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Civil War Veterans killed in War

Lansing, Tompkins County, NY

Lansing furnished 144 - 40 of them died in war, source: "History of Tioga, Chemung, Tompkins and Schuyler Counties" by Henry Pierce (1879)

1. AUSTIN, Smith E. - private Co. I 75th N.Y. Inf. Enlisted Sept. 25, 1861 for 3 yrs. At battles of Santa Rosa, evacuation of Warrington and Pensacola, siege and surrender of Port Hudson and Sabine Pass Tex. Re-enl Jan. 1, 1863 killed at Auburn, Va.

2. BARNES, Charles D. d. at U.S. Hospital, Alexandria, Va. Age 17-5-2, buried at Ludlowville, N.Y. d 4/1 1962 [sic]

3. BROWN, Charles L - private Co A 3rd N.Y. Art. Enl Sept 2, 1864 for 1 yr. Died at Newbern of yellow fever 1864

4. BUTLER, Barnum R - private. Enl. Aug. 18, 1864 for 1 yr. Died of fever at City Point

5. BURGER, Harrison - private 64th N.Y. Inf. Enl Aug. 9, 1861 for 3 yr. Killed at Antietam.

6. BURGER, Edward Tappan - private 64th N.Y. Inf. Enl. Aug. 1, 1861 for 3 yr. Died at Frederick City Co. E

7. BIRMINGHAM, Michael - private, Co I 32nd N.Y. Inf. Enl. Aug. 30, 1862 for 3 yr. Wounded at battle of West Point. Re-enl. 1863 N.Y. H. Art. Accidently killed Oct 27 1865

8. BENNETT, George L - Corp. Co I 143rd N.Y. Inf. Enl Sept. 18, 1862 wounded in battle of Dallas died of those wounds.

9. DANS, Jonas - private, Enl. Jan 1, 1864 for 3 yrs. Died of smallpox at Camp Stoneman

10. FREESE, John Henry - private Co. K 41st N.Y. Inf. Enl. June 1863 for 3 yr. In battles of Fredericksburg, taken prisoner before Petersburg and died of starvation at Andersonville.

11. HARGIN, Mark - private Co F 9th N.Y. H Art. Enl. Aug 14, 1862 for 3 yr. Died of typhoid fever in hospital Ft. Simon Mar. 3, 1864 age 26-3-28 Buried at Lansingville

12. HARGIN, Jefferson - private 143rd N.Y. Inf Enl. July 1862 died at Yorktown Va.

13. HOWE, James T - Co. K 143rd N.Y. Regt died Sept. 15, 1863 age 42-5-19 buried at East Lansing

14. KNETTLES, William Henry - private 76th Inf Enl. Oct 26. 1861 for 3 yrs died Jan. 20, 1864 of typhoid fever.

15. MATTISON, Elias Jr. - private 75th N.Y. Inf. Enl Sept. 26, 1861 for 3 yr. Died in Florida 1862

16. MCCORMICK, Glen Ludlow - private Co. E. 64th N.Y. Inf. Enl. Oct. 29, 1861 for 3 yr. Killed at Fair Oaks 6/1/1862

17. MURPHY, Edward (Edmond) - private Co. D 143rd N.Y. Inf. Enl. Aug. 15, 1862 for 3 yr. Accidently wounded and died Nov. 30, 1862 buried Ludlowville

18. MORGAN, Charles - private Co. G. 109th N.Y. Inf. Enl. Aug. 1, 1862 for 3 yr in battle Ream's Sta., Ft. Steadman, killed before Petersburg 1864

19. ORMSBY, Florian D. - private Co. D 143rd N.Y. Inf. Enl. Aug. 1, 1862 for 3 yr. Taken prisoner at Bridgeport Ala. Died in Libby prison.

