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GRANT-KRUM Bible Records

Donated by Ralph Weller

Bible of Joseph Grant & Lucinda Krum of Danby, Tompkins County, New York
New York:  America Bible Society 1859

Feb. 15th 1863 by Rev. Warren W. Mayo
Joseph GRANT to Lucinda KRUM

Ithaca, 43 E. Seneca St.
Feb. 19th 1890 by Rev. Robt. T. Jones
Mary F. GRANT of Ithaca, NY
and Benjamin H. WELLER of East Troy, PA.

In Danby, June 5th 1840 - Joseph GRANT
In Apalochine, May 11th 1840 - Lucinda KRUM
In Danby, May 14th 1864 - Edward Allen GRANT
In Danby, September 14th 1866 - Mary Fidelia GRANT

In Danby, Nov. 16th 1907 - Edward Allen GRANT
In Danby, May 21, 1908 - Lucinda KRUM GRANT
Joseph GRANT  [ Supposedly he died in a snowstorm in Iowa c. 1902 ? ]


In this Bible written on sheet of paper:

Stephen KRUM born Feb. 27, 1807
Almira KRUM born Oct. 20, 1806
Henry KRUM born August 9, 1827
Nancy Fidelia KRUM born Nov. 20, 1833
William B. KRUM born Feb. 5, 1837
Lucinda KRUM born May 11, 1840
Louis Edward KRUM born Dec. 11, 1847

Stephen KRUM and Almira COON married Feb. 2, 1826
Nancy Fidelia KRUM and Benjamin GENUNG married April 16, 1851
Henry KRUM and Jane HOLLISTER married Dec. 30, 1862
Wm. B. KRUM and Emma HORTON married Jan. 11, 1866
[Written in another Hand]
Lucinda A. KRUM to Joseph GRANT Feb. 15, 1863
[See  below note for more on Stephen Krum]
Fidelia GENUNG died July 1, 1863 Aged 29 yrs., 7 mo., 11 days
Almira KRUM died June 22, 1870 Aged 63 yrs., 8 mo., 2 days.  Buried June 24
[written in another hand]
Rev. Stephen KRUM died Feb. 14, 1903.  Born Dryden 1807,  Age 93
[note: math for his age would make him 96 at time of death as stated in Church Records below.]
Lucinda KRUM GRANT died in Danby May 21, 1908, born May 11, 1840
[Another piece of paper in Bible]
Married by Eld. Stephen KRUM April 16th 1851 Mr. Benj. GENUNG to Miss Nancy F. KRUM
Clair GENUNG was born May 5th 1855
Homer GENUNG was born Nov. 12, 1857

Clippings in the Bible

(no date)  Louisa BABCOCK was born in this town on the A.B. SCHUTT farm Sept.18,1818. At the age of 20 she was united in marriage to Michel C. KRUM, whose true and faithful wife she was until her death which occurred Thursday April 16, 1896. Two sons were born to them --George, who died several years ago, and Henry S. who with her aged husband and adopted daughter, Mrs. Walter D. POST, survive her.  Deceased had been a terrible sufferer for months past.
Her funeral was largely attended at her late home on Saturday, Rev. H.N. VanDEUSEN officiated. Among those from out of town we noticed Landon KRUM and Mrs. KRUM, of Krum's Corners; Mrs. LAIRD, of Auburn; Mrs. BOURKE, of Wilmington, Del.; Mrs. Eliza SLOUGHTER, of Newburgh; Harrison BANFIELD and wife, of Snyder Hill, and Mr. and Mrs. Homer WOOL, of Ithaca.

(on the same clipping)
    Miss Almelia A. KRUM and Lafayette KRUM, went to Elmira last Saturday, to
attend the funeral of their cousin, Dana L. KRUM, who died in St. Paul's hospital,
April 10 after a day's illness with pneunionia.
 He was a nephew of L.D. KRUM.

******  DIED  ******

HILLSON--In Ithaca, Feb. 22, 1888, Robert Hillson, aged 73 years.

KENT--   In Ithac, Feb. 24,1888, Arthur Z. Kent

SIMPSON-- In Ithaca, Feb. 26,1888 Ada A. Simpson

ALLEN--  In Pittsburgh, Pa., Feb. 25,1888 of Pneunmonia, Henry Whitney, sonly
         son of Charles F. and   Edith S. Allen, aged 8 years, 2 months and 21 days.

DRESSER--At Seneca Falls, Feb. 27,1888, Gracie E. Dresser, aged a year and 9

JEWELL-- In Danby, Feb.28,1888, John Jewell, aged 58 years.

