Intestate Estates of Tompkins Co. NY 1850-1875

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BALLARD, Delavage Enfield, NY; died Nov. 23, 1870
Widow, Susan,
dau, Mary, wife of Augustus SWARTOUT, Enfield.
sons: Horace, Van Etten, NY; Hiram R., Enfield, NY;
dau, Caroline Ophelia BALLARD, Trumansburg, NY
son, John J., ae 19
dau, Sarah Matilda BALLARD, ae 17
Adm. Martin Horsmer 2d. of Hector, NY
BALLOU, Orsamus Dryden, NY; died Feb. 16, 1875, Probate Mar. 10, 1875
Widow, Mary
dau., Martha M. BALLOU, full age
sons: James D., ae 18; Charles L., ae 11; Asa, ae 6
BANFIELD, Patty Dryden, NY; died Feb. 18, 1873
dau, Tabitha Ann OSTRANDER,Dryden, NY
dau, Mary Ann CRUTTS, Dryden, NY
dau, Phebe Ann PEW, Dryden, NY
sons, James W., & Joseph H., both, Dryden, NY
BANTA, Charlotte J. Ulysses, NY; died Mar. 6, 1867, Probate Jul. 31, 1867
Husband, John BANTA
dau. Celilna C., ae. 14 on May 14, 1867
son, Alonzo, ae 12 on July 22, 1866
daus: Anna T., ae 11 on June 28, 1867; Caroline A, ae 8 on Jan. 2, 1867
There was a daughter Anna, ae 9 who died in 1867
BARBER, Saloma E. Dryden, NY; died Nov. 17, 1862
Father, James HUBBARD
She was a pensioner of the U.S. at $8/per mo.
BARTLE, Peter Ithaca, NY; died Jan. 14, 1865
Widow, Caroline S.
Son, Wood BARTLE, under ae 14
BARTO, Henry D. Ulysses, NY; died Dec. 15, 1873 He left a will,
but not Ex. appointed
Widow, Kate F. BARTO
sons, Charles P., Henry D., Fred D., Richard V.,
All minors but Charles P. Estate, $100000.
BARTO, Mary Newfield, NY; died Jan. 25, 1862
Husband, Thomas BARTO
BARTON, Lewis Dryden, NY; died Feb. 4, 1863
Widow, Eliza and following heirs, Probably children
Charles BARTON, Jersey City, N.J.
Daniel BARTON, Dryden, NY
a minor, Mary, wife of Jacob HILES, Hamilton, Canada
a minor, Lucy Ette BARTON, Dryden, NY
BARROWS, Stephen Groton, NY; died Dec. 31, 1854, Probate Jan. 19, 1855
Widow, Lora
son, Paddock J. BARROWS
dau, Mary E. wife of George W. DAVY
dau, Sarah M. (a minor) wife of Benjamin F. HATCH
dau, Wealthy A. BARROWS, ae 15
BATES, Charles W. Ithaca, NY; died Nov. 9, 1873
Father, Abram BATES, Caroline, NY
bros.: Francis A. BATES Caroline, NY; Fred E. BATES Ithaca, NY
sist., S. Augusta BATES Caroline, NY
sist., Kate E. w/o Charles POPPLEWELL, Ithaca, NY
sist., Cornelia A. w/o Charles MANDEVILLE, Danby, NY
BATES, Larkin J.L. Dryden, NY; died April 9, 1873
Widow, Fanny V.
sons, Nelson L. and Otis A.
son, Jerome D. a minor, over 14.
BATES, Warren S. Ulysses, NY; died Jan. 20, 1862
He was said to have married May 8, 1858, Sarah BELL,
who left him and went to Michigan.
Bro., Stephen H. BATES, Covert, NY
sist., Susan, wife of Charles CRANE, Covert, NY
sist., Betsey, widow of Dan WOODWORTH, Ulysses, NY
bros., Alfred & Sylvester
BAYARD, John Caroline, NY; died May 15, 1875
Name sometimes written BAIRD
He is called a lunatic. Left no relatives that he knew of here, or elsewhere
If there were any, they are on the Island of St. Helena.
BEACH, David Newfield, NY; died May 12, 1856
Sons, Peter & George, Petitioners
dau., Cynthia, wife of James FABUSE(?)
dau., Phebe, wife of Benjamin SHAW
dau., Milly, wife of William BATEMAN, Cayuta, NY.
BEACH, Peter Newfield, NY; died Feb. 28, 1868
Sons, Holden & Leonard, Newfield, NY
sons: Charles of Canada West; Jerome, a minor, Newfield, NY
dau, Jane, wife of James STARKS, Cayuta, NY
dau, Mary Ette, wife of Andrew CHAFFEE, Newfield, NY
dau, Catherine, wife of Frederick SCHOOLCRAFT
dau, Sarah, wife of Stephen DASSANCE
dau, Susan HUAFF, deceased, left Charles & Libbie, infants.
Daniel STARKS, Guardian
BERRY, Thomas Hector, NY; died Oct. 25, 1849, Probate Feb. 5, 1850
Widow, Susannah following heirs, relationship not given
Asahel BERRY; Truman R. BERRY; Phineas R. BERRY, all of Groton,NY
Daniel W. BERRY, a minor, Groton, NY
Merrick BERRY, Murray, Orleans Co. NY.
Polly, w/o Eli WRIGHT, Solon, NY.
Fanny, w/o James BUNKER
Eliza, w/o Benjamin BALLARD, West Lexington, Green Co.
Susannah, R. BERRY, New York City
Reuben K. BERRY, California
Smith, M. BERRY, Residence unknown
BENSON, Jonathan D. Hector, NY; died: Apr. 26, 1850
widow, Elizabeth,
only child, Martin L. BENSON
BICKLE, Charles Lansing, NY; died: Dec., 24, 1872, Probate Feb. 4, 1873
Mother, Philinda BICKLE,
Bros., James H., Lester & Andrew.
BIGELOW, Lydia Lansing, NY.; died; June 20, 1874
Only living brother, Oliver BIGELOW, Waverly, NY.
Neph. Barney B. GIBBS, Tioga Co., NY
Neph. Elilas T. GIBBS, Lansing, NY.; Neph. Oliver GIBBS, of______
Niece, Berenthia HARRIS, Groton, NY.
Heirs, relationship not given:
Jane GREGG, Elmira, NY
Elisha WALLING, Darius WALLING, Sylvester WALLING
Eunice WICKS
Antionette and Olive WALLING, married names unknown.
BIRMINGHAM, Edward Lansing, NY. died; June 19, 1866; Probate Aug. 19, 1867
widow, Maria T.
daus, Therisa, age 19, July 31, 1868; Caroline J., age 12, Sept. 30, 1867
sons: Edward T., age 14, Sept. 18, 1867; George H., age 10, Feb. 28, 1868
son, Francis S., age 6, Aug. 19, 1867
BISHOP, Alpheus, H. Newfield, NY. died; Dec. 19, 1858
Father, Henry C. BISHOP
No widow or descendants.
BISHOP, Anson Dryden, NY. died; Feb. 22, 1853
Widow Delina
daus: Hortense R. BISHOP of Dryden, NY; Fidelphia BISHOP of _____; Silvia F. BISHOP of ____
son, Oscar D. BISHOP, ______
BISHOP, Austin Caroline, NY died; June 10, 1871 Probate Aug. 31, 1871
Mother, Rhoda BISHOP
Sisters: Emeline MILLER; Azuba Ann GOULD; Abba REED.
Bros: Miles & John James BISHOP
Sister, Delight SCHUTT, Danby, NY
Neph., Francis M. LONGCOY, Walkins, NY.
BISHOP, George Dryden,NY died; Jan. 17, 1850
Widow, Emeline
BISHOP, Isaac Dryden, NY. No death date..Probate Jun 29, 1851
Heirs; Anna BISHOP, probably the widow...Dryden, NY.
Mary A. HART, ....Amos O. HART
Hiram W. BISHOP, Ithaca, NY. Adm.
Ambrose S. BISHOP, Nebraska
Elvira & Rennselaer MCCUTCHEON, Albion Co. Mich.
Delina BISHOP, guardian of: Hortense R. BISHOP; Fidelia BISHOP; Demetrius O. BISHOP;
Selona BISHOP; See Anson BISHOP, Adm.
Marcus LYON, guardian of Mary H. BISHOP of Dryden, NY
BISHOP, John Caroline, NY. died: Dec. 6, 1862; probate Aug. 21, 1865
Widow, Rhoda
son, Austin BISHOP, Caroline,NY
dau: Abigail, w/o Jacob REED;
dau, Delight SCHUTT, Caroline, NY;
dau. Azubah Ann, w/o Alfred GOULD, Caroline, NY.
sons: John James BISHOP, Ithaca, NY; Miles BISHOP, Caroline, NY
dau, Rebecca MILLER, deceased, left: Melissa MILLER
dau, Eliza LONGCOY, deceased, left: Frank LONGCOY
BLACKMAN, Abraham Caroline, NY. died: July 19, 1853
Heir, Rhoda M. wife of George BLAIR
Henry W. BLACKMAN; Abraham BLACKMAN, Owego ,NY; Keith BLACKMAN, Berkshire, NY
Heirs, Judson & Jeremiah BLACKMAN, Bradford Co. Pa.
