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Recollections of Caroline Depot Road

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The following are the recollections of Grace Elizabeth Schooley Hilker Cowles of folks occupying the residences on the Caroline Depot Road. She was born in September of 1921. Caroline Depot Road lies between Coddington Road and White Church Road in Tompkins County, New York.

A. J. Hall - Lived on the corner of Coddington Road and Caroline Depot Road. This house was later occupied by the Tompson Family. A. J. Hall had several children one was a Howard Hall who had a daughter Grace Hall.

Piatt Family - Children who attended Morris Chapel School - Fred, Clifford, Elsie, and Ralph.

Burt and Daisy Heffron and children Lydia, LaNelle and possibly a son Orrin and/or Deforest. Lydia m. Carpenter, Lonelle m. Ink, Deforest had daughters - Ellen Marie m. Deputryn, Elenora, a possibly a son DeForest. This house was very large and beautiful with pillars and a large staircase. It burned in the late 50's or early 60's. (See Addendum #1 below.)

Hattie Personious and Ed Hall - Children: Ashley Hall, Ethel m. Trainer, Julia m. Whitcomb, Harold Hall m. Ruth _____ and had children as follows: Louis, Donald, Ethel and Otis. (see Note below.)

Jim (probably James) and Georgia (aka Georgie) Stevens and daughters Lillian and Louise. Georgia mother was Rhett Van Wert. These Stevens at one time lived in the house down the old railroad bed. (See Addendum #2 below.)

Harm Stevens - Lived in a small shed house and was related to Jim and Georgia who called him Uncle Harm.
(See Addendum #3 below.)

On a road that ran back down the railroad bed from Caroline Depot Road lived Virgia Sawyer Carson and Sidney Carson. Later this house was occupied by Art English. (See Addendum #4 below.)

Dee Kysor and his niece Beatrice Kysor (Beatrice became the 2nd wife of Ralph Schooley.

Ralph Schooley (Son of Elbert and Ada Henderson Schooley) and Grace Parker Schooley - Children: Ralph Lee Jr., James, David and Madeline. (See Addendum #5 below.)

Ida Ervey and her sister

Orville and Et Slocum

Elbert Schooley and Ada Rae Henderson Schooley - Children: Hester, Grace (This home was built be a man named Bishop from NYC. At an earlier time it had five apartments in it. Some of the owners and/or renters were as follows: Orry Sawyer, Ina and Ida Merrill; Nellie Valentine and her daughter Sarah. This residence became the Elbert Schooley residence in 1923 and was the location of "Burt Schooley's Mill". This was a large lumber mill and remained in operation for many years. Elbert was a cabinet maker, his wife Ada was a school teacher. The house was originally three stories, but was lowered to its present two stories by Elbert Schooley.

The post office house was occupied at one time by a Mr. Terry an until it was closed, by Osmund. The Railroad Depot was torn down sometime in the 50's. It was located across the street from the post office. Also, across the street from the post office was located a two story building which held a store (run by Virga and Sidney Carson) and an apartment. Another house was adjacent to the store. These two building burned in 1930.

The children who lived in Caroline Depot (until consolidation) attended Morris Chapel School on the corner of Coddington Road and Bates Road (now Middaugh Road). This School is now a private residence, but retains much of its character as a one room school house. Some of the teachers that taught between 1925 and the closing were as follows: (1920's-1930's) Mrs. Boddle and Mrs. Rose Menzie Dorn, Rose married Floyd Dorn, Miss Hayes. (1950's to closing) Miss Osmund, Mrs. Reynolds, Miss Spafford.

Names of others who lived near Caroline Depot and/or attended Morris Chapel School in the 1950's were: Mike and Florence Snow, Parkers, Middaugh, Predmore, English, Haskins, Griffin, Arsenault, Tompson/Thompson, Garris, Westfall, Underhill, Brown, Breen, Hilker, Buckley, Morey, Menzies. 1920's - 1930's - Louella and Howard Hall's Children, Delbert, Henry, Grace and Eva; Jim and Georgia Stevens Children, Lillian and Louise; Ed Hall Children - Ashley, Harold and sisters Ethel and Julia; Ruth and Harold Hall's Children, Louis, Donald and Ethel; The Children of Morris Piatt, Fred, Clifford, Elsie and Ralph.

The following children lived on Coddington Road, but attended Morris Chapel School: Eldretta, Christine and Richard Ladd; The children of Ezra and Margaret Menzies, Ruth, Louise, Paul, Florence, Betty, Delphine, and Eddie; The children of Art Arsneault, George m Olive, June, Mary Lou and Eleanor. Also living across the street from the school was the Landon Family and children Gage and Ethel (This house was later occupied by George and Olive Arsenault).

Near Morris Chapel on Bates Road (now Middaugh Road) was a dairy where milk was purchased each day for the children. This dairy was known as Beaverbrook Dairy and owned in the 1950's by the Arsneault Family. The residence located on this property was occupied by the Stickane Family and children, Golda m. Heath, Edward, Ralph and Gordon; Grace Schooley's parents rented this house in 1921 and Grace was born there.

