd and Sheffield Rd)
Dec 25 - Andrew's mother, wife and son, Clinton here & stayed overnite.
Dec 26 - Had fearsome wind. Real blizzard afternoon.
Dec 27 - Andrew went home in buggy alone, Hannah & Clinton went by cars.  [too cold for them to ride all the way home in an open buggy to Trumansburg? :) ]


Jan 1 - Went to Em's (Emma Teeter Harvey, widow of Seth Harvey) for Harvey
Jan 20 - Mrs. Josephine McGraw was buried today. (no idea who she is unless she is somehow connect to the Cornell McGraws)
Feb 7 - Heard Mr. Genung was dead. (Richard, wife, Jessie Amelia Lewis, d/o Luther Lewis & Sarah Amelia Hayt. He was 49, buried in Hayts cem.)(Lumber dealer)
Feb 18 - Jane fell and broke her arm this morning. Mrs. Nelson come & helped.  Doc Morgan came and set her arm. Mrs. (Pheobe) Rhodes came.
Feb 19 - Mrs. Rhodes came down & helped with the baking and do up the work.  Stayed until night.
Feb 20 - Mrs. Howland (Sarah Korts, Andrew's mother) came down to stay.  Drs Morgan & Besimer came and dressed Jane's arm. (Dr Morgan comes several more times to dress her arm.Also several friends and relatives come to see her or help through March.)
March - several men come to hire out to Asahel.  He hires D. Webb Bowie @ $16.00 per month to begin 1st of April.
May 7 - Heard Mr. Perry was dead.(John, widower of Deborah Ann Heustis. Lvd Enfield, was 86yrs.)
May 20 - Heard Minnie Farrington was dead. (Mrs. Chase, d/o Newell & Mary E. Pangburn. She died in child birth. She was 25.)
May 31 - Asahel writes, "Jane 63 years old today."
June 18 - Great boat race on lake today.
July1 - Jane went to Owego. (this is the first sign that she has something really wrong with her.  I think cancer like her sister.  She goes to Owego several times and has a couple of women who work for her. Mrs. Bell and Mrs. Kirby.  Also a Mrs Cortright comes from Owego to stay with her.
August 7 - Webb Bowie, Asahel's hired man, gets a letter from his brother to come home right away.  His mother is dying.  Asahel settles with him and takes him to train.
Aug 9 - Gets a Miss Perry to help Jane and has a Mr. Perry to help him. Could these be connected to John Perry, who died in May?  Frances and one of the sons; Charles, Harlon or Herman?
Aug 20 - Andrew takes Clinton to Cornell to enroll.
Aug 22 - Jane goes to Owego to Doctors, comes back on 30th.
Sept 10 - Had fearful rain.  Drowned the fair.  The fairgrounds like a lake.
Sept 19 - Jane goes to Owego again. Back on the 22nd.  Mrs. Cortright come on the 27th and goes back on the 30th. I think she is a nurse or some kind of medical person.
Oct 4 - Heard Ed Esty had died in Boston. (He was married to Amelia Wilgas, d/o Henry.  Had a manufacture on Fall Creek.) (Had gone there to eat the oysters of his youth. Was 66.)
        Heard George Sherman shot himself (he was architect in Ithaca, was 55. Had been married twice, 1st to Henrietta Hoyt, who d.1878, buried Gibbs cem.,d/o Hezekiah & Rachel Hoyt, T. of Ith.)
Oct 25 - Jane goes to Owego.  Mrs. Kirby comes to help while Jane is gone.  She comes back on the 6th of Nov.
Dec 5 - Mrs. Cortright comes and then goes back on the 8th to Owego.
Dec 18 Snowed and blowed all night.  Roads all full.  Nobody on roads
Dec 20 - some travel went through the fields most of way.  Heard Lucius Curry was dead.  Fell down dead while shoveling snow. (he was 61, his wife, Mary J. Rolfe, and bro to Amos who m. Lydia Harvey.)
Dec 22 - I helped shovel snow out of the road.  We got up to Frank (Nelson)'s oak tree. Gid (Lanning, Gilbert, Mr. Hasbrook all shoveled.
Dec 29 - Opened the road from Gilbert's to Hasbrook's through the fields back of Frank's barn.
Dec 31 - The road aren't opened yet.


