Family Sheets of the James Patterson Family
by Carlsa King

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1.  NAME:   William Patterson - 1567 Notes for William Patterson - 1567
     BORN:      Abt. 1794/1803 PLACE: Northern Ireland
     DIED:       25 Mar 1866 PLACE: NO. Lansing, Tn. Lansing, Tompkins Co., NY
     BUR.:  PLACE: Miller Cemetery, North Lansing, Tomp. Co., NY
     FATHER: Mr. Patterson - 1566
2.  NAME:  James Patterson - 158 Notes for James Patterson - 158
     BORN:      1790/1803 PLACE:  Northern Ireland
     DIED:       11 Feb 1883 PLACE:  NO. Lansing, Tn.  Lansing, Tompkins Co., NY
     BUR.:  PLACE:  NO. Lansing Cemetery, North Lansing, Tomp. Co., NY
     SPOUSE:  Diana Nailer/Naylor
     FATHER:  Mr. Patterson - 1566
     WIFE:      Diana Nailer/Naylor - 159 Notes for Diana Nailer/Naylor - 159
     BORN:      1800/1804 PLACE:  NO? Ireland
     CHR.:  PLACE:
     DIED:        26 Dec 1856 PLACE:   Tompkins Co., NY
     BUR.:  PLACE:   Miller Cemetery, NO. Lansing, Tomp. Co., NY
1.  NAME:   Jane Patterson - 160 Notes for Jane Patterson - 160
     BORN:      Mar 1829 PLACE:    Northern Ireland
F   CHR. :  PLACE:
     DIED:       7 May 1908 PLACE:    Tompkins Co., NY
     BUR.: PLACE:    Miller Cemetery, NO. Lansing, Tompkins Co., NY
     SPOUSE:   Robert Jones - 164
     MARR.:     12 Mar 1861 PLACE:    NO. Lansing, Tompkins Co., NY
2.  NAME:   Mary Ann Patterson - 58 Notes for Mary Ann Patterson - 58
     BORN:      14 Feb 1834 PLACE:    Northern Ireland
F   CHR. :  PLACE: 
     DIED:       23 Mar 1902 PLACE:    Locke, Cayuga Co., NY
     BUR. :  PLACE:    Miller Cemetery, North Lansing, Tompkins Co., NY
     SPOUSE:  William A. Dean - 57
     Marr.:        7 Dec 1851 PLACE:    Ludlowville, Tompkins Co., NY
3.  NAME:     Elizabeth Patterson - 161 Notes for Elizabeth Patterson - 161
     BORN:      2 May 1836 PLACE:    Northern Ireland
F   CHR. :  PLACE:
     DIED:       24 Oct 1906 PLACE:    Locke ?, Cayuga Co., NY
     BUR.:  PLACE:    Miller Cemetery, NO. Lansing, Tomp. Co., NY
     SPOUSE:  Leander Lowe - 167
     Marr. :       abt  1869/1870  PLACE:    NY
4.  NAME:   William Patterson - 162 Notes for William Patterson  - 162
     BORN:       28 May 1840 PLACE:    Northern Ireland
     DIED:        19 Feb 1907 PLACE:    Tn Lansing, Tompkins Co., NY
     BUR.:  PLACE:    Miller Cemetery, NO. Lansing, Tomp. Co., NY
     SPOUSE:   Mary Jane Davis/Davies - 338
     MARR.:  PLACE:
5.  NAME:    Diana Patterson - 163 Notes for Diana Patterson - 163
     BORN:      1842 PLACE:    Northern Ireland
F   CHR. :  PLACE: 
     DIED:       Aft. 24 April 1908 PLACE:    Maine?
     BUR. :  PLACE:
     SPOUSE:  ZEKEL Ozmun/Osmun
     MARR.:    Jan 1870 PLACE:    Tompkins Co. ? , NY
Notes for William Patterson - 1567
William Patterson - brother to James Patterson
To do: Check out aliens buying land records in 56 volumes In 
Albany.....Perhaps his b. county....bought land March 1850 in Lansing.
1850 census 47....b.c. 1803 (r. with James)
1860 60....b.c. 1800 (r. with James)
1865 69....b.c. 1796 (r. with James)
1866 72....b.c. 1794
From various records it seems that William is older than James.
To children of brother James, he was know as "Uncle Billy"

He bought land March 1850, Lot 50 Tn Lansing for $2,000. which he 
sold 1853 to brother, James for $1.00 & kept the right of life time use 
till death, when the land would go to his brother James.

