Tompkins County Probate Records 1817-1851

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BROWN, Christopher From Petition; Widow, Alitha BROWN, Ex.;
son, Benjamin BROWN, Dryden, NY;
sons, Isaiah and James;
dau. Emily w/o Richard HEDDEN ;
sons, Reuben; William; Samuel;
G. children; Elizabeth and Christopher BROWN, Dryden, NY.
BROWN, Daniel J. Hector, NY. Will; April 8, 1840 - Prob. May 5, 1849; Died Feb. 20, 1849 age 50
Wife, Susannah; sons., Wm. W.; Gideon, named in Will, 4 daus. mentioned,
no ex. named in will.
Wits. David KIMBLE; Daniel JACKSON.
Petition. No wife mentioned, Gideon G. BROWN, Petitioner, Samantha w/o Ansel ELLIOTT, Susan BROWN, Catherine w/o James PEARCE, of Hannum Co., NY, Elizabeth, w/o Ephraim MANNING, Ithaca, NY, William W. BROWN, Petitioner.
BROWN, Experience Lansing, NY., wife of Ebenezer BROWN, died Mar. 25, 1848
Dau. Dianna WOOLEY declines Adm. in favor of Moses REEVES, of Ledyard, Tioga Co., NY. a creditor.
Dau., Calista w/o Charles N. WAGER, she died after her mother, and before June 20, 1850, leaving minor children; viz. Edmund H.; Charles W.; Harris; all WAGER.
BROWN, George Dryden, NY., Died Feb. 1844 No will
Son, David BROWN, Petitioner;
dau. Maria, w/o Lester SMITH;
sons, Elias BROWN; Israel BROWN; Robert BROWN;
daus., Hannah w/o John VAYMILLER; Nancy, w/o George BELLIS;
son, John BROWN, of Chemung Co.;
son, Henry BROWN of Ill.;
dau., Catherine w/o Wm. VAN SICKLE.
BROWN, Ichabod Groton, NY, Will; July 5, 1838 - Probate Mar. 24, 1842
wife Clarissa;
sons: Ichabod; Ira; Brayton; Samuel;
daus; Sally w/o Zeno COMSTOCK ; Irene w/o Warren BRAYTON; Phoebe w/o Jackson HOAG, of Mich.; Rebecca w/o Silas FISH; Almira, w/o Aaron DEMON, of Barrington; Angeline BENNETT of Ohio; Harriett w/o James Sweezey;
Exs. Cicero PHELPS; Warren BRAYTON; Wits. Hiram ROE; Isaac DAVIS
BROWN, John Newfield, NY, Died; Jan. 19, 1848. No will
Widow, Abigail R. BROWN, Petitioner with Stephen T. BROWN.
Children, all minors: Susan; Abraham; Holden; Mary Augusta.
BROWN, John Groton, NY, Died; May 27, 1847 No will
No widow; dau., Lucy GEER, Washtenaw Co. Mich.;
son, John R. Brown, Petitioner.
Dau., Mary NESTELL, Washtenaw Co. Mich.;
son Benjamin B. BROWN, Hornellsville, Steuben, Co., NY;
son Moses C. BROWN, New York City, all full age.
BROWN, Margaret Hector, NY, Died; April 21, 1848 NO will
No living children, but has grandchildren; Margaret and Esther MOREHOUSE, Children of Silas MORSHOUSE & a deceased daughter;
Clarinda; Margaret Elizabeth; Emma and Alexander SMITH, infant children of a deceased daughter.
Alexander, an infant, son of Alexander BROWN, son of deceased.
Silas MOREHOUSE, Petitioner.
BROWN, Samuel R. Lansing, NY, Will; Dec. 7, 1831, Probate Aug. 26, 1833; Died ; July 4, 1833 age about 76
wife Elizabeth; son, Henry BROWN, Cortland Co., NY;
sons; Christopher; Ebenezer and Samuel BROWN, Lansing, NY;
son; Benjamin, Newfield, NY;
dau., Elizabeth, wife of ____KING, of Danby, NY;
dau., Eunice, w/o John BROWN, Dryden, NY;
dau., Mary w/o Augustus FIELDS, Lansing, NY;
g.son; Samuel, son of oldest son, Henry;
son Aaron BROWN, youngest son, to support wife of testator.
Samuel BROWN, mentioned in will, but not in petition, wits.
Charles & Robert BUSH, Jesse MC KINNEY, all of Lansing, NY.
Will mentions only sons, Aaron, Samuel, and g. son Samuel, son of Henry & daus., Eunice & Mary.