The father of M.C. KRUM , of this place, died at his home in Kingston,
Thursday, Feb.20th, aged ninety-seven years.
(written on edge "Simon Feb. 20,1890).

Long obit of Dana L. KRUM
(Elmira NY paper/?) [April 1896]
    Died in Elmira, was born April 6, 1844 in Slaterville, Tompkins county.
His parents removed to Owego when he was nine years of age.....when about
nineteen years joined a crew on the Susquehanna division. In 1867 made a
passenger conductor. Mr. KRUM never married.  He lived with his parents until
1889, when his father died and then with his mother until her death in 1893.
But one immediate relative of Mr. KRUM survives him, Mrs. John B. BRIGGS, who
with her husband, a former well-known newspaper man of this city, resides in
Toledo, O.  The remains were laid at rest in Woodlawn cemetery.

(no date but around 1883 Tompkins County NY)
   The following paragraph appears in a recent issue of the Democrat "Mr. Henry KRUM
called your correspondent's attention to a communication which appeared in the Democrat
of Feb. 24, in regard to the aggregate ages of the Proper Bros., of Searsburg.  Mr. KRUM said: ' I know 'em all, but I can beat it. I have seven brothers and sisters all living. Catharine COLEMAN, of Iowa, is 70 years old. Stephen KRUM, of Indiana, is 76. Sarah QUICK, 64, A.P. KRUM 76, and L.D. KRUM 68, are all living in this state. Ruth JOHNSON, of Pennsylvania is 61, another sister living in Ohio is 70.  I am 83 and my wife is 84; she works every day and never uses glasses. So you see our aggregate age is 659 years. We are all born in Ulster county of this state, and I may add,' said the old gentleman, "we are all democrats."  In relation to the above, and correcting several of its statements,
            Mr. L.D. KRUM asks the JOURNAL, to give room to the following:

    We desire to inform the editor of the Democrat, that the notice in his
issue of the first week in March in regard to the "KRUM family" is incorrect.
Of the family of twelve children eight are still living. Namely:
    Mr. Henry KRUM, of Slaterville, N.Y. aged 81 years.
                      Mrs. Catharine COLEMAN, of Iowa, aged 78 years.
                      Mr. Stephen KRUM, of Indiana, aged 74 years.
        Mrs. Eliza SLAUGHTER, of Cleveland Ohio, aged 66 years.
    Mrs. Sarah M. QUICK, of Ulster County N.Y. aged 65.
                      Mr. A.P.KRUM, of Elmira, N.Y. aged 62 yers.
                      Mr. L.D. KRUM, of Ulysses N.Y. aged 58 yers.
                      Mrs. Ruth JOHNSON, of Troy, Pa., aged 57 years

    The aggregate of their ages is 540 years.
Mr. Henry Krum and Mrs. Coleman were born in Ulster county, the others that are living were born in Tompkins county at the old homestead near Slaterville,
now owned by Aaron Schutt, of Dryden.

    Henry and A.P. KRUM are democrats and Stephen and L.D. KRUM are staunch
republicans therefore in regard to politics they are evenly divided. Mr.
Henry KRUM was the oldest child of the family. He is much noted for his keen
sight and remarkable memory. Now at the advanced age of 81 years he reads
without glasses and his memory is better than many who are years his junior.
His wife was Harriet ROUNSEVILLE. She is 80 yers of age, and like her
husband, does not use glasses.  She was the first child in the town of
Caroline. Mr. L.D. KRUM and Mrs. Ruth JOHNSON are the two youngest members of
the family. In five different states of the union are living members of the

Donated by Ralph Weller for the Tompkins County, NYGenWeb Site.
Thank you Ralph for sharing your Family records with us.
Transcribed by Janet M. Nash

* Note:
From the Records of Snyder Hill Free Will Baptist Church.
On April 16th 1843
Elder Stephen Krum
Preached on Easter Sunday At Snyder Hill Schoolhouse.
He United with the Church and became it's Pastor.
His Pastorale - covered a long period of years and in 1856
through his efforts - the present church was erected:
He being it's first - Pastor and during these years of
service many souls were saved.  He lived to a ripe age of
96 years and died in 1903.
Many Pastors have served the church from that time until the present.
More information on Rev. Stephen Krum in Church records
Also see - Banfield Birthday & Reunion
In the scrapbook section of our site:
More on [Emily KRUM 1822-1916;
daughter of Henry & Harriet (ROUNSVILLE) KRUM.
She married 1843 Joseph Harrison
BANFIELD, son of Edward & Martha (COOPER) BANFIELD.

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