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Forty-Six Relatives Meet at Home of William Weatherell in Newfield

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Forty-six members of the EARL family met Saturday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. William WETHERELL in Newfield for their third annual reunion. Dinner was served in Millbank Park and furing the afternoon the company was entertained with readings by Mr. and Mrs. Maurice HAM of Ithaca.

At the business meeting, Isaac K. EARL of Swartwood was chosen president for the ensuing year and Dora L. EARL of Ithaca was reelected secretary and treasurer. It was decided to make the third Saturday in August a permanent date and the WEATHERELL home the annual meeting place for this reunion.

The following members of the family were present: Mr. and Mrs. Henry WHITTEN, Mr. and Mrs. John R. MYERS, and Messrs. Arthur and Hugh MYERS, Genoa; Mrs. Amanda EARL, and Mr. and Mrs. George EARL, Erin; Mr. and Mrs. John KETCHUM, Waverly; Mr. and Mrs. Ernest J. KETCHUM and their children, Elmira; Mr. and Mrs. Vernon EARL and their children, and Mr. and Mrs. Charles TEETER and their children, Enfield; Mr. and Mrs. Isaac K. EARL, and Miriam and Kenneth DECKER, Swartwood ; Sylvanus EARL, Trumansburg; Miss. Mary F. HUNT and Frank HUNT, Williamsport, Pa.; Mr. and Mrs. William WETHERELL, George WETHERELL, and Dora HAM, Newfield; Mr. and Mrs. Alfred HAM, Mr. and Mrs. Maurice HAM, Mrs. Charles W. EARL, Mr. and Mrs. William BAKER, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick J. EARL, the Misses Louise and Dora EARL and Lovisa KETCHUM, Ithaca. Mrs. Angeline KELLOGG of Ithaca and J.H. CRUTHERS of Genoa were guests of the family.

SOURCE: ITHACA DAILY NEWS, Mon. August 21, 1916

Contributed by: Leigh Boen, great grand-daughter of John W. EARL1, born 1854 Ulysses, John Thomas EARL2, born 1830 Ulysses, John EARL3, born Geneva, Ontario Co., NY 1795, removed to Ulysses by 1815-1816.

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