BROWN, Walter Lansing, NY, Will; Oct. 10, 1822 - Probate July 19, 1823
Wife, Deliverence, (testator speaks of "her heirs and my heirs")
sons; Joseph, (dead); Israel; Reuben; Walter; Nathaniel, (dead) David; Jeremiah.
daus., Johanna; Lydia; Rachel WOODS mentioned not a dau.
Ex. Jeremiah BROWN; Jesse MC KINNEY;
wits., David MC KINNEY; James MC KINNEY; Evert GREEN.
BROWN, Zephaniah Dryden, NY, Will; June 30, 1828 - Probate Jan. 21, 1830
Wife Ruth BROWN,
sons, Reuben, and Zephaniah Jr.
Ex. Reuben BROWN .
Wits. D. WOODCOCK; Sylvester MUNGER; Samuel CRITTENDEN Jr.
BRUCE, John Danby, NY, died; Oct. 4, 1850 No will
son, John BRUCE, Adm.,
William BRUCE, Enfield, NY, no relationship given.
Thomas BRUCE, Barton, Tioga Co., no relationship given.
Joseph BRUCE, Enfield, NY, no relation given,
Phoebe, w/o Elijah JOHNSON, no relation given,
Sally BRUCE, of Danby, NY, no relation given.
COONS, Michael Caroline, NY, Will Dec. 28, 1848; Probate May 5, 1849; Died; Feb. 1849, age 82
Grand-son Michael C. KRUM, with wife Eliza.;
G-g-son, Simon Henry KRUM, (son of Michael C.) Ex. Michael C. KRUM. (a grand-son)
Wits. Solomon ROBINSON; Matthew KRUM.
The will was contested by: Catherine KRUM; Nathaniel KRUM; Sarah DAVIS; Susan J. KRUM; Ephraim KRUM. Susan J. KRUM is a sister of Michael C. KRUM.
From Petition; Heirs; Michael C. KRUM; Ephraim KRUM; Nathan KRUM; Sarah, w/o James M. DAVIS, Susan J. KRUM & Catherine KRUM, (a minor) Ulster Co. O.
COPLIN, John Lansing, NY, Will, Sept. 14, 1841; Probate Jan. 31, 1844; Died ; Dec. 24, 1843, age 81
sons, Mahlon; William; John; Hezekiah;
Daus,: Rachel; Angeline;
Exs. William KOPLIN; Mahlon KOPLIN. Wits. Ogden DRAKE; Hiram MOE.
CORWIN, Barnabas Lansing, NY, Will: Oct. 20, 1825; Probate Sept. 8, 1826
wife, Eleanor CORWIN.
Only dau. Anne, wife of Benjamin C. REEVES
Sons, Abraham; William. Will speaks of ch. of William.
Exs. Oliver WEST, Lansing, NY; Daniel CORWIN, a brother. Wits. William HUNTER; Andrew VAN SICKLE; Palmer FARRELL.
CORWIN, John C. Ithaca, NY, Will, April 27, 1848; Probate Sept. 3, 1849; Died; June 6, 1849 age 80
Son, Elias, dec'd left: Deborah STORMS, Grand Rapids, Mich., Hannah CREDIT, Jackson, Mich., Theodore & George CORWIN, Concord, Mich.
Son, William S. dec'd left: John C. CORWIN & Elizabeth CORWIN, Essex Co. NJ; Ex. Joseph CORWIN, a G.-son.
Wits. Harriet TAYLOR ; Joshua G. CORWIN ; William B. TAYLOR.
Other heirs from the petition; Jefferson CORWIN, of Concord, Mich.; James CORWIN, Corona, Livingstion Co. Mich., Phebe M. and Delia A. BROWN, of Auburn, NY, John M. BROWN, of Sandusky, Ohio, Elizabeth COY, of Ithaca, NY.
COUNSELL, William Newfield, NY, Will; Jan. 9, 1837; Probate Feb. 8, 1837;
Died; Jan. 17, 1837, age about 60. Wife; Susan,
Nephews; Solomon & George COUNSELL;
Brother, Charles O. COUNSELL.
Exs. Charles O. COUNSELL; George COUNSELL.
Wits. Moses CROWELL; Nelson HOTCHKISS; William BUSH.
DAVENPORT, John Dryden, NY, Will; Aug. 7, 1848; Probate April 13, 1848
Died; Aug. 1847, age 70 - 80. Wife Elizabeth,
Ex. Wits. Henry SNYDER; Harvey ALLEN.
Another paper says.........Died; Aug. 24, 1847 No will: Widow, Elizabeth, Petitioner.
Letters of adm. granted to the widow, Henry SNYDER & William SHERWOOD.