Heir, Lyman BLACKMAN, Independence, All. Co. NY.
BLACKMAN, Henry W. Caroline, NY. died; May 2, 1864
Widow, Elvira,
Son, William H. Caroline, NY
dau. Alice May BLACKMAN, age 19, Caroline, NY
son, Henry W., Berkshire, Tioga Co. NY.
BLISS, Laruna Groton, NY. died; Oct. 28, 1863, Prob. Nov. 19, 1863
widow, Wealthy. dead by probate
No parents or descendants.
BLOOM, Ann Dryden, NY. died; Oct. 24, 1872
Oldest son, Julius BLOOM, Dryden, NY.
son, Henry, deceased, left; Ellen and Marion
dau., Caroline, wife of William ROWE of Dryden, NY
dau., Catherine, wife of Charles ROWE, of Dryden, NY.
son, Wesley BLOOM, Lansing, NY
g. children; Ellen and Marion BLOOM, minors of Pa.
CAVENAUGH, Peter Newfield, NY died: Feb. 17, 1875; Probate Mar. 6, 1875
Widow, Mary Jane.
son, Edwin DeWitt, age 11
daus, Martha age 9; Katie Ann, age 3
CHAPEL, Joshua B. Newfield, NY, died: Oct., 24, 1858; Probate Dec. 17, 1858
Widow, Hannah
dau, Mary A. wife of Woodard MARSH, Newfield, NY
dau, Frances, wife of Isaac DASSANCE ________
dau, Sophia E. wife of Jabez SWAN, Catherine, NY
son, Joshua L. CHAPEL Winnebago Station, ILL.
dau, Adeline, w/o William A. MANDEVILLE, of Winnebago Station, ILL.
CHESEBOUGH, Benjamin Ithaca, NY. died; Jan. 22, 1871
son, Benjamin J. age 29
son, Levi J. age 19
CHEENEY, William Dryden, NY died; Apr. 30, 1859
Widow, Polly
No heirs mentioned
CHRYST, Phillip Caroline, NY. died; Oct. 22, 1856
dau., Frances CHRYST, age 14 the petitioner
dau., Sarah Louise age 6
dau., Lucy, deceased, left children, viz
Charlotte VAN DYKE, age 6,
Egbert Nichols VAN DYKE, age 3
The petitioner asks that Adm. be granted to Nicholas C. KRUM, a Creditor
Papers mention household furnishings belonging to the infant children.
CLARK, Calvin Caroline, NY. died: Dec. 12, 1869; Probate July 3, 1871
son, Mason CLARK
heirs: Henry CLARK; Richard CLARK
Calvin PATCH; Albertine SANDERS;
Charles PATCH; Harlen PATCH; Delphine OLMSTEAD;
Anna CLARK; Robert C. CLARK; Sabra CLARK;
Franklin CURTIS; Harriet CURTIS; John A. CURTIS;
Emma or Anna CURTIS
CLARK, Ellen Ithaca, NY. died; May 18, 1864
No husband or son
dau., Ellen CLARK,
dau., Ann, wife of Augustus LAMBERT, Ithaca, NY
dau., Jane, wife of Elisha QUINEOP(?), Milwaudee, Wis.
CLARK, Lavina Dryden, NY. died: Dec. 14, 1866; Prob. May 18, 1871
Husband, Albert S. CLARK
Son, Adelbert M. CLARK, full age.
COLTON, Marvin B. Dryden, NY. Died; April 1, 1874
Widow, Matilda J.
dau. Libbie A. age 11
son, Edwin H. age 7
Father, Ormel Colton, Mother, Orelila, Dryden, NY. Tompkins Co.
Bros. Marcus, of Dryden, NY. - Lorenzo of Groton, NY.
CONGDON, Sanford Newfield, NY. Died; Feb. 2, 1861
dau. Mrs. Anna CHAPMAN, Newfield, NY
sons - Charles R. & Lorenzo, Newfield, NY
dau: Mrs. Sophia HEALEY, Enfield, NY
dau. Mrs. Sarah O'DELL, Dryden, NY
dau. Miss Martha CONGDON, Newfield, NY
dau. Mrs. Adelia CHAMPION, Coldwater, Mich.
dau. Mrs. Louisa ( ) married name not known, Norwich, Ct.; Mrs. Cornelia OSTEND, Ovid, NY.
sons: Andrew CONGDON, Ovid, NY; Sanford CONGDON, Missouri
daus: Susan CONGDON, Ovid, NY; Elizabeth MURPHY, Buffalo, NY
CONGER, Jonathan Groton, NY. Died; July 6, 1867 - Probate Oct. 11, 1867
Widow, Thankful
Heirs: Caroline W. CONGER, Laura STEVENS, John J. CONGER,
Amelia M. CONGER, age 20, (All probably children)
Son, Simeon, deceased, left viz.; Annette CONGER, Willis & Fred - All of Groton, NY. and all under 21 year of age.
CONVILLE, Michael Enfield, NY., Died; Oct. 10, 1841 - Probate Nov. 6, 1851
No Heirs - He was of Ireland
COOK, Abram Newfield, NY. Died; May 11, 1872
No Widow
Sons - Francis B., Carmi W., Newfield, NY
COON, David Ithaca, NY, Died; June 17, 1857
Widow, Jane And the following children:Harriet, age 16; Amelia, age 13; Francis, age 10; Almeda, age 7; David, age 5; Mary, age 2.
COON, Levi Ithaca, NY, Died; Sept. 25, 1870
Widow, Susan
Children: Helen M., Levi, both infants.
COOPER, Alanson Ulysses, NY. Died; May 14, 1867
Widow, Anna, of Danby, NY.
dau, Maria, wife of John J. TEETER
son, John J. COOPER, a minor
daus, Sarah Louisa COOPER, Minerva COOPER-both minors
son, Charles COOPER a minor
COOPER, Charles Warren Ulysses, NY Died; Sept. 28, 1875 - Probate Dec. 3, 1875
No Parents or sisters
Bro. John E. COOPER, age ca. 28, Arizona
Uncle, Horace G. COOPER, Ulysses, NY
COOPER, Mrs. Harriet E. Ulysses, Died; Oct. 24, 1855 - Probate Oct. 28, 1875
Father, Marvin SMITH, died; May 6, 1858
sister: Lucinda E. MELLEN, McLean, NY;
sister, Sarah WEBSTER McLean, NY
sister, Emma W. SMITH, Hector, NY
sister, Kate B. SMITH, Utica, NY.
bro. Samuel M. SMITH, Ill.
CORNWELL, Elida Hector, NY. Died; April 18, 1854
dau, Eveline M., wife of John A. FAIRCHILD, Ulysses, NY
sons, Andrew CORNWELL, Hector, NY; Hiram Henry CORNWELL, Verona, Wis.; Joseph M. CORNWELL " "
dau, Elida Ann, wife of Andrew HENRY, Verona, Wis.
son, John CORNWELL, a minor, Madison, Dane Co. Wis.
minor children; Thomas and Adeline CORNWELL, Hector, NY
COUNSELL, George Newfield, NY. Died; June 17, 1852 A Suicide
Widow, Polly
sons: George W.; John, a minor
daus.: Harriet; Charlotte; Anna Maria; all minors
COWDRY, Resolved L. Ithaca, NY., Died; May 28, 1840 - Probate March 13, 1858
No Widow mentioned by name. She had died by probate.
sons, Adam S. and Chauncey COWDRY
COX, William Enfield, NY., Died; Sept. 1, 1875 - Probate Sept. 24, 1875
Widow, Sarah
Children: Edward J. age 7; Mary J., age 4; Hattie L., age 2.
CRITTENDEN, Samuel Jr. Ulysses, NY. Died; Jan. 18, 1854 - Probate June 29, 1854
Widow, Mary Ann
Children: Henry; Mary; William; Martha Frances - all minors
CRADIT, Jacob Dryden, NY. Died; Dec. 5, 1856
Widow, Sarah
dau., Sarah Jane, w/o Isaac SHIRLEY, Ithaca, NY
sons: Alexander, Ithaca, NY; Isaac & Jason of Placer Co., Calif.; Risley & Amos, of Janesville, Mich.; David M. of Penna.. all full age.
CUMMINGS, James E. Caroline, NY. Died; Nov. 17, 1870
Widow, Susan
Children: William Henry; Hattie B.; Rosa Nell, all minors
CUALT, Michael Groton, NY. Died; Nov. 19, 1864
sons: John of Groton, NY; Truman of Calhoun Co. (State not given); William, Groton, NY
daus: Charity CARPENTER of Bingham, Potter Co. Pa.; Belinda, w/o Robert VAN BURGER, Crawford Co. Pa.
