Letter from Elwood A. Emery to Elbert Schooley

Transcribed by: Theresa Rae Hilker Donlick

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1625 Warren Blvd., Chicago, Ill. Ar. 1932

Mr. Elbert Schooley,

Dear Sir: I am working on a Sawyer Genealogy. Mrs. Levi R. Tubbs sent me your address, and from her I understand that you are a granson of Henry and Hannah (Stevens (crossed out), or Stevens) Sawyer, their children, as I have them were Warren, Salley, Emily and Merietta & Matilda. If you are a son of one of these daughters, I hope you can give me a recod of your family. Please give me the full names (middle names as well) of your father and mother, the places and dates of their births, the place and date of their marriage and the place and dates of their death. I would like the place and date of your birth, your full name, the same inforamtion about your brothers and sisters, and a record of all your marriages, i.e. the place and date of marriage and the full name of the other party in each case, if any of your brother and sisters died unmarried, please give the place and date of death in each case. I must also have some information about your father's parents, viz. Their full names, including the maiden name of his mother. Ik have writeen to Wm. Harrison Stevens, a son of Marietta, and Mrs. Ina Merrill, a daughter of Warren. I suppose you are a son either of Saly or Emily. Will you please tell me ll you can about the other one, and give me the address of one or more of her children? If you know her birthdate. I would like it, and also the full name of the man she married. Please be so kind as to send me your reply at your earliest convenience. I woul like it within a week if possible. Yours very sincerely, Elwood A. Emery

(Note: also, written - by someone else on the back of this letter , the following: Write Mildred Matthews about Schooleys. And, Write Ferieda for copies of Bogardus paper which Aunt Ada loaned. One newspaper - othe copy from Bertha's. (This could be Bertha Bogardis Beard, a relative of Mary Schooley Jayne Murphy.) - Theresa Rae Hilker Donlick

Thank you Terry Donlick for sharing this letter!

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