Miscellaneous Marriages of Tompkins County

Transcribed by Janet (Genung)Nash

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William GENUNG married July 7, 1844 Lydia WILLIAMS by Thomas Hunt, Esq.
Ithaca Chronicle, 10, JI 1844 pg. 2
Ezra GENUNG married Feb. 16, 1823 Bestsey SMITH by N.H. Mack Esq.
Ithaca Repulican Chronicle 26, Feb. 1823 pg 3
Jacob Peter GENUNG of Dryden, NY married July, 19, 1845 In Ithaca Angeline PEW of Ithaca, NY by Rev. B. Hawley, Ithaca Journal + General Advertiser July 23, 1845 pg. 3
Benjamin F. PEW of Ithaca, NY married 1833 in Cleveland Ohio, Catharine JORDON of Cleveland Ohio, Ithaca Journal + General Advertiser 12, Sept. 1833 pg 3
John M .PEW of Ithaca NY married Feb. 15, 1843 Harriet CODDINGTON of Ithaca, NY by Rev. George Spaulding of Varna.
Reuben PEW married in Ithaca March 1, 1827 Eliza TOWNLEY by Rev. Wisner
Samuel PEW married Dec. 26, 1839 Eliza GRANT dau. of Hosea Grant by Rev. Caleb Drake Esq.
Sylvester PEW married April 6, 1843 Electra FOX dau. of William Fox of Seneca Falls by Rev. E.R. Pinney
William PEW married July 24, 1831 Asha E. TENNANT by Elder Sears
Edward STRONG of Lansing NY married Nov. 22, 1829 Harriett Ann EGAN by Rev. Dana Fox
Simeon G. STRONG married Dec. 27, 1826 Fanny BAKER by Rev. Dana Fox
Stephen STRONG first Judge of Tioga Co. Courts married July 10, 1838 Abigail CAMP married at Owego, NY by Rev. Ford
Rev. Thomas C. STRONG married Sept. 1, 1869 Maru A. SEBLY by Rev. J. Paschal Strong of Passaci, NJ
John CHAMBERS married Feb. 15, 1823 Nancy GENUNG married at Ulysses by Rev. N.H Mack.
Alonzo MAIN married Jan. 17, 1826 Hannah NASH married in Groton, NY
Adelbert SCHRYVER married in Ithaca Feb. 21, 1871 Angeline PEW dau. of William Pew & Hannah Deuel
Darius SMITH married Feb. 6, 1833 Catharine NASH

Daniel LANDON of Ithaca married 31 August 1863 Peralla CORNELIUS of Dryden at the Varna Hotel by I. Creamer, Esq.
Ithaca Citizen & Democrat, 95, 1863 pg. 2
Rev. ADAMS of Newark, NY married 18 April 1833 Caroline BALLARD of Dryden by the Rev. Bowen Ithaca Chronicle, 24 April 1833 pg. 3
Henry ALLEN married at Ovid 26 April 1832 Catharine BASSETT by the Rev. U. B. Miller
James H. ANDERSON married at Dryden 25 May 1841 Eliza TICHENOR, daughter of Isaac Tichenor and Mary Magee, of Dryden by the Rev. D. Belmay
Dewitt ATWATER of Ithaca married at Dryden 20 January 1847 Sarah TICHENOR, daughter of Isaac Tichenor and Mary Magee, of Dryden by the Rev. George Spaulding
Alonzo BAKER married at Dryden 1 July 1849 Catharine SOUTHARD by the Rev. Dusenberry
Horatio BAKER of Dryden, son of Levi and Sally Baker, married at Varna 14 January 1849 Angeline GILLUM of Ithaca by the Rev. George Spaulding
Levi BAKER married at Caroline 24 December 1843 Emily HULSELANDER by the Rev. Mandeville
David BANFIELD married at Dryden 24 March 1827 Margery COOPER by Mosley Hutchinson, Esq.
