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Tompkins County Surnames (O-P)

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OCAIN Bill Ocain Dryden, Caroline 1820-1840
ODELL Scott Simon Tompkins Co. 1790-1850
ODELL Jim Kucharski Dryden & Lansing 1810 to 1900
ODLE Scott Simon Tompkins Co 1820 - 1860
OGDEN Michelle Caskey Danby, Tompkins Co, NY Late 1700s-mid 1800s
OGDEN Bill Clark Ellis, Varna, Tomp. Co. 1700-present
OLIVER Ron Schmitt Ulysses 1870s
OLIPHANT Neil Armstrong Ithaca or Dryden 1875
OLNEY Lynda Decker Blanford Tompkins County 1700s-1900s
OLTZ Bill Cornell Ithaca died/buried in Ithaca, 1949
OLTZ Shirley Murray Tompkins County and Chemung County early l800s until present
O'NEIL John Waldman Trumansburg 1870-1920
OPLINGER Bill Oplinger Tompkins County 1918-198?
OSBORN Sharyn Sheen Danby, Tompkins Co. 1830's
OSBORNE Harold Osborne W. Danby 1860s 1870s +-
OSMUN/OZMAN C.J. Lansing 1840-1900
OSTRANDER Nancy Tweedie    
OVERACKER Jonathan Armstrong Caroline, Dryden 1860-1920
OWEN John Stewart Tompkins Co., NY 1790-1900
OWEN Diane Clawson Ulysses 1804/1869
O'CONNOR Bob O'Connor Ithaca 1860-1880
PADDOCK Jessica Holland Enfield and Ulysses 1800s
PAGE Nancy Hulbert Pakkala Lansing, Danby, West Danby 1860-present
PAINE Jeff Burke Caroline 1800-1850
PALMER Patricia Grimm Newfield, Groton 1880
PALMER Marion Hall Enfield Glen 1835 - 1910
PALMER Gina Comfort Newfield,enfield,Tompkins county 1800-
PANGBOURN Les Conkle Newfield before 1842
PANGBURN Debbie Pangburn Forte Ithaca, Trumansburg c. 1850 - c. 1950
PANTOZZI Diane Pantozzi Black Ithaca 1920s-present
PAQUETTE Patricia Grimm Newfield, Groton 1880
PARKER Patricia Givens Warner Cortland and Tompkins County 1819 - present
PARKER Janet Nash Tompkins County 1840-1890
PARSONS Patrick McCleary Newfield 1800-1920
PARSONS wmcrozier Dryden circa 1819/1820
PARTENHEIMER Harry A. Ide Ithaca 1830s - ?
PATCHIN Gloria Patchin Tompkins Co. early 1800s
PATMORE Larry Loucks Danby & Ithaca 1820 - 1950
PATTAN Sandy Dempsey Tompkins Co. 1800s
PATTERSON Albert Lee Tompkins and Cortland Counties 1829-1860
PATTERSON Carol Tolley Tompkins and Cortland Counties --
PATTERSON Jane E. Ashby Newfield 1830
PATTERSON Tom Howard Tompkins County --
PAYNE Edward P. House Newfield 1816 - 1892
PAYNE Jane E. Ashby Newfield 1820
PAYNE/PAINE Deb Gunther Caroline, Tompkins County 1837-1863
PEARSALL Tina Marie Searles Hector/Ulysses 1840s to 1900s
PEARSON Jacquie Baker Newfield 1847
PEASE Barbara R Himes Tompkins Co 1800s
PEASE Dorothy Lordi Tompkins County --
PEEK Emma L. Peak Smith Taughannock Falls Sanitarium early 1900
PELTON Anne Hurst Ithaca 1839
PERPENTE Shirley Murray Tompkins County and Chemung County early l800s until present
PERRIGO Laurel Auchampaugh Tompkins County 1880s
PERRY D. Taber Caroline 1814-1884
PERRY Chris Chapman Town of Caroline early 1800's,then moved to Catlin Co.
PERRY Linda Ennis Trumansburg 1920-1992
PERRY Terri Crockford Newfield 1850 to present
PERSONIUS Neal Thompson Caroline Center, Tompkins County 1800's
PERSONIUS Chris Chapman Town of Caroline early 1800's,then moved to Catlin Co.
PERSONIUS Neal Thompson Tompkins County 1747-1930
PETTIS Brett Burrowes Groton, McLean 1800-1900
PETRUSKY/PETRUSKI/PETRUSKIE Elizabeth Matsuyama Ithaca 1880-1940
PEW Wendy Sheldon Black Tompkins Co. 1800
PHILLIPS Hillick Ithaca 1820-1890
PHILLIPS Karla Mahlberg Dryden 1824-1850
PIERCE Emily Gross-Benjamin Onondaga Reservation about 1850-1885
PIERCE Chris Smithson Ithaca 1850s
PIERCE Donald E Pierce Sunnyvale 1982
PIERSON Scott Pierson Ithaca 1800-1860
PITTS Margie Landreville Dryden 1820-1845
PLANT(S) Laura Phillips Nygaard Tompkins County 1830s
PLATT Debbie Combs Tompkins County 1830s
POLLARD Don Tracy Ithaca 1850-1890
POMMELLS Lynn Young Ithaca left the area in 1951
POOLE Madeline Jenkins Millard Caroline, Danby, Ithaca, Mecklenburg, Trumansburg Before 1888 - 2008
POPPLETON Debra Dunbar Danby 1820
PORCELLI Nancy L. Tuskey Tompkins County, Ithaca 1913-1966
PORTER Geneva Shafer Unknown 1820-1830
PORTZLINE Kyle Clark Groton 1930-
POWLEY Ed Powley Ithaca 1940
PRATT Dorothy Lordi Trumansburg ca 1811
PRATT David and Linda McCann Groton 1800s
PRATZ/PROTTS Jayne Thompson Newfield early 1800
PRAME Mary L. White died County Home, 1920s before 1850 Lansing
PRICE Taryn Price Draxler c. 1830-1893 Ulysses, Trumansburg
PRICE Charles H Price Tompkins Co. Ithaca
PRIMROSE Susan Cranston Dryden 1800-1870
PUFF Deborah Martin-Plugh Newfield  

Deborah Martin-Plugh

Enfield, Tompkins

Circa  1800 – 1952

PURDY Connie Corbett-Whittier Tompkins County 1820s
PUTERBAUGH Terri Crockford Dryden 1840-1900


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