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Ithaca, N.Y., Thursday, December 28, 1899
Volume 28, Number 52
Lewis A. Clapp, Publisher

Tompkins County and Vicinity

It was a narrow escape from a green Christmas.

Some of the heavier personal creditors of Charles INGERSOLL, the defaulting county treasurer, have begun proceedings to have him judged as an involuntary bankrupt.

A quiet wedding occurred Christmas evening at the home of Mrs. John SNAITH, on Quarry Street, when her second daughter, Eva Mary SNAITH, was united in marriage to E. Austin BARNES, of Syracuse, Rev. Dr. SYNNOTT of the Episcopal church, officiating.

Mrs. Charles A. BUSH, widow of the late proprietor of the Clinton House, has sold the hotel furniture and leased the hotel to Grant McDONALD, of Owego, who takes possession January 1st. Mr. McDONALD will be assisted by J. H. REAS, who is well known in this section.

Miss Bessie Geraldine LANG, daughter of Ex-Mayor John B. LANG, was married last evening at the First Baptist church, to Mr. Ernest David BUTTON, of Albert Lea, Minn. Rev. R. T. JONES performed the ceremony, and after a reception at the bride's home for immediate friends the bride and groom left for New York, where they will spend a few days before going to their future home in Minnesota. The groom is a graduate of Cornell University, and is a resident engineer for the Illinois Central Railroad at Albert Lea.

County Treasurer INGERSOLL's defalcation has not as yet been definitely ascertained or stated by the Supervisors. It may reach $19,000. The Supervisors have continued their annual session much longer than usual, owing to this entanglement. Yesterday morning the Supervisors adopted a resolution offering a reward of $500 for INGERSOLL's delivery to the Sheriff of Tompkins County at any place where he may be apprehended and arrested. Sheriff McKINNEY has succeeded in tracing INGERSOLL as far as Montreal, Canada.

The President of the City Hospital Association in a public report acknowledges the receipt of a gift of $1000, which has been made, through Mr. Edwin GILLETTE, to mark the interest in the hospital work of his mother, Mrs. Flora L. GILLETTE, who recently died, and who was a trustee and charter member of the Association. A gift of a like amount has also come through the bequest of Mrs. Marcia MANNING of Forest Home. The late Charles H. WHITE was an active friend and promoter of the charitable work of the Hospital, which is by no means self-sustaining, and his loss is deeply felt by the Association.

Miss Gertrude M. REAS of this city was united in marriage Christmas afternoon to Mr. H. H. SCHARLOCK of Owego. The ceremony was performed by Rev. U. G. B. PIERCE, at the home of the bride's grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. G. W. FRANKS, on University Avenue. The groom is employed as bookkeeper by the Champion Wagon Company of Owego.


The December term of the supreme court, at which more than the usual number of interesting cases were tried, adjourned sine die last Friday. The cases disposed of since our last week's report were:

Robert O. GILBERT vs. Philander HOWELL, action to dispossess defendant from the possession of a house and lot on Tioga Street, which plaintiff purchased of the heirs of William HOWELL, who was a brother of Philander. Defendant claimed that the property was given to him by his brother. The court, however, directed a verdict for the plaintiff.

The next case tried was that of Henry and Hymann SONN vs. Charles A. SMITH, to recover for a barrel of whiskey which the employees of defendant, who is a drayman, had delivered to Felix ZINCK instead of Mrs. Felix ZINCK, as consigned. The jury rendered a verdict of no cause of action.

The case of F. P. STEWART vs. the City of Ithaca was referred, and that of John LEE vs. the D. L. & W. R. R. was put over the term.

The case of Samuel TRUE vs. Alonzo BOARDMAN and Sarah A. BOARDMAN, to recover possession of a farm, was put on trial Thursday afternoon, but was discontinued at the evening recess, it being announced that a settlement had been agreed upon by which Mrs. BOARDMAN retained a life lease of the farm in question, which is on Bald Hill in the town of Danby. Mrs. TRUE and Mrs. BOARDMAN, who were the real litigants, are sisters.

The trial jury was discharged Thursday night, and the only remaining case, that of Anna M. SINCEBAUGH vs. Ann Eliza BLUE and others was tried Friday morning without a jury.

James PIERCE was brought into court just before the adjournment on Friday, and pleading guilty to the charge of stealing poultry from the farm of D. B. STEWART, was sentenced to one year in Auburn State prison. This was his first conviction.


