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Newspaper Clippings 1922

Donated to the Tompkins Co., NYGenWeb Site by Martha Magill.

Date of Paper Article Notes
October 3rd 1922
White Church
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Rice and son Roger Rice, of Seneca Falls, also Mr. Rice and his daughter Gertrude Rice of Auburn, motored to White Church last Saturday and spent the day at the home of C. H. Rice.

Clarence Wood and family, of The Maples, spent the past week with friends, in Syracuse.

Hiram Thornton, of Straits Corners, was a guest on Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. Silas Van Woert.

W. Bernhardt is having his barn enlarged and a basement is being built.

Andrew Rightmire and S. Van Woert spent the weekend with friends, in Straits Corners and the Southern Tier.

N. H. Hunt of Marathon, was at his farm, here recently.

Owego Times, Thursday, Oct. 5, 1922
How Ithaca Lads Find Amusement - Fridays Ithaca Journal - Alleged to have emulated tactics some what similar to those employed in olden days of banditry by the famous James brothers, two Tompkins County youths today find themselves in a serious predicament.  Last evening Maynard Reeves, of this city and Howard June, of Ludlowville, both aged about 16 years, met the two sons of W. J. Fulkerson well known grocer and meatman, of North Cayuga Street, coming down from the Fulkerson home on Renwick Heights, to meet their father, returning home at that time.  Flourishing a 22 caliber revolver, the pair of would be "bandits" attempted to stick-up" the approaching couple and when the two younger boys turned and ran, fired shots into the roadway behind them.  The exhibition brought a protest from residents of that section to the sheriff's office and Under Sheriff William B. Wilkinson went to the spot and brought the two lads with their revolver and box of cartridges to the county jail.  The boys may be arraigned this afternoon in Children's Court with Judge Willard M. Kent presiding and if so, their cases will be the first to be brought before this newly established court.  They probably will be charged with carrying concealed weapons or juvenile delinquency, or both, by District Attorney Arthur G. Adams, who took charge of the investigation of the gunplay.

Owego Times, Thursday, October 5, 1922
Dr. and Mrs. J. A. Genung and Mr. and Mrs. Roland Genung, of Miami, Fla, and Mr. and Mrs. Harold Genung, of Dryden were weekend guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Skiner, on Front Street.

Owego Times,
Thursday, October 26, 1922

White Church: Oct. 24th Mrs. Margaret Schutt and son, George Schutt, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Drew and Miss Delphine Gorton, of Caroline Depot: Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Gorton, of Endicott; Lewis Gorton, of Cortland; Mr. and Mrs. Ezra Menzies and children, of Endwell, spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. William Gorton, of White Church.

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Forsythe and Irving White, of West Candor, spent Thursday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. William Gorton.

Mrs. A. S. Bailey and Mrs. William Gorton spent Wednesday with Mrs. Margaret Schutt, of Caroline Depot.

Mr. and Mrs. William Gorton and Mrs. A. S. Bailey spent Sunday with friends, at West Candor.

C. A. Wood and family, who have occupied their Summer home for some time, have gone to Albany for the winter.

A party of tourists from Ithaca spent Sunday in this place gathering wild flowers and ferns.

Mrs. Edward Drone, who has been seriously ill with rheumatism, is improving.

Arthur Quick, of Ithaca, and Bert Schooley, of Morris Chapel, spent Monday at White Church on a hunting trip.

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Hall visited their parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Hall, of Candor, the first of the week.

Caroline: Oct. 23rd Edward Owen and Isaac Rex have been spending a few days at Candor.

Mabel Rich, of Berkshire, spent the weekend at her home, in this place.

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Hutchings, of Binghamton, were quests on Sunday at the home of William Crispell.

Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Smith, of Owego were calling in this place on Sunday.

Mrs. Richard Lynch and children, of Caroline Center, spent Sunday at O. P. Rich's.

C. B. VanBuren, of Ithaca, and Lyman Gallagher, of Slaterville, were callers at C. N. Earsley's on Friday.

Mrs. C. N. Earsley and Mrs. M. C. Deyo spent Monday afternoon with Mrs. Sue Earsley, at Slaterville Springs.