Heirs; Phebe SNYDER of Dryden, NY, Ethan W. DAVENPORT, of Newfield; Mary BALDWIN, of Pa.; John DAVENPORT, of Dryden, NY, Stephen DAVENPORT, Newfield, NY; Catherine ______, Owego, NY, Elizabeth & Lucinda DAVENPORT, of Dryden, NY, Hezekiah DAVENPORT, of Ohio, Daniel _______,
Heirs; John D.; Nancy Ann; Pheobe; William; Sarah E. and Theodore, Van Etten, all say Theodore, of Spencer, Tioga Co. Theodore of Dryden.
Adm. The widow; Henry SNYDER, & William SHERWOOD.
DAVENPORT, Sarah Ithaca, NY. d. Aug. 9, 1848, No will.
Son , Archibald, Petitioner.
Heirs: Ann DAVENPORT, Dryden, NY; John DAVENPORT, Dryden, NY; Abigail DAVENPORT, Dryden, NY; Marilla DAVENPORT, Dryden, NY; Jane VANORDER, Dryden, NY;
Matilda, w/o Benjamin B. HEAD, Ithaca, NY; Joanna, w/o Daniel LOGAN, Ithaca, NY; Nancy, w/o Louis SOUTHARD, Ithaca, NY; Sally, w/o Moses VANORDER, Ithaca, NY, Eliza, w/o John VANORDER, Ithaca, NY; Polly DAVENPORT, Ithaca, NY., Henrietta, w/o Robert VANORDER, Ithaca, NY, Charles C. FRANCIS, Ithaca, NY, William E. DAVENPORT, Ithaca, NY.
DENNIS, Robert Groton, NY, Will; March 7, 1837; Probate May 15, 1837
Died; March 7, 1837, age 35.
Brother, Moses DENNIS;
Sisters, Rebecca CUTLER; Hannah ROCKWELL.
Ex. Hiram CUTLER, Wits. Edwin BUSH; W. S. GAYLORD.
DENNIS, Squire B. Enfield, NY, Will; Aug. 5, 1840; Probate July 26, 1841
Died; March 7, 1840, age 22.
Mother, Betsey DENNIS. Father, Humphrey DENNIS,
Brothers: John BALEY; Zenas BALEY,
Ex. Betsey DENNIS,
Sisters, Jemima NEWAL; Mariah ROLFE;
Wits. Samuel ROLFE; Walter LATHROP; John S. HAMILTON.
DENTON, John Danby, NY, Will; March 30, 1848; Probate June 7, 1848
Died; April 1, 1848, age 75. Wife Lydia; Son; John.
Daus.; Lydia Ann; Amy E. w/o James H. GOSLINE.
G.daus., Matilda JACKSON; Caroline DENTON; Deliah DENTON, age 14, has step-father, was an unmentioned heir.
Ex. Charles C. HOWELL, Wits., Seba CANFIELD; Charles C. HOWELL.
DEREMER, Abraham Ulysses, NY, Will; Sept. 14, 1832; Probate Jan. 14, 1835
Died; Nov. 19, 1834, age about 68. Wife Jane DEREMER.
Dau., Jane, has a child.
Sons: John; Isaac; Jacob; Abraham.
Dau. Christy HOUSEL,
Son, Joseph.
Christy HOUSEL & Matilda CASE to divide beds & bedding.
Exs. Joseph DEREMER; Baltus FREAR,
Wits. John THOMPSON; Joshua SMITH; John SMITH.
DEREMER, Abraham Ulysses, NY, Died; July 31, 1849 No Will
Widow, Polly DEREMER.
Son, Aaron DEREMER, of Painted Post, Steuben Co., NY;
Dau., Margaret BUSH of Newfield, both full age.
Minor children; Mary Jane; James Edward; Elizabeth; Enos; & Albert. Thomas named after Margaret.
DEWITT, Simeon Surveyor, Albany, will, Sept. 9, 1834, d. Dec. 3, 1834, age 79 yrs.
Son, Richard Varick DEWITT, willed his Cincinnati badge, sword & the medals of John & Cornelius DEWITT.
Dau.: Susan L. DEWITT, son: William Linn DEWITT;
dau; Mary Linn DEWITT, given land in Ithaca.
Sister-in-law, Mary Linn, son; George Washington DEWITT, deceased, minor children mentioned, not named.
Ex. Richard V. DEWITT,
Wits., Amasa DANA; Austin CHURCH, Samuel BISHOP, all of Ithaca, NY.
DIAMON, Abraham Groton, will: Aug. 2, 1815, Probate May 20, 1843, d. Aug. 1,1825, age 65.
Wife; Abigail, Sons: Jeremiah; Abraham; John; Nathaniel; Henry; Daniel.
Dau., Polly , w/o Elon VIRGIL.,
Ex. Daniel DIAMON,
wits. Augustus CRARY; Jeremiah DIAMON; Abram DIAMON, Polly VIRGIL.
