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Family Record Book of
Rev. Levi Pitts
Donated to The Tompkins Co., NYGenWeb Site
Ralph D. Smith

1. Betsy PITTS b Nov 31 1807 (Betsy  CLOCK) - married Levi PITTS - gggrandfather of Ralph D. Smith

My (Ralph D. SMITH) estimate is that Mrs J. L. Vrooman who had the original information -if
living- is at least 110. As a gggrson,I am 82.

Son of a Universalist preacher, he rejected the doctrines of that church and became a Methodist.[The Universalist [Unitarian] belief: universal salvation, or, the eternal progress of all souls; claim that this doctrine is contained in the New Testament in the teachings of Jesus, conforms to the laws of nature.and sanctioned by reason."Universalism," Microsoft(R) Encarta(R) 97 Encyclopedia. (c) 1993-1996 Microsoft Corporation.]

Following his marriage on 10 Jan 1827 to Betsy CLOCK of Danby, NY, he became class leader and local preacher while living at Sugar Creek, Bradford Co, PA. He started with the Oneida Conference which merged with the Wyoming Conference. Pastoral record (all in New York State except as noted):
1839 Windsor, 1840 Greene, 1841 Broome, 1843 Lisle*, 1845 Spencer, 1846 Flemingville, 1847 Orwell; 1848 Page Brook;
1850 Osborne Hollow [Sanitaria Springs]; 1851 S.Danby; 1853 N.Danby; 1854 Vestal; 1855 Union [ Endicott]; 1857 Page Brook; 1859 VanEttenville; 1861 Broome; 1862 Hawleyton,PA; 1863 Osborne Hollow; 1864 Harpursville; 1865 Kirkwood; 1868 Page brook; 1869 Broome; 1871-72 Superannuated; 1873 Osburne Hollow; 1874 Union Center; 1875-90 Superannuated.

After 34 years Rev. PITTS, very precise in his record keeping, reported: Married 162 couples; fee $497; conversions, 3,465; date of retirement 7 Oct 1873. "Elder" PITTS described as a kindly man, with whitening hair, and direct, simple, if sometimes emphatic ways. The same information found in "Wyoming Conference Deceased Preachers-pg 230-231" supplied by the Wyoming Conference Offices,The United Methodist Church, 1700 Monroe St., Endicott, NY 13780- 5512. (807) 757-0808. [WYCO]
Additional source: Smith Bible page,

*"Our history indicates that in 1843 Reverend Levi Pitts organized a Class of 30 members." (History of the Killawog United Methodist Church, Killawog, NY)

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