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George TOTMAN, Secretary
McLean Fire Department

Transcribed by Terry Donlick, Groton Township Coordinator

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In as much as most of the history of the McLean Federated Church is included elsewhere in this pamphlet under the history of the McLean Community, we shall begin this portion by simply including the list of pastors who served the Federated Church from its beginning to the present: Dr. William WISER, Dr. Hugh WILLIAMS, Dr. Mark RICH, Dr. Henry BARSTOW, Rev. Stanley BORDEN (four years) and the Rev. Stanley E. SKINNER (six years)

"Under Stanley SKINNER the Federation became the Community Church, Inc. as of September 29, 1951."

"While Federated, the Congregation used the Baptist building during the summer months, then the Universalist Church during the cold months. The Methodist building was sold to the McLean Grange, 1075" (this is obviously an error)

"The Rev. Stanley SKINNER consolidated the gains… held the group together, steadied them and effected a well organized group of officials with 151 members and a healthy, optimistic spirit."

"The Rev. Arthur MOODY became pastor June 1, 1954. In three and one-half years, 80 new members had been received. Sunday School increased, worship attendance doubled. Youth Fellowship grown to 35. $22,000 has been raised for building a Community Hall addition and an extension of the Sanctuary. Nearly $10,000 in voluntary labor has been give."

In 1954-55, the McLean Community Church won the Commendable Progress Award or the Second Prize award for the Town and Country Church of the Year for New York State.

In 1955-56, the McLean Community Church won the Outstanding Progress Award (First) for N. Y. State and Commendable Progress (Second) for the Middle Atlantic Area.

In 1957-58, the McLean Community Church won the Commendable Progress Award or the Second Prize for the Church of the Year for N. Y. State.

The New Community Hall was dedicated June 19, 1958. The Rev. James MOORE, president of the New York State Council of Churches was the feature speaker.

On Sunday, April 12, 1959, there was a special Recognition of the Fiftieth Anniversary of Dr. MOODY's Ordination in the Christian Ministry. Dr. MOODY delivered the morning message and the Rev. Boyd LITTLE "Reminisced" over the 50 years of ministry of Dr. MOODY.

Written By John HART and Fredrick BILLARD

Written for the McLean Fire Department Booklet
Entitled - 04th Annual Tompkins County Firemen's Convention
Association - Convention - McLean Fire Department,
McLean, New York - May 28-29-30

Thank you George Totman, for sharing this information

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