Letter between Chas. Schooley and Ware Schooley

Transcribed by Theresa Rae Donlick

The following is a letter addressed to Mr. Chas. M. Schooley, Brooktondale, New York, postmarked February 26, 1935 from Ware Schooley, Lake Mahopec, New York

MAHOPAC, N.Y. February 26th, 1935

MR. Chas. M. Schooley,
Dear Sir:

Your letter received as was very much pleased to get it as writing to a ten year old address is rather risky.

Last fall I received a letter from Mrs. Cleland A. Ward of Lockport, N.Y. . Her husband's mother was a Schooley, descending from the same line that I do. She is along in years and has taken up the Schooley genealogy as a part time, she has found out a lot. I am going to show your letter to her so perhaps you will hear from her later.

When I started this all the Schooley's that I knew were my own relatives, but I find there are others here and there as follows.
Thomas H. Schooley, Detroit, he has made quite a study of the family and correspons with Mrs. Ward.
W. H. Schooley who lives in St. Petersburgh, Florida
A. Schooley who lives in Kansas City, Mo.
Ella Schooley (a Schooley's sister who lives in N.Y. City (1924)

In some letters written in 1859 & 60 to my grandparents, I find mentioned a Wm J. Schooley, blacksmith; who lived at ovid, N.Y. they think he moved later to Syracuse, do you know anything about him.

In looking over the family tree that I have constructed I cannot link in your G.G. Grandfather Thomas with any Schooley line. Can you recall his fathers name and can you tell if Thomas had any brother or sisters or cousins.

Can you tell where Thomas & wife & children were living when Thomas disappeared, can you remember any scraps of conversation between your grandparents or others in regard to the older Schooleys as this might enable me to connect you up with the Schooley Mt. Family who descended from three brothers that came to America in the year 1678, they were English & came from England. In one of the old letters that I have is mentioned a Schooley Coat of Arms.

Several weeks ago I went to N.Y. Public library and asked for Buck's Book on Eng. Coat of Arms and there I found one given to the Schooley's in 1585.

This I will send on to you later. As I mentioned I went at this family history ten years ago & went as far as I could, Last fall I corresponded with Mrs. Ward and we have been able to go on farther with our own line.

We always leave such things to long and our grandparents die and we lose the family history and records, the first few generations of Schooley's were Quakers and the marriage records were kept by the church or meeting houses. Mrs. Ward says that Thomas Scooley of Detroit was about ready to publish a Schooley genealogy when the depression came on stopping that, perhaps some one later will be able to carry this out.

Mrs. Schooley & I operate a tearoom and boat livery here on Lake Mahopac, so I have only a few weeks more to devote to this as we will have our spring work to do.

MRs. W. E. Simmons of Newark Valley is my uncle.

Jiom Simmons (Hardward Store) my cousin,

Yours respectfully,

Ward Schooley

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