Adms. John CUALT and Abram OSMUN
DUTCHER, Thomas Dryden, NY., Died; Aug. 17, 1852 - Probate Aug. 12, 1861
Widow, Abigail, she died by probate date.
sons: John DUTCHER, of Ithaca, NY; Charles DUTCHER of Hornellsville, NY; Thomas DUTCHER, Sparta Monrow Co. Wis. These are the only living children left at probate.
daus: Elizabeth SHOEMAKER, deceased, left; Eliza Jane, w/o Eleazer HARRING, Groton, NY; Abigail SHOEMAKER, Lansing, NY. Both full age.
son, Burton DUTCHER, deceased, left; Fanny, w/o James FERRIS, Madison Co.; Adelia, w/o Charles BACON, Madison Co.; Jerome B. & Thomas J. DUTCHER, Ithaca, NY. minors; Henry DUTCHER, Madison Co., NY.
dau, Fanny SHOEMAKER, deceased, left: Mary F. SHOEMAKER, Lansing , NY.
dau, Jerusha Ann HUNT deceased, left; Clarence Alphonso HUNT, Corning, NY., a minor under 14 yr
EATON, Apollas Dryden, NY. Died; Dec. 29, 1859 - Probate Jan. 3, 1860
Widow, Maria
Sons, William; Lewis; full age
daus, Emeline; Adeline full age (Both EATON)
dau., Maria L. EATON, age 19
EATON, Charles Groton, NY Died; Jan. 17, 1862 - Probate Jan. 29, 1862
Widow, Esther
Son, James EATON of Bolivar, All. Co.
dau, Sarah, w/o Rodney Nash (could be Marsh) of Dryden, NY
dau, Harriet J. w/o Gershom FULLER, Susq. Co.,Pa.
sons: Hiram W. EATON, Cortlandville, NY; Francis EATON, Groton, NY. a minor
ELDRIGE, Elisha Groton, NY., Died; Sept. 20, 1867 - Probate Feb. 25, 1869
Widow, Sarah
Sons: Benjamin ELDRIDGE of Clymer, Tioga Co. Pa.; Palmer ELDRIDGE
daus: Eliza J. ALLEN; Emlia WILLIAMS, Groton, NY
Adm. Horace WILLIAMS
ELLIS, Lycurgus died in Andersonville Prison, Probate May 4, 1865
bro. Benjamin ELLIS, Groton, NY, Petitioner. Full age
bro. Augustus ELLIS, Washington, D.C. Full age
bro. Cassius ELLIS, Catteraugus Co. Full age
sist., Rody ELLIS, Locke, NY. under 14
sist., Martha ELLIS, Cayuga Co. under 14
sisters, Helen and Emma Cayuga Co. under 14
ELLIS, Myron Groton, NY. no death date - Probate June 7, 1858
Widow, Nancy
brothers: Benjamin ELLIS, Syracuse, NY; Augustus ELLIS, Auburn, NY; Cassius ELLIS, Syracuse, NY a minor; Lycurgus ELLIS, Groton, NY a minor; Nathan ELLIS, Morivia, NY; and Lewis ELLIS, Sandbanks, NY.
sisters: Rhoda; Martha; Helen; Emma all minors, Groton, NY
sist., Amanda, w/o Philander ROBINSON, Groton, NY
ELLIS, Nancy Died in Fairfield, Ohio; died Sept. 19, 1852 - Probate Feb. 4, 1853
Husband, Daniel ELLIS, Covert, NY
daus, Loraine, w/o William G. ATWATERa; Eunice THOMPSON; Charlotte LAMPORT, deceased, left - Nancy LAMPORT; Emeline DUMONT, deceased, left - Estelle DUMONT.
bro, George WOODWORTH, Adm.
neph. Douglas BOARDMAN, son of a sister
Gilbert, Daniel and Walter HOLMES, Fairfield , Ohio.
Belinda, w/o J. HOPKINS SMITH
Relationship not given of last two lines
ELLIS, Peleg Dryden, NY, Died; May 9, 1859 - Probate March 11, 1863
Widow, Ruth ELLIS
sons, Warren D. & John J.
daus, Sally w/o Marenus ELLIS; Ann H., w/o John W. SMITH; Mahala, w/o Peter WORDEN; Mary, w/o Silas HUTCHINSON of Dodge Co. Wis.; Lydia, w/o Benjamin AMES; Huldah, w/o John C. ELLIS of E. Greenwich, R.I.; Ruth, w/o John T. KIMBALL, Berkshire, Tioga Co., NY
ELLIS, Peleg Danby, NY., Died; Feb. 12, 1861 - Probate Feb. 27, 1861
Wife, Salome W. ELLIS
dau., Phebe Jane, w/o Andrew JOHNSON, Danby, NY
dau., Amelia, w/o Francis BATES, minor, Danby, NY
Ossian G. HOWARD, Adm.
ELLIS, Willett Dryden, NY. Died; Sept. 16, 1863 - Probate Dec. 8, 1863
Widow, Maria ELLIS
Son, George A. ELLIS, Dryden, NY
ELLISON, Hannah Ithaca, NY. Died; Dec. 14, 1857 - Probate June 29, 1858
Only living child, Robert ELLISON of Ithaca, NY
ESTABROOK, William B. no death date. Probate June 11, 1852
Father, Hobart ESTABROOK, Newfield, NY
bro. Ralph H. ESTABROOK, Newfield, NY
GIRARD, John G. Ithaca, NY Died; May, 1865 Probate Oct. 30, 1865
bro., William, Towanda, died; Aug. 20, 1865, left a widow, Mary & children; Ann HULL GIRARD, Louise GIRARD, & Mary HULL, deceased, who left two children.
bro., Jacob P. of Ithaca, NY
sist., Susan RYRESON, Ithaca, NY
bro., Joseph, deceased, left children, viz. William; Gideon; Jesse; Eliza GIRARD, All of Bethlehem , N.J.
bro., Isaac, deceased, left children, viz. Thomas H. GIRARD of Wayne Co. Mich.; Howell GIRARD, Ithaca, NY; Mary BLAUVELT of Enfield, NY
sist. Elizabeth LUNGER, deceased, left children, viz. Jane TRAPP of Williamsport, Pa.; Nancy HALL of Havana, NY; Matilda ROOT of Varna, NY; Lydia & Caroline LUNGER of Ithaca, NY; Jacob LUNGER in U. S. Navy; William LUNGER of Calif.; John LUNGER in U. S. Army.
sist, Martha CRAGER, deceased, left. children, viz. James and Jane CRAGER of Ithaca, NY
GIVENS, Charles Dryden, NY. Died; July 10, 1867 - Probate July 16, 1867
Widow, Ann V. age 55
sons: Thomas; William R.; Edward
dau., Laura, wife of John LAMONT
GIVENS, Gilbert Dryden, Died; March 9, 1875 - Probate March 24, 1875
Widow, Eveline
Mother, Mary GIVENS, Dryden , NY
bro., Lester, residence unknown
sisters: Helena LUPTON, Dryden, NY; Licindy TYLER, Dryden, NY; Emeline STICKLES, Dryden, NY; Ettie ROLFE, Enfield, NY.
bros., Joseph and Charles A., Dryden, NY
GODDARD, Diantha Ithaca, NY. Died; Feb. 17, 1861 - Probate April 24, 1861
son, Edwin L. ROBBINS, Ithaca, NY
son, Edward L. ROBBINS, Dubuque, Iowa
dau, Emeline A., w/o Samuel H. HAMMOND, Albany, NY
son, Samuel R. GODDARD, Eldorado, Calif.
GODFREY, Sally Dryden, NY. Died; Feb. 6, 1870 - Probate July 24, 1870
Husband, Philo GODFREY
daus: Janette GIVENS; Martha GODFREY; Frances M. GODFREY;
daus: Sarah GALGHER; Harriet ASHLEY
son, Charles P. GODFREY
GRAY, Alexander J. Groton, NY Died; July 16, 1861 - Probate Dec. 5, 1861
Widow, Eliza J.
dau., Eliza, wife of John MOE
dau., Simeon GRAY, Groton, NY
dau., Sarah N., wife of Isaac CHILD, Crawford Co. Pa.
dau., Rachel A., wife of Harrison PIERCE, Crawford Co. Pa.
