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A copy of a letter written
by Jeannie Louise Halsey, Dec. 14, 1931 to her cousin Eliza Gosman

Jean lived at 308 N. Cayuga St, Ithaca, NY.

Dec. 14, '31
308 North Cayuga Street,
Ithaca, New York

Dear Cousin Eliza,
It was pleasant to receive your letter and I can sympathize with you in being the last remaining member of your family as I am the last one of our eight. In reply to your questions I can give your some information but not much in the way of dates. The record is one my mother made.  Our ancestor James GOSMAN lived in 1765 at Christophine near Edinburgh Scotland and presumably died there. He was a builder and architect. Have had in my possession a book on architecture which he gave his son Robert (our ancestor) writing in name and the date June 10th 1774.
James GOSMAN married Margaret WRIGHT of whom the record says she died at her son's Robert in N.Y. City.   James & Margaret GOSMAN had 4 children 3 sons Robert, James & George, 1 daughter Anna all born in Scotland.  The sons came first to America and later the daughter Anna came who had married a  SIMPSON of England. Her brother James married Jane SMITH & both Anna & James families went west, some to Ohio. George GOSMAN married Janet DUNCAN. Robert GOSMAN (our ancestor)  married twice. 1st Elizabeth STEENHOVER & had 2 sons John who married Mary HAY, and James (of whom no record) & likely one who volunteered in G. W. army.   Robert's 2nd wife was Joanna BLAKE & their children were Jonathan who married Jane Van GAASBEEK (my grandmother), Eliza who married Rev. A.N. KITTLE (your grandfather) & Margaret who married Rev. P. S. WYNCOOP.  We have the same great grandfather, Robert (son of the Scotch James GOSMAN).   Have no record of Robert's first wife Elizabeth STEENHOVER, but some of the second  wife Joanna BLAKE.  The latter's father Johnathan BLAKE came from England and married Jane Van HOOK of New York City, where he lived in 1757, and where he died.   Johnathan ( or sometimes spelled Jonathan) had 1 son Robert, 4 daughters, Jane, Polly, Betsey & Johanna.  The latter married our ancestor Robert  GOSMAN (was his 2nd wife). "Granny Blake" (Jane Van HOOK) my mother records, "fell down stairs and hurt herself badly, while listening at the  door when very old" .   She must have been a great old lady!   From the above you see we are a mixture of Scotch, English, & Holland Dutch.   I think the GOSMAN family Bible went to my uncle Robert GOSMAN & his sons of whom I've lost track. Believe one at least lives in Caldwell, N.J. & one somewhere in Long Island.

Kindest greetings to you for Christmas and the New Year from your cousin.
Jean L. Halsey

 Also with this letter another page with the following:
Jonathan Blake GOSMAN, Born in New York City Sep 15, 1785, son of Robert GOSMAN and Joanna BLAKE, of Scotch, Dutch and English ancestors.
 Educated at Columbia University, graduating with honors in 1806. Intended for the ministry, but owing to ill health and the necessity for outdoor life went to live on the BLAKE family property, a patroon grant at Danby, N.Y.   Married at Kingston, N.Y. about 1812 Jane Van GAASBECK, great grand daughter of Abram Van Gaasbeck  CHAMBERS, Lord of the manor of Vauxhall.   Was member of Assembly from Tompkins Co. in 1829-1830.   Built home in Ithaca on corner of Cayuga and Mill (now Court) St. about 1840, and there his daughter Eliza married William HALSEY. Established & edited in 1848 a Democratic paper called "The Flag of the Union."   Died at Williamsburg, Long Island 1867  at home of his oldest son Robert Gosman and was buried at Ithaca.

The above was donated to the Tompkins Co., NYGenWeb site by: Anne Halsey Hurst, this letter was written by her great great aunt, Jeannie Louise Halsey.
Anne writes the following:  I hope that many will enjoy and find information from it.!

Thank you Anne for sharing this for others to enjoy.

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