Miss Mary A. DWYER, aged 41 years, died of asthma Tuesday night at the home of her sister, Mrs. CARBONI, on First Street.

The death of Mrs. Annis BUSH occurred at Slaterville, on Thursday, December 21st. She was between eighty and ninety years of age and had always lived in the vicinity. Her maiden name was BOICE, and she belonged to one of the oldest families of Caroline, and of whom several generations have lived there. She was a lady of great kindness and benevolence of disposition. Her nearest surviving relative is her brother, Cornelius BOICE. She had many relatives and friends in this county who will regret her death, though she had reached a great age.

On Tuesday evening, December 19, after a lingering illness, Miss Nancy M. RHODES passed away at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Truman RHODES, at Etna. Miss R., although only 46 years of age, knew much of suffering, for in early childhood she was a victim of diphtheria, from which disease she never fully recovered and through all these long years she bore her lot with cheerfulness. By her quiet and gentle ways she won the love and respect of all who knew her and she was never known to speak ill of any one. Her funeral took place from her late residence on Friday, Rev. Mr. McCULLOUGH, of Dryden, officiating. She leaves two sisters, Mrs. Charles SPAULDING, of Etna, and Mrs. Marenus CRUTTS, of Varna.


Wills of the following named decedents have been admitted to probate:

Hezekiah JONES, late of the city of Ithaca; Andalucia JONES, executrix.

Alfred BROCK, late of Danby; Elmer T. and Lena M. BROCK, executors.

Bridget AYERS, late of the city of Ithaca; Peter F. McALLISTER and John GERAGHTY, executors.

William O. NEWMAN, late of Ithaca; Levi J. NEWMAN and Samuel M. THOMPSON, executors.

Robert C. NELSON, late of Dryden; Louise L. NELSON, executrix.

Ann Eliza KING, late of Ulysses; Antoinette C. PIERSON, executrix.

John JANSEN, late of Caroline; George JANSEN, executor.

Mary DUPEE, late of Dryden; Hattie WILSON, executrix.

Charles H. WHITE, late of the city of Ithaca; Amanda M. WHITE, executrix.

Mary COLLINS, late of the city of Ithaca; Jennie B. COLLINS, executrix.

Adaline HUNGERFORD, late of the city of Ithaca; B. F. TABER, executor.

Michael C. KRUM, late of Caroline; David C. KRUM, and Henry S. KRUM, executors.

Josiah EMMONS, late of Lansing; Merwin BOWER, executor.

Charles A. BUSH, late of the city of Ithaca; Sarah A. BUSH, executrix.

Joseph HAMILTON, late of Caroline; Clement J. HAMILTON, executor.

Letters of Administration have been issued upon the estates of the following named decedents:

Elizabeth McNALLY, late of the city of Ithaca; to Frank McNALLY.

Malona M. TODD, late of the city of Ithaca; to Alice L. HOUSE.

Marcus LYON, late of the city of Ithaca; to Newell LYON.

Mary E. CHEESEBROUGH, late of the city of Ithaca; to Peleg CHEESEBROUGH.

Charles P. BANCROFT, late of Ulysses; to M. Truman SMITH, with will annexed.

Hugh HALSEY, late of Groton; to Grant H. HALSEY and Clayton L. HALSEY.

Wesley F. HILL, late of Newfield; to Nancy A. HILL.

Jacob BOWER, late of Lansing; to Nancy M. SEARLES and Fayette BOWER.

Charles MILLER, late of Newfield; to Sarah MILLER and Parker A. McINTOSH.

Alvah H. GLUCK, late of the city of Ithaca; to Julia Elizabeth GLUCK.

William M. DATES, late of Lansing; to Mary A. DATES.

Margaret A. DAVIS, late of Ithaca; to H. Cassie DAVIS.

The accounts of the representatives of the following named decedents have been filed and judicially settled:

John SOUTHWORTH, late of Dryden.

Hariet HANFORD, late of the city of Ithaca.


Mr. and Mrs. George HIGGINS are entertaining a little daughter, ? 11 pounds.

Miss Laura BROTHERTON entertained Miss Celestia BARDWELL, of Newfield, recently.

Mr. HUNGERFORD, of Trumansburg, will be our teacher for the next term.

Personal: Wade PINCKNEY, of Elmira Business College, is home to spend the holidays... Milton UNDERDOWN, of Cornell, is also spending the holidays with his parents... Mr. and Mrs. E. N. NORTHROP entertained a number of their relatives from Cortland Christmas.