Children: Ellen and Francis GRAY, Groton, NY. Minors
G. Child: Arthur GRAY, Dryden, NY. Under 21 yrs.
GRAY, Rufus Dryden, NY. Died; July 1, 1868 - Probate Aug. 1, 1868
Widow, Asenath
son, Almon GRAY Dryden, NY
dau., Emily GRIFFIN, Dryden, NY
dau., Mary JUNE, Caroline, NY
son, Allen GRAY, Ithaca, NY
GRAY, Sylvester Groton, NY Died; Jan. 1, 1861 - Probate Jan. 7, 1861
Widow, Miranda
son, Arthur, under 1 yr.
widow asks Simeon Gray, Co-Adm. (see Adm. of Alexander Gray)
GREGORY, William R. Ithaca, NY. Died; May 16, 1831 - Probate May 29, 1858
Widow, Almira
Heirs: William W. GREGORY, Albany, NY; Amanda, wife of Edward W. WEST, Ill.; Almira, wife of Albert JACKSON, Missouri
GREEN, Henry Danby, NY. No death date, Probate Jan. 12, 1859
Widow, Abigail
Children, all under 12: Orcelia; Rufina; Anson; Rufus
2nd. Probate, April 11, 1861
Widow Abby, became Abby wife of Lot FOSTER
Mother, Sarah GREEN, widow of William GREEN, age 72
GREEN, William Danby, NY Died; April 12, 1857 - Probate April 25, 1857
Widow, Laura, (or as she wrote it, Lany)
dau., Permelia Ann, wife of Marth MIDDAUGH
dau., Eliza, wife of Miles GEORGEIA
dau., Julia B. GREEN
dau., Ethelemda, w/o Orrin GUNN, deceased, left; daus. Eliza & Philena GUNN
GIBBS, Garret G. Died at Lansing, NY, March 5, 1857 - Probate March 18, 1857
Widow, Nancy
dau., Berintha, wife of Joseph HARRIS, Groton, NY
son, Elias T. GIBBS, Lansing, NY
dau., Nancy GIBBS, Lansing, NY
son, Barzilla B. GIBBS, Geneva, NY
sons, Oliver and Franklin GIBBS, Columbia Co. Wis.
GRIFFIN, Mary R. Enfield, NY. Died; Feb. 26, 1874 - Probate Nov. 12, 1875
Heir, Rosey D. CURE, age 11 in June, 1875 - Jane CURE guardian of Rosey
GRISWOLD, Abram Dryden, NY. No death date, Probate Feb. 27, 1864
dau., Asenath, wife of John HILES, Dryden, NY
dau., Lydia SWEETLAND
dau., ______ SPRUCE, deceased, left daughters, viz. Mary & Frances, under 14
Heirs: William GRISWOLD, Elgin, Mich.; Jerusha VANDENBURG, Albion, Mich.; Sarah VANDENBURG of Albion, Mich.; Sarah M. SMITH, N. Y. City; Susan or Lavina SMITH of N. Y. City (Her name appears both ways.); and Mary, Martha, & Joseph SPACE of Dryden, NY
GRISWOLD, Asenath Dryden, NY. Died; April 15, 1852 - Probate Aug. 29, 1853
sons: Nathan and Abraham of Dryden, NY
son, Edward of Virgil, NY
dau., Asenath, w/o William HOAGLAND of Dryden, NY
dau., Jerusha, wife of Jesse TAPPING of Dryden, NY
dau., Nancy, wife of George CARR
GROVER, Peter Dryden, NY. Died; May 21, 1863 - Probate May 27, 1863
No widow
Son, Lemi Grover
dau., Polly OGDEN, Groton, NY
G. Ch. Pliny; Mary; and Ira Grover, all minors
GROVER, Sarah Newfield, NY. Died; Oct. 25, 1872 - Probate Jan. 14, 1873
She was the widow of Abel GROVER. (see Gray)
dau., Sally Ann, wife of George Keller TEETER, VanEtten, NY
dau., Caroline, wife of George TEETER, (son of Andrew)
dau., Emma J. TOMPKINS, Newfield , NY
dau., Delia MARION, Ithaca, NY
sons: David GROVER, Enfield, NY; Nelson GROVER, Ithaca, NY; Samuel; Alpheus; Peter; all Ithaca,NY
Petitioner, Anson GROVER, Newfield, NY
GUNLACH, Charles Died in Ithaca, NY. Jan. 20, 1875 - Probate Jan. 27, 1875
Widow, Eliza; dau., Mary, age 3yr 6mo
GUNN, Chloe Danby, NY. Died; March 1863 - Probate Dec. 1, 1871
bro., Joel SABIN, ILL.
sist. Lucy GLASON, Red Wing, Minn.
bro., Philo SABIN, Spencer, NY
sist., Betsey LEWIS, deceased, left. viz. James LEWIS, Kansas; Phidelia BENTON, Kansas.
bro. Seth SABIN, Spencer, NY. Petitioner.
GUNN, Orrin Danby, NY. Died; Sept. 22, 1857 - Probate Oct. 5, 1857
Widow, Ethelinda, (dau. of William GREEN)
dau., Eliza A. age 16, with Guardian, David BRIGGS
dau., Philena GUNN, a minor
HEWETT, Mary Danby, NY. Died; April 9, 1863
No children. Father, David PARSHALL, Danby, NY
HIGGINS, Robert A. Died In Miss. ca. 1859 - Probate Nov. 21, 1863
Father, Reuben HIGGINS, Caroline, NY
HILDEBRANT, Catherine C. Dryden, NY. Died July 10, 1857 - Probate Dec. 6, 1858
Husband, Samuel HILDEBRANT
Children; John; Robert; Elihu; Mary; Lydia Ann; All say John lives with their Father, residence unknown.
HILE, Chloe Dryden, NY. Died; Dec. 4, 1849 - Probate July 6, 1850
Son, Thomas HILE, Petitioner. Hartford, NY
Heirs: Betsey, w/o William MINEAH; Leonard HILE; Chloe, wife of Thomas MC KEE; Thomas LUTHER (?); Sarah A. LUTHER (?), Dryden , NY; Sally Ann, w/o Avery (?) MALLISIN(?) of Groton, NY; Hile TYLER, Residence unknown; Peggy, w/o Thomas FORTUNE, Independence, NY; and John HILE, Independence, NY
HILE, Jacob Dryden, NY. Died; June 2, 1871 - Probate July 10, 1871
Widow, Flavilla. sons: John Wesley HILES; William G. HILES
HILE, Leonarda Dryden, NY. Died; May 24, 1856 - Probate June 23, 1856
Widow, Nancy
sons: Thomas, a minor; Sylvester, age 16; and John HILE, Groton, NY
dau., Lavina, w/o Wyatt FORSYTH, Dryden, NY. a minor
dau., Mary, w/o Burton MOREHOUSE, Groton, NY
HILL, Ambrose B. Dryden, NY. Died; March 26, 1861 - Probate April 8, 1861
Widow, Sarah (See Hart)
dau., Charilla, w/o Albert WHITE, age 18
sons: Orlin HILL, age 16; Ed HILL, under 14
dau., Hannah HILL, under 14
Adm. Bro.-in-law, John P Hart (brother of the widow)
HILL, Austin Dryden, NY Died; April 10, 1869 - Probate Sept. 13, 1869
Widow, Elvira C. Adm.
daus.: Sarah J. HILL; Adeline E. HILL, both of Dryden, NY
dau., Isadore A. wife of Thomas BURCH
son, Osmer J. Hartford, Cortland Co. NY Co-Adm.
HILL, Samuel Ulysses, NY. Died; April 28, 1874 - Probate June 16, 1874
Widow, Fanny.
sons: Wesley F. HILL, Ulysses, NY; Augustine HILL, Allegheny, Catt. Co.
dau., Jane FOWLET, Scarsborough, Seneca Co.
son, Ferris HILL, deceased, left children. (there is more information on Samuel Hill, this is not a complete record)
HUNT, Thomas Dryden, NY. Died; Aug. 16, 1869 - Probate Aug. 19, 1869
Widow, Anna
g. son, Warren SADLEY, age 23, Baltimore, Md.
g. children: Mary HEAD, age 23, and William HEAD, age 21 Strait's Corners, Tioga Co. NY
g. children: Ann Eliza & Emma Jane MC KEEL; and Warren MC KEEL Kalamazoo, Mich.
son, William HUNT, age 38, Clinton Co. Pa.; and Justus HUNT, age 13, Dryden, NY
g. dau., Eliza HUNT, Ithaca, NY
g. son, Oscar HUNT, Kalamazoo, Mich.
HUNTER, John Ithaca, NY. Died; June 27, 1871 - Probate Nov. 6, 1873
Widow, Ann, who died in Feb. 1872
dau., Anna J., wife of Spence LEGG, Speedsville, NY
dau., Emma M. HUNTER, Ithaca, NY
sons: William J. age 17; George R. age 11 both of Ithaca, NY
oldest son, John J. HUNTER Petitioner.
HUNTING, Edward Dryden, NY, Died; April 11, 1861, Probate May 4, 1861
dau., Christianna LEWIS, Byron, Fon Du Lac Co. Wis
son, Israel HUNTING, Bryon, Fon Du Lac Co. Wis.
dau., Betsey WOODRUFF, Beaver Dam, Schuyler Co., NY
son, Mosher HUNTING, Summerset, Niagara Co., NY
dau., Asenath HUNTING, Dryden, NY
dau., Catherine L. wife of Mathew JAGGER
HUNTINGTON, Katurah Dryden, NY. Died; Feb. 8, 1850, Probate Feb. 18, 1850
son, John
heir, Anna BULLOCK, Deleware Co.
heir, Milla STRONES (?) STORMS (?) Knox Co. Ohio
heir, Katurah DE PATOU, Tompkins Co.
heir, Fanny BUTTER, Bradford, Co., Pa.
heir, Malinda COY, Tompkins Co.
