1860 Census Mortality Schedules

Tompkins County, NY

Page 521
Patten SHEMYER(?)12/M-NY October-Toxpula2 wks
Alice CHARLTON12/FMd?Eng July-Consumption8 wks
Samuel DELAMETER71/MMdNYJan. day laborerGravel4mo
Mary WOOD17/F-NYJan. Servantburned to death4hrs
John PEAVY(?)3/12m/M-NY Aug..unknown10da
Moses VANORDER62/MMdNJJan. day laborerConsumption2mo
Henry W. HOYT41?/M-NY MayshoemakerConsumption6mo
Thos M. HIND65/MmdEng JuneBrewerHeart disease2mo
John CLARK7/12/M-NY Oct..unknown4da
Chas TEELING1/M-NY Jan..Whooping cough3wks
Mabel SIGLER11/f-NY May-Congest.Brain1wk
Gabriel CAIN88/mmdNJ Apr-Old age1wk
Ella J. SLOUGHTER7/f-NY Oct-Scarlet Fever7da
Mary YATES23/FmdNY Sep-Seropula2wk
Elizabeth PARTENHEIMER72fmdPA Oct-Heart Disease1yr
Rachel MABEE44fmdNYDec -unknown8mo
Wm. THOMAS1/m-NY Mar-unknown1da
Wm. CARMER1/12/m-NYAug -inflammation7da
Victoria STEPHENS10/f-NYApr -Consumption2wk
Albert STEPHENS1/m-NYFeb -fits7da
Chas. E. HOYT1/m-IA Oct-tusentern2wk
Frances H. STAR1/f-NYJun -congest ____?5wk
Mary MAHONEY7/12f-NY Oct-unknown2wk
Susan MIX83/f-CT Nov-consumption4mo
Wm. D. SIMONS27/mmdNYJul Tannerfit esopley2da
James SIMONS51/mmdCTAug Harnes Makerunknown4yr
Thos EATON81/mwNY Julfarmerpalsey1da
Bronard _?_PPIN1/m-NY Apr-diarrhea2wk
Edwin A. LUCAS24/m-NY Febmachinistconsumption7mo
James A. MONELL42/mmdNY Aprcarpenterspinal affliction4mo
Wm. __?_OLE34/mmdNYMar -BrunVelis2yr
Abram T. PELHAM7/m-NY Nov-Scarlet Fever2da
Michael SAYRE1/12m-NY Mar-Inflam. Lungs3da
Julius A. CASTERLINE4/m-NY Oct-Scarlet fever1wk
Mary W. BILL75/fwNY Apr-Consumption4mo
Page 525
Emily WEST15/f-NY Mar-unknown.
Ellie PIERCE6/f-NYMay -dropsy on brain.
Hattie BAUCUS1/f-NY Apr-scarlet fever.
__?__ GIVENS55/fmdNYFeb -heart disease.
Thos MCKAY74/m-NY Novfarmerconsumption.
Lyla ALLEN65/fwNY May-consumption.
Raymond B. HART48/mmdNYApr farmer__?__.
Asenath MONGLIN71/fmdCT Dec-Erysepelas pr__?.
Israel MONROE13/m-NY May-putrid sorethroat.
Isaac DEGOFF72/mmdNYMar farmerinflamation lungs.
Joseph HEDGY82/mmdNY Marfarmerpalsey.
Jacob SMITH95/mmdPAJulfarmer old age.
Eliza LUNDGRUN?2/f-NY Jul-typhoid fever.
Thos. TUCKER28/m-NY Febfarmerconsumption.
Wm. C. MINEAH60/mmdNJ Augfarmerdropsy.
Jonathan FAY61/mmdNY Julfarmergravel.
Israel CULVER26/m-NY Aprfarmerconsumption.
Susan BAKER83/fmdNY Feb-old age.
Apollus EATON56/mmdNY Decfarmerdropsy heart.
Matha MIDDAUGH62/fmdNYOct -consumption.
Jos MIDDAUGH62/fmdNY Oct-Consumption.
Stephen B. JUNE31/mmdNYMay farmerconsumption.
John MONTGOMERY43/mmdNYApr farmerconsumption.
Enos WHEELER68/mmdNY Dec-dropsy.
Frances SPACE7/f-NY Nov-fever.
Debby THORGOOD88/fmdNY Nov-old age.
Mary MCLEAN52/fmdNY Nov-dropsy.
Laura GUINNUP35/fmdNY May-consumption.
Amelia RICHLAND1/f-NY May-Legrippe.
John BESSEMER70/mmdNY JulfarmerLegrippe.
Thos LEWIS65/mmdMA Sepfarmerersypelas.

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