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Reminiscences of the Patterson Family
by Leon D. Palmer

Being an account of the happenings of an Irish family who
immigrated to the United States from about 1840 to 1900.

Spelling has not been corrected and left as Mr. Palmer wrote this work.

Page 43 A

The following dates and deaths copied by Leon Palmer from stones in the
North Lansing Cemetery about 1946

Jacob Decamp died in 1910 at the age of 67 years being born in 1843.
Kate Miller his wife, (who was a sister to John Henry Miller) died in 1916 at the age of 70 years, she was born 1846.
They are buried in the North Lansing Cemetery as also the following.

Charles Downald Rowinson (sic) (Robinson)  born 1860 died 1933 - age 73
Ida Holden his wife born 1853 died 1920
Will Lisadell their adopted son, born 1896
Nellie Swartwood his wife, born 1893
Steve Malone born 1843 died 1932 age 85

John Buckley born 1867 died 1933 age 66
Belle Conley his wife born 1884
Floyd Demond born 1880 died 1930
Minnie Boyles his wife born 1884 died 1937

Jay Woodruff born 1876 died 1932
Hattie Jackson his wife born 1877 died 1934
Their son born 1903 died 1920

Note: These 3 families burial lots are all together in North Lansing Cemetery.

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