Alberto A. BARNHAM married at Etna 12 April 1871 Harriet H. SNYDER of Dryden by the Rev. Edwin R. Wade
Josiah BARTHOLOMEW married at Dryden 28 November 1827 Charry Ann EATON by Elder Sears
George C. BEACH married at Ovid 24 August 1830 Mary Ann COVERT, youngest daughter of the late Col. Rymar COVERT, by the Rev. Abraham Brokaw
Henry C. BEACH of Dryden married 4 January 1848 Jane BOUTON of Dryden by the Rev. Crozier
Lawrence W. BEACH of Dryden married at Etna 10 September 1835 Ann HOUTZ by Elder Shed
Aley BOWER married at Jacksonville 2 July 1835 Jane COOPER, daughter of Horace Cooper, by the Rev. H. L. Miller
Charles E. BRADFORD of Danby married at Dryden 16 February 1869 Lillie A. CORNELIUS, daughter of James Cornelius and Eliza Smith, by the Rev. J. T. Crippen
Capt. Jesse B. COOPER married at Ithaca 11 October 1832 Content M. COOK
Joel COOPER married at Trumansburg 1 January 1832 Harriet Eliza SMITH (eldest daughter of Marvin Smith) by Elder Abbot
William COOPER of Caroline married at Danby Mrs. Abby Delia SEELEY by the Rev. Plyny Sabin
David CORNELIUS of Dryden, son of John Cornelius and Abba Osburn, married at Dryden 5 March 1831 Elizabeth COOPER, daughter of James Cooper and Mary Gray, by James McElheney Jr., Esq.
Joseph CRATSLEY of Ithaca married 16 November 1842 Olive S. OSTRANDER of Dryden, daughter of Peter Ostrander and Hannah Acker, by the Rev. George Spaulding of Varna
Rev. Stephen CRUMB married 2 February 1826 Almira COON by M. Heath, Esq.
Jacob CRUTTS, son of Jacob Crutts Sr. and Katrina Snyder, married at Dryden 13 November 1830 Mary Ann BANFIELD, daughter of Edward Banfield and Patty Cooper, by Elder Sears
Daniel DAVENPORT married at Ithaca 7 May 1823 Lucy DANIELS by M. Hutchinson, Esq.
Nathaniel DAVENPORT of Dryden married 16 May 1833 Eunice FULTON of Dryden by the Rev. S. Minier
Sylvanus DAVENPORT of Ithaca married 20 June 1833 Betsey NORTON of Ithaca by Rev. Paddock
Warren DAVENPORT married 4 January 1849 Lavena SNYDER, daughter of Joseph Snyder and Phebe Cooper, by Rev. Spaulding
Thomas DAVIS of Ithaca married 17 July 1845 Catharine ONEY of Ithaca by the Rev J.C. F. Hoes
Joseph DELONG married at Caroline 2 October 1832 Jane SLOUGHTER by Jonathan Norwood, Esq.
John H. HART of Ithaca married 3 February 1842 Abigail C. SMITH of Ithaca by Rev. John C. T. Hoes
Levi HAWKINS married at Dryden 9 December 1841 Ruby BAKER, daughter of Levi Baker
John H. HOUTS married at Dryden 29 December 1831 Susan SMITH of Dryden by Rev. A. M. Mann
Sherman MILLER married at Danby 1 January 1823 Wealthy JENNINGS by Rev. Parker
James MOORE of Ithaca married at Ulysses 23 April 1839 Mary COOPER, daughter of Dr. Joseph Cooper formerly of New York City, by Rev. John Cart
Francis NORTON of Springfield, Mass. Married at Ithaca 7 September 1863 Jane M. ATWATER, eldest daughter of Leonard Atwater of Ithaca, by Rev. Torrey
John B. OSTRANDER of Ithaca, son of Abraham Ostrander, married at Ithaca 15 March 1832 Emilina TICHENOR of Ithaca by the Rev. A. M. Mann
Levi OSTRANDER of Dryden, son of Peter Ostrander and Hannah Acker, married at Dryden 2 January 1837 Tabatha Ann BANFIELD of Dryden by William H. Miller, Esq.