If the family was "starved out" of NO. Ireland During the famine,
seems likely that Wm & James must have worked here for other local farmers, 
saving their wages to pay for the passage expenses of family members 
who had remained in Northern Ireland.  The women & children of his brother's 
family emigrated in 1848.

(Bessie Finch told cjk & Leon's book) Jane Patterson's CE 
also gives date of emigration as 1848. 

Unless a widower upon arrival in U.S., William doesn't seem to have
married.  He appears in the 1850 & 1865 census r. with James & family. 
See notes on James for census inf. which notes "Single"

Couldn't find his naturalization records in Ithaca @ county clerks office.

Notes for James Patterson - 158
Husband - James Patterson - 158
Wife -         Diana Nailer/Naylor - 159
To Do: Try locating His d.c. for his parents names.  Try @ Locke or No.
Patterson is not listed among the 100 most common Irish surnames, probably 
because it was not truly Irish in origin but said to be Scotch.
b. d. Compiled from several records give various dates:
1850 census ......b.c. 1805 (ae 45) sic
1860 census ......b.c. 1801 (ae 59) sic
1865 census ......b.c. 1798 (ae 67)
1870 census ......b.c. 1798 (ae 72)
1870 Will made ....b.c. 1795 (ae 75)
1883 g.s..............b.c. 1790 (ae 93)

Census seems to carry through with the age difference between James & Wm
as being 2 years.  Even the 14 year jump from 1850 to 1860 seems to carry
through with this.  I am wondering if the ae "59" in the 1860 census was 
misread & should be 55.

James Patterson, without his wife & children, emigrated in 1845 from 
Northern Ireland with his brother, William.  They came over on a sailing
ship & arrived in Tompkins Co. Via the Erie Canal & Cayuga Lake.  After the
men were established, the women emigrated in 1848, as verified by the 1900 Fed. Census where Jane Patterson Jones says she emigrated then, as well as 
from family tradition.

They settled in Tn. Lansing because someone in the Patterson family was a 
cousin to John & Dennis Kelly ( who r. Tn. Lansing on an adjoining farm. 
1868-9 Lansing Business Directory.....Dennis Kelly (p.o. No. Lansing).
Proprietor of North Lansing Hotel & Farmer 1.) A Patrick & Nelson Kelly
are mentioned in the directory.

"James Patterson, No. Lansing, Farmer, 50 acres. " ( Same directory)

(Dennis Kelly Inf. from Bessie Finch, who always made sure cjk knew that 
the Pattersons were "orangemen", i. e., Protestants, originally from 
Scotland.)  Also see p. 1 of Patterson story.

Archie Jones (#172 1966 wrote: Inquiry about Dennis Kelly line may be made
from Randall G? Tarbell, Groton, NY., RD 1.   Inquires re: Patterson line can
be made to Edna (Patterson Bishop (#1572), Mrs. Lila Stout, Lansingville,
NY, p.o. Ludlowville (1/2 sister to Edna), Raymond Pelham, Moravia, NY.
( far as I know, all these are deceased......5/2000)

Naturalization records in County Clerk's Office, not open to public, but I 
was allowed to see James.

Tompkins Co. Directory 1868-9 p. 213: Patterson, James (p.o North
Lansing) Farmer 50 (Acres?)

@ Ithaca Surrogates Court, copied Oct. '71, Wills Book "Q", p. 235

I, James Patterson, aged 75, Children: William Patterson, Jane Jones, Mary 
Ann Dean & Elizabeth Lowe, 48 acres of land in said town of 
Lansing, to share & share alike.

2nd, to daughter Diana Patterson, all horses, hogs, sheep, stock,
tools, household furnishings.  Henry Fitch, Tn of Lansing, Ex.
8 Sept. 1870, his mark.

Codicil says.....son William to have no share, having settled....goes to

5/'71 cjk had albany search d. c. records of 1882-18884: No record found.

Whoever was responsible for erecting the g.s. in Miller Cem. seems to have
given some incorrect inf.