Mrs. Alla Hildebrant, who has been visiting at the home of her brother, in Binghamton, has returned to her home.

Mrs. Charles Johnson and Mrs. Charles Fox and son, William Fox, spent Sunday at L. G. Rich's.

Speedsville: Oct. 23rd Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gray and Gerald, Kenneth and Dorothy Gray and Dennis Gray were visiting Luther Gray, at McLean, on Sunday.

The Speedsville Home Bureau will have an all-day meeting at the home of Mrs. Charles Gray on Saturday.  Miss McCrea and Miss Royce, of Ithaca, will be present and teach basketry and arrange the 1923 program.

The young people of Jenksville M. E. Church, will have a Hallowe'en social at the home of Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Cobler, on Friday evening.

The Grange had a chicken pie supper at the hall, last Wednesday evening.

Mrs. Osborne recently spent a few days with Binghamton friends.

Mrs. G. K. Doughty called on Mrs. Helen Williams, on Tuesday.

Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Comstock were in Slaterville on Saturday, the guests of W. W. Conrad.

Mrs. W. Trumbower was called to Hunlock Creek, Pa., recently by the illness of her father.

Caroline Depot: Oct. 22nd Mr. and Mrs. George Hayes were in Ithaca last Thursday.

Mr. and Mrs. James Stevens and daughter attended an auction at Brookton, on Friday.

Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Osmun and Mrs. D. W. Conrad were in Ithaca, Thursday.

Berkley Heffron is spending some time on a hunting trip in the North woods.

Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Osmun were in Slaterville Springs recently.

The Owego Times, Oct. 26th 1922 - The Widow Earsley: Commenting on the celebration which the town of Caroline plans to stage as a tribute to the memory of the "Widow Earsley." the Newark (N.J.) Star-Eagel, on Friday said: "Honoring memories of the past is not always quick business, as the matter of waiting eleven years before paying tribute to Stoy's memory shows. Greater delay than this however, is a commonplace.  Up in New York State the Town of Caroline is preparing to pay tribute to a New Jersey woman, who has been dead for many years.  This women is known to history as "The Widow Earsley." and her memory is kept green because she was the first settler of the part of Tioga County known now as Owego Township. (See Notes).  The widow Earlsey had been the wife of Francis Earsley, a soldier in the Revolutionary War.  They lived in Roxbury, near what is now the City of Dover, Morris County.  Her husband died in 1794, leaving Maria Earsley with ten young children and little means by which they could hope to get along in the world.  Not a bit daunted she set out to find a way to live, for the women of the Jersey frontier in those days had been bred to a self reliance and daring of the first class.  Saddling a horse she and her oldest son, accompanied by a younger brother, struck off in the western wilderness and made their way up the Delaware River following Indian trails mostly, and eventually crossing the Susquehanna, found the rich lands of Tioga. Here was a place, thought the Widow Earsley, where a woman and her children might wrest a living from nature.  With her little fortune of $300, raised by selling what property she had and by collecting the small remains of her husband's fortune, she bought 100 acres of land.  Sleeping in the woods with a circular fire to guard against panthers, bears and other wild beasts the trio lived at their new home until they had erected a cabin.  "Then the widow Earsley made her way back to New Jersey, gathered together her brood and her household goods and made the long journey back to the wilderness.  There she settled and brought up her family while the country around her gradually became settled by others who followed her.  There also she died, having accomplished her purpose in this daring adventure.  "The Town of Slaterville Springs is located on part of her old farm, and her descendants still live thereabouts.  Caroline, the Town which after a hundred years and more, is about to do her honor for her pioneer daring, is not far distant.
(Note: Believe Owego Township is an error, and should be known now as Caroline Township. The widow Earlsey settled in the Hamlet of Caroline, in the Town of Caroline, then Tioga Co., later became Tompkins Co. Slaterville Springs is a short distance away)
Owego Times - Oct. 26th 1922 Car Runs away Down Ithaca Hill - Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Sager Escaped injury in mad Flight of Automobile Down South Aurora Street: (Ithaca Daily Journal News)  Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Sager, of No 339 Elm Street had a wild ride, about 11 o'clock Sunday morning  when their automobile "ran away" on the steen South Aurora Street Hill and coasted uncontrolled, down the hill at a "mile-a-minute" speed.  When approaching  the city the rear axle on Mr. Sager's care gave way, and when the reached the summit of South Hill, near the South Side coal yard, he stopped the car, and as the broken axle had put the foot brake out of commission, sent word to Reynolds' garage for a car to tow him down the hill.  The garage men attached a rope to the Sager car and the machine, with Mr. and Mrs. Sager in it, started down the grade, the tow rope broke, and the car sped down the hill, gathering momentum, at every revolution of the wheels.  Fortunately no other vehicle or persons were in the path of the runaway car which passed the Ithaca Hotel, jumping several feet in the air, when it hit the trolley car tracks.  A tire was blown out when the car made this leap.  The car continued its mad course until the 300 block of North Aurora Street, where Mr. Sager drove the machine into the curb, near the residence of Dr. J. S. Kirkendall and stopped it.  Mr. and Mrs. Sager were uninjured, but were shaken by their experience.  The damage to the car in addition to the previously broken axle, consisted of a worn out emergency brake and the damaged tire.