Jan 1- Asahel is still shoveling snow out of road somewhat for several days with bad snow and even a blizzard on the 14th.
Jan 12 - Mrs. Cortright come here by train, walks up on foot.
Jan 14 - Andrew's folks come here for Minnie's wedding to John Lytle's.  (Minnie married Sidney Updike from down the road and they moved into where his parents were.  She was 18 & he 24.)
Jan 15 - Took Mrs. Cortright to train to go home at noon.
Jan 24 - Jane gone to Owego, comes back on the 30th.
Feb 2 - "The old bear could see his shadow at noon". (must be the forerunner of the ground hog.)
Feb 21 - Heard Gilbert Cooper shot himself last night at home at 7:30.  I went down there in forenoon. (he is married to Harriet Rhodes & they live w/ her mother, Phoebe (Fuller) Rhodes on Mecklenburg Rd.)
Feb 22 - I went to Gilbert's funeral.  A good many there.
Feb 24 - Went to Buttermilk Falls to vote. Went a foot, road are in bad shape.
March 2 - Mrs Cortright comes by train.  Ursula Genung comes to help Jane with the housework.
March 3 - Heard Ed Nobles was dead.( He is s/o Anson Carter Nobles & Mary Wilbur Briggs and married to Abby Wilbur. He was 54.)
March 6 - Mrs. Cortright leaves back to Owego.
March 31 - Mr. Updike's folks move away from Myron (Sexton's) place.  (This would be Lawerence Updike.)
April 1 - Alex Bell starts to work again for Asahel at $20.00 a month.
April 6 - Mrs. Cortright comes (until the 9th)
April 21 - Ursula (Genung) heard John Phillips was dead.(he is married to Ursula's sister Adaline. He was 65.)
April 22 - Ursula and Jane go to town. "I washed the buggy and they got it muddy again."
May 20 - Heard Jim Hellon's wife was dead. (not sure it is Hellon, Hellen or Heller)
May 24 - Jane went down to have Reynolds treat her, again on the 25th and 26th.
June - The neighbor women all come to help clean house for Jane.
June 15 - Mrs. Cortright comes by train and leaves on 17th.
June 18 - Got telegram that Austin Toan was dead.(s/o Thomas Austin Toan & Elizabeth Harvey.  They all live in Perry, NY.  He was 69, buried Hope cem., Perry.)
June 21 - Jane went to Owego on the cars. She came back July 2.
July 4th - First I have seen him mention any celebration. "Clinton and Andrew went down to see the forth."
July 9th - Mrs. Cortright comes by train and stayed until the 12th.
July 14 - "Ursula (Genung) went away today verry mad this morn. Left for good, I hope."
July 15 - Hannah went looking for girl to help her mother., Jacksonville, Ithaca, Enfield.  Asahel gets Elm and meds for Jane and looks in "Center" for girl. None.
July 18 - Heard (Carlton) Squire Wattle had drown himself. (all I know of him is he lived in Ithaca and in his will be leaves everything to his wife, Elizabeth and dau., Lucy.)
July 20 - Nelly Lanning, 15, d/o Gideon is helping Jane.
July 28 - Mrs. Cortright comes for 2 days.
July 31 - Asahel finally gets a woman, Mrs. Fletcher in Enfield, to help Jane.
Aug 2 -  Cora (Corey Harvey)'s wife (Martha Lanning) come with baby (Bessie b. Nov 11, 1890)
Aug 4 - Paid Gideon Lanning the road tax, $5.25 instead of working it out.
Aug 8 - Heard Milla Rolfe was dead.( Mary A. Babcock, widow of Eben Rolfe. She was 62, buried Rolfe cem).
Aug 14 - Went up the Inlet to see Mrs. Taylor to get her to work.  Can't come for 2 wks.
Aug 17 - Mrs Cortright comes until the 21st when she goes back to Owego.
Sept 4 - Doc Kirkendall called here in eve.
Sept 7 - Mrs. Rhinehart comes to help Jane for a day, again on 12th and on 13th he gets Mrs Ross in Enfield.(she worked 3 days, for .50 a day.)
Sept 14 - Mrs. Cortright comes (and leaves on 17th).  Heard Judy Boardman was dead. (don't know who this is.)
Sept 24 - "Was a man here pretending to want to buy a farm."