DICKISON, Derick Ulysses, d. March 10, 1849, No Will.
Widow, Susan, sons, Joesph DICKISON, Asa C. DICKISON,
daus., Mary E., Catherine F. (not complete record)
EDWARDS, Daniel Ithaca, d. Feb. 23, 1846, No will
Calvin EDWARDS , Adm., no relationship given.
EHLE, David Hector, will, July 6, 1824, Probate Dec. 23, 1824.
Wife, Elizabeth EHIL, Ex.
Daus., Joannah, & Susan.
Wits. Claudius C. COAN; Jacob SLAGHT.
ELLIS, Ira Dryden, NY, d. Nov. 11, 1849, no will,
Widow, Sarah ELLIS,
Sons, John R. ELLIS; Lyman S. ELLIS; Warren C. ELLIS;
dau., Rhoda ELLIS, Infant child not named.
ELY, Richard Hector, NY, will , Jan. 24, ____ , Probate June 18, 1840, d. April 8, 1840, age 62.
Sons: William; Hector; Calvin, a minor;
daus., Betsey SMIITH; Irene KING,
Exs. William & Hector ELY, Richard ELY Jr. (not in will)
Wits. John KING; Jabez S. SMITH; Augustus ELY.
EMILY, Ann Enfield, NY, will, Dec. 23, 1841, Probate Jan. 3, 1846, d. Dec. 29,1844, age 70.
Son, James S. EMILY,
Heirs; Charles C. EMERY; Nancy HALSEY; Allis ENGLISH; Mary J. MOORE; Hope Sophia EMILY.
Ex. James S. EMILY,
Wits., Henry BREWER; Lewis VANKIRK; Ichabod KIRBY.
ENGLISH, Hezekiah Dryden, NY., will, Jan. 20, 1850, Probate April 4,1850
Wife; Mary (CORNELIUS) ENGLISH (second wf.)
Daus., Sarah Ann, age 14; Elizabeth OVERACKER; Hannah SCOFIELD, somewhere in Ohio;
Daus: Nancy HALL, in the Indian reserve of Ill.; Charlotte SCOFIELD, Harrison, Pa.; Catherine HILDEBRANT of Harby, Steuben Co. Ill.; Maria VANORDER;
Son: Elisha, of Harrison Pa.;
Sons: Jesse; William; John; Elihu; Philander; Joseph, age 16; Lewis, age 17; Hezekiah; All of Tompkins Co. NY.
Exs. Jesse ENGLISH; Hezekiah ENGLISH.
Wits; Augustus SHERRILL; Wessels MIDDAUGH.
EVERITT, Elias Newfield, d. April 25, 1831, No will.
Widow; Dorcas EVERITT,
Sons; Uz EVERITT, Adm.; Jacob ; George S.; Dau., Thankful EVERITT.
EVERTS, John Hector, NY, d. Dec. 24, 1849, No will,
Widow , Hannah EVERTS;
Children; Olive E. w/o Charles STEVENS; Abraham H. EVERTS, 2d., Andrew G.; Gideon O.; Harriet M.; Daniel; All of Hector, NY. Isaac E. of Mich.; Cyrus R. of Barry Co. Mich.; Oliver E. of Barry Co. Mich. John M. EVERTS of Eaton Co. Mich.
GAUNTLETT, John P. Ithaca, NY, will, June 17, 1841, Probate Jan. 19, 1844, d. Nov. 18, 1843, age 62 yr;
widow, Jane , Adm.;
Nephew, John GAUNTLETT, Ex. Jane GAUNTLETT; Wits. Amasa DANA; Horace KING.
GENUNG, Moses Dryden, NY. will, Oct. 10, 1843, Probate Oct. 20, 1847, d. Aug. 3,1847 age 80 yrs
Sons; Eleazer (Ebenezer), of Elizabeth, NJ.; Charles of Wisconsin; Moses Jr., Ex. of Danby, NY
Wits. Caleb B. DRAKE; John OSBORN (step-son).
GENUNG, Samuel Ulysses, NY, will, Sept. 3, 1844, Probate Jan. 13, 1851, d. Sept. 1850, age about 70.
Daus. Permelia GENUNG; Emeline GENUNG; Huldah BAKER, w/o Samuel BAKER; Mehitable EARL, w/o John EARL; Cornelia EASLING, w/o Elias EASLING; Rohoena ELLICK, w/o Isaac ELLICK; Betsey BARNUM, w/o _____ BARNUM.
Ex. Emeline GENUNG, Wits. Hiram THOMAS; Amy LEWIS; Luther LEWIS.