20. PRICE, Edward R. - private Co. E 64th N.Y. Inf. Enl. Sept. 17, 1861 for 3 yr. Died of typhoid fever at Fair Oaks

21. PATCHIN, William Henry - private 111 N.Y. Inf. Enl. Aug. 1862 for 3 yr. Killed in battle of Wilderness

22. PECK, John - private Co D. 143rd N.Y. Inf. Enl. Aug. 8, 1864 for 3 yr. Suffolk. Died at Bridgeport Ala 1864

23. PEARCE, Thomas - private 131st N.Y. Inf. Enl. Aug. 23, 1862 for 3 yr. Died June 18, 1864 in Virginia age 41-2-3 buried at Lansingville

24. PERSONIUS, Chester - private Co. G. 109th N.Y. Inf. Enl. Aug 22, 1862 for 3 yr. At Wilderness, Sulphur Sprs. Cold Harbor, Gaines Farm, killed in springing Burnside's mine, body left with rebels later bur.

25. PERSONIUS, Silas W. - private Co. G. 109th N.Y. Inf enl. Aug 21, 1862 wounded at Fredericksburg of which he died.

26. PARKER, William H - private Co. H. 51st N.Y. Inf. Enl. Sept. 8, 1861 for 3 yr died of fever at Annapolis 1861

27. RION, John Arnold - private Co. G. Enl. Sept. 22, 1863 for 3 yr. Died at Camp Stoneman Dec. 20, 1863

28. ROBERTS, Franklin M. - private died of fever in 1864

29. RILEY, Edward J. - Corp. Co K. 111th Reg + N.Y. Vol. Died a hero at Gettysburg July 4, 1863 from wounds received while carry8ing the flag of his country. Buried at Lansingville. Born at Albany June 9, 1842

30. SHOEMAKER, John - private 109th N.Y. Inf. Enl. Aug 16, 1862. Killed in battle of Wilderness 1864

31. SMITH, Henry - private 76th N.Y. Inf. Enl Sept 26, 1861 for 3 years - died at New Orleans.

32. SEARLES, William Frisby - private Co. F 51st N.Y. Inf. Enl. Sept. 8, 1861 for 3 yr. Battle of Roanoke, killed at Fredericksburg 1862. Born 1838.

33. TICHENOR, George H. - private Co. F 9th N.Y. Art. Enl. Feb. 11, 1864 for 3 yr. Died from wounds in leg received at Cedar Run.

34. TEETER, Charles - private Co. F 30th N.Y. Inf. Enl. Aug. 30, 1862 for 3 yr. Killed at battle of Cedar Creek.

35. YOUNG, Eugene L. - 1838-1864 Co. G 111th Regt died in Andersonville prison

36. WAGER, Prometheus B. (Prentiss) - Lieut 32nd Regt N.Y. Vol. Enl. at Ithaca May 7, 1861 in battle of Bull Run & Manassas. July 18-21. Died Oct. 22, 1861 at U.S. hospital Alexandria age 27-9-21

"As an officer a thorough military disciplinarian
As a counsellor wise and sagacious
As a gentleman courteous and urbane
As a friend genial and sympathetic."
"Dulce et decorum est pro patria moris"

Buried Ludlowville, eldest son of Benjamin and Malinda WAGER.
"Thus a soldier dies
And is buried
No man's life is his own
When his country demands"

"Great and marvelous are thy works O Lord God Almighty
And true are thy ways, O king of ___"

37. HOWELL, Tappan - private, 76th N.Y. Inf. Co. C mustered Oct. 1861 for 3 yrs at Groton, died of wounds at Antietam Sept. 26, 1862.

38. HOWELL, Hannibal - private 76th Inf. Co. C mustered Oct. 1861 for 3 yr. Killed at Gettysburg July 1, 1863

39. TEETER, Theodore - private Co. C 75th N.Y. Inf. Enl. Oct. 1, 1865 no further record, but died in war, according to Bloom La Barre

40. LOOMIS, Amon - could find no record, but Bloom La Barre said he was from this vicinity and was killed in the war.

Thank you Virginia Peterson for transcribing these records into digital format.

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