This concludes my mother's recollections. Although, this is not a complete list of those who lived along this road it is my hope that it may prove helpful in someone's research.

Thank you Theresa Rae Donlick for sharing this information.


The following corrections and/or additions have been contributed by Janet M. Nash

[Burt (Albert) and Daisy (Cora M. Snyder) and children; Lydia, LaNelle, and a son (Wesley M. Heffron ,
d. infant 1905), another son Berkley Heffron.  Albert and Cora, and their son Wesley are buried in South Hill
Cemetery, on the Coddington Road.  Lydia D. Heffron married Nov. 7, 1926 Edward Whitcomb, son of Harry
Whitcomb and Ione (Rhodes)they had a child, Marion; LaNelle Heffron married 1911-1998 married Lewis H. Ink 1908-1969 he was the son of Fred Ink and Stella (Dey), both Lewis and LaNelle are buried in South Hill Cem., their children are; Betty, Russell, Raymond, Marvin, Fred, Hugh, Stella.  Berkley Heffron married Jessie ______ and their
children are; Ellen, Deforest, Elnora, Ivan, Erwin, Inez, Leo, Lura, Duane.

James Stevens was the son of Ira Stevens and Minnie (Stevens) 1892-1961,
James married Georgianna (Hendrickson)Stevens from cemetery records, Cooper Cemetery, Town of Caroline, NY.
James I. Stevens son of Ira & Minnie Stevens  born 1892 died March 14, 1961 age 69 yrs., Georgianna H. wife
of James I. Stevens born 1894 died Dec. 10, 1971 daughter of George & Lorritta (Rightmire) Hendrickson.

Town of Caroline marriage records;
James Stevens 21 yrs. old from Caroline, laborer, born in Caroline, son of Ira Stevens and Minnie Stevens married
Dec. 16, 1913 Georgiana Hendrickson 19 yrs. old; from Caroline, houseworker, born in Caroline, NY, daughter of
George Hendrickson and Lorritta Rightmire.
There children were Lillian and Louise; Lillian L. Stevens married Harry Wooden s/o Fred Wooden and Minnie (Huffman)Louise Stevens married Glenn C. Kenyon s/o Archibald L. Kenyon and Ina (Predmore)the parents of James Stevens, Ira and Minnie both were Stevens; Ira Stevens was the son of James Stevens and Clarrisa (Lee) Minnie
Stevens wife of Ira Stevens was the daughter of William H. Stevens and Nancy (Boice)

 Harmon Stevens b. about 1866, he was a mason, born in Caroline and was the son of William Stevens and Nancy (Boice) he married for his second wife at the age of 58 yrs.old on Oct. 18, 1924 Emma A. Spear Daniels (also her 2nd marriage, age 64 yrs., old, she was born in Tioga Co., NY,  and was a nurse at the time of their marriage, she was the daughter of Joel Spear and Jane (VanMarter) (from town of Caroline marriage records)

Arthur English died 1955 he married Carrie Johnson 1893-1934, they are both buried in Quick cemetery in Brooktondale.  Arthur was the son of Elmer English and Addie (Davenport) their children were; Marvin, Leland, Leona, Ellen, Pearl, Myra, Niles, Edward.  Elmer father of Arthur English was the son of John C. English and Rebecca Jane (Genung) from Snyder Hill, Town of Dryden, NY.

Grace Parker born Jan. 17, 1911 in Freeville, NY.  Grace and Ralph were married on march 15, 1930, she was the daughter of Walter J. Parker and Clara Dinehart [two records have been found for Clara's maiden name, in her obit it states she was Clara Dinehart, wife of Walter Parker, and she had lived with Mrs Jennings of Danby for many years.] Grace Parker Schooley married 2nd to Francis Wallace Potter.  They did not have any children.

Another addition for these records was sent in by Cheryl Hall
Hattie Personious and Ed Hall - Children: Ashley Hall, Ethel m. Trainer, Julia m. Whitcomb, Harold Hall m. Ruth _____and had children as follows: Louis, Donald, Ethel and Otis.
Ed Hall (Edward C. Hall)  Hattie's maiden name was Havens (we have seen it spelled Haven, also).
Personius (correct spelling) was her second married name.
Ashley married Thelma _____,  Ethel m. Trainor and Julia m. Whitlock. Harold m. Ruth Frost.
Chuck Caveney sent in another addition for people living on Caroline Depot Road: About 1950 or so, The Caveney Family occupied the house at 88 Caroline Depot Road starting about 1948 through the present. Father Charles Welch Caveney, Sr. and mother Marguerite Frances Caveney, with children Charles W. Jr., Raymond John, And Barbara Ann. Marguerite Frances Caveney still occupies the house. Orson Ledger Family also lived in this area.

Thank you Chuck Caveney and Cheryl Hall for sharing these notes with the Tompkins Co., NYGenWeb site.

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