McLean Cemetery Association

Organized at McLean, Tompkins Co., NY, April 17th, 1870

Contributed by George Totman,
Secretary of the McLean Cemetery Association
Transcribed by Terry Donlick, Groton Township Coordinator

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To Whom It May Concern, Greeting:

This is to certify, that we whose names are hereinafter mentioned, met at the Baptist Church, in McLean, for the purpose of organizing a Society, founded upon the Rural Cemetery Law, passed April 27th. 1847. -residents of the State of New York.

		1st Voted - Garry CHAMBERS, Chairman

		2nd Voted - Wm. WHIPPLE, Secretary


David WHIPPLE, Sen., Patterson FRANCIS, Theodore SMITH, Sullivan LADD, Henry BOYNTON, Wm. F. DECONDRES, Wm. MORGAN, A. H. VOUGH, Morris FRANCIS, Wm. WATERS, D. B. MARSH, Almon ROBINSON, Dudley ANDREWS, L. L. J. BATES, J. P. HART, Andrew S. HART, Warren NYE, David WHIPPLE, Jr., T. M. WICKS, P. F. HART, Wm. FRENCH, R. H. FRITTS, Vincent HANCHETT, V. B. GROSS.

The name of the Association to be called THE MCLEAN CEMETERY ASSOCIATION.

The number of Trustee fixed on - nine

The names of the Trustees, chosen by ballot, were as follows: John P. HART, J. B. HART, Wm. MORGAN, D. B. MARSH, V. B. GROSS, A. B. LAMONT, P. F. HART, Dudley ANDREWS, Morris FRANCIS.

Classification as follows - 1st Class: J. B. HART, Dudley ANDREWS, V. B. GROSS. 2nd Class: D. B. MARSH, Wm. MORGAN, A. B. LAMONT. 3rd Class: J. P. HART, P. F. HART, Morris FRANCIS.

The first Tuesday in March of 1871, is the day fixed upon for the annual election of Trustees.

(Signed) Garry CHAMBERS, Chairman Wm. WHIPPLE, Secretary

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