HURD, Charles B. Dryden , NY, Died; Aug. 10, 1873, Probate Sept. 16, 1873
Father, Wesley HURD, No widow or children
HURD, James H. Dryden, NY, Died; Jan. 18, 1857, Probate Jan. 26, 1857
Widow, Martha
dau., Laura E. wife of Benjamin GRISWOLD
g. ch. James, age 7; Francis , age 10; both HURD
g. ch. Ella GIVENS, age 5
all g. ch. are of Milford, Mich.
HURLEY, Elisha Dryden, NY, Died; April 2, 1872, Probate April 10, 1872
Widow, Phebe J. age 53
dau., Mary A. SNYDER, age 30, Dryden, NY
dau., Eliza J. FREE, age 23 Dryden, NY
son, Albert, age 19
son, Merritt, age 15
son, Ensign, age 10
JOHNSON, John Dryden, NY, Died; Sept. 1873, Probate Jan. 19, 1874
Widow Alice
sons, William ; Thomas; John; all of Dryden, NY
dau., Caroline wife of William CRISPELL, Dryden, NY
dau., Alice ROBINSON
dau., Mary E. w/o Edward NIVISON, Morgan, Ohio;
dau., Sarah Ann, w/o Henry MILLS, Ashtabula Co. Ohio
JOHNSON, C. John Dryden, NY, Died; Jan. 11, 1872, Probate Jan. 19, 1874
Widow, Luthera, Adm.,
son, Luther, full age;
son, George, a minor.
James H. GEORGE, Co-Adm.
JONES, John Caroline, NY, Died; April 12, 1872 - Probate April 16, 1872
Widow, Susan A.
dau., Harriet L. age 8
JUNE, John B. Caroline, NY, Died; Sept. 5, 1873 - Probate Sept. 11, 1873
Widow, Mary J. (after his death Mary T. STEPHENS by 1877)
dau., Julia, age 15,
sons, Truman B., age 13; George, age 4.
JUNE, Solomon T. Caroline , NY, Died; June 12, 1873 - Probate Oct. 3, 1873
Widow, Angeline,
dau., Eliza J. w/o Truman BAKER,
son, Jeremiah B., Dryden, NY.
dau., Irene V. NORRIS, Caroline, NY.
son, John B. JUNE, Caroline, NY, (died; Sept 5, 1873)
KALOR, Michael Lansing, NY, Died; Feb. 8, 1858 - Probate June 21, 1858
Mother, Catherine KALOR,
sist., Eliza SHAVER,
bro., John, deceased, left in Venango Co. Pa. viz. Lavinia ; Levi ; Sarah . all minors.
Jeremiah BROWN, cited to appear, signs "Richard BROWN". Jesse MANNING, Adm.
KANE, Charles Groton, NY, Died; Jan. 24, 1872 - Probate July 25, 1873
He was a U. S. Pensioner. Father, Patrick KANE
KAPLIN, Angeline Lansing, NY, Died; June 25, 1875 - Probate July 6, 1875
bro. John KAPLIN, deceased, left children, viz. Elizabeth ROSE, Lansing, NY; Mary M. HERRICK, Lansing, NY; DeWitt C. KAPLIN, Lansing, NY.
KEELER, Phebe L. Died; June 12, 1852 - Probate June 17, 1852
Husband, Albert KEELER
KING, Enos Ithaca, NY, Died; Aug. 27, 1873 - Probate Dec. 8, 1873
Widow, Julia Ann
daus., Ada J. and Phebe KING, Ithaca, NY. full age.
sons, Andrew J. and Lacy KING., Ithaca, NY
KING, Moses Danby, NY, Died; May 7, 1851 - Probate June 9, 1851
Widow, Betsey, asks Solomon D. KING, Co. Adm.,
Heirs, Eleanor D. w/o Joel MOSHER, Danby, NY, Sally B. w/o David TUTHILL, Danby, NY, Huldah B. KING; Jane B. KING, and Louise N. KING. The last two minors, Danby, NY, Samuel B. KING; Solomon D. KING, Danby, NY, Emily J. TUTHILL, a minor, Danby, NY; Francis KING, Ithaca, NY; James KING, Barton, Tioga Co., Amanda , w/o Abner CASSADY, Ithaca, NY.
KING, Ruth Ulysses,NY, Died; March 2, 1863 - Probate April 1863
David K. MC LALLEN, son of a sister, Petitioner,
Bro. Elias J. KING, deceased, left children, viz. Charlotte, w/o Augustus M. SHERWOOD; Mana, w/o Minor SMITH, both of Ulysses, NY.;
sist. Margaret GANOUNG, deceased, left children, viz. Polly GANOUNG, deceased, who left, viz, James GANOUNG, deceased, who left, viz. Mary Estelle GANOUNG, Binghamton, NY; Nancy GANOUNG, Hector, NY; Hiram GANOUNG, Pine Valley, NY.
Relation not given on following. David GANOUNG, Newburn, NY; William GANOUNG, now in the Army; George GANOUNG, now in the Army;
sist. Mana KING MC LALLEN, deceased, left. viz. sons, James and David MC LALLEN, Ulysses, NY; dau., Mary wife of Philemon H. THOMPSON, Ulysses, NY., son, Henry MC LALLEN Summit, Ind.
KING, Willard R. Ithaca, NY. Died; March 1, 1870 - Probate March 9, 1870
Widow, Martha M. KING, Adm.;
sons, George M. KING, Adm., and Clarence J. KING, a minor.
KINGSLEY, Willlam N. Hector, NY. Died; Nov. 23, 1850 - Probate April 25, 1851
Widow, Charlotte, Hector, NY.,
son , Monroe KINGSLEY, Hector, NY.
KNAPP, Alvah Groton, NY. Died; May 13, 1860 - Probate Nov. 30, 1868
widow , Priscilla;
son, Loomis W. deceased, left, a dau. Nelly.
dau., Sarah Eliza KNAPP, deceased by probate time, left; Mary E. age 15 on Feb. 8, 1868; Sophronia, age 9, on Feb. 9, 1868; Arlington, age 7 on Sept. 6, 1868; Sophia, age 11, on Feb. 11, 1868.
LABAR, Amos Newfield, NY. Died; March 21, 1853 - Probate April 9, 1853
widow, Sarah, (see Rush LABAR Adm. )
Brother-in-law John SEBRING, Co-Adm.
Sons, Charles, age 26; Rush, age 19; James, age 13.
LABAR, Emeline Lansing, NY. Died; April 1, 1864 - Probate March 20, 1865
Bros., Merritt LABAR, Lansing, NY; Simeon, Ill, or Wis.; Henry, Wis.; Julius, Hector, NY;
sist. Calista, w/o Alanson HOWELL, Groton, NY.;
sist. Serena w/o Alva COMFORT, Ulysses, NY.;
sist. Permilia, w/o George COOK, Lansing, NY.
(These were children of Henry LABAR and Eliz. SCUTT)
LABAR, Ephraim Lansing, NY. Died; March 18, 1856 - Probate see his will
He had a Land Warrent for 40 acreas, # 93514, for service in the Company of Capt. Abram BLOOM, which he assigned to his son, Arad J. LABAR, of Muskingo, Wis. on Sept. 1, 1852.
LABAR, Julius Newfield, NY. Died; Sept. 29, 1848 - Probate June 13, 1850
Widow, Nancy, (see Crandall) Children, Charles; Elizabeth; Melissa; David; and Louisa, all LABAR, All of Rochester, NY.
LABAR, Rush Newfield, NY. Died; Nov. 2, 1858 - Probate Sept. 22, 1864
Mother, Sarah R. LONGCOY, age 59 at probate, w/o William LONGCOY
bros., Charles; James M.; Charles in the Army, James a prisoner of war.
LANE, Abram Caroline, NY. Died; April 4, 1865 - Probate May 7, 1866
Widow, Mary, son Charles a minor.
LANE, Henry A. Lansing, NY. Died; April 5, 1866 - Probate May 7, 1866
Widow, Polly LANE,
children; Olive Augusta and Clarence both under age 14.
LANTERMAN, George S. Died; July 23, 1849 - Probate May 11, 1857
Widow, Sally, Children, all minors; Malvina J.; Marietta; George; Sarah and Frank.
LANTERMAN, John S. Lansing, NY. Died; April 11, 1857 - Probate April 25, 1857
Widow, Julia Ann, Adm. children; all minors, Malvina Jane; Mary F.; George S.; Sarah Ann and John F.
Adms., Luther HEDDEN; Benoni BROWN.
LARABEE, Cornelia Dryden, NY. Died; Jan. 12, 1851 - Probate March 27, 1851
Her property consisted of an unpaid pension, from the U. S.
dau., Martha, deceased w/o Lawrence LAWSON;
dau., Judah w/o Joseph SHERWOOD;
dau., Sally, w/o S. M. BALDWIN;
dau.; Delila, w/o Jacob VANDERPOOL;
dau., Betsey, w/o Daniel CARRINGTON;
dau.; Mary , w/o Lyman WILCOX;
dau.; Catherine widow of Peter RUMMER,
Adm.; Co - Adm. Edwin FITTS.