1870 Fed., NY Tompkins Co., Tn Lansing, p.o. Ludlowville, p. 335 H355/355
         Patterson, James  72 M/W Farmer, b. Ireland, Parents foreign, can't
                                            read or write, citizen.
                  "        Diana  28 F/W @ Home, b. Ireland (Married in Jan.)
                  "        Frank  13,16 or 18 M/W @ Home, b. NY, parents foreign born.
                                             Attends school (could this be Mary Ann Patterson
                                              Dean's son ????)

1865 NY State Census, Tompkins Co., Tn Lansing, 19th June p. 25, H170/195
Entry #10 Framed $400

Patterson, James  67 M b. Ireland, Marr 1/ not now/ widowed, Farmer
      "     Elizabeth  35  F b.       "       Child  single
      "      Diannia   21 F b.       "           "        "
     Jones, Robert  35 M b. Ireland   Son-in-law  Marr.  1/now M
Patterson,William 69 M b. Ireland   Brother    Single   Farmer

Both James & Wm. are unable to read & write: Both naturalized.
Where is Jane Patterson Jones?

1865 NY State Census, Tompkins Co., Tn Lansing 9th June Entry #19
(In Jennings Household) p. 6 !!! Who is this James ???  See
James Patterson 25 M. Laborer b. Ireland single farm laborer

1860 Fed Cens. NY, Tompkins, Tn Lansing, p.o. Trumansburg, 27 July, p. 140
Patterson, James  59 M  Farmer $3,000  $200 b. Ireland
       "    Elizabeth  22 F   b. Ireland   School
       "    Diannah   16 F   b. Ireland   School
       "    William     60 M b. Ireland Farm Laborer
       "    William Jr. 19 M b. Ireland   School
p. 151 Jane Patterson 25 F Domestic b. Ireland @ Samuel Davis Residence

1855 NY Census missing @ Ithaca in the 1970's

1850 Fed Cens. NY, Tompkins Co, Tn Lansing, p. 165, 6th Sept.
Patterson, William  47  M $2,000 re, b. Ireland
     "            James   45  M                   b. Ireland
     "            Diana   46  F                    b. Ireland
     "            Betsey   12 F                    b. Unlisted      School
     "            William 11 M                   b. Unlisted      School
     "            Diana     6  F                    b. Unlisted      School

Notes for Diana Nailer/Naylor - 159
Wife - Diana Nailer/Naylor - 159
Source of her maiden name is on the d.c. of her son, William Patterson
(#162).  When cjk bought d.c. the clerk misread the "r" as an "n" 
The name is spelled as "Naylor" or Nailer."

Notes for Jane Patterson - 160 
Child 1 - Jane Patterson
To do:  1865 (1900 census).  cjk was always told by Bessie Finch, that
the men emigrated first, saved money & then sent for the women & children.

Leon Palmer said Jane was very deaf & had a squeaky, high pitched voice.
(p. 18 story.)  Bessie Finch said Jane smoked a clay pipe.

"Jane said she paid for her place by drying apples & selling them & A
pension of $10 a month her husband left her as he as a civil war
veteran."  (p. 9 Patterson story) She worked hard all her life.  Her Place
was about 2 mi. s.w. of Groton.

See p. 86 & 89 of story for death inf.
Blanch Burch's letter #2?....inf. from Edna Patterson....Jane Jones d. @ our
(Edna's) house.  Also see p. 84 of story.  No mother was listed on Jane's 
d.c. & wrong father was named.

1900 Fed. Census, NY, Tompkins Co., Lansingtown, Roll # 1169, p. 3b (109)
H 100
Jane Jones Head W/F b. March 1829 ae 71 widow 4 children, 1 living
All b. Ireland immigrated 1848  52 yrs here  Farmer
21/-,22/yes, 23/Not,  24/Not,  25/0,  26/F, 27/F,  28/67

1875 NY census @ Leander Lowe's .........Diana Jones ae 5 niece b. Tompkins

Notes for Mary Ann Patterson - 58
Child 2 - Mary Ann Patterson - 58
To do: Recheck 1900 census for emigration date (see below)
b. d. from 1900 Fed. census (see below)
See Dean notebook for her d.c. which gives her mother's name as 
Patterson (should be Nailer.)

