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This web-site is a cooperative effort of those with a strong interest in the history of Tompkins County and genealogies of its early settlers. Thanks to the following for helping to make this site so successful.

We have many assistants for preparation of electronic files, walking cemeteries, donating family records. Many of our volunteers have donated records copied from the local court house, historical societies, library, etc. at their own expense.

We thank each and everyone of you.
You have all helped the Tompkins Co. site be a great place to find research material.

If your name is not listed and you are a volunteer or you have donated material for the Tompkins Co. NYGenWeb Site, please let us know so we can make sure your name is listed below. 
We do not want to leave anyone out.

Johnna Armstrong, Eileen Arndt, Renee (Van Riper) Arnold, Jane Ashby, Debbie Baker, Kem Hart Baker, Laurence Beach "Beachy", Ruth Beach, Carl H. Beam, Sherlene Schmitt Belden, Lynda Decker Blanford, Leign Boen, Rob Bower, Carol Branscome, Robin Davenport Brewer, Robin Brewer, Bonnie Brown, Tom Brown, John Camp, Terri Camp, Harland Carpenter, Alan Chaffee, Kristina Christopherson, Linda Kline Clark, Tom Clark, Sandra Clary, Heather Coe, Colleen, Mary E. Connelly, Electa Willey Cook, Susan, Bernie Corcoran, Melinda Cornwell, Elaine Cortright, Erica Cortright, Jonathan Paul "J. P."Cortright, Ross Cortright, Christine Courtwright, Terri Crockford, David Cronk, Norm Dailey, Andrew F. Dannemann, Marian C. Davenport, Kent Davis, Jeanette Denson, Darlene Desmond, Karen Dickson, Alexa Dimick, Sally Dockstader, Tamaris A. Dolton, Terry Donlick, Barry Dutcher, Diane Edwards, Jessie Elder, Linda Ely, Rolland D. Everitt, Janice Falvey, Debra Jean Faust, C.W. Finch, Diane Wilson Flynn, Linda (Kimble) Francisco, Glenn S. Gealy, Vanda Greenwood, Juanita Griffin, Dean Grow, Elsie Gutchess, Debbe A. Hagner, Cheryl L. Hall, Andrew Hallday, Rita Harris - Sec. Treasure for Green Hills Cemetery, Kem K. Hart, William S. Hecht, Tom Herson, Alana Hill, Barbar Robertson Himes, Ann Hines, Olive Hoffman, Carl Hommel, Harold Hooper, Madeline Hopkins, Joel Horton, Roger Howland, Gwen Mecum Hunt, Ann Hurst, Carolyn Hurt, Lynne Hyland, JanMarie, Sharon Jones, Joan Kelley, Carlsa King, Shari King, Cathy Knauff, Marion Kobre, Mary J. Kolodziej, Kim Kowalczyk, Mary Kreps, Joleen Krogman, Ty Kumpula, Kaye Kumpula, Clarence Lacey, John Lamb, Bonnie Lamkin, Lance Larsen, Lisa, Josie Lee, Sherry Litterer, Heather Lybbert, Jennifer MacMaines, Martha Magill, Manry Nunn Maki, Melvin J. Marion, Kay Martin, Marianne Martin, Nina McAndrews, Dave McDermitt, Bessie McGuire, Sarah (Christofferson) McKane, Carrie Moody, Laura Moore, Mindy Morris, Charles Mulks, Janet M. Nash, Stpehen L. Nash, Pete Nester, Don Nevins, Judy Newell, Gayla Nieminen, Aggie Nobles, Ray L. Nobles, Linda O'Halloran, Jennifer Oler, John Ormsby, Rita Orton, Lynda Ozinga, Frank A. Packer, Richard Palmer, Roger Patch, Brad Perkins, Daniel Pete, Virginia Peterson, Liz Pierce, Mrs. Marian Pritchard, Senja Radcliffe, Emily Ramirez, Carly Rencher, Olive Richardson, Richard Roberts, Jerri Rote, Doug Rumsey, Mary Rumsey, Sherlene Schmitt-Belden, Sharon Scofield, Andrew Scott, Ruth Scott, Virginia Sechrest, Charles Skinner, Barbara Slocum, Kathleen Smith, Ralph D. Smith, Jackie Stevens, Vin Stevens, Jim & Georgianna Stevenson, Wendy Stevenson, Lynn Stevenson-Fisher, Robert Stewart, Sheila Stover, Sean W. Sullivan, Ina Sutfin, Norma Tanner, Rupert Tarbell, Bonnie Bonnett Thibodeau, Sue Thompson, George Totman, James Washburn Tour, Keith Tower, Town of Dryden Historcial Society, Anne Townsend, Trumansburg Grove Cemetery Association, Dale Updike, John Van Order, Norman G. Vantine - President Peruville Cemetery Association, Nancy Wach, Beverly Luce Walker, John W. Walker Jr., Robert Watros, Dee Watt, Patricia Welch, Ralph Weller, John Wertis, Susan Wheeler, Bonnie Whitney, Dennis Whittaker, Karen Kumpula Woolever, Patricia Givens Warner-Woolschlager Willow Glen Cemetery Association.

And to all who have submitted queries, surnames, wills, bible records, obits., updated our cemeteries, etc., and to our GenConnect Boards and, comments and suggestions.
Thank you to each and everyone of you!

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Town Coordinators:

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Caroline - Vacant
Danby - Vacant
Dryden - Vacant
Enfield - Vacant
Groton - Vacant
Ithaca - Vacant
Lansing - Vacant
Newfield - Jim Haustein
Ulysses - Vacant

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