LAUGHLIN, William Newfield, NY, Died; Dec. 28, 1851 - Probate Mar. 14, 1852
Widow, Margaret A.,
Children, all under 12, Olive E.; William D.; Josephine; Ella A.
Widow asks Ichabod B. PALMER, Co-Adm.
LEARN, Daniel Groton, NY. Died in Washington, D. C. May 15, 1864 - Probate June 14, 1864
Widow, Clarinda,
Father, George LEARN, Berkshire, Tioga Co.,
Bro. John LEARN, Lansing, NY., (John crossed out)
sister Betsey Ann LEARN , Lansing, NY.(crossed out)
LEE, Reuben DeWitt Ithaca, NY. Died ; Oct. 1856 - Probate Feb. 11, 1860
Father, Chauncey LEE
LEAVENWORTH, LUCIUS Ulysses, NY. Died; Jan. 1864-Probate May 19,1865
Widow, Azubah of Great Bend, Susq. Co. Pa.
LEGG, Judson L. Caroline, NY. Died; Aug. 31, 1871 age 40
Father, Leonard LEGG,
Bros., Oliver P. and Martin L.,
sisters, Martha L. WILLIAMS, Candor, NY; Sarah A. w/o Epenetus HOWE; Lucia A. WILLIAMS, deceased, left a son, viz. Leonard WILLIAMS, a minor, Newark Valley, NY.
LEONARD, Silvanus Died in Lansing, Mich. June 2, 1870- Probate June 17, 1870
sons, Edward, Groton, NY.; William L., Lansing, Mich.
LEONARD, William H. Ithaca, NY, Died; Nov. 11, 1869 - Probate Feb. 19, 1870
widow, Augusta, children; Clarence and Isabel WILLIAMS, both under 21.
LESLIE, Emily Newfield, NY. Died; April 1869 - Probate Feb. 6, 1873
Bro. Justus BAKER, Petitioner, Danby, NY.
sister, Phebe DAVIS,
bro. James BAKER, died after Emily's death,
bro. Abram, left children,
bros. Lawrence and Thomas, left children.;
sist. Margaret MARSHALL,
Co-Adm. William H. BAKER, Danby, NY.
MC NIFF, ____ Ireland.;
bro., Patrick, deceased, left dau. Bridget, Ireland.
sist, Mary CORT, deceased, left children, viz. Luke CORT, Dryden, NY; Bridget MC TYTEE, Cortland, NY; John CORT, Cortland, NY; Thomas, Groton, NY; Edward, Solon, NY.; Domelick, Harford, NY.
MEAD, Daniel L. Caroline, NY. Died; Nov. 20, 1865 - Probate Dec. 26, 1875
widow, Mary;
sons, David P. MEAD ; Benjamin F. MEAD, Caroline,NY,
daus., Caroline F. MEAD; Loraine & Mary H. MEAD, minors;
son, Joseph W. MEAD, Adamsville, Ohio.;
dau. Percilla, w/o L.D. TRYON, Honesdale, Pa.;
son, Ezra L. MEAD, Addison, NY;
son, William D. MEAD, Catin, Steuben Co.;
son, George M. MEAD, Ech, Genesee Co. Mich.;
son , Charles C. MEAD, Laurel Factory, Maryland.
MEAD, James H. Lansing, NY. Died; March 5, 1861- Probate March 14, 1861
Widow, Elizabeth,
dau., Iva Hasted MEAD, age 5.
MEAD, Philetus H. Newfield, NY, Died; Aug. 4, 1862 - Probate Aug. 29, 1864
Widow Anna; daus., Sarah; Mira Elizabeth; Alice, all MEAD
MELLON, Barney Ithaca, NY, Died; Feb. 11, 1867- Prob. Nov. 29, 1867
Widow, Charlotte M., no property, but bounty of $100. due from the U.S. No children.
MERIAN, George Ithaca, NY, Died; May 29, 1875
Widow, Maria, He was a U.S.Pensioner at $12. per month. No heirs given.
METZGER, Henry Groton, NY. Died; Aug. 24, 1874 - Probate Sept. 19, 1874
Widow, Fanny,
children; Cora age 13; Willie N. age 8; Laura, age 4; Ida May, age 5 mos.
MICKLE, John B. died; Aug. 30, 1853 - Probate Sept. 10, 1853
Widow, Rebecca A., Adm.;
Children all minors, Martha Jane; Ida Louise; Mahala Ann.
Addison SWARTOUT and Henry FISH, Co-Adms.
MIDDAUGH, Orrin Dryden, NY. Died; June 16, 1875
Widow, Mary Ann, Adm.(dau. of Henry Snyder & Mary Teeter)
sons, William H. age 30 ; Frank W. age 26; Fred, age 24; Orrin A., age 17;
dau., Mary Ellen, age 10 ;
widow asks Ira Snyder as Co-Adm.
MILLAGE, John Newfield, NY. Died; March 7, 1872 - Probate March 15, 1872
Mother, Catherine MILLAGE,
bros. Oliver and Jacob MILLAGE,
sist. Rachel BUZZARD;
(not complete record)
NELSON, Edgar Ithaca, NY. Died; Aug. 5, 1869
Bro., William NELSON, Adm.;
sist. Jane w/o Walter CURRAN,
bro. Asahel, deceased, left children, viz. Sarah WORTHINGTON; Louisa HUTTON;
bro. James , deceased, left; Ada LORD; Mary; Volney and James NELSON.
NELSON, William Ithaca, NY. Died ; March 28, 1874 - Probate Sept. 6, 1875
Widow, Harriet,
dau., Frances, w/o Horace ELYEA, Danby, NY.,
dau. Charlotte A., w/o Charles FOWLES, Ithaca, NY.;
son John W., deceased, left children, viz. Ina; Matie; John. all under 14, John W. was alive at his father's death, but had died by Sept. 6, 1875.
NEWTON, Ezekiel Groton, NY. Died; Feb. 20, 1852
Sons, Charles, Locke, NY; Elihu, Wayne, Erie Co. Pa.;
dau., Orissa, w/o Chauncey ALLEN, Hinsdale, Catt. Co.;
dau., Nancy, w/o Chauncey M. FERRIS, Dunkirk, NY;
dau. Adelia, w/o Hiram INGALLS, Groton, NY
dau., Caroline M. BENTLEY, (Prob. widow of Henry)
Ezekiel A. NEWTON, Adm.
NEYHANT, Henry Lansing, NY. Died; Jan. 14, 1865
Widow, Elizabeth,
son, Adnah NEYHANT, Ithaca, NY,
sons, Alpheus F., and Lewis E., a minor, Lansing, NY,
dau. Anna C. NEYHANT, Cuba, NY,
dau. Marietta NEYHANT, Lansing, NY., a minor.
NICHOLS, John Ithaca, NY, Died; Feb. 23, 1874
Widow, Mary, Adm.,
son, John H., Owego, NY.,
Mary asks that Luther J. SANFORD be appointed Co-Adm.
NIHILL, John Ulysses, NY, Died; March 4, 1868
Bro. Thomas NIHILL, Corning, NY. , Adm.;
bro. James, Detroit, Mich.,
bros., Martin and Michael in Australia.
NIXON, Jane Caroline, NY. Died ; Feb. 9, 1860
Bro., William NIXON, Candor, NY. another brother ( ) lived in Berkshire, Tioga Co.,
sister, Mary w/o Valentine LIDDINGTON, Caroline, NY.,
bro. Allen NIXON, deceased, left children, viz. John; George G.; William; Allen; Mary; Electa; Jane; Betsey; Rilley; Thomas
Bro. John NIXON, deceased, left children, viz. Sarah WANSLEY, Cleveland, Ohio ; Jane M. NIXON, a minor ; Julia A. NIXON; John W. NIXON, Macedon, NY.
Sister Mary E. w/o James B. BECKWITH, deceased, left; Minnie BECKWITH, a minor, Fremont, Ohio.
Bro., George G. NIXON, deceased, left children, viz. Mary, w/o Jackson TEETER, Speedsville, NY.; Susan & George NIXON, Tioga Co., minors.
NORTHROP, Mabel Dryden, NY. Died; July 1, 1866
sons, Amos B., Dryden, NY; Thomas, Oneida Co. (insane); James, Woodstock, Ill.; John H., Virgil, NY.
NORTON, Adley Ithaca, NY. Died; Feb. 23, 1874
Widow, Elizabeth,
sons, James and Albert, Ithaca, NY.;
dau. Hulda PRICE, Ithaca, NY.;
dau. Susan NELLIGAN, Ithaca, NY;
dau. Mary H. LINDERBERRY, Ithaca, NY;
dau. Phebe Jane CRANE, Ithaca, NY.
James NORTON, Adm.
NYE, Edwin Ithaca, NY. Died; Oct. 22, 1865
bro., William A. NYE, Alburn, NY., Adm.
O'CONNER, Michael Dryden, NY. Died; March 11, 1874
Widow, Margaret,
sist. Bridget MANIEN (?) Ireland;
sist. Margaret O'CONNER cont.
