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George TOTMAN, Secretary
McLean Fire Department

Transcribed by Terry Donlick,
Groton Township Coordinator

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In 1967, as we look the Hamlet of McLean and the surrounding area, we are much aware of the changes brought about by today's word.

Sociologists refer to our inhabitants as Rural Residents. The number of farms and farm operations have decreased. The size of the farm and the operation has increased and has undergone tremendous change. Within our area, we have several outstanding farm operations.

Many of our residents find employment in modern industrial plants at Groton, Cortland, and Ithaca. Many others are employed in our three neighboring institutions of higher learning: State University College at Cortland, Cornell University and Ithaca College.

Our School System has grown and kept pace with our needs. A significant event was the dedication in November 1966, of the Junior-Senior High School, complete with auditorium and swimming pool. Our parents place value on the need for a good education in order to meet the ever-changing demands of today's society. A significant number of our High School graduates are presently enrolled in colleges and technical schools. As we look toward the future we cannot help but feel the impact that the Tompkins-Cortland Community College will have on our area.

At this, the 20th Anniversary of our McLean Fire Department the entire Community extends a warm and cordial welcome to each and all. This is a wonderful area to call home. We invite you to explore the opportunities.

Written By John HART and Fredrick BILLARD

Written for the McLean Fire Department Booklet
Entitled - 12th Annual Tompkins County Firemen's
Association - Convention - McLean Fire Department,
McLean, New York - May 25th, 26th and 27th, 1967

Thank you George Totman, for sharing this information

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