The wedding date of William & Mary Ann is given as either the 7th or 20th 
Dec.  His Pension application record gives her b.d. as 1832

She emigrated from Northern Ireland at the age of 9.  Due to the famine
the family couldn't get enough potatoes & food there.  (Lillian told Lisa)
How does this fit with the fact that there was money for her uncle James
Patterson to buy the farm in Tompkins Co.?

According to the 1865 census (see WM.) & her widow's pension application, 
unable to read/write.

1900 Fed Census NY, Tompkins Co, Tn Dryden, Sheet 1B, 1st June Roll #1168
H23/f27 Dean, Mary, Head of Family, W/F b. Feb. 1832 ae 68, Widowed
5/5 All born Ireland

1875 NY State Census, Tompkins Co., Ithaca enumeration Dist #2, p. 48
#403 Framed $2,000  h403/f468 (owned by Conover Family #467)
George Dean   21 Head of House  M. b. Tompkins Co, single
                          Farmhand, native.
Mary Dean     45 F Mother    b. Scottland(sic) now married
Alice Dean      19 F Sister       b. Tompkins    single
William  "        17 M Brother  b.    "                "
Frank     "       15  M Brother  b.   "                "        (This is James)
Cornelia "        14 F  Sister     b.   "                 "        (This is Mary)
Husband, William A. is missing, not listed in poor house either)

Notes for Elizabeth Patterson - 161
Child 3 - Elizabeth Patterson - 161
To do:  1905 NYS Census

g.s. gives b.d. as 2 May 1835: 1900 census says May 1836

She was known as "Lib" or Betsey"  She & Leander had one son who d.y.

Blanch Burch Letter 2 Dec. 1961....Aunt "Lib" Lowe cared for Mary Ann
Dean (I suppose she means during her last illness...cjk)

29th Aug. 1883 Lib r. Tn Locke, Cayuga Co., NY (Robert Jones C. W.
Record) she signed her name.

She was killed in a horse & Buggy accident.  Aunt Bessie Finch believed
The buggy over-turned & Lib was thrown from it.  See Leon Palmer's
Patterson Story for mention of the accident, p. 82. r. Suckerport Rd,
which is located No. of Locke & So. of Moravia, NY.

On p. 24 of Leon's book, "Aunt Lib a wonderful cook & indeed she was the
pleasantest & most reasonable person in the whole original Patterson

1900 Census see Leander Lowe #167

Notes for William Patterson  - 162
Child 4 - William Patterson - 162
To do:  In Albany....check out records of aliens purchasing land....57
books: bought land Tn. Lansing, Tompkins Co., NY. c.1850
Check 1900 census for emigration date verification

g. s. gives b.d. as 1841 as does census of 1850 & 60.  One source says June
1841 for b.d.

Leon Palmer letter 5/'62...."William Patterson was a very religious man &
read the bible every day..."

He was an average size man & had a red/grey beard (Patterson story, p.14)

1868-9 Tompkins Co. Directory p. 213 Patterson, William (North Lansing)
Farmer 35 acres

William m. Mary Jane, had 5 more children who d.y. of Diphtheria & are b. in 
row in Miller cemetery.  Blanche's letter Oct. '61 says 9 children, 2
surviving epidemics.

His d. c. gives mother as Diana Nailer (copy in Patterson Notebook.) When
cjk purchased his d.c. the clerk misread the "r" as an "n", which now
realizes was incorrect.

After the d. of his wife, he r. with sister, Lib Lowe.  His dau. Carrie,
also r. with them when in her teens.  (p 11 story), but she preferred to r
with Lib.  (p. 13 story)

Leon's story, p. 83....William Made his will in June 1897, but g.s. gives
death at 1895.  On Feb. 10, 1907 he walked almost a mile home after he had
broken through ice on a creek, falling in above his knees.  He was put to
bed & grew progressively worse, until he died from pneumonia on 19 Feb. 
at 3. P.M.  Ed Strait, Carrie & Frank, & Jessie Pelham were with him when
he died.  Funeral was Thursday, 21 Feb., with Elder S. B. Whitney