Sept 27 - Maud and Adda (Bagley, d/o Wm Bagley & Mary Harvey) called here.  Adda (20yrs) stayed to help Jane, until the 11th of Oct.
Oct 2 - Went to see a woman to Haight's place and on the 6th,  went to Newfield to look for a girl.
Oct 11 - Went to Ulysses and got Miss Mary Spaulding to work for Jane.
Oct 13 - Mrs. Cortright comes.  Doc  Bishop comes up to see Jane.
Oct 14 - Goes to Ithaca to get Mrs. Murray to work for Jane as a nurse.
Oct 16 - Got Mrs. (Mary) Murray and took Mrs. Cortright to train to go back to Owego
Oct 19 - Mrs. Rolfe, Mrs. Van Kleet, Mrs Nelson and Mrs. Hasbrook all called.
Oct 21 - Jane died this morning.  Andrew's folks come at noon. Robert's folks came in afternoon.  Andrew and I went over to the cemetery (Hayts) afternoon.
Oct 22 - Telegraped to Myron. Moses, Helen, Em, Carry, Frank, Cora & his wife called here. Mrs Rhodes called  
          Heard Ed Harvey's wife was dead. (Sarah Jane Hungerford, d/o Benjamin & Fanny Hungerford.  Ed is s/o Silas Woolley & Abigail Lovell, Asahel Uncle and Aunt. She died in Grand Blanc MI. 57yrs.)
Oct 23 - buried Jane today.  Mr. Jones talked.
[note: In back of this diary he has written the following: Mr. Jones for services at funeral, $5.00;  Cumming for casket & attendance of burial $150.00: hacks and buggy for Mr. Jones, $10.00; Schroder for digging grave $5.00; f flowers on casket, pd Mary Jane Harvey, $3.50 and paid George Hopkins for lot in cemetery, $40.00.  Total - $220.50.]
Nov. 5 - Went to town to telephone Andrew at 8 a.m., Mrs Howland died this morning.  Went over to cemetery to get a grave dug for Mrs. Howland, Saturday.
Nov 8 - Went to Mrs. Howland's funeral.
Nov 25 - Heard Mrs John Van Dorn was dead. (Julia P. L. Burton. She was 64, buried Hayts cem.
          Heard Mr. Ives was dead. (Joseph N. Ives, 66. His wife, Fanny had died earlier in Nov.  Both buried Ithaca City cem.)
Nov 27 - Went to Mrs. Van Dorn's funeral.  Good many there.
Nov 28 - Mary (Spaulding) milked cows tonight.
Dec 31 - Heard Mrs. Van Gorder dead. [don't know who this is.]


Jan 1 - no gathering of the Harvey clan…for the first time in these diaries.
Jan 2 - Went to Mrs Van Gorder's funeral at 10 o'clock. Very muddy. (they are connected to the Howland family, but can not find any wife that dies in 1891.)
Jan 6 - Went to Mr. Van Kleet's funeral (William H. Van Kleet, married Susan Updike, d/o James & Betsy Updike. He was 64, buried Ithaca City cem. He was stone mason that worked on Asahel's barn walls)
Jan 15 - Asahel has let the Miller's work his farm for the year. This is Joseph & Hannah Etta (Drake) Miller w/ their dau., Grace, 14.  They will live with him on the other side of house where Andrew and Hannah use to live. They start moving in at end of January and all of Feb.
Jan 26 - Bad snow storm.  Stage got up as far as his house and had to turn back.  His brother, Moses, who had court duty, could not get home to Enfield & had to stay with Asahel over night.
March 1 - Asahel has an auction.  "Pretty good crowd"  He is selling his farm equipment and goods and animals.  Not the farm.
March 7 - Asahel went to court on Mrs. (Hattie) Cooper's suit. Goes every day until the 10th.  (jury duty?)
March 11 - Terrible snow blizzard.  Mrs. Rhodes got up as far as here and had to stay all night.  The roads were drifted so badly.  They left their horses here all night.
March 12 - They shoveled road out at noon and Mrs. Rhodes gets home.  The Millers now live with Asahel.
March 28 - "I commenced to board to the Miller's.  Ate supper there for the first."
April 3 - Mrs. Hasbrook died this morning at half past ten. (Louise E., w/o Wm. They lived just down the Mecklenburg from Asahel.  She was 46.) I went down there in Morn. Mr.Miller & wife went down to sit up tonight.
