Townley - Ward Letter

Transcribed by: Theresa Rae Hilker Donlick

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Mrs. Cleland A. Ward

88 Waterman Street

Lockport, N.Y.

July 25th, 1937

My Dear Miss Townley,

I have rathered delayed answering your kind letter in waiting for a letter from Mr. Charles Inhay? County Clerk of Seneca County.

I wrote to him after Janet's visit as in the short time I had to talk I failed to tell her that the name "Schooley" was in the early times written "Scholey" and in that way she missed some records. He replied that he would endeavor to obtain that I hoped to find.

I am trying to find brothers of my husband's gr. Grandfather, Richard Schooley of Herkimer County.

I have the data on William (b. 1770-d. 1872) the youngest and who lived at Romulus. A copy of a letter written in 1859 by a Wm. J. Schooley of Ovid, in which he speaks of visiting (Uncle Wm.) at Romulus and that he has a sister Lydia in Chicago. This shows that his father was a brother of William, hence to Richard.

The Schooley's were all friends and related to the Dells, Bonnels, of Waterloo.

In 1841 a John Schooley, whom I believe to have been another deeded land.

I have data on Azaliah and Levi Azaliah Schooley and as Azaliah was born probably about 1809 ___ Was born in New Jersey, son of another brother or possibly might be a son of this John. Azaliah is buried at Lundy's Corners.

Henry M. was a son of William, but have no children accredited to him though an Alfred B. Schooley might be his son; Lucien was a son of his brother Ezra.

Tompkins County

In Brookton dale which I believe is in that county lives a Charles Schooley who says that his gr. Father Thomas settled there (In that County) in early times and disappeared in 1848.

Now from a memory of a cousin of Mr. Ward's she recalls a great deal of talk about "Kings Ferry" which I believe is almost directly across the Lake from Ovid. That would lead one to believe that he also was a brother as Thomas is the name of the emigrator Schooley. However Janet had no time to delve into that angle as it would have taken too much time to find where his land was and if it was in that locality.

Of course it is not a matter of life and death as we have the background of the family from England and Richard, but I just happen to be one of those people who wants to get all data possible and make the account interesting.

A note from Janet told us that they reached home the night of July first, but had to give up the trip to Yellowstone as they were kept to long in Detroit.

They certainly are the limit the way they breeze across the country. If we see them for twelve hours we are lucky.

Thank you for your interest. Yours truly, Mary F. Ward

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