OGEN, Amos Danby, NY Died; Nov. 10, 1871
Widow, Elisa,
son , Jacob, Dryden, NY;
dau., Malinda HARRIS, Ithaca, NY;
dau., Lydia ( ) McLean, Tompkins Co.NY
OGEN, Mary Groton, NY, Died; Dec. 24, 1875
Husband, Benjamin OGDEN;
dau., Phebe w/o Eli BUCK;
dau., Mary w/o E. E. BROWN;
dau., Sarah, w/o Jacob BROWN.
OSBORN, David L. Hector, NY, Died; Oct. 24, 1853
Widow, Eliza Ann, Adm.;
Children: Tabitha OSBORN; Rhoda OSBORN; Salatheil OSBORN; Aurelia OSBORN; Arminda OSBORN; Eliel OSBORN; Mary OSBORN; Wilmot OSBORN; Philinda OSBORN.
Eliza Ann asks Thomas J. TAYLOR as Co - Adm.
OSBORN, Isaac Danby, NY, Died; March 21, 1862 - Probate July 13, 1863
Widow, Elizabeth J. ( Now Elizabeth J. FISH ) no child or father.
OSBORN, John died in New York City, May 15, 1858 - Probate June 11, 1858
Widow, Elizabeth J. ( died Dec. 6, 1858 )
daus., Jane ; Phebe Ann; Helen, all OSBORN, minors.
James K. MOSHER, Gen. Guardian, who asks that Joel RUNDLE be appointed Adm.
Final petition, Dec. 15, 1858.
OSTRANDER, Emeline died in Ithaca, NY Feb. 22, 1875 - Probate April 8, 1875
son, Charles H. Ostrander, Danby, NY;
dau., Mary BANFIELD, Danby, NY;
dau., Phebe SCOTT, Ithaca, NY;
son, George OSTRANDER;
son, William, deceased, left son , Spencer OSTRANDER, age 14; Adm. Charles OSTRANDER and Charles BANFIELD.
OSTRANDER, William Dryden, NY. Died; Sept. 23, 1854
Widow, Lucilla (Gillon);
sons, Ezra and Peter;
daus., Permelia and Hannah OSTRANDER,
G. Ch. Elmer ; William and Charles TICHENOR,Dryden, NY;
G. dau. Nancy TICHENOR, Dryden, NY,
Ezra OSTRANDER and Isaac CRAMER, adms.
OVERACKER, Mary Ithaca,NY. Died ; April 27, 1858 (Husband Albert, deceased)
sons, Nelson, Dryden, NY; Albert, Troy, NY; Both OVERACKER,
dau. Eliza w/o John MONTGOMERY, Dryden, NY;
son, John OVERACKER, Dryden, NY;
dau., Abigail, w/o George SALTMARSH, Adm.;
son, Isaac OVERACKER, Adm.;
dau., Mary, w/o Elihu ENGLISH, Dryden, NY;
dau., Maria, widow of Demarcus SNYDER, Dryden, NY;
dau., Ann Catherine, w/o of Henry SHAW;
Harriet Jane w/o Lewis ENGLISH, Dryden, NY.
OVERPAUGH, Eliza of Corry, Pa. Died; Oct. 1, 1870
Husband, George H. OVERPAUGH ;
sons, Eliphalet CRAPSER; William A. CRAPSER; Charles M. CRAPSER; George B. CRAPSER;
daus., Charlotte WATKINS; Elmira D. ALBRIGHT; Satira JOHNSON.
SEELY, Holly Caroline, NY, Died; March 18, 1852
Widow, Esther; Children, Hannah ; Mary and James, the last two are minors.
SEELY, Sarah Ithaca, NY, Died; July 5, 1852
son, Zalmon SEELY,
dau., Sarah w/o Samuel THOMPSON, Ithaca, NY;
dau., Bethena, widow of Seth TALMADGE, Locke, NY;
dau., PattyKENNEDY, deceased left children, names and residence are unknown.
SEARS, Lewis W. Ulysses, NY. Died; July 5, 1865
Father, Absolem SEARS ; mother, Catherine SEARS ;
Sist. Eveline, w/o Frederick CAMPBELL, Covert, NY;
sist., Ann Eliza, w/o Clement GORDON, Ovid, NY;
sist., Caroline, w/o Martin COVERT, Ulysses,NY.
SEATON, William Groton, NY. Died; Dec. 1867
Widow, Sarah, Adm.;
bros., John and Joel, in Indianna, Little known of either, If Joel is living, he is very old.
The widow asks Justus L. STOUGHTON, Cayuta, as Co - Adm.
SHARTS, Harrison Dryden, NY. Died ; ? Probate March 12, 1874
He was going to China, nine years ago. Has not been heard from since Believed to be dead.
No parents or children,
Uncle, Malachi SHARTS, Guilford, NY;
Uncle, George SHARTS, Coventry, NY;
Aunt, Catherine MEAD, Guilford, Chenango, Co. NY;
Aunt, Cornelia BRAINARD, Greene, Chenango, Co. NY.
SHAW, Daniel, Jr. Lansing, NY. Died ; March 23, 1853
Widow, Harriet ; Children, Francis and Lucy SHAW, Elkland, Pa.
SHELDON, John, Enfield, NY, Died; May 18, 1864 - Probate March 1, 1865
son, Jerome B. SHELDON, age 31; dau., Nancy SHELDON, age 30.
SHERWOOD, Amaziah C. Newfield, NY. Died ; Nov. 3, 1860
Widow, Lucy Ann, Adm;
Children, all minors, viz. Orlando B. ; Sarah B.; Mariah L. ; Hattie A. ; Florence M.
SHERWOOD, Anna Ulysses, NY, Died; March 27, 1864
son, Augustus M. SHERWOOD, Adm., Ulysses, NY;
sons, John and Allen, Ulysses, NY.,
Dau., Asenath, w/o Daniel A. VAN KIRK, Ulysses, NY.;
Heirs, Charlotte, w/o Robert C. HEDGES OR HEDGER, Ulysses, NY; Susan, w/o George W. WARNE, Ulysses, NY; Henry SHERWOOD; Chloe JEFFERS; Sarah, w/o Isaiah SMITH; James S. SMITH and Anna SMITH, of Hector, NY.; Daniel SHERWOOD, Mich.; Lucinda, w/o Smith TERRY, North East Pa.; Mary A. SMITH, deceased, left children, viz. Francis SMITH, a minor, Eber LOVELL, Co - Adm.
SHERWOOD, Lafayette died in Elmira, NY. March 25, 1864
Mother, Lovina SHERWOOD, Dryden, NY., Adm.;
sisters, Catherine SHERWOOD, age 20; Delilah, age 13; Susan, age 7; Harriet age 5; Cora, age 3
Bros., James, age 19; Frank, age 9 ;
The mother asks her Bro-in-law, William SHERWOOD, as Co - Adm.
SHERWOOD, William P. died in Chatenoga, Tenn., Oct. 10, 1864
Parents, John and Ann SHERWOOD
Bros., John M. ; Daniel ; Emerson, all of Dryden, NY
sisters , Sarah and Amy SHERWOOD, of Dryden, NY
sist. Almira DUTCHER, Dryden, NY.
sist. Serena SMITH, Homer, NY
sist, Minerva BEERS, Middlebury, Elkhard Co., Ind.
sist. Elizabeth CORDY, (CORDE, ?)
SIBLEY, Samuel L. Ithaca, NY, Died; April 25, 1864
Widow, Mary A.; Dau., Sarah H., a minor under 12.
SILKIRK, Jesse W. Groton, NY, Died ; March 18, 1869 - Probate April 14, 1869
Widow, Permelia, Adm.;
dau., Harriet age 23 ; Sarah SILKIRK or Sarah LEARN, age 22, Pa.,
The widow asks Edward WELTON as Co - Adm.
SIMMONS, Alfred T. Ithaca , NY, Died; Aug. 10, 1868
widow, Emma E., No children, He had a Pension from the U. S.
SIMMONS, Sarah Cornelia Ithaca, NY, Died; Feb. 3, 1874
Sons, Frank LaMott; Willie R.; Hurbert D. all minors.
She was the widow of Orlando N. SIMMONS.
Adm. Milton W. SIMMONS, who was Ex. for Orlando N. SIMMONS.
SIMONS, John Dryden, NY., Died ; Oct. 28, 1868
Widow, Cornelia, Adm.;
son, Williston D. a minor,
S. S. Montogmery, Dryden, NY., Special Guardian,
Widow asks Oliver R. CADY, as Co-Adm.
SIMPSON, Alexander Ithaca, NY., Died ; June 11, 1869
Widow, Elizabeth, Adm.,
Dau., Susan S. TALCOTT, Dryden, NY;
sons, Edmund; Philetus; Franklin; Matthew; Charles
dau. Hannah TRUSDELL, Lansing, Mich.;
daus., Clara E.; Ada A. SIMPSON, minors, Ithaca, NY,
Edmund SIMPSON, Co-Adm.
