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Newspaper Clippings found in Scrapbook

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Obituary of William H. Snyder

Obituary of William H. Snyder Found in an 1853 gazetteer of the US that belonged to an Isaac H. Smith of Ithaca (dated Jan. 1855) and later presented to his daughter Mary Smith of Ithaca, "by her father" on May 10, 1868. Found in this gazetteer were three tiny cut out obits.

1st obit: DIED SNYDER - In Varna, Feb. 2, 1881, William H. SNYDER, aged 26 years.

2nd obit: William H. SNYDER, a young man residing in Varna and well known here, died last Wednesday. His funeral was held on Saturday at the church. His death is mourned by all and in losing him Varna has sustained a great loss. He was the son of Ira SNYDER.

Jack DAW Feb. 7

3rd obit: The friends here of Mrs. Hetty PRESWICK SNYDER sympathize deeply with her in the loss she has sustained by the death of her husband, Mr. William H. SNYDER of Varna.

[NOTE: Ira Snyder married Anna Robertson and are the parents of William H.Snyder, they are all buried in Willow Glen Cemetery, Town of Dryden, NY]

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