Owego Times - Oct. 23, 1922 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Schooley motored to the home of Mrs. Schooley's father, E. A. Morey, on Union Hill, on Wednesday.

Oct. 19th 1922 Farmer Shot by Careless Hunter: Ithaca - Late this afternoon, Bruce Mallard, dairy farmer of the Inlet Valley Road, was brought to the City Hospital, suffering from a gunshot wound in the face caused by stray buckshot from the gun of an unidentified hunter.  Mallard was struck by several shot, none of which, however died more than penetrate the skin in his left cheek.

Owego Gazette, Thursday, December 21, 1922

Richford: Robinson Hollow, Dec. 18th Mr. and Frank Murphy and Mr. and Mrs. Ira Matson motored  to Ithaca last Monday.
Mr. Steele, of Harford, was in this place on Friday

Mrs. Wm. Barnes drove to Harford on business last Tuesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Cortright and daughter, Doris, returned to their home at Harford on Wednesday, after a few days' visit at home of herman Royce.

Frank Murphy, who works at Moravia, spent from Saturday night until Monday morning at his home here.

Clifford Royce, of Caroline, was in this place on Tuesday.

Mr. Munson motored to his home at Cortland last Saturday.

Berkshire: Barbara Lynch is somewhat improved from her recent illness.

Ellen Dickson spent the weekend with her parents at Speedsville.
Ellen married William Brown 1st
Albert Cooper 2nd
Owego Times
Thursday November 23, 1922 - Obituaries

Patrick J. Hannon died at his home on South Owego, on Wednesday, November 22, aged 76 years.  His parents were Patrick and Margaret (Dyer) Hannon, and he was born in County Sligo, Ireland, August 15, 1846.  His immediate survivors are his wife, three sons - William and James Hannon, of Owego, and John Hannon, of Binghamton; two daughters, Miss Minnie Hannon, at home, and Mrs. Margaret Hannifin, of Owego.  The funeral will be held at St. Patrick's Church, on Saturday at 10 A.M.  Burial will be in St. Joseph's Cemetery.

John Dohe, of Catotonk, died in the Packer Hospital, at Sayre, Pa., this morning, Nov. 23, aged 58 years.  He was the son of Jacob and Catherine (Stecht) Dohe, and was born in Narrowsburg, Pa.  He had been an engineer at the Standard Oil Company's pumping station, at Catatonk, for many years, and was held in hig esteem in that community.  His immediate survivors are two sisters, Mrs. LeRoy Tucker, of Owego, and Mrs. Fred Kile, of Catatonk.  the funeral will be held at the residence on Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock, with interment in the Woodbridge Cemetery, north of Catatonk.

