Cooper Reunion in 1930

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The first reunion of The William Henry COOPER Family was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles N. MUNCH on Memorial Day.

Among those present were Mr. & Mrs. Frank BERRY of Syracuse. Mr. and Mrs. Frank (Dora) BAYLES of Binghamton, Mr. and Mrs. Bert COOPER and two children: and Mr. and Mrs. Charles DICKSON of Brooktondale. Mr. and Mrs. Fred (Clara) MEIR, of Ithaca. It was decided to make this gathering and annual event. During the day children and grandchildren visited the Caroline Grove Cemetery and decorated the grave of W. H. COOPER, a veteran of the Civil War.

[William H. COOPER married Martha (Finch) WILLIAM was the son of: John C. and Mary (Servent) COOPER. William and Martha lived in the Town of Dryden and The Town of Caroline, Tompkins Co., NY]

Janet Nash transcribed these records into digital format.

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