GENUNG, William Ulysses, NY, will Sept. 1, 1847, Probate Nov. 18, 1847. d. Sept. 4, 1847 age 55.
Widow; Tamer GENUNG; Son, Nelson ;
Exs. Wm. FARRINGTON; Cyrus HOWE; Benjamin LANNING;
Wits. Frances WILLIAMS; John MACK; Jason GANOUNG.
GERE, Daniel Newfield, NY, d. Dec. 27, 1834, no will.
Widow, Abigail GERE asks that Isaac L. SMITH be Co-Adm.
GERMAN, Chester L. Dryden, NY, d. Sept. 4, 1848, no will.
Widow Charlotte (GENUNG) GERMAN (second wf.) son, Smith D.GERMAN, a minor.
GIBBS, Barnabas Newfield, NY, will, June 12, 1850, Probate Jan. 6, 1851, d. Oct. 15, 1850, age 70 yrs.
Widow , Sally GIBBS; son, John C. GIBBS;
dau., Mary, w/o John P. HAZEN.
Exs. Charles M. TURNER; Moses CROWELL; Mahlor LAWN.
GIBBS, James Lansing, NY, d. June 13, 1832, No will
Widow, Alma GIBBS, asks that Joseph KNITTLES & John SMITH be apt. Co-Adm. with her. June 25, 1832.
GIBBS, James Ulysses, will, Aug. 8, 1831, Probate Dec. 16, 1833, d. Oct. 20, 1833, age 77.
Widow, Jennet (Anderson) GIBBS;
daus., Mary; Jane; Charlotte;
sons, Thomas; George; John.
Exs. By will , John & Thomas GIBBS, Exs. By Codicil, David HALL & Horace COOPER.
Wits. In will, Daniel DUNNING; Amasa DANA.
Wits. In Codicil, Amasa DANA; A.D.W. BRUYN.
HOLDEN, John Lansing,NY. Will, Nov. 10, 1836, Probate Nov. 30, 1844, d. Sept. 14, 1844, age 67 ?
Wife, Betsey, (in Will) Oldest son: Herman, 2d. son Roswell.
Heirs of lst. Dau. Levina LEAVENWORTH;
Heirs of 2d. dau. Cullinda CHASE:
Heirs of 3d. dau. Wealthy w/o Charles DEVINE, Mich.: 3d. son: Fox HOLDEN:
4th dau. Emily HOLDEN, w/o David HOTCHKISS, Genoa, (at prob.):
4th son: John W., 5th son George: 5th dau., Betsey E.: 6th son, Willliam, of Groton, NY
Wits. John LUDLOW; Benj. JACOBS; Catherine JACOBS.
From petition Oct. 1844. Wife, Patience HOLDEN.
Children; John; William; Betsey; Herman, of Cayuga Co.; Emily, Wife of David HOTCHISS, George HOLDEN, Genoa; Roswell of Redding; Fox of Elmira; Wealthy, w/o Charles DEVINE, Michigan, Calhoun Co.,
Heirs; Matilda, w/o Charles ROBERTS, Redding, Steuben Co.; Clarinda LEAVENWORTH of Genoa, Edwin; Lavina; Gilbert; John; Hiram, all LEAVENWORTH, and minors of Genoa. Willaim and John CHASE minors of Genoa; Alvina, w/o George WARNER, Lansing, NY; Jerusha, w/o Joshua SHARPSTEEN, Genoa; Edwin LEAVENWORTH of New York City; Ephraim LABAR, special guardian of Lavina LEAVENWORTH. Ex. Betsey HOLDEN.
HOLENBAKE, Samueil Hector, NY. Will, June 25, 1846, Probate Jan. 27, 1848, d. Dec. 31,1847,age 65.
Wife, Tamar, Sons, Francis & Alpha;
grandsons, Samuel, s/o Alph HOLLENBAKE.
Dau. Amy, w/o John SPAULDING.
Daus. Sally; Elizabeth; Mary Catherine: all of Hector, NY.
Exs. Tamar HOLLENBAKE, wits. James LETTS; David WALFIELD.
HOLLISTER, Asa Groton, NY, Will, April 3, 1827, Probate Jan. 13, 1840, d. April 16, 1839,
Oldest son, Asa HOLLISTER, Jr., youngest son, Timothy HOLLISTER.
Son Allen HOLLISTER left children. Viz. Catherine & Erza R. minors.
Exs. Asa and Mary HOLLLISTER.
Wits. John ADAMS; Samuel CROSBY Jr.; Arthur HATCH.
EXS. At probate, Asa HOLLISTER, Mary w/o William CARPENTER.
HOLLLISTER, Isaac Caroline, NY, Will, Aug. 31, 1848, Probate Dec. 18, 1848, d. Sept. 1848, age 65.