April 5 - "Miller and I went down to Mr. Hasbrook's as bearers for Mrs. Hasbrook.  They took her to Unadilla to bury her. Mr. Hasbrook & Maud went.  They had come up around by the cross road to get to the cars."
May 17 - Heard Mrs. Trembly was dead. (Mercy E. Belknap, widow of David Trembley, Uysses. Had 10 ch. ,7 died young & are buried with her in Grove cem., Trumansburg.  She was 83)
May 18 - I went to Mrs David Trembley's funeral up to Alvah Van Gorder's forenoon. (Alvah's wife is dau of Mercy.)
June 3 - Millers go to a funeral up to Trumble's Corners for a Miss Rose.
June 7 - (First time Asahel mentions his future wife, my g.grandmother.) "Mrs. Miller and Miss Whalen went to town a foot." (I'm wondering what is the connection, unless she is a school teacher there at the school, as her and         her family live in Rochester, at least up to this time. Her sister did live in Ithaca for a time, but that is the only connection she has here.)
June 8 - "I planted some in garden.  Miss Whalen & Mrs Miller dropped potatoes and beans."
June 9 - Boat race day.
June 25 - Heard Herman Hill was dead (don't know who this is)
          Heard Mr.Crandall was dead. (Peter Benj. Crandall, who est. the Ithaca School system.  He was 76.)
July 2 - Heard Alfred Bundy was dead.( He lived on Hayts Rd next to his sister, Susan. He was 74)
July 4 - Asahel goes to Ithaca with Miss Whalen to pick up Clinton."They got fireworks and had fireworks in eve."
July 7 - Heard Luther Lewis was dead.(s/o Luther Lewis, Sr. & Mary Sheldon, married to Sarah Amelia Hayt, d/o Charles Hayt and Deborah Starr. He was 72, buried Hayts cem.)
July 8 - Went over to Luther Lewis's funeral.  A good many there.
July 17 - Went to Enfield.  Miss Whalen went with me. Went to Moses's to watch them get baptised.  Mr. Britton baptises about 25.
July 22 - Went  over to Moses's in eve. I stayed all night. heard Sarah Gray's baby was dead.(Sarah is d/o Silas & Martha (Rumsey) Harvey. She is married to Drury Gray. The baby was named for her father, Silas Harvey          Gray.  It was 1 month old, buried Budd cem.)
July 23 - I called to Joel's afternoon and then back to Moses to spend the night.
July 24 - Went to Sarah Gray's babies funeral at the Budd's school house at 3 o'clock, then to Mr. Griffin's baptizing at the Center.
Aug 17 - I am 73yrs old today.  Clinton and I went into town to the show, "4 Paws". Paid $1.00 for the 2 of us.
Aug  30 - Has gone to the dentist several times to get his teeth fixed. On 31st he gets teeth from Melotte. Paid $40.00 for them and earlier, $30.00 on a new suit. (Getting ready to go courting?)
Sept 16 - (This is written in someone else's hand, I think Frances Whalen, as from looking at her diaries this is how she writes with hidden messages.)  "Frost last night, but little damage.  Spent the night at Moses's. Poor bed and poorer company.  Think I had better stay at home after this."  (this is Asahel writing) "I went to fair in morn, then took Miss Whalen home to Moses's at eve.
Sept 24 - Asahel goes over to his brother, Moses and take Miss Whalen for a ride to Mecklenburg.
Sept 25 - Sunday, "I went to Enfield and take Miss Whalen over to Andrw's and got home at 9 o'clock.
Oct 2 - Went to Levy Hurlburt's funeral. (He was 15, s/o Eugene Hurlburt and Ruth Ann Rolfe. Buried Rolfe cem.)
Oct 17 - Asahel starts for Perry, NY.  Goes first to Myron Sexton's in Albion. On 19th Myron takes him to Batavia where he sees the Whalen girls.  Frances Whalen's older sister, Sarah is a teacher there in the School for the Blind.
Oct 29 - He's back from Perry and brings Miss Whalen home from Moses to the Millers.
Nov 11 - Took Miss Whalen to trains.  She going home.
Nov 19 - Heard Alvah Van Gorder's boy was dead. (George H. aged 7, buried Hayts cem.)
Dec 10 - Went to Andrew's and then they all went up town to see the new school house. (Trumansburg?)
