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Tompkins County Surnames (W-X-Y-Z)

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WAGER Olive Hoffman Tompkins County ca 1800 - after 1846
WAGONER Kay ( - not valid email) Peruville, Tompkins County Circa 1835-?
WALDEN Bill Clark Ellis, Varna, Tomp. Co. 1700-present
WALDRON Peter E. Waldron McLean 1860
WALSH Jill Foley Ithaca 1894 - present
WALSH Tom Herson Lansing 1840 to present
WALPOLE Tom Herson Groton, Tompkins County ca 1828 to present
WANZER/WANZOR Jean Kingrey Lansing 1813-1826
WARD Richard Ward Ulysses/Jacksonville/Lot #31 ~1860-1900
WARD Mary Ellen Clark Uylsses 1900 to around 1930?
WARD Virgil E. Uphold Tompkins, County, NY 1800
WARREN Tina Marie Searles Hector/Ulysses 1800 to 1900s
WARREN Jim Potts Ithaca, Tompkins, NY 1850-2000
WASHBURN/WASHBURNE James W Tour Dryden 1820 - 1900
WEBLEY Jyl Kersten W. Groton 1840
WEBSTER Richard Webster Lenyard  
WEDGE Catherine Larson Town of Ithaca 1823 to 1845
WEEKS Brenda L. Smith Tompkins Co. 1970's to present
WEEKS Linda Ennis Trumansburg 1889-1979
WEILER Chuck Mansfield Groton 1870 to present
WELCH Chuck Caveney Brooktondale ca 1890 - present
WELDIN Ed Wallace Tompkins Co. 1798 - ?
WELLER Barbara Carlson Danby, Tomkins Co. 1880
WELLIN Jean Clark Ithaca 1830
WELLS Rosemarie Novak    
WELSH Tom Welsh Tompkins County --
WEST Judith Mullally Boatman Tompkins County --
WEST Chris Smithson Ithaca 1850s
WESTERVELT Karen Dickson Ulysses 1850 to present
WESTERVELT Leigh Boen Tompkins County 1840+
WESTFALL Barbara Matul Ulysses c. 1900
WESTMILLER Ruth Gastrock Tompkins County --
WESTON Doug McGuire Ulysses 1810-1840
WESTOVER Beth Ukasick Dryden 1820-1860
WEYBURN Deborah Martin-Plugh Ulysses, Tompkins

Circa 1790 – present

WHEATON Daniel Dennis Tompkin County 1800-1870
WHEELOCK Sandra M. Smith Ulysses & Ithaca 1839 - 1872
WHIPPLE Nancy Whipple Erbland Groton 1850 census
WHITCOMB Kenneth Whitcomb Dryden, Ithaca 1800-1848
WHITE Lisa Curtis Enfield 1820-1860
WHITE Joan Sickles Dryden 1800-1860
WHITEHEAD Ron Schmitt Ulysses 1850s
WHITLOCK Ginni L. Morey Ithaca 1800 - 1860
WHITMORE Robert Havlen Tompkins Co. early 1800s
WHITNEY Jerry Forman Ithaca 1830-1840
WHITNEY Mary Heinlein Tompkins County --
WICKHAM Lucy Griffin Lansing 1832
WICKER Frank Wicker Tompkins Co. 1831
WIEDMAIER Clare George Wiedmaier Jr. city cemetery 1888
WILCOX Larry Wilcox Groton  
WILCOX Terri Camp Dryden, Freeville, Ithaca 1860s-1940s
WILCOX Lena Hurst Tompkins County
WILCOX Barbara R Himes Tompkins Co 1800s
WILCOX Ron Schmitt Ulysses 1800s
WILDRICK Lisa McGill Lansing circa 1819
WILEY Arlene Jennings Ithaca --
WILKINSON Nancy Manley Tompkins County 1800s
WILKINSON Thomas J. Wilkinson Buttermilk Falls T. of Ithaca 1889 to 1925

Deborah Martin-Plugh

Ulysses and Enfield, Tompkins

Circa 1800 – 1940

WILLIAMS Dorothy Allen Ithaca 1883
WILLIAMS Todd L. Williams Newfield, Tompkins County, New York 1850 [?] to present.
WILLIAMS Dorothy Allen Tompkins Co. Ithaca
WILLIAMS Marcia Ithaca, N.Y. 1800-1990s
WILLIAMS Steve Burt Ithaca 1800s
WILLIAMS Judie French Groton 1812
WILLIAMS Dorothy Lordi Tompkins County --
WILLIAMSON Beth White Matsuyama Ithaca 1820s to 1940s
WILLIAMSON Arny Robinson Tompkins County 1780-1880
WILLIS Pam Decker Lansing 1855-1900
WILLSEY Wendy Sheldon Black Tompkins Co. 1800
WILLSEY Joan Willsey Yetzer Ithaca & Caroline 1800s
WILLSEY Ann Buckley Caroline --
WILSON Scott Guerin Tompkins County 1827-?
WILTSE Robert Brings Caroline 1820-1855
WINN Tracy Howard Ithaca, Tompkins Co. 1890's
WINN Arlynda Barnes Tompkins County --
WISE John Wise Danby, Ithaca, Newfield c. 1830 - c. 1860
WIXON/WIXOM/WIXSON Cheryl Woxon Gocken Tompkins County 1820+
WOLCOTT Louise Wolcott Miller Wolcott/Cortright Wolcott
WOLCOTT Julie Tompkins County 18th-20th century
Wolverton Creque Wolverton Trumansburg until 1952?
WOOD Clark Kidder Tompkins, Cayuga Counties 1790-1840
WOOD Carl Zimmer Groton 1820s-?
WOOD Jerry Babcock Tompkins County --
WOOD Pamela Denton Enfield, Groton, Ithaca, Ulysses 1800-1920
WOODARD Judie French Groton 1812
WOODBURY Sally Bowman Groton 1826 to early 1900s
WOODCOCK MB Ulysses 1800
WOODRUFF Marsha Zwicker Tompkins County Groton
WOODRUFF Mark Woodruff Ithaca 1830's
WOODRUFF Anne Hurst Ithaca 1836
WOODWARD Sue Dietzen Tompkins County 1880s-?
WOOLEVER Barb Dryden, Groton 1800-1850
WOOLEY/WOOLLEY Roy Gage Thompkis cty 1810-now
WOOLEY Karen Dickson Enfield 1806-present
WORDEN Barbara Worden Newfield,Tompkins Co.. NY early 1800s to death in1891
WORTMAN Mary Maki Jacksonville 1862-1933
WRIGHT Dianne Thomas Groton c. 1870-c. 1930
YAGER Chris Peterson Tompkins County --
YAPLE Sharon Scofield Caroline, Dryden, Ithaca, Lansing, Newfield 1800-1900s
YAPLE Ann Buckley Ithaca, Danby, Caroline --
YAPLE Wendy Sheldon Black Tompkins Co. 1800
YAPLE/YAPLES Michelle L. (Yaples) Kee Ithaca, Danby, Dryden, McLean c. 1789 to present
YATES John H. Yates Groton, Rochester, NY present to 1600's
YEAPLE French Ithaca 1800's
YOUNG Jim Gibbs Groton 1813 to present
YOUNGS Beverly Youngs Sheils Newfield area c. 1850
ZAZZARA Bill John Ithaca ?-1950s?


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