Knapp Family Reunion

August, 1910

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Marcellus Observer newspaper clipping found in scrapbook. Its listed here as it does mention Tompkins County families.

A pleasing event in this quiet little hamlet was the first reunion of the family of Cyrus KNAPP. The occasion was one of interest as it was the 80th birthday of Mr. Knapp and the 50th birthday of the eldest son at whose home the reunion was held.

The sons and daughters were all present, being scattered over a large part of New York State. These were: Mrs. Albert DAVENPORT and Frank W. KNAPP, of Marcellus; Dr. A.C. KNAPP and Dr. J.B. KNAPP, of Cortland; Prof. A.S. KNAPP, of Niagara Falls; R.D. KNAPP, of Katonah; Hiram KNAPP, Miss Cady KNAPP, and Mrs. George E. MINEAH, of Dryden; Com'r. Hattie K. BUCK, of North Lansing; Miss Zoe KNAPP, of New York City; and Miss Helen KNAPP, of Syracuse. There are also sixteen grandchildren, nine of whom were present.

The occasion was very much enjoyed as it was the first time in nearly twenty years the entire family had been together and the day was enlivened by many pleasant recollections and music.

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