Mr. and Mrs. Jacob BOOROM, living near Farmer, Seneca County, celebrated their golden anniversary one day last week.

Magee SHANNON, of Lodi, went to Farmer with friends to pass Sunday. During the day much drink was had and at night Shannon went down towards the Lehigh Valley station. The last seen of him alive was after the 8:34 o'clock southbound train had left Farmer, when he was seated upon the express truck on the platform of the station. When men went toward the track Monday morning they found his body between the tracks with the scalp nearly torn from the head, and the right arm crushed as well as the right leg. The man, no doubt, was walking or lying upon the tracks when a train came along, striking him and grinding his body to pieces. The body was picked up and laid at the side of the track, and Coroner OSBORNE, of Waterloo, was notified. The remains were taken to Lodi, where a father, brother and two sisters survive.


WATKINS, N. Y., December 27. The safe in the post office here was blown open by burglars at 3 o'clock this morning and the office badly wrecked. A good haul was probably made, though the exact amount is not yet obtainable.


TWO VALUABLE FARMS AT AUCTION. The undersigned, executors of the will of William G. GIBBS, late of Enfield, deceased, will sell at public auction on the premises now occupied by Charles B. GIBBS, three miles due west from Ithaca, on Wednesday, January 17, 1900, at ten o'clock in the forenoon:

The homestead farm of sixty-seven acres, occupied by said William G. Gibbs at the time of his decease, situated in the town of Enfield, three and one-fourth miles west of the city of Ithaca. All improved, except about six acres woodland. Farm in first-class condition; buildings good; two orchards.

Also the farm of ninety-five acres situated in the town of Ithaca, adjoining the Enfield line, now occupied by Charles B. Gibbs; eight acres of the farm are in woodland, balance improved, in good condition and well watered; valuable orchard of young trees; usual farm buildings, in good condition.

Charles B. GIBBS )

          ) Executors

George H. GIBBS )



Professor and Mrs. H. A. ____face spent Tuesday with W. B. KRUM and family... Marion HOLCOMB, of Binghamton, is a guest at S. LANDON'S... Olive LANDON is home for her Christmas vacation... Mr. and Mrs. Lynn MERRILL, and son, Mr. and Mrs. Jason MERRILL and Mrs. R. BALDWIN spent Christmas with relatives here... Alice HOUSLANDER, of Candor, visited at D. W. CONRAD'S this week * Willis BUTLER spent Christmas with friends in Waverly.

          Honor Bright


W. H. LYNCH gave a Stereopticon Exhibition at the school house last Saturday evening, which was very well attended. The especial features of the entertainment were "Ten Nights In a Bar Room", illustrated, and "Scenes From the Life of Christ." The comic scenery was greeted with peals of laughter from the children and older people as well. The talking puppets also caused considerable merriment. Everybody was satisfied except those who did not attend.

Mrs. Susan SMITH is failing and no hopes of her recovery. She is being cared for by her daughters, Mrs. George DEPEW of Freeville, Mrs. Joe LINDSEY, of this place, Mrs. Theodore OLNEY, also of this place, Mrs. Wm. BENNETT, of Ithaca, and Mrs. George SMITH, of Central Chapel. Mrs. Burdette HEFFRON, of Freeville, came to see her mother, but was obliged to go home.



Clarence BUCK'S people had a family reunion on Christmas day... The little child of Mr. MOREY'S has been very sick... Miss M. Lillian TEETER, who is teaching in Cayuga County, was home for a week's vacation between Xmas and New Year's... Allen BARGER and mother, of King Ferry, were in this place on Saturday... Frank PRICE, of Pennsylvania, is visiting at his father's... Miss Helen THOMAS and Miss Mary TOWNLEY will spend the winter in Washington... Charles STEINBURG and Mrs. Erwin DAVIS are on the sick list... Mrs. GILMER has been spending some time with her parents at Snyder Hill... E. O. WEAVER has been spending a few days with his uncle, near Cascade.