Dec 20 - Miller went to town to get some things for Miss Whalen.
Dec 23 - Hannah Howland, his dau., come at 11 a.m.
Dec 24 - Blizzard cold day. Miss Frances and Sarah Whalen come here on the stage in the morn.  Hannah went home on the night train.
Dec 29 - Started for Buffalo.  At Mr. Tallman's was married to Frances Eleanor Whalen.  Made a Harvey of her.  Went over to Towanda at 9 p.m.  Stayed all night. [this is in her handwriting…"Hope he will never be sorry fr making a Harvey of me. A bright clear winter day and a poppy one for both of us."
Dec 30 - Went to Mr. Tallman in Buffalo to stay all night.
Dec 31 - Got shaved and took a good walk with my new wife. [Her writing, " In aftenoon went to see the play of "Jane" at Academy of Music.  I enjoyed it quite well. Did not watch the old year out as I was quite tired and retired early.  May the New Year bring us joy and peace."

(Note from Karen Dickson) So at 73, Asahel marries a woman, 37 and in abt 1yr and 6 mons she gives him a baby girl.  My grandmother, Norma Mann Harvey.


Jan 1 -  Asahel and Frances spend 2 days at Mr. Tallman's who is husband to Frances's sister, Agnes.  Clarence B. Tallman, was a banker in Batavia and Buffalo.  Clarence and Agnes were married just a year before Asahel and Frances.  Their parents were Dennis Whalen and Mary Frances McNamara and they lived in Rochester.
Jan 2 - Went with Mr. Tallman to see his banking house.  Spent the afternoon indoors.  Tended baby for a half hour against my will, so Mrs. Harvey says.  (this would be Ruth, b. Aug 1892, close cousin to my grandmother)
Jan 6 - They are back in Ithaca from visiting all his relatives in Lockport, Perry and hers in Batavia and Rochester.
Jan 10 - "We had a serenade from some of our admiring friends in the evening."
Jan 30 - I put in window light, that serenaders broke out.  Saw the Unitarian church burning in afternoon.
Feb 8 - Decation of church in Trumbles Corners.
Feb 15 - Heard the Deocrat's elected their whole tickets yesterday.
Feb 20 - Had blizzardly weather. Roads banked up badly.  No travel.  Had to go across fields to take Grace (Miller)& Maud (Hasbrook) to school.
Feb 24 - Stage went up this morn.  First time this week.
March 4 - Still bad snow and hard traveling.  President Cleveland to be inaugerated today.
March 15 - John Lytle is selling his farm.  Went to John's sale. (his farm is just up the road near the gulf.
April 1 - Got April fooled by my wife.  Was mad all day.
June 15 - Went over on the hill to commencement "at Universities"
June 17 - Went to Little Lake to picnic with Moses's folks.  Quite a crowd there. (I think this is a church picnic as they stay overnite at Moses and go back to hear Mr. Britten talk & also baptize 9 people.
July 5 - Frances's sister's come by train for a visit.  Emma & Sarah.  They stay all summer.
Aug 4 - Agnes Tallman comes with her baby (the other sister of Frances)
Aug 17 - His birthday, they all go to Enfield Falls to a picnic. (Miller's folks, Frances, Sarah, Emma, Agnes and baby Ruth.  Had good time.  Lots of folks there.
Aug 18 - "I was sick.  Miller took Agnes & baby to train to go home."
Aug 25 - We all went to town and down to the lake.
Sept 3 - "I took Emma & Clinton to the cars.  They going home." (is she teaching in Trumansburg?)
Sept 7 - Took Sarah to the train. (must be a difference between cars and trains?)
Sept. 9 - Frances went to town with Miller and got me meds.  I was sick. (He's sick a lot. I wonder if this is the start of his kidney disease.)
Sept 24 - Went up to Enfield to Joel's.  Heard Mr. Brodrick and Mr. Griffin preach.  Heard Mr. Stanford and Mr  Scott lecture on temperence in eve.
Sept 30 - Heard Burt Van Dorn was dead. (Daniel "Burt" Burton, s/o John & Julia Burton Van Dorn. He was 29 & is buried Hayts cem.)
Oct 2 - Went to Burt Van Dorn's funeral.
Oct 3 - " A Mr. Rowe was here to sell me a book on Tompkins Co." Also a Mr. King to sell me a stove."
