Remembrances of Groton Trip
of Elizabeth Gertrude Hull Henderson

Transcribed by Theresa Donlick

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Henry Monroe's. Aug. 17 Spent the night at Myron Woodfords and the next afternoon at Chancey Woodfords. Ma came up in the p.m. & I visited also. Aug 20 Mary & I took dinner at Mr. Abram Krom's & tea at John Snover's. After tea I went up on the hill and rode down on a load of wheat; had a delightful time. The work beside the common housework is mostly for this child. Sometimes when I think of the future I am disheartened and fearful lest I may become cross & fault finding, disobliging & ugly. I have seen unhappiness in family and I know something what it is. So much depends on the wife! If I thought that I should be the means of making H. Unhappy I would be an old maid, but with the grace of God I will be kind & pleasant and conquer any evil inclinations, thoughts and heart. Truly "He that ruleth his spirit is greater than he that taketh a city: but God's grace is sufficient if it's only sought for in humble faith."

September 17th it is a cold dark evening; been raining some today. We are all at home except Pa; he has gone to call on one of the neighbors. The time has passed away very quickly this month. H. Was here Monday night August 30 and went away the next morning; in the afternoon Aug. 31. Mrs. Olive Hart was here on a visit.

Sept. 3rd Daniel, Mary & myself started for Groton. Before we had gone many miles we overtook Milton Ross & wife & frankie; they were going to Ithaca to Geo. __tters, and as we intended to take dinner there we went in company and had a fine time. We took tea at Cousin Clara's called at MR Barber's in the evening. Mate & I called on Ella Frost in the afternoon. In the morning after calling on Josey Tuthill, we went on our way. Arrived at Mr. Pelton's in the afternoon, found them well, and glad to see us. Rev. Mr. Marsh & family from Owego were there but went home on the evening train. Every thing seemed as pleasant and homelike in the new parsonage at Groton as it used to here in Candor it being built on the same plan as the one here, and furnished with the same furniture. It was refreshing to look at MR. & Mrs. Pelton. Vaseve? Had grown some, but seemed as he used to. Eliza Swift was there at work and Cynthia Sanford, who works were there in the evening. I could write this page full of the interesting event and conversation which took place during our visit, but will just date a part of it here and remember the rest. We attended church in the morning MR. Pelton's text "What is you life"? Also, prayer meeting at 1/2 past 6 o'clock p.m. after which went to a temperance lecture in the Baptist church, delivered by Re. Mr. Spencer.

September 5th In the A.M. Mr. & Mrs. P. and myself in the carriage and Daniel & Mary and Ponto, a part of the time in the buggy went riding; had a delightful view of Groton and a pleasant time. We took dinner at MR. Marsh's with Cynthia, then started for home after bidding adieu to our dear, dear, pastor & family. We drove home by was of Richford; took tea at Mr. DeLancy's arrived home at 12 O'clock midnight. Sept. 7th was taking a little sleep in the afternoon when Hiram came; he went home in the evening & I went as far as Mr. Dennis's with him. MR. & Mrs. D. were in Maryland on a visit and I stayed with Zora two nights. Sept. 8 in the evening attended singing school at the S.H. conducted by Stephen Galpin Sep. 9 went home with Allie Meade & her sisters and stayed two nights. H. was here in the eve. We had a dear grand visit of course. 10th I was at Mr. Henderson's in the afternoon & until after the Sunday school, which they had there, to practice for a picnic Sep. 11th Spent most of the day at MR. Hendersons H. came home with me in the evening.

Thank you Terry Donlick for sharing your family information.

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