Mr. Fred FERGUSON, who is in Southern California, sent his people a box of beautiful oranges, the excellence of which we can testify to, as we were the recipients of some of them from the family... The UNDERWOOD family held their annual Christmas gathering with Mr. and Mrs. George SOVOCOOL at their pleasant home on Sunset Hill... Mr. and Mrs. B. E. VanBUSKIRK had his people and a few others to a Christmas supper, and afterward gave and received gifts from a very pretty evergreen arch. The rooms were trimmed with evergreens and growing plants... Mr. and Mrs. Frank FERGUSON and daughter, Miss Alice, spent Christmas with friends at Auburn... Mr. and Mrs. Will SHERMAN entertained friends over Christmas... Miss Fannie VanBUSKIRK is home from her school for the holiday vacation... Mrs. VANTINE is suffering from the prevailing distemper, La grippe.



The marriage of Earl D. BUCK of Painted Post, son of A. B. BUCK and wife, of West Groton, and Miss CALHOUN, of Buffalo, was solemnized at the bride's home on Saturday evening, December 29, 1899. Leon and Ellard BUCK, brothers of the groom, were present... The people in town for Christmas are: Paul and Carl TALLMADGE, C. I. HALSEY, E. A. BUCK, Mr. and Mrs. G. E. MOE, Mr. and Mrs. Fred BUCK, Aurilla CUTTER, Hattie RULISON, Dr. R. C. TARBELL, Rettie MANSEL, C. G. ORCUTT, Jennie OLIVER, the sons and daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Charles TOWNLEY and others... Seven families joined in a Christmas tree at the home of Mr. and Mrs. James CONNER Saturday evening... The officers of Grange are: M., N.S. BOTHWELL; O., W.R. HUMPHREY; S., Mrs. F. L. TARBELL; L., W. H. BULKLEY; Chap., Mrs. Will HARRIS; T., E. B. CUTTER; St., Albert GOULD; A. St., Gaylord McINTOSH; Sent., John HARRIS; Ceres., Mrs. Albert GOULD; Pomona, Mrs. Day GREENLEAF; Flora, Mrs. Reuben LANE.


The death of Mrs. William ST. JOHN occurred Saturday, December 16, at the home of her sister, Mrs. Festus COOPER. Early in the fall her old lung problem grew worse and Mrs. Cooper took her to her home in order to better care for her. She failed rapidly, and death came to her as a friend, bringing release from great suffering. Notwithstanding the severe rain of Tuesday, quite a company of relatives and neighbors gathered at the church to render the last tribute of respect to one who had passed a long lifetime in this place and vicinity... Charles HOWLAND and wife are enjoying having all their children at home during the holiday season... Mr. and Mrs. Byron ACKLES entertained a large party of relatives Christmas... The numerous members of the WILCOX family in this place ate their Christmas dinner at Crumtown, with Mr. Gus BINGHAM and wife... Mrs. Sarah JENNINGS and two nephews spent Christmas in Waverly...


"Wild Daisy" wishes all the correspondents and publishers of the ITHACAN a very happy, prosperous New Year... Miss Florence KELLOGG and her brother, Harry, are spending their vacation at home... Rev. T. J. HUTCHINGS of Ithaca, spent Sunday with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. T. J. HUTCHINGS.

          Wild Daisy


The dance of last week at G. GIBSON'S was attended by thirty-five couples and said to be one of his best parties... The death of Miss Nancy RHODES occurred on Tuesday evening, December 19. The funeral was held on Friday from her late home... Mr. FOSTER and family are moving from Varna into the tenant house of A. C. BURR, recently vacated by Mr. and Mrs. MURDOCK... News comes to us of the marriage of Thomas GIBBONS, who manufactured butter at the creamery a few years ago... L. E. HEMMINGWAY has erected another building, near the machine shops, with the intention of putting in a feed mill... W. H. PIERSON had a family gathering at his home for Christmas dinner... Miss Delilah SNYDER entertained her sister and brothers and their families to Christmas dinner on Monday, 21 being present... Mr. and Mrs. KOSTEINBADER and children of Groton, were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Will DOUGLASS Christmas... Raymer HANFORD was home from his work at Meadville, Pa., for a Christmas vacation for a few days only... Humphrey WILLIAMS, of Freeville, was in town Thursday... Mr. and Mrs. Edwin SNYDER spent Tuesday at Ithaca... Mrs. M. J. ROBERTSON has returned from a visit in Michigan... Misses Veda and Edna SNYDER are home from Long Island for holiday week... Lester MALLORY, of Dryden, was I town the first of the week... Miss Ethel ELLIOTT is home from her school at Cazenovia for the holdidays... Mrs. Henry FREESE of Ithaca visited her mother, Mrs. Phebe HURLEY, on Friday, December 22, it being her 81st birthday... Mr. and Mrs. Erwin AUSTIN, of Cortland, took Christmas dinner with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Isaac AUSTIN... Joseph SNYDER attended the funeral of E. FORTNER at Dryden... Alleine SPAULDING is quite sick with pneumonia... Miss M. J. CARR, of Freeville, attended the funeral of Miss RHODES.