John S. Smith, an aged veteran of the Civil War, who was born in Charlotte, NY, Dec. 5, 1828, and had lived in this village, 25 years, died on Sunday, Nov. 19, at his home, No. 60 Forsyth Street.  He was a cabinet maker by trade and retained his intellect and activity to a remarkable degree for a man who lacked but 16 days of being 94 years old.  Besides his wife, he is survived by two sons, Harrison E., and Fred R. Smith, of Owego. The funeral was held at the house yesterday afternoon at 2 o'clock, with interment in Evergreen Cemetery.  The Rev, Robert S. Boyce officiated.

Isaac R. Schutt, of Owego, 87 years old, died at the home of his granddaughter, Mrs. George J. Gould, on Maple Avenue, Johnson City, at 4:10 o'clock, on Wednesday afternoon, Nov. 15.  He is survived by five sons - George Schutt of Hornell; Adelbert Schutt of Galeton, Pa.; Walter Schutt, of Owego, and Truman and Orlando Schutt of Johnson City, and a daughter, Miss Ida L. Schutt, of Johnson City.  The funeral  was held on Saturday morning at 9:30 o'clock, at the home of Mrs. Gould.  The Rev. William  MacAlpine officiated.  [Mr. Schutt was born  on March 20, 1835.  He served in the Civil War as a member of Co. H, 109th Refiment, NY State Volunteers.  Burial was at Owego.  (Burial was made in the Family Plot in the LaMonte Cemetery, at Hiawatha].

Mrs. Fannie English, wife of Earl English, aged 24 years, died in Binghamton, on Friday, Nov. 17, she was the daughter of David and Carrie (Finch) Personius, and was born in Caroline, Tompkins County, May 5, 1898.  Besides her husband she is survived by two young sons, Arthur D. and Donald D. English.  Two brothers, Albert Personius, of Lisle, and Ernest Personius, of Caroline, and one sister, Mrs Harry Evans.  The funeral was held on Monday afternoon, in the church at Caroline, and interment was in the Caroline Cemetery.

Mrs. Ida Lay Deck wife of John Deck, of Catatonk, died on Saturday, Nov. 18, at the Packer Hospital in Sayre, Pa., aged 61 years.  She was the daughter of Chauncey and Sarah (Norton) Hann.  Her immediate survivors are her husband, two sons, Artie E. Harry of Dunkirk, and Reuben Stevens of Owego; two brothers and two sisters, and a step-son, Lester Deck, of Owego.  The funeral was held at the home on Monday afternoon with interment in Hornell.  The Rev. Mr. Cutler officiated.

Mrs. Eliza Kirk, widow of Richard Kirk, died at 11:30 o'clock, this morning, at the home of her son, Fremont Kirk, No 47 George Street.  Besides Fremont Kirk she is survived by another son, Grant Kirk, of North Dakota, and by two daughters, Mrs. Ina White, of North Dakota, and Mrs. D. E. Gridley, of Candor.

Owego Times - Thursday, Nov. 23, 1922 Francis W. Stevens and Miss Mildred D. Barrows, both of Owego, were married Nov. 18, by the Rev. Henry D. Coe.

Prospect Valley - Nov. 20 - Charles Schooley has returned from the North woods.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mayo and daughter, Iva Mayo of Candor, spent Thursday evening with Mrs. Rosa Stevens and Mr. and Mrs. D. T. Summers.

Bert Schooley and family, of Caroline, and Miss Mary Schooley and Miss Virgie Boyd, of Candor, were guests on Sunday at the home of J. S. Downing.

Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Downing, Solonas Dykeman, W. E. Tucker, Claud Sims and Mrs. Rosa Stevens motored  to Ithaca on Wednesday.

Owego Times - Thursday, Nov. 2, 1922 Caroline - Mrs. Alla Hildebrant has been spending a few days, in Slaterville Springs.

Owego Times - Thursday, Oct. 26, 1922 White Church - Mr. and Mrs. Howard Hall visited their parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Hall, of Candor, the first of the week.

Caroline Depot - Edward Hall visited at the home of his son, Harold Hall, recently.

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