SMITH, William S. Caroline, NY. Died; March 14, 1858 - Probate May, 1858
Widow, Sally ;
dau., Mina, age 18 months;
dau., Caroline, wife of Ezekiel REED, deceased, left , Victor REED , a minor; Adelaide, wife of Austin JENKS;
dau., Marietta w/o Ed HUMPHREY, she a minor.
son, William W., deceased, left children, viz., Charles, an infant.,
Cornelia, wife of Mryon SMITH, Pittsfield, Mass.,
David G. SMITH, near Rochester, NY.;
dau., Mary Ann, w/o Ezra S. CLARK, Owego, NY.,
son, Myron SMITH, Sacramento, Calif., Ezra S. CLARK, Adm.
SNOOK, Edward Ithaca, NY, Died ; Jan. 13, 1851
Widow, Polly ;
Sons, Lewis E.; John P.; Moses, all of Ithaca, NY.
Daus., Mary E. SNOOK; Charlotte C. SNOOK, both of Ithaca, NY.
Dau., Maria, w/o Lewis BAILEY, Virginia;
Son, James H., Ill.
SNOW, Garret V. Ithaca, NY., Died ; Jan. 25, 1858 - Probate April 7, 1858
Widow, Hannah F.,
Dau., Mary Isabella, a minor,
Son, Arthur DeWitt, died after father and before probate.
SNOWHILL, William O. Ithaca, NY., Died ; ? Probate Jan. 20, 1863
Widow, Sarah F., Adm.,
Dau., Frances Palmer SNOWHILL, age 4,
the widow asks Edgar M. CRAWFORD, NY City as Co-Adm.
SNYDER, Christopher Lansing, NY., Died ; Jan. 15, 1874
Widow, Amelia M., Adm., Father, George Snyder.
SNYDER, David Newfield, NY., Died ; Nov. 14, 1875 - Probate Dec. 2, 1875
Widow, Adelia ;
dau., Hattie A. SNYDER, age 20 ;
dau., Delia A. SNYDER, age 18 ;
dau., Maggie J. SNYDER, age 16 ;
son, George B. M. SNYDER, age 12 ;
son, Francis SNYDER, age 8.
SNYDER, Henry J. Dryden, NY., Died ; May 4, 1874
Sist. Wealthy, wife of Lewis WAIT., deceased was a Pensioner.
SNYDER, Hiram Dryden, NY., Died ; Aug. 26, 1857
Widow, Jane E., Adm.,
daus., Harriet A. SNYDER ; Annis M. SNYDER; Mary A. SNYDER ; Mary & Annis are minors,
Co-Adm. Harriet A. SNYDER, Alviras SNYDER.
SNYDER, Jacob Newfield, NY., Died ; Feb. 17, 1857
Widow, Nancy, Adm.;
son, David, Newfield,NY;
dau., Christine, w/o Robert ALEXANDER, Newfield, NY;
dau., Sarah, w/o Nathan WILLIAMS of Newfield, NY;
dau., Clarissa, w/o Archibald VAN ORMAN, Newfield, NY;
dau., Lena, w/o John BAILEY, Newfield, NY;
dau., Susan, w/o Jacob PUFF, of Newfield, NY;
dau., Betsey, w/o Andrew KENNEDY, of Danby, NY;
son, William of Danby, NY;
son , Christopher, Danby, NY., Adm.;
dau., Anna, w/o John DAVENPORT, Girard, Pa.;
dau., Mary Ann, w/o William DIBBLE, Springfield, Pa.;
dau., Rebecca Ann, w/o LeviECKER, Ill.
SNYDER, James M. Newfield, NY., Died ; March 6, 1871
Widow, Melissa, Adm.;
Children: all minors, DeWitt; Jerome; Luella; Estella.
The widow asks Daniel STRUBLE, as Co-Adm.,
Bro., Jacob J. SNYDER, asks as Co-Adm., Mary A. DUDLEY,
sister, Mary A. DUDLEY.
SNYDER, Melchior Lansing, NY, Died; July 1, 1854
Widow, Susan, Adm.;
dau., Sarah w/o John BICKLE, Dryden, NY.
dau., Louisa, w/o Levi STRIN(?), Lansing, NY
son, John G. SNYDER, Lansing, NY
dau., Susan, w/o Moses SMITH, Jackson, Mich.
dau., Catherine, w/o Robert T. WARD, Lansing, NY.
dau., Elizabeth SNYDER;
Son, Melchior, a minor, Lansing, NY.
John G. SNYDER, and Robert T. WARD, Co-Adms.
SNYDER, Peter Dryden, NY, Died; Aug. 10, 1867 Widow, Eva, Adm.; dau., Nancy w/o Chauncey OSBORN, Dryden, NY; dau., Eliza, w/o Warren DAVENPORT, Dryden, NY; sons, George and
Theodore SNYDER, Dryden, NY; son, John J. SNYDER, St. Peters,
Minn.; The widow asks John Mitchell of Ithaca, as Co-Adm.
SNYDER, William Dryden, NY, Died; July 29, 1872
Widow, Harriet S., Adm.;
Dau., Addie J. MC KENNY, Dryden, NY.
The widow asks her brother, John W. SMITH, as Co-Adm.
SPAULDING, Enos Ulysses, NY., Died ; March 11, 1867
Widow, Betsey; Sons, James B., and Julian F., a minor.
THORP, Justus Lansing, NY., Died ; July 12, 1862
Son, Franklin A.;
dau., Lucintia M. w/o Horace G. COOPER, Ulysses, NY
dau., Ann N., w/o Isaac BULLARD, Ulysses, NY
dau., Sarah E., w/o George W. LOOMIS, Ulysses, NY
dau., Harriet, w/o William N. RAYMOND, Ulysses, NY.
THORP, Peter Newfield, NY., Died ; March 18, 1875
Widow, Lurania;
dau., Permilia Jane THORP, age 21;
sons, Alonzo age 19; Joseph, age 13.
TICHENOR, Caleb Dryden, NY., Died ; Feb. 1, 1860
Widow, Clarissa, Adm.;
daus., Harriet F.; Mary J.; Adeline L. all minors;
son, Horace H., the widow asks William EATON of Dryden, as Co-Adm.
TICHENOR, Joseph S. Ithaca, NY., Died; May 10, 1864
Widow, Eliza ;
sons, Isaac; James H.;
dau., Isabella , w/o Dr. A. S. SELLEN;
dau., Louisa TICHENOR.
TIFFANY, Perry Groton, NY, Died; Dec. 12, 1861
Father, William TIFFANY, Groton, NY.
TOOMY, Timothy Dryden, NY, Died; Aug. 26, 1862
Widow, Margaret, Adm.;
dau., Helen, w/o John PINKHAM (not heard from in 5 years);
dau., Mary w/o Michael HEFFRON, Dryden, NY;
dau., Honora, w/o Thomas MULLEN, Dryden, NY;
dau., Bridget, w/o Patrick TEHEM, Dryden, NY.
TOWNLEY, James L. Lansing, NY, Died; May 14, 1868
Widow, Mary; son Reed, age 15.
VAN GASBECK, Abram (?) Enfield, NY, Probate April 26, 1861
VAN GANSBECK, Abram (Writing unclear)
Widow, Matilda, Adm.;
daus., Sarah C. and Martha Jane, minors.
Co-Adm. James STILLWELL.
VAN GELDER, Lydia Danby, NY, Died; Jan. 14, 1871
sons, James W., and Isaac;
daus., Nancy SWANSBROUGH
Mary J. VAN GELDER; Esther Ann COOPER, Adm.
VAN HORN, Weyborn West Dryden, NY, Died; Oct. 5, 1873
Widow, Mary, Adm.;
dau., Mary Elizabeth VAN HORN, full age;
dau., Flora, w/o William R. DEERMAN, age 20, Dryden, NY;
dau., Carrie VAN HORN, age 15; dau., Susie G. age 1.
The widow asks Jehiel VAN HORN as Co-Adm.
VAN IDERSTINE, Helen Caroline, NY, Died; Jan. 13, 1874
Son, John VAN IDERSTINE, she had a pension Certificate for $8. per month.
VAN MARTER, Mansfield Groton, NY, Died; Feb. 21, 1859
Widow, Polly, Adm.;
sons, Sylvanus and Estus, both full age.
minor children; Alonzo; Philura; Ophelia; Judson; Charles; Edwin, all Groton .
Sylvanus VAN MARTER, Co-Adm.
VANN, Samuel R. Ulysses, NY, Died; Oct. 14, 1872
Widow, Catherine; son, Irving G. VANN, full age.
VAN ORDER, James E. Dryden, NY, Died; Aug. 3, 1874
Widow, Alzina, Adm.;
dau., Seloria TICHENOR, full age;
dau., Maud VAN ORDER, age 5; Henry DUNHAM, Co-Adm.
VAN ORDER, Samuel Ithaca, NY, Died; March 14, 1864
Widow, Elizabeth;
sons, James; John, age 16;
daus., Harriet BOWLSBY; Cinderilla LEONARD, all of Ithaca, NY.
VAN ORMAN, Albert Ithaca, NY, Died; March 29, 1870
Parents, Albert and Margaret VAN ORMAN;
Bros., Samuel; George B.;
sisters Sarah JACKSON; Hannah VAN ORMAN.

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