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Newspaper Notices

Marriage - Death Notices
From index cards at Olin Library - Cornell University

Beckwith, Job A soldier of the revolution formerly of E.Haddam Conn died at Newifeld 23 June 1842 82y Ithaca Chron 24 Aug 1842 p3
Beckwith, Mrs Methitbel wife of Capt Job Beckwith, she was for many years a resident of Ithaca formerly of East Windsor Conn came to Ithaca 1820 died at Newfield 2 Sept 1839 79y Ith Chr 11 Sept 1839 p3
Dunham, Mrs Mercy died at Dryden 28 July 1821 Consort of Lewis Dunham 28y Ith Rep chr 1 Aug 1821 p3
Everheart, Mary of Newfield to Alanson Northrup of Danby married at Newfield 22 Sept 1844 by Rev Stephen Vorhis Ith chron 13 Nov 1844 p2
Force, Ida M. married CC Howell Jr in Danby 25 Jan 1871 (no other infromation written)
Force, James H of Ithaca married Elizabeth Hance of Ithaca 31 July 1844 by Rev John CF Hoes, Ithaca Chronicle 9 Aug 1844 pg 3
Letts, Boy a little boy, son of David Letts age about 5 years old fell from a skiff into the inlet and drowned 11 June 1865
Letts, James died at Hector 23 Jan 1845 76y Ithaca chronicle 5 Feb 1845 p2
Lewis, Benjamin A Revolutionary Soldier formerly of Dryden died at Newark NY 1 Dec 1838 82y Ithaca chronicle 12 Dec 1838 p3
McClarrey, Catharine of Wallkill (Orange Co) to Samuel R Wallis of Truxton married at Ithaca by Rev Campbell (no dates)
McClarrey, Eliza to Andrew Patchen married at Newfield 4 Mar 1826 by John Stubbs, ESQ
McLallen, David H. of Ulysses married Abbie M. Crane at Covert 28 Dec 1870 by Rev GA Starkweather, Ithaca Democrat 12 Jan 1871 pg 1
McLallen, Dewitt C. son of John McLallen died at Trumansburg 3 Sept 1845 26y Ithaca Journal & General Advertiser 10 Sept 1845 pg 2 same death reported in the Ithaca Chronicle 10 Sept 1845 pg 2 with an addition of Resolution of I00F following obituary ( ? )
McLallen, Esther of Ithaca to Lewis S. Ayers of Penn Yan at Ithaca 11 Sept 1832 by Rev Paddock
McLallen, Louise H. wife of Dr K McLallen died at Trumansburg 4 April 1838 26y, Ithaca Chronicle 18 April 1838 p3
McLallen, Lucinda of Trumansburg to Joseph Cornell of Trumansburg married at Ithaca 22 July 1834 by Rev AE Campbell
Platt, Rider to Julia E Daniels married at Ithaca 21 Dec 1844 by Rev Aaron Jackson, Ith Chr 12 Feb 1845 p2
Quick, Isaac to Caroline E Dalloway both of Ithaca married 21 Feb 1864 Rev J M Harris , Ithaca Citizen & Democrat 23 Feb 1864 p2
Quick, Isaac to Maria Mericle married at Caroline 10 Nov 1842 by Rev S Minier, Ith Chr 16 Nov 1842 p2
Quick, Wm H. to Angeline Dolson married at Caroline 1 Feb 1842 by Rev Sutton, Ithaca Chr 16 mar 1842 p2
Richey, Susan to Chas Schutts married at Hector 21 Jan 1832 by Rev Baggerly
Updike, Andrew to Betsey Picket married at Ithaca 27 Dec 1829 by A Green, ESQ Ithaca Republican Chronicle 30 Dec 1829 p3
Updike, Ann of Groton to Benjamin McKee of Groton married at Groton 28 Dec 1826 by Samuel Crittenden, ESQ, Ithaca Republican Chronicle 10 Jan 1827 p3
Updike, Catharine to Hiram Beckwith married at Ulysses 25 Feb 1826 by J.Sutton,ESQ
Updike, Charity to Jas D. Willer married at Mecklenburg 6 Aug 1837 by Henry Fish, ESQ
Updike, Naoma to John Swick married at Mecklenburg 6 Aug 1837 by Henry Fish, ESQ
Updike, Patty widow of Cornelius Updike married to Cornelius Brown, they married at Enfield 24 Sept 1842 by Huron Lewis, ESQ
Updike, Polly of Enfield to Jesse Coykendall of Enfield married at Enfield 24 Oct 1829 by S Rolfe, ESQ

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