George PIERCE of Caroline married at Caroline 30 September 1845 Caroline ROUNESVILLE of Caroline by Elder L. G. Gardner
James M. POLLAY of Ithaca married at Groton 17 February 1831 Adaline EATON of Ithaca by Elder T. B. Beebe
Minor ST. JOHN of Danby married at Danby 18 November 1835 Mary HOWES of Danby by Rev. Lucius Carter
Thomas P. ST. JOHN of Ithaca married at Ithaca 3 October 1838 Mary A. HIBBARD, daughter of Henry Hibbard, by Rev. William Wisner
Baxter J. SCOFIELD of Dryden married at Dryden 14 May 1831 Charlotte ENGLISH, daughter of Hezekiah English and Mary Cornelius, by Elder Dean
Jabez B. SCOTT, son of John Scott and Harriet Banfield, married at South Danby 12 Janduary 1859 Phebe Jane OSTRANDER of Danby, daughter of Orry Ostrander and Emeline Brock, by Rev. Thomas Burgess
James SEAMAN of Dryden married 19 October 1843 Elizabeth OSTRANDER of Dryden by Rev. George Spaulding
Edward C. SEYMOUR of Canton, N.Y. married at Danby 28 October 1846 Harriet M. HILL of Danby, daughter of Uri Hill
Darius SMITH of Ithaca married at Dryden 6 February 1833 Catharine NASH of Dryden by Rev. Paddock
Henry SMITH of Dryden married 15 March 1832 Lydia HIBBARD of Dryden by Rev. A. M. Mann
Henry D. SMITH of Ithaca married at East Cayuga 26 January 1836 Ann PEW of Ithaca by Rev. E. H. Adams
John M. SMITH of Dryden married 29 January 1843 Anna ELLIS, youngest daughter of Maj. Peleg Ellis, by Rev. C. Gates
Joseph SMITH married at Dryden 2 March 1826 Susan LINDSEY by M. Hutchinson, Esq.
George SNYDER of Binghamton, son of James Snyder and Mariah Fulkerson, married at Dryden 28 December 1870 Sarah ALBRIGHT of dryden, daughter of Jacob Albright and Susan Brown, by Rev. E. R. Wade
Joseph SNYDER of Dryden, son of George Snyder and Anna Voorhees, married 21 June 1838 Elizabeth KLINE of Ithaca, daughter of Philip Kline and Elizabeth
Levi SNYDER of Ithaca, son of Henry Snyder and Mary Teeter, married 18 April 1833 Ann OSTRANDER of Ithaca by Rev. A. M. Mann
Levi SNYDER of Dryden, son of Henry Snyder, married at Danby 16 March 1845 Anna VELDIN of Danby by J. C. Mandeville, Esq.
Mahar SNYDER of Dryden, son of Henry Snyder and Mary Teeter, married at Slaterville 3 October 1842 Amanda Melvina KRUM of Slaterville by Rev. S. Minier
Oscar SNYDER of Varna, son of Mahar Snyder and Amanda Krum, married 19 January 1869 Mary E. DAVENPORT of Ithaca by Rev. J. T. Crippen
Sylvester SNYDER of Dryden, son of William Snyder and Rachel Sweazy, married 13 September 1846 Ann CATAUNCH of Dryden by Rev. B. Mason
Thomas STORM of Poughkeepsie married at Ulysses 30 September 1839 Catherine E. COOPER, daughter of Dr. Joseph Cooper of Ulysses, by Rev. John C. T. Hoes
Julius TEETER of Covert married at Danby 20 October 1836 Mary Ann MOSHER of Danby, daughter of Jacob Mosher and Jane Sleight
Addison TICHENOR of Dryden married 30 November 1843 Catharine OSTRANDER of Dryden by Rev. George Spaulding
Caleb TICHENOR married at Dryden 12 December 1835 Clarissa COOPER, daughter of Joseph Cooper, by Peter Lounsberry, Esq.
Jos. B. TODD of Newfield married in Danby 16 March 1842 Louisa BAKER of Danby by Rev. Spaulding
Note: Correction sent in by Mary Kolodziej
JOSEPH BUNNELL TODD of Newfield married in Danby 16 March 1842 Louisa BARKER of Danby dau. of MOSES BARKER, by Rev. Spaulding
Michael HALL married at Dryden 8 July 1827 Nancy ENGLISH, daughter of Hezekiah English and Mary Cornelius, by M. Hutchinson, Esq.
John VANNORMAN of Ithaca married at Ithaca 10 October 1840 Eliza DAVENPORT of Dryden by Caleb B. Drake, Esq.
