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Vital Records

of Tompkins County, New York

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We plan to offer a variety of Vital Records. As they are made available, the link will appear here. We do not claim that they are the sum total of available records, nor would we suggest that you take them as an accurate, true statement of fact. Without further proof, its suggested that you use this information as a guide, as we cannot guarantee the accuracy of such.



News Clips from "Groton Balance" - A few marriages & deaths from February to April 1839
Divorces from 1880 Census
Grant-Krum Bible Records
BMD Project (Births, Marriages, and Deaths in New York State - offsite)


Miscellaneous Wedding Invitations
Pastor's Handbook, Book A
Pastor's Handbook, Book B
Misc. Tompkins County Marriages
Marriage Records of Dryden, NY
Marriage Records of Dryden, NY 1880 - 1886
Marriage Records of Town of Ithaca, NY
Marriage Records of Caroline, NY
Marriage Records of Rev. Levi Pitts
Marriages in the 1865 Census - Newfield
Marriages in the 1865 Census - Danby
Marriages in the 1875 Census - Danby

OBITUARIES from Newspapers & Scrapbooks
Abstracts of Tompkins Co. Obituaries
Van Order Surname Obituaries
Obituary of William H. Snyder
Obituary of James J. Lynch
Obituary of Ida B. (Lee) Terwilliger
Obituary of Duncan Terryburry
Obituaries - Part One
Obituaries - Part Two
Obituaries - Part Three
Obituaries - Part Four
Obituaries - Part Five
Obituaries - Part Six
Obits - Tompkins Co. - off site

Other Probate Records

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