E. L. meeting December 31. Topic, "The Heavenly Record." New Year's meeting leader, Maude STEVENS... The donation for Rev. C. SWEET at G. F. VanETTEN'S passed off very pleasantly. Net proceeds, $22.00... Edmond SCHOOLEY had the misfortune to lose a fine young cow on Friday night last... The children and grandchildren of William OWEN assembled at his home on Christmas and a pleasant day was enjoyed. Charles SCHOOLEY, their grandson, was present and took a photograph of the group... Christmas was celebrated by a family tree on Saturday evening at G. D. FULLER'S... Charles SCHOOLEY is doing a good business taking photographs in this place at present... Miss McGRAW closed her term of school in this place on Friday. She will visit her home in Avon for two weeks then will return and begin her second term of school for this year. Miss McGRAW has given general satisfaction and is well liked by all... Albert PIERCE and family will celebrate Christmas by having a family tree... Mr. and Mrs. William OWEN spent Friday at Elder Charles BOGARDUS', at White Church with other invited guests... Clarence CHILDS and family spent Christmas at Leroy WRIGHT'S at West Candor... Alonzo SPAULDING and wife took Christmas dinner at George CONRAD'S... D. M. WHITLEY and family and N. WHITLEY spent Christmas at their father's, J. C. WHITLEY'S... Albert and Charles PIERCE were in Ithaca on Friday... Mrs. Charles BOGARDUS, of White Church, visited at Clarence CHILD'S on Saturday... Charles NIVER is in Binghamton over Christmas with his family... Mr. and Mrs. F. E. STEVENS and daughter, Maude, visited at Ira HOOSE'S at Willseyville on Friday... Lorenzo RICE and family spent Christmas at George RICE'S near West Candor.


Roswell BEARDSLEY is losing his mind. He hardly knows his own family. He is very restless, sleeps but little and is a great care to the family. His age is against his ever being any better. He was 90 last July... The Christmas wheel at the M. E. church Saturday evening was a decided success. It was 14 feet across and when trimmed with the green foliage and Christmas gifts was very attractive and pretty. Rev. Mr. WILLIAMS received a black robe, Mrs. WILLIAMS a table cloth, from the church people... Miss Josephine BROOKS is at Ithaca, staying some time with her aunt, Miss Effie BROOKS... Hon. Horatio BROWN, who has been ill at Ithaca for several weeks, has so far improved that he will come to his home this week... Lewis BARGER has been on the sick list the past week.


Mrs. James Y. SMITH died very suddenly Sunday evening at her residence... Nellie O. LYKE and children went to Athens last week Thursday to stay with friends this winter... Miss Hattie DAVIS has secured employment at Willard and started for that place last Thursday... Mrs. E. S. OSBORN is spending Christmas with friends at Ithaca... Mrs. Susan BATTY and daughter Mary visited with Mrs. Lottie HIND at Enfield Center Christmas... Messrs. Clarence and George FARRINGTON, of Syracuse, are visiting their parents... Mr. and Mrs. Howard VanORDER, and Miss Nellie BLANCHARD spent Christmas in town.


Last week Friday afternoon while Willie DAVIS and Ray SNOW were skating on the ice near VanDorn's Corners a severe accident happened to young DAVIS. One of the parties had a revolver. They had removed all of the cartridges or supposed they had, but one cartridge remained after pulling it together, which caused the almost fatal accident to DAVIS. He was taken to the City Hospital the following morning. The ball entered the corner of his right eye, passed through his nose and lodged in his left cheek bone. Dr. Burr BESEMER performed the operation. They are young boys and we hope in the future will be careful how they handle deadly weapons... Parker TRUMBULL, an old resident of Enfield Falls, is very dangerously ill at present... a number of invited friends met at A. J. TEETER'S on Monday of this week to partake pf a turkey dinner... a number of friends partook of a Christmas dinner at Gideon LANNING'S on Monday of this week... We learn that Mont ACKLEY has taken the Levi NEWMAN farm to work on shares for another year and will take possession April 1st... Born to Mr. and Mrs. Fred EDDEY, on Tuesday of this week, a bouncing boy, weighing 9-1/2 pounds; now, Fred, bring out the cigars... Samuel MAYBEE and wife and Mrs. B. OSTERHOUT went to Cattaraugus County last week to spend a number of days with friends there... Eddey MABEE and wife from Trumansburg, are spending a few days here at his old home... Mr. and Mrs. QUIGLEY still remain very poorly... Herbie COLEGROVE has been on the sick list a part of this week... Mr. Lot SEAMON, who is at present blacksmithing at Kennedy's Corners, spent last Sabbath with his family in Trumansburg... Mrs. VanWORT from Tompkins County, is spending a number of days with Anson BOSSARD'S people here.