Oct 9 - Bigg's men brought stove here and set it up and took away 2 old stoves.
Oct 14 -High wind, rained some.  Wind blowed one barn door down. I went to town and got rollers for barn door.  Fearful wind all day.(Hurricane?)
Oct 28 - Paid Biggs and Co., $33.30 for stove.
Oct 30 - (getting ready for winter.  shut up chickens in barn, put apples, potatoes, cider, pumpkins, and nuts.  Not sure what he did with his grapes.  Put wood in wood house. Killed the hogs and salted the meat, made lard and sausage meat. There would be canned goods from garden & jams & jellies from the cherries, berries and grapes they picked. Also pickles.  Also meat from a butchered beef. Milk, butter & eggs.  I would say they didn't need much from town. Emma Harvey, made molasses for them and syrup from Frank & Carrie Stevenson.
Dec 24 - They got to Batavia to visit her sister, Agnes, who must now live there with her husband.  They stay at the Hotel Richmond and go see Mrs. Wood's china kiln in operation. (some kind of business?)


Jan 4 - Back from Batavia and Frances going to Doctors - pregnate!
Feb - has bad weather and from time to time, folks stop and ask to stay all night, as the roads are all "banked up" with snow drifts.  The stage did not go by some days.  John Lovell came and asked to stay all night, as did Mr. Broderick.
March 20 - I was sick.  Miller went after Doc Bishop for me.
March 21 - Been sick all day.
March 22 - Did not feel frisky today.  Been in bed all the morn.
April 5 - Frank Stevenson brought me 2 gallons of Syrup.  I paid him $1.75.
April 11 - Had the biggest snow al season.  18 -20 inches at least.
May 22 - Went to Town and did some trade.  Frances has a p.s. - "I tried to talk an arm off of Elias Treman, but could not do it."
May 23 - They are fixing up the kitchen.  Have had Mr. Griffin in to fix wall and now have varnished the floor and painted and papered, all of kitchen and buttery.
May 28 -  Frances writing, "Heard today that our friend Miss Martin died today." (not sure who this is)
(from here on out, it is all down hill as you will see….)
June 2 - Agnes and baby come on train.  Frances got some meds for me.
June 3 - Felt bad all day.
June 11 - Miller went after Doc Bishop for me.  He came at 10:30 p.m.
June 12 - I got Miller to go to the cars after Mrs. Hall.  Agnes went with him.
June 13 - Felt poorly all day.
June 14 - I called Doc Bishop to see me,  Paid him for 2 visits, $5.00.
June 15 - nothing
June 16 - nothing
June 17 - Frances gave birth to a daughter.  Weighs 9 lbs.
June 18 - nothing
June 19 - Frances writing, " Mr. Harvey was taken seriously ill today.  A nurse was called and his daughter sent for.  This eve was the last time I ever saw my dear husband alive.  He came into my room and kissed the baby and I a good night."
June 20 - Her writing, "Mr. Harvey gave Clinton $100.00 for a graduation present."
June 29, Asahel died, almost 75.  Buried in Hayts cemetery next to his first wife.  Frances went on and married again to Edward Marshall, Jan 1900.  Frances died, Jan 1911, when her dau., Norma was 16.  She is buried in Inlet Valley cem.  Her name on the back side of g.s. to Ed Marshall and his 1st wife, Rose Whitlock.  Ed went on to marry again Ada Decker, whom he survived also.  Ada died 1944 and Ed died 1953.  Ada is buried in Hayts cemetery next to her 1st husband, Horace Baker.  Asahel's estate was divided between his 2 daus.  Agnes was guardian of Norma until she was of age.  Clinton, Asahel's grandson, died 30 May 1900 while he was a student at Cornell and his on the same stone as his grandparents and parents in Hayts cem.  His mother, Hannah Harvey Howland died 1897 (3 yrs after her father).  Her husband, Andrew, married again to a Henrietta.
Ed Marshall was a good father to my grandmother and even sent her on a trip out "West", to get her infatuation with my grandfather over with….did not work.  She came back and married my grandfather, James Victor Wright, who lived over on Hayts Rd., in Jan 1914.  It turned out to be a very fruitful and happy marriage for 51yrs.  They had 6 children & 18 grandchildren, some still living in the Trumansburg area.

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