Wife, Ruth; Sons; Kinner 2d; Timothy; Justus L.;
daus.; Emma; Irene; Sally Ann;
Dau. Kezia w/o Samuel R. COOPER.;
dau. Eliza, w/o Anson CONRAD;
Grand dau. Julia w/o Mandana HEATH.;
dau. Julia w/o Robert H. WALKINS;
Exs. Kinner HOLLISTER, 2d.; Robert H. WALKINS; Ruth HOLLISTER.
Wits. Peter LOUNSBURY, Cornelius Stil_____.
HOLLISTER, Kinner Will, March 14, 1848, Probate Aug. 6, 1850, d. April 1850 age 65.
Wife, Mary HOLLISTER; Sons; Stephen; Cyrus; William; Samuel; Madison; Hiram.
Daus. Charlotte, w/o Charles SCHUTT, of Caroline, NY.; Susan, w/o Levi VANPELT.
From Petition. Aug. 6, 1850. Wife, Mary, had died in Feb. 1849.
Stephen HOLLISTER was of Tioga, Co. NY. Isaac M. HOLLISTER, of Barton, Tioga, Co.; Cyrenus N. HOLLISTER, of Walworth Co. Wis., William and Samuel HOLLISTER, of Walworth Co. Wis.
HOLLISTER, Sarah Danby, will, Aug. 6, 1820, Probate Aug. 27, 1825.
Sons; Gideon; Sylvanus. Ex.Gideon HOLLISTER.
Wits. Hudson JENNINGS; Theodore WILDER; Calista SAYLOR
HOOG, Rachel Lansing, NY. Will, Aug. 23, 1824, Probate Jan. 25, 1825.
Son, William GREEN, with Wife, Elizabeth to be Ex.,
grandson, John C. GREEN, oldest Son of William, Ex after death of William.;
Granddaughter. Elizabeth GREEN, dau. of Willliam.
Grandson, Israel GREEN, son of William. Grandson Samuel GREEN, Ex.
After death of William, his father. Grandson Daniel Miller GREEN. Granddaughter
Polly GREEN, then unmarried. Wits. David GROVER; Luther ____? : Hiram MOE.
HOOKER, James Dryden, d. May 17, 1837. No will.
Wife, Mary HOOKER, Adm. May 29, 1837.
HOOPER, John Enfield, NY. Died, Feb. 19, 1829, No will.
Wife, Jemima, Adm. March 11, 1829.
HOOPER, Lawrence Enfield, Will, July 16, 1829, Probate Aug. 15, 1829,
Wife, Caroline. Sons; John, Renselaer.
Mentioned; Heirs of John HEARL, minors. John BURLEM; Fredrick BURLEM; Abraham UPDIKE; Orin ANDERSON & wife; Henry BALE & wife; Henry TEAL & wife;
Exs. Abraham UPDIKE; Fredrick BURLEM; Pavis C. WILLIAMS.
Wits. Jacob A. UPDIKE Sr. & Jr. and Joshua S. MILLER.
HOOSE, Erastus Caroline, NY, d. Mar. or April 1833, No will,
Widow, Ruamy HOOSE. Both of his Parents are dead.
Daus.; Phebe Ann; Mary Ann; Arvilla; Miranda; Angeline; Son, Hiram. All children are minors.
Adm. Daniel L. MEAD, a creditor. Summoned to show Why Daniel L. MEAD should not be Adm.; Widow Ruamy (who later married Nathaniel BRACY); Sisters; Polly STEVENS; Rebecca ROBINSON; Brother , Charles HOOSE. Euastus HOOSE, Adm.
HUNTER, James Newfield, NY., died Mar. 1842, No Will
Widow, Phebe HUNTER, since married to Caleb SLOCUM; Sons;
Paul; John; both minors; Adm. Daniel CAVENANGH.
HUNTINGTON, Katura Dryden, NY, died Feb. 8, 1850, No will.
daus., Anna BULLOCK of Deleware Co., NY; Milla STIOUES (?), Knox Co., Ohio; Ketura DEPATOU of Tompkins Co., NY; Fanny BUTLER, of Bradford Co., Pa.; Malinda COY, of Tompkins Co., NY.
HURD, Asa Dryden, NY, died May 20, 1844, No will.
Widow, Olive HURD; Son, Wesley HURD of Dryden, NY; daus., Nancy, wife of John LASON, Virgil, NY; Laura wife of John ALEXANDER, of Ill.; Sophhronia wife of James TERWILLIGER of Ill.; Garley HURD, of Ill., probably a son; Adm. Wesley HURD. September 21, 1844
HURD, Denison B. Ithaca, NY, died April 25, 1849
Widow, Orill Ann HURD; Sons, Francis HURD; James A. HURD.