Mrs. Annis (BOICE) BUSH died at her home in this place, Wednesday, December 20, aged nearly 83. Mrs. B. was born and had always resided in this vicinity, and was remarkably bright and active until about ten days before her death when she was stricken with pneumonia. She is survived by an only brother, Cornelius S. BOICE, from whose home she was buried on Saturday. Among those from out of town present at her funeral were B. M. LAWRENCE and wife of Groton, Miss Eva McCLUSKEY of Beaver Dam, George MULKS and J. J. ROUNSEVILLE of Ithaca, and Mr. and Mrs. A. TERWILLIGER of Straits Corners. The deceased had scores of friends who with her relatives mourn the loss of a good friend and neighbor... Next Sabbath morning, December 31st, Rev. I. J. SMITH will preach a Memorial sermon on the 100th anniversary of the death of George Washington, by request of the Masonic fraternity, and it is expected they will attend as a lodge... Last Thursday afternoon, December 21st, Mr. Groton HOFFMAN and W. J. CARUS were in H. A. DAVIS' blacksmith shop in friendly converse when without any warning Mr. H. fell back dead on the bench on which he was sitting. Mr. H. was 66 years of age and leaves one daughter, Cora, his wife having died just five years ago. His funeral was attended from his late home on Sunday. His daughter has the sympathy of all in her sudden and sad bereavement... Married, in Ithaca, Monday, December 25, Fred CORNELIUS of Ellis, and Miss Anna WRIGHT, of this place. Accept congratulations... Mrs. C. L. DAVIS and Miss Frank (sic) DAVIS spent Christmas in Truxton, NY... LaVerne BULL was home from Elmira for Christmas... Mr. and Mrs. C. J. NORTHROP have been spending a few days in Lestershire... The Misses HILDEBRANT are entertaining friends from Groton... John BULL, Jr., of Elmira, spent Christmas at his home here... Ella BULL is home from Elmira College for the holidays as are also Lena POST and Fannie WHITE from the Ithaca High School... L. A. KRUM, of Manlius, is spending a few days at his home here... Miss Sue SLATER and John SLATER are spending this week in New York... Mr. and Mrs. C. W. STEPHENS spent Christmas in Ithaca... Prof. J. E. MOUNT is spending his vacation in Groton... Rev. R. J. PHILLIPS is spending a week in Watertown... Mildred CARD is spending her vacation in Richford... Charles E. JEWELL, of Ithaca, was in town Christmas night... Miss Julia BOICE ate Christmas dinner in Freeville... Mr. V. D. KEELER, editor of the Wyalusing Rocket, with his family, spent Sunday at Rev. I. J. SMITH'S... Miss Ambrose BULL, of Varna, has been spending a few days with relatives here.


At a meeting of David Ireland Post, G.A.R., held December 23rd, the following officers were chosen for the ensuing year: Commander, George WOLCOTT; Senior Vice, James COLE; Junior Vice, Dennis MELADY; Quartermaster, S. WOODHULL; Surgeon, J. L. MANDEVILLE; Chaplain, C. W. PERSIONUS; O. of D., E. LOUNSBURY; O. Guard, George LANE; Adj., William SCHUTT; Delegate to encampment, E. LOUNSBURY; Alternate, E. C. PERSONIUS... Rev. Mrs. E. C. WOODRUFF went on Monday to Clifton Springs, to spend Christmas with her daughter... Mr. and Mrs. C. R. WOLCOTT, who have been staying with Mr. W's father since his mother's death, and several weeks before, left for their home in Trumansburg on Tuesday... Charles GRAY, of Greene, visited with Mr. and Mrs. Theodore MANDEVILLE last week.