Will T. GRAHAM married 18 Novmeber 1880 at Caroline Eda R. COOPER, daughter of J. A. D. Cooper of Caroline
Daniel LANDON of Ithaca married 31 August 1863 at Varna Hotel Percilla CORNELIUS of Dryden
Horace E. SMITH of Ithaca married 10 September 1867 Susie C. GODDARD of Ithaca
Charles E. BRADFORD of Danby married 18 February 1869 at Dryden Lellie A. CORNELIUS of Dryden
Alexander ONAN II of Dryden married 13 March 1869 Anna M. WILCOX, daughter of Isaac of Danby
George C. POLLAY of Ithaca married 15 December 1869 Emily C. EDSALL, daughter of Joseph Edsall of Ithaca
Charles A. SMITH of Ithaca married 2 February 1870 at Ithaca Sarah A. NORTON
At the Episcopal Church of Ithaca Mr. Raymond SCHOONOVER of the class of '73 of Cornell University and Miss Mary JENNINGS were married July 15, 1874 by Rev. Charles BABCOCK.
At the ME Parsonage of Danby, N.Y. Mr. Clarence H. SLOCUM of Danby and Flora A. BEECHER of Newark Valley, N.Y. were married April 22, 1873 by Rev. Richard HORMS. She is the sister-in-law of the officiating clergyman.
At the residence of the brides parents in Slaterville on March 27, 1878, Theodore F. ELLIOTT of North Danby and Louisa D. STEVENS were married by Rev. Charles S. ALEXANDER.
Miss Margaret M. WHIPPLE, dau. of George M. WHIPPLE of Union Springs, and Bryan H. LEWIS of this city were married Sat. June 8, 1912 at the First Baptist parsonage in Cortland by the Rev. Arthur B. PATTEE. Mr. LEWIS is an employee of the Cornell Co-operative Society. They will reside here. Pg. 34 Banfield Genealogy, 3rd child of George and Olive (SHURGER) WHIPPLE.
Mrs. Christine Shults COOPER of Freeville and Millard EDSALL of Lansing were married a tthe home of the brides parents Mr. & Mrs. Charles SHULTS Wednesday March 3, 1915. Only the immediate family were present. Mr. & Mrs. EDSALL will make their home in Lansing.
At Ithaca, November 13, 1887 Helen GRAY was married to Henry E. SUMMERS by Rev. G. W. CHANDLER. Both are residents of Ithaca.
At the residence of the brides father in Ithaca Ada EDSALL and John BURNS were married January 1, 1891 by the Rev. E. M. MILLS. Both are residents of Ithaca.
Charles SMALL of Dryden and Miss Helen JOHNSON of Rochester were married at Rochester December 9, 1911.
At the residence of Dr. BURDICK on April 20, 1880 James R. WESTERVELT was married to Elizabeth E. BURDICK by the Rev. H. F. TITUS.
At Jacksonville, N.Y. on September 22, 1881 William Hazlett SMITH of Ithaca was married to Celia A. MATTISON of Jacksonville by the Rev. J. W. STEELE.
At the brides parents in South Danby on July 24, 1890 Silas PEET of Ithaca, a graduate of Cornell class of '80, was married to Miss Ada May COOPER, eldest daughter of Mr. & Mrs. John COOPER, by Rev. C. SWEET.
The wedding bells rang Wednesday, December 5, 1888 for the marriage of Miss Louise HILL and Mr. Perry HANSHAW.
At the parsonage in Jacksonville, N.Y. on November 14, 1888, Clark H. GRIFFIN of Dryden was married to Jennie TEETER of Ithaca by Rev. H. T. GILES.


Charles HEAD married 1909 Maude ENGLISH
Arthur BAKER married August 11, 1909 Lena HOOVER
Clinton MULKS married August 25, 1909 Grace ROE
Lyman BAKER married June 8, 1912 Mabel CORNELIUS
Ray M. SATTERLY married June 27, 1913 Hazel BRIGHAM
DeAton HOOVER married August 7, 1913 Mona KEITH
Floyd DAVIS married August 1, 1914 Roma JOHNSON
Arthur LeRoy RICHARDS married March 16, 1915 Enda Pauline GENUNG
George BELL married Sept. 30, 1915 Pauline HEAD
Lee DANN married Dec. 29, 1915 Emma ENGLISH

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