Ithaca Surrogates Court 10/'72
Patterson, William...pkg 11, Feb. 19 1907 BB  510 11b 246, Order & Decree
Vol 6, p. 431

William Patterson....The Petition of Cornelia A.
Patterson...Tn Lansing....That Wm. Patterson Tn Lansing,
died 19 Feb. 1907, will made 17 Feb. 1907 signed George
Sincebeaux & Leon Palmer Citizens of the USA Res. Tn
Lansing....not to exceed $1,000. R. E. $3,000 said decedent
Left Cornelia A. Patterson only heirs & next of Kin:
Cornelia Patterson, Widow, r. Lansing, Groton RFD
Carrie Strait, Daughter, r.         "              "        "
Edna F, Patterson, Daughter     "             "        "
Letters....11b, 246
Will...BB 516 (510?)
Order....B  431 (43?)

1900 Fed cen, NY Tompkins Co., Lansingtown, Roll 1169 H130/133, Line 63

Patterson, Will  Head W/M b. May 1839 ae 60, Marr. 0yrs.  All b. Ireland
                          Here 45 yrs, 55 yrs., NO Farmer, 20/0, 21 Left Blank,
                          22/Yes, 23/Yes, 24/Yes, 25/0, 26/F, 27/F, 88
    "     Cornelia  Wife W/F b. June 1858 ae 41, Marr. 0/yrs.  2 children/
                           2 living, All b. NY 22-24 all Yes

1870 Fed. Cen. NY Tompkins Co., Tn Lansing, p.o. Ludlowville, p. 335

Patterson, William  31 M/W Farmer b. Ireland
   "              Mary J. 31 F/W  Housekeeping b. NY
   "              George    1 M/W @ Home

Other marriages:
Aug 1899     Cornelia A. Bartholomew - 339

Notes for Diana Patterson - 163 (Daughter)
Child 5 - Diana Patterson - 163

To Do:  1900 Census Index for Diana
             Check Zekel's Will
Diana was a very unstable person.  After see threatened to kill her nephew
George Dean, when he was a young man, he disappeared into the Pennsylvania
oil fields & wasn't heard from for over 30 years. (Bessie Finch inf.)
For more details re: Diana, See Patterson Story p. 86-89 & others.

Blanche Burch writes Oct. '61 letter that Diana was a strong spiritualist.
She & her sister, Lib, had lively arguments.

She tired to keep other family members away from her father, James, in 
order to be sole heir to his estate.  See the Patterson story, p. 5 & 6

After she sold her father's land, she went to work keeping house for Zekel
Osmun.  He d. a short time after leaving her well off.  Knowing her
violent history cjk wonders if Diana had anything to do with his death.

She r. for years in Ithaca in a large beautiful house on North Aurora St.

(p. 9 story) The family last saw her on 24 April 1908 (p. 88).  Bessie
Finch & Blanch Burch (in letter #2) said Diana spent her last years
among the Shilohites of Maine.

James Patterson census listing for 1870 says she was m. Jan 1870.  In the
1900 census roll 1169, there are Osmuns in household #31, 37, 48, 225, 265 & 325 (p. 2a (108).  Ithaca Daily Journal of Feb. 1, 1883 Thursday.....
Film 882, South Lansing...Extensive Stream Saw Mills of W.A.J. Ozmun were
totally destroyed by fire, $8,000 value (Olin Library @ Cornell, has
microfilms of the Journal from 1872 to present.)

Note from the Coordinator of the Tompkins Co., site:
More on Diana Patterson and her husband (Ezekiel Osmun) can be bound here
He married first to Catharine, called Caty, daughter of Jacob and Dorothy 
(STORM) SHOEMAKER.  Caty born 1 June 1802  died intestate in Ithaca 31 January 1878 age 78yrs 8mo.  
After the death of his wife, Ezekiel married second, Diana, daughter of James PATTERSON of Ithaca and died there 30 August 1886 82 yrs 3mo (ts.) Caty and Ezekiel are buried North Lansing Cemetery.  ( I believe if  she was married in 1870, it was to someone else other than Ezekiel Ozmun 
(signed Coordinator - Janet M. Nash)

These family sheets are a part of the material donated by Carlsa King
For reference on the Patterson Story see pages below.
The Reminiscences of the Patterson Family
by Leon D. Palmer

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