A donation was held in the M. E. church parlors Wednesday evening, December 27 for the Rev. J. L. GILLARD... Mr. and Mrs. Harry BOWER spent Christmas in Ludlowville... Mr. Bert HEATH, of Rochester, spent Christmas with his mother, Mrs. Heath... Miss Bessie PRUDEN, of Seneca Falls, is visiting her grandmother, Mrs. Heath.


Rev. Mr. BURR, of Groton, will continue his meetings here during several evenings of this week, closing on Friday evening... Miss Helen BALDWIN, of Groton, is passing the week at the BALDWIN home, Mrs. Lura McFARLAND, and daughter, Mrs. Jennie NICHOLS, of Union Springs, are also guests there for a few days... Miss Agnes HASTINGS, of Ithaca, passed Christmas and several after with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John HASTINGS... Arthur PINCKNEY and Miss Ethel BALDWIN were in the city Saturday... Mr. and Mrs. J. SHARPSTEEN served Christmas turkey to their several children and grandchildren... J. H. MOUNT, wife and daughter, with other friends, were entertained by Mrs. Jane WATSON at Freeville Monday... Frank MILLER and family, of Cortland, were guests at John MILLER'S Christmas... Mrs. Jennie BALDWIN and family attended the LOWE mid- winter reunion at Clarence BUCK'S Christmas... M. D. MONTFORT, wife and son were entertained at Orrin LINDSEY'S in McLean, Monday... F. T. REAVES and family, of Freeville, and Charles REAVES and family, of State Road ate Christmas dinner at F. BEARD'S... R. S. SEARLES and wife passed Monday in Nubia, at the home of their daughter, Mrs. Will OWENS... Mr. and Mrs. Will MOE entertained E. STARK and family, of Pleasant Valley, at dinner Monday... Mr. and Mrs. George CONLEY, and son dined Monday with Mr. and Mrs. Will DOUGLASS near Etna... Mrs. M. E. PINCKNEY and son, Alvin, attended the funeral of Miss Nan RHODES at Etna, Friday... Mrs. Walter COLLINS is recovering as rapidly as possible with her fractured limb... Mrs. Martha MILLER is also reported better.


On Christmas day Miss Grace LEETE received as a present from her brother, the Rev. F. D. LEETE, of Rochester, a first-class bicycle... Mr. and Mrs. George BROWN entertained on Christmas... O. T. ELLIS entertained Mr. and Mrs. Lewis CULVER and family on Christmas... Mrs. C is a daughter of Mr. Ellis... the parties married at the parsonage on the 19th were Miss Louise BOYCE to Mr. F. G. HASARD, both of Ithaca... on Christmas day, Mr. LEETE had the pleasure of uniting in marriage Miss Annie VOIGHT, of Slaterville, with Fred A. CORNELIUS, of Ithaca... Mrs. Olive CRUTTS and family and Mr. and Mrs. Lewis CRUTTS were among the guests at a family dinner at Smith BURR'S near Etna on Christmas... Miss May SNYDER is home from school at Cortland... Miss Gertrude LEETE, teacher of history in the Utica High School, and Miss Grace LEETE, of the Cortland Normal, are spending the holidays with their parents, the Rev. and Mrs. M. S. LEETE... Mr. and Mrs. P. GOLDEN are in Ludlowville... Mr. and Mrs. T. B. SNYDER and little daughter, of Caton, are visiting at T. B. REED'S... Mrs. LORMOR, of Dryden, spent a part of last week with her brother William MANNING.


