Letter from Charles BOWER of
Pennsylvania to Mr. Charles Bower,
West Seneca St. Ithaca,

The Church Book of the Evangelical United Congregation in
Milton (Genoa) and Scipio, New York,
[micro-fiche #6049760].

Donated and Transcribed by Kent Davis

Most of the baptisms, marriages, and death entries seem to be for German Families (German Reformed Lutheran congregation with some sermons preached In German) living in the around Lansing Genoa and the Finger Lakes. Two Areas that are mentioned often are Salmon Creek and West Hills. I think These maybe in the Lansing area. The entries are from about 1803 to 1846.

The following letter was on the last pages of the above named manuscript.  As this was being typed it was  noticed that there were some problems with its contents but the transcriber made no changes but copied it as it was written. It is believed that BOWER was spelled BAUER in the old German church records.

Letter from Charles BOWER of Pennsylvania to Mr.. Charles Bower, West Seneca St. Ithaca, 1883.

I visited Lansingville and saw your great-grandfather's tombstone at the German Cemetery near John BOWER (Boles Home, 1935). Great-grandfather's name was Tilman BOWER, died Aug. 29, 1810, aged 66 years, your grandmother was Eva, died Dec. 22, 1815 aged 72 years. Your grandfather was Adam and he and his wife lived to be 87 years old.

Tilman came to Lansing with five sons from Germany in the early days and settled in Northumberland Co.. Penn. Children all born there. Went to Lansing when Ithaca had only two log huts and mostly swamp and covered with water nearly up to the Old Hotel. They followed Gen. Sullivan's trail that he made around the east side of the town and up the lake where he fought the
Indians above where your Uncle Nelson lived; it used to be the Crooker land near the head of Salmon Creek, and made a great slaughter among the Indians, which cleared the way for the white settlers.

My father says he was a small boy when he saw Gen. Sullivan's army marching through Easton, Pa. for York State to clear the Indians out. When Sullivan marched back, they encamped at Elmira, or I think it was called Horseheads; at least most of Gen. Sullivan's horses starved to death and their heads were piled up and could be seen a great many years after.

Your great-grandfather's children's names were John, Samuel, Honteeter, Adam, who is your grandfather and George. The girls were Susan, m. Elmer BAKER; Catherine m. Andrew KELLAR; Betsey m. Malchor CONRAD. All settled in Lansing and some in east and west parts of the town. Your great-grandfather lived in the house where Jesse BOWER'S widow lives; the descentants are very numerous, Adam BROWER settled on the farm where your Uncle Joseph lived, all woods cleared the land where Dant LOBDELL lives and built a house where I was born, contained 245 A. George BOWER, his brother, owned about the same where Lucius BACON lived. Samuel BOWER lived where Abram OAMUN mansion is, owned 145 A. and the old folks used to say "Old John OAMUNcheated him out of his farm."

My mother was a CONRADand there are more relations than on the BOWER side, Adam BOWER, born Sept. 29, 1772, died April 13, 1847; married May 27, 1798 Sarah CONRAD, born July 9, 1783, died June 29 1861.

1. Jacob,    b. Dec. 22, 1792, m. Mar. 15, 1824, died Jan. 20, 1873.
2. Fanny,    b. Sept. 12, 1801,                             died 1876.
3. Susan,    b. Feb. 14, 1803,                              died 1850.
4. George   b. June 5, 1805,                                died 1806.
5.Andrew   b. Aug. 16, 1807,                             died 1868.
6. Peter      b. Nov. 25, 1808,                             died 1877.
7 Joseph     b. Dec. 13, 1811,                             died 1883.
8. Betsey    b. April 23, 1814,                             died 1897.
9. Simon     b. Mar.24, 1816,                              died 1881.
10. Charles b. Aug. 16, 1817, m. June 14, 1846, died June 5, 1884.
11. Henry   b. Aug. 22, 1819,                              died 1822.
12. Sally     b. June 16,1821,                               died 1840.
13. Lydia    b. Sept. 26, 1823,                             died 1855.
14. Daniel   b.Nov. 8, 1825,                                died 1850.

Charles BOWER was the son of Andrew, who married Children Adam, Joseph, Charlie, Fannie, m. TOWNLEY

Also there was a record of six marriages in the Manuscript:

The following were married in this Christian Society.

1.) David CASPAR and Elizabeth married 9 Oct 1803; witnesses Henry and Peter
SASSEMAN and their parents.

2.) John FUSS and Magdalene JONSON married 15 Dec 1803; witnesses their

3.) Daniel DIETER and Catherine LABAR married 14 Feb 1804; witnesses their

4.) Honetter BAUER and Elizabeth BROAK of Middlesex married 6 Jun 1814;
witnesses his step-father Jacob SHUEMAR and Mr. DIEFDORF and wife. Married
by Rev. L. MERKEL.

5.) David SASSEMAN and Sussanna BAUER from Genoa married 3 Dec 1815;
witnesses friend and parents of both. Married by Rev. L MERKEL.

6.) Jabez FULLER and Helena BAUER from Salmon Creek married 16 Mar 1817;
witnesses John George BAUER and his wife and Parents and brothers and
sisters. Married by Rev. L. MERKEL.

Thank you Kent Davis for your donation of these records and transcribing them for the Tompkins Co., NYGenWeb Site.

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