INK, Abraham Ulysses, NY., will Oct. 30, 1819, Probate Feb. 3, 1820
Wife, Mary INK, Ex.;
daus., Mary Ann; Synthe, minors; Son, John, Minor;
Brother, Peter INK;
Exs. Mary INK; Peter INK; Joseph BENNET, father-in-law;
Wits., Gilbert STEVENSON; Walter PAINE; Daniel CHASE.
INK, Aaron B. Enfield, NY., died July 29, 1829, No will.
Brother, Peter INK, petitioner. Aug. 15, 1829
JACOBS, Richard Lansing, NY., will April 15, 1844, Probate June 22, 1844; d. April 22, 1844, age 74 yrs
Wife, Elizabeth JACOBS (Elizabeth NEILL in Petition),
daus., Mary Wife of Sylvester CULVER; Catherine, wife of John WOOD, of Catleraugus Co.; Susan, wife of Simon SNYDER, New Haven, Ohio; Anna, wife of Ephraim HELLER, of New Haven, Ohio; Sarah, wife of William HARGIN, Kalamazoo Co., Mich.;
sons, Richard; Benjamin, of Hillsdale; John, deceased, left heirs, Maranda, William, Alfred; Son, Mark C. of Scott Co., Iowa;
grandson, Richard, son of Benjamin; grandson Richard, son of Susan SNYDER; Son, Abraham;
Exs. Benjamin JACOBS; Daniel SNYDER;
Wits., Daniel SNYDER; Hiram MOE; Petition does not Mention son Abraham.
Other Heirs include; Grandchildren; Ann, wife of Aaron VANMARTIN, Ledyard; Albert JACOBS, Ledyard; Miranda JACOBS, a minor, Ledyard; William JACOBS, a minor, Groton; Alfred JACOBS, a minor, New Haven, Ohio; Jackson; Louisa; Lafayette; Harriet CULVER, all of Lansing, NY.
JARVIS, Stephen Ulysses, NY., Will Feb. 13, 1832, Probate May 7, 1832, d. Feb. 18,1832 age about 60;
Wife Jerusha; daus., Jemina, wife of Noah SMITH, Islip, NY; Eliza Ann, wife of James GENUNG, Enfield;
son, Stephen, a minor, James GENUNG, guardian;
Exs. William PINCKNEY; Timothy CRONK;
Wits. John THOMPSON; Henry PINCKNEY; William D. WILSON.
JESSUP, Caleb Danby, NY, Will July 3, 1834, Probate May 3, 1838, d. Mar. 25, 1838 age about 70 yrs.
Wife Lucy; son, Henry; daus., Nancy and Almira, unmarried;
dau. Harriet, wife of Uri HILL; Elizabeth, wife of Stephen BURCHARD;
Exs. Uri HILL; Stephen BURCHARD; Henry JESSUP;
Wits. Augustus SHERRILL; Minos MCGOWEN.
JOHNSON, ABRAHAM Ithaca, NY. Will July 9, 1827, Probate August 19, 1828
Son, George W. JOHNSON, with sons; Abraham and John.
Grandson, Abraham, son of William AHLE;
granddau., Amy AHLE, dau., of William AHLE;
granddaus., Cynthia & Caroline DUMOND, daus. of Abraham DUMOND, deceased;
sons, James; John; Arthur S.;
Exs. John KING; John JOHNSON; Arthur JOHNSON;
wits., James B. KING; Leonard J. NORTON; Augustus BRIZE (?).
JOHNSON, Ben Ithaca, NY., died March 19, 1848, No will.
Widow, Jane JOHNSON, "late his wife"; dau. Eleanor, wife of Anthony SCHUYLER;
Son, Jesse JOHNSON; dau., Jane JOHNSON; children all Minors; Mary; Louisa; Charles D.; Wm.; Isabella; dau. Hetty, wife of Charles P. DIBBLE, of Marshall, Mich.
JOHNSON, Betsey Enfield, NY., died February 23, 1846, no will.
Dau., Mary wife of Daniel WILLIAMS;
sons; Isaac JOHNSON of Tioga Co. Pa.; John JOHNSON, Steuben Co., NY; James JOHNSON;
daus., Anna, wife of Nathaniel SKINNER, of Pa.; Hannah, wife of John BRUCE of Danby, NY.; sons Elijah JOHNSON of Tioga Co., Pa.; Samuel JOHNSON,
Res. Unknown; dau., Betsey, wife of Oliver CALDWELL, of Steuben Co.;
dau., Martha, wife of Richard DAVENPORT.
KELLOGG, Joseph Newfield, NY., will Jan. 26, 1842, Probate April 14, 1842, d. about April 1, 1842, ae 68 yrs.
Wife Elizabeth; sons, Benjamin; Jasper; Joseph, (deceased) Milger (?);
daus., Jerusha LANDON; Betsey WALDRAFF; Mary & Amanda KELLOGG;
Exs. Elizabeth KELLOGG; Jasper KELLOGG;
Wits. Moses CROWELL; Bradford TOMPKINS; James R. TODD.
KELLY, David Ulysses, NY., d. Oct. 25, 1837, No will
Dau., Eliza, a minor with gurardian, William FARRINGTON, who acts as co-Adm. Mattison KELLY. Nov. 6, 1837
KELLY, John Lansing, NY., will July 16, 1836, Probate March 4, 1837, died Jan. 4, 1837
age about 70; wife Bettiar (in petition she is called Abia)
daus., Rebecca; Nancy; Sally; Catherine; Mary; Rachel;
sons, John Henry; Ebenezer; Robert;
Exs. Henry HOWSER; Hiram MOE;
Wits., Jesse CUTLER; Jefferson BROOKES.
KEMPEL, Daniel Ulysses, NY., died February 1842, no will,
Never married; Father, John KEMPEL, of Lansing, NY; Adm. Nov. 1, 1842
KENNEDY, John P. Dryden, NY., will March 11, 1842, Probate May 18, 1842, d. March 27, 1842, age 62 yrs
Wife Lucretia; sons, John H.; Robert; Stephen;
daus., Aurelia; Eliza; Exs. Hilliard HOWLAND; John KENNEDY;
Wits. Samuel ROLFE; Ezra GENUNG; Stephen B. HOWLAND.
KERN, Christian Lansing, NY., will Dec. 31, 1843, Probate Nov. 25, 1844, d. Oct. 2, 1844, age 62 yrs.
Wife Catherine KERN;
daus., Catherine, wife of Aaron OSMUN, of Catteraugus Co.; Sarah, wife of Simeon BUCK; Almira; Louisa; Emily; Betsey, all minor;
Sons; George; Peter, both minors;
Exs. Hiram MOE (or ROE); Simon BUCK;
Wits., Morris DECAMP; Harvy DECAMP.
KING, Elias J. Ulysses, NY., Will, August 12, 1829, Probate Sept. 28, 1829
wife, Deborah Ann KING, Ex.; minor children, mentioned but not named.
No petition found. Exs. D. K. MCLALLAN; John RUDY; Deborah KING.
KING, Francis Ithaca, NY., will, Oct. 13, 1830, Prob. 20, 1830 Wife, Mary KING; sons; John; Charles; daus., Eleanor DAVENPORT; Agnes HOWLAND; Caty W. ELSTON; Mary TEETER; Exs. Mary KING; James B. KING; Wits., Henry YAPLE; James ELDRED; both Danby, NY., Hiram CRISSEY, Ithaca, NY.
MACK, JOHN Ulysses, Will not dated. Probate Oct 9 1857
Wife, Maria died Aug 19 1867, ae 66 (it should read 1857)
Ch. Joseph L. and Martha Ann MACK, minors
Dau: Sally Maria, wife of Obediah CHASE, Enfield
Sons; Charles G. MACK, Huntsburg, Ohio; Erastus S., Ulysses; Holmes H. of Scipio, NY; Pierson C. MACK, Gerre Co. Ohio; John M. has wife, Susan, Elida, Winnebago Co., Ill.
dau. Jane Ann, wife of Asel HARVEY, Ithaca [this should be Asahel)
Exs. Holmes H. MACK; Gilbert VINCENT; Benj. LANING.
Wits. Francis H. WILLIAMS; Charles WOOD.
MACK, MARTHA A died Jan 14, 1873
Mother, Maria HILDRETH,
Bro. Joseph SILLUCK, Watkins, NY;
Erastus and Holmes MACK, Lockport, NY
Sisters: Mrs. Asel * (*Asahel) Harvey, Ithaca; Maria CHASE, Hector
Bros. Charles MACK, Ohio
*Milton MACK, Ill (*this is John Milton MACK)
MACK, HORACE Ithaca, Will, Sep 3, 1855; Probate Oct 19, 1855 ae 58; d. Sep 10, 1855
wife, Eliza Ann, she owns a house on Green St. deeded by the Exs of her father.
sons, Stephen F. and Horace Jr., a minor
dau. Susan M. wife of Henry F. HIBBARD, Ithaca
daus. Eliza Ann, Mary E., both minors
Ex. Eliza Ann MACK; Wit. Alfred WELLS; Benj. G. FERRIS

To be continued....................

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