The receipts of the dime social held at W. C. PIERCE'S Wednesday evening were applied to the pastor's salary... Mrs. H. C. GEER has received the sad news of the death of her nephew, Wallace VINCENT, of Syracuse... Mr. and Mrs. James AYERS celebrated their golden wedding December 25. Those from out of town were Mrs. William WAGNER, Mr. and Mrs. George WAGNER, of Harford, Mrs. Harriet POLLEY and children, Mr. and Mrs. C. CHAFEE, of Berkshire, Mr. and Mrs. Stanley BAILEY and Mrs. Sarah CASTERLINE, of Ithaca... the milk train going south Monday killed five sheep for J. W. ALLEN which had accidentally got on the railroad track... among those spending their holiday vacation with their parents here are Loren CURTIS, of New York, at C. F. CURTIS'S; H. C. ALLEN, of Ohio, at J. W. ALLEN'S; Mr. and Mrs. J. L. McENTEE, of Albany, with Mr. and Mrs. C. L. RICH; LEON LACEY and family of Auburn, at Charles LACEY'S; Mrs. Frank BARNEY and son, of Auburn, at G. M. BARNEY'S; Fred NOONAN, of Ithaca, at Edward NOONAN'S; Mr. and Mrs. Fred CONRAD and son, of Auburn, at Charles CONRAD'S; Mrs. Jay WHITE of McGraw, with her sister, Mrs. A. P. BARNES; Miss Bessie BEARDSLEY, of Ithaca, at her uncle's, George M. BARNEY'S; Argyle McLACHLAN at J. L. BOVEE'S; Lucius JONES, of Lisle, at Lemuel POLLEY'S; Bert BLISS and family at G. D. MORELAND'S... W. H. RICE and family spent Christmas at Willard TOLCOTT'S, Harford Mills and A. B. MORELAND and family in Berkshire... Mrs. Andrew COLE and children are spending the week with friends near Besemer... Mr. and Mrs. DURFEY, of Ithaca, are visiting her sister, Mrs. J. CLEVELAND... Mr. CRITTENDEN, of Mansfield, Pa., is spending the week with his son, G. L. CRITTENDEN... Mr. and Mrs. W. B. ALLEN, of Binghamton, are in town for a few days.


L. HOLDEN and family have moved in L. E. HAY'S house... Mr. and Mrs. Ray SEXTON have been spending the past week at O. F. SEXTON'S in Cortland... Mrs. H. C. GRAY is visiting friends in Syracuse and Auburn this week... Ettie DAVIS, of Marathon, is spending her vacation with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John DAVIS... Mrs. Amanda MILLER spent Christmas with friends at Newark Valley... Mr. and Mrs. DeForest KELLS visited at M. KELLS' part of last week... Evalena AYERS is spending her vacation with her father, Rudolph AYERS... Mr. and Mrs. Warren FULTS, of Lisle, visited at E. WILCOX'S Saturday... Mrs. Warden TARBOX is visiting her daughter, Mrs. GALE, in Owego... C. KING has gone east to spend the winter... Mr. and Mrs. M. HALL and son, of Cortland, Mr. and Mrs. R. CHEPPIE and children, of Dryden, Mr. and Mrs. C. P. DAVIS, Mr. and Mrs. H. HAWLEY, of Harford, Mr. and Mrs. W. SHAW, of Berkshire, enjoyed a turkey dinner with Mr. and Mrs. C. W. HERRINGTON Christmas... Mr. ROSE is visiting his children in Ithaca.


Mr. and Mrs. C. CHAFFEE of Auburn, and Miss Gertrude CHAFFEE, of Ithaca, are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Oliver SNYDER... Miss Mary DeREMER has returned from a two weeks' visit in North Lansing... Mr. and Mrs. John PALMER spent Christmas in Groton, the guests of her father... Daniel DeREMER is spending a few days in Moravia.


Mrs. Samuel MAXWELL and daughter Bessie, of Elkland, Pa., came to this place Saturday to pass the holidays with relatives and friends... Miss Ethel DALY, of Leona, Pa., is visiting at the home of her uncle, M. L. DALY... Miss Nellie B. DOWNES, of the Elmira College, is passing her holiday vacation at the home of her mother, Mrs. L. A. DOWNES... Mrs. O. A. SCOTT went to Ludlowville Monday morning, where she visits relatives... Mrs. Charles WARD and daughter Beatrice, of Truxton, have been visiting relatives in this place... Mr. and Mrs. Loren GETMAN and daughter Helena, of Elmira, and Mr. and Mrs. C. H. BARDEN, of Pennsylvania, have been passing a few days at the home of S. BRIGGS... Mr. and Mrs. Sanford BLAKE and daughter Pearl have been visiting relatives in Sayre... Mr. and Mrs. J. C. KNETTLES passed Christmas at Ithaca... Professor and Mrs. George T. MILLER, of Horseheads, spent Christmas at the home of her parents, Dr. and Mrs. C. A. MURRAY... Miss Frances WARD, who went to Elizabeth, N. J., a few weeks ago, in the General Hospital to take a three years' course as trained nurse, has resigned her position there and returned to this place Friday evening... Messrs. T. C. POUNDS and Amos CANFIELD, of Cornell, are spending their vacation in this place... Messrs. Harry PITTMAN and W. W. LONG, of Ithaca, have been visiting relatives and friends in this place... Mr. and Mrs. O. W. COOK passed Christmas at the home of